Step 3:
Awaken your Higher Mind and Soul


You know how people in positions of influence and leadership will often struggle to release everything that no longer serves them, feel mental distractions or old patterns come back up that pull them off track, or feel imbalanced in their life? Well, the third step I recommend to overcome this and move closer to your ultimate life is a powerful method called the Spirit Activation, which allows you to reach higher states of consciousness and help you flow through life’s changes with greater ease. The activation clears subtle blocks through the connection between mind-body-soul to help you access greater self-worth, joy, and integration. This results in enhanced creativity, intuition, memory, and foresight about the future. You’ll find that you are able to make better decisions with greater clarity in your everyday life. The benefits are that you’ll respond to challenges in your life with more confidence. The activation expands your awareness to give you a clearer vision of life to make better decisions about everyday life.

If you would like to know more about the Full Spirit Activation continue reading. Below is a video with testemonials from people who have received and experienced profound life shits from this activation.


It’s Time to Claim Your Next Leap in Consciousness!

On your journey to your ultimate life, you’ve likely had minor setbacks or unexpected occurrences momentarily slow your progression. Have you ever wondered or meditated on why old challenges or habits reoccur? Part of the reason this happens is that each aspect of your being is not fully connected to one another or there are energies that are not in full awareness. The Spirit Activation integrates the mind-body-soul to allow your full potential in consciousness to be expressed.

The Spirit Activation works with the soul body while the Life Activation (Step 1) works with the spiritual DNA. The Full Spirit Activation addresses the soul, the mind, and the way in which you process/receive information. It assists in opening up the veil of your perception so that you can access higher states of consciousness that lets you release old attachments and walk through life with greater ease. The activation also awakens your higher mind and soul by activating various brain regions to the divine light within.

By activating full-connection between all aspects of the body you’ll allow your higher mind and soul to thrive. The Full Spirit Activation connects the brain to the chakras which are the soul’s inner space into the nervous system.

Everything is connected to the body and the energy field, and this activation allows the full harmonization between the energies. When the soul awakens stimulus from higher levels of consciousness and the world around you is perceived in a new way. Typically most people experience through the mind or from one aspect of the being. The activation awakens the entirety of the soul-making every aspect of your consciousness more directly aware.

When you’re functioning from an expanded and awakened mind and soul you’ll flow through life with greater ease. The Spirit Activation gives you clarity of path by giving you foresight into all the options available to you. You’ll be able to see which path leads to the best outcome for your progression. When you’re able to have this type of foresight it will help you learn life lessons quicker, and without going through the actual challenges.

Reclaim your Life and Full Potential!

When you are fully connected and energized throughout your entire being you’ll find yourself able to overcome everything that once help you back. The activation support integration of the full body, mind, and soul by activating areas of the neurological system. The personality holds ideas of separateness, self-doubt, and apathy which will often hold one back on their path in full awakening. The activation helps you to reclaim your self-worth, confidence, and faith. It activates codes of shamballah, which is a sacred place of peace.


The Spirit Activation has been reintroduced from a deep well of ancient knowledge and advanced techniques for accelerating our next evolutionary steps in life.

The activation uses a specific technique to awaken key regions of the brain and enhance the neurological system of the body. During the session Theresa does an awakening of the chakra system and the tree of life on the body. You’ll feel a sense of joy fill your being and you’ll begin to experience miracles after the activation. The Spirit Activation is a modality that has been used to initiate the high lamas of Tibet. This activation awakens the soul so that you feel more balanced, aware, alive, awake, and appreciative of the physical existence. The activation helps you to awaken your higher mind and soul to ultimately express your true self in the world.

Pre-requisite: This session is best done after you have received The Life Activation (Step 1), which is an hour and a half private session that includes energy balancing, DNA activation, and reading, to more fully align you with your potential.

Moving Forward

Yes! I Am Ready To Awaken Your Higher Mind and Soul with Spirit Activation


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