5 Steps to Your Ultimate Life


This transformative, time-tested 5-Step process expands your capacity to create your ultimate life, so you can thrive both personally and professionally while successfully making the impact you desire. Through this process you will rapidly overcome the challenges you face, shedding away years worth of stress, fatigue and doubt. You will breakthrough limitations that have previously held you back, increase your ability to flow more energy and abundance, and strengthen your core inner self to become more fully aligned with your true purpose and potential.

Each of these 5 Steps delivers massive benefits to you, and they continue to unfold as you progress. Where most methods only deliver short-term gains, these will serve and benefit you for the rest of your life.

Step 1:
Turn on Your Greater Potential

Turn on Your Greater Potential

The first step to your ultimate life is a powerful one-on-one session called the Life Activation that restores your whole system to balance and turns on your greater potential.

Step 2:
Accellerate and Expand your Potential

Accellerate and Expand your Potential

The second step to your ultimate life is through an in-person 2-day training and initiation called Empower Thyself that accelerates and expands your capacity.

Step 3:
Awaken your Higher Mind and Soul

Awaken your Higher Mind and Soul

The third step to your ultimate life is a one-on-one session called the Spirit Activation that awakens your ability to readily access higher mind and soul, expands your perceptions, and connects you into new paradigm ways of life.

Step 4:
Breakthrough to Advanced

Breakthrough to Advanced

The fourth step to expand into your ultimate life involves an accelerated journey of achieving advanced self-mastery and learning a truly transformative system for eliminating subconscious limitations.

Step 5:
Manifest a Life
of Greatness

Manifest a Life of Greatness

You know how creative leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers sometimes struggle to fully manifest their dreams and desires, in accordance with their original visions, while also feeling fulfilled and on-point?

Next Level of Your Ultimate Life


It is the hard-won accomplishments in life that are ultimately the most rewarding and that cause us to grow the most. If creating your ideal life were easy, you would have already done it. It’s a journey. Even when you have created material success, you must ask, ‘how is my inner life?’ Or conversely, even when you have accessed states of higher spiritual awareness, does your outer physical life show the fruits and mirror the results of that inner mastery? Are you abundant, healthy, AND happy or have you created imbalance by focusing on certain aspects while neglecting others? True mastery involves the inner & the outer, the intangible & the tangible. Your ultimate life is one that should fulfill you physically & spiritually.

When equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and keys for your empowerment, you can make miracles happen. Through this 5-step system for expanding to your ultimate life, you can get there at an accelerated rate, while also successfully navigating through the deep inner shifts needed to sustain your hard-won victories.

This process helps you create a much stronger foundation to build your ultimate life upon, one that will support you in both the near-term and the long run. As you go through this expanding process, my team and I will be there at each step to aid your ongoing integration and progression. I will become your personal guide throughout this process and beyond. Most of this work is done through in-person training and sessions to deliver the most direct and sustaining results. I will be there with you, facilitating your ongoing journey of progressing and expanding to your ultimate life. My mission is to empower you, as conscious leaders, influencers, and achievers, with the most effective, time-tested, accelerated tools for growth, so that you can take your impact to the next level and, together, help change our world for the better.

When you are ready to expand to the next level of your ultimate life then I invite you to contact me for an initial consultation. For more details about each of the 5 Steps, what they entail and the benefits they bring, follow the links above. For pricing, check out some of my package offers below.

Pricing & Package Offers

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Empowerment Package

  • Session 1: Life Activation ($500)
  • Session 2: Empower Thyself ($1,497)
  • Note: This package offers you the opportunity to take your first two steps towards your ultimate life, and receive a private session with Dr. Theresa Bullard. The private sessions are only available on a very limited basis due to Dr. Theresa's busy schedule. You can also save $200 on the above price if you get the Life Activation with another professionally certified practitioner referred by Dr. Theresa, instead of doing it with Dr. Theresa herself.

Ultimate Life Package

  • Session 1: Life Activation ($500)
  • Session 2: Empower Thyself ($1,497)
  • Session 3: Spirit Activation ($500)
  • Step 4: Kabbalah Program ($4500)*
  • Step 5: Manifest a Life of Greatness Online Course ($300)
  • * Price includes 4 in-person ascension programs taught by Dr. Theresa Bullard, 11 study groups taught by a Guide and Kabbalist trained by Dr. Theresa, plus estimate of final retreat fees
  • Added Bonuses: Signed Game Changers Book, 3 Meditation Albums, Tree of Life 8x11 poster $300 Savings Discount ($425)
  • Total Savings Value: $425


When you sign up for the Ultimate Life Package, you will get the best deal for embarking upon this full journey to self-mastery, with over $400 in savings and bonuses, including the Quantum Transformation Formula.

* A minimum of 50% initial deposit is required to take advantage of package offerings.

* Private sessions must be spaced at least 1 week apart, up to 1 month apart, from each other. Empower Thyself and Kabbalah Program dates are pre-scheduled as group classes. Empower Thyself is scheduled several times a year (about once a quarter). The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Program is typically scheduled in about once a year in certain areas and lasts for 10 months. All steps are done in-person with the exception of the Step 5 online training course.

* Kabbalah Program fee listed is all-inclusive: tuition + estimate of 3-day retreat fees + all study group fees. Steps 1 & 2 must be accomplished before you can begin the Step 4 Kabbalah Program, which involves several trainings over a 10-month course.