Is the Modern Mystery School a Cult?

Is the Modern Mystery School a “Cult”?

I’m periodically asked about my thoughts on some negative accusations that are posted online about the Modern Mystery School (MMS). Is it a cult? Do they brainwash people? Is it a pyramid scheme? Are the leaders only men? Do they exploit women? Do they have orgies? Do they force people to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to be part of the school and “rise in the ranks”? The list of accusations goes on and on. The more I read of the accusations, the more ridiculous, asinine, and defamatory they become. And after all my years of experience with the MMS (20+ years), I can emphatically say the answer to all these questions is MOST CERTAINLY NOT!


Typically I stay focused on the positive and talk about the good that the Modern Mystery School brings into the lives of the people who study with us. I encourage people to BE DISCERNING about what they read online or what they hear of other people’s opinions. The best way to discern is through your own DIRECT EXPERIENCE with the tools, teachings, modalities, people, and the impact these have in YOUR OWN LIFE. To know if this path is right for you, it really takes having direct experience and trusting your own inner knowing, the intuition of your heart, and the results or fruits it bears in YOUR life, one step at a time.


That’s how I did it. And only because I trusted my own direct experience, and the results this lineage and its teachings has brought into my life, can I authentically say that I am where I am in my life.

And where is that? I’m living a life of JOY, of PURPOSE, of MEANING, of being surrounded by GOOD PEOPLE who I LOVE and HONOR and RESPECT. I’ve also attained a Ph.D. in physics, traveled the world, helped thousands of people improve their lives, hosted a TV series revealing many mystery school teachings with their blessing, created abundance in my life, and found true love.


I’m living the life I always dreamed and hoped was possible. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to create this life for myself had it not been for all the transformation, breaking through internal limitations, empowerment, and teachings I have received from my training with the Modern Mystery School and its deep well of knowledge, tools, and methods.


My Experience With Founder Gudni Gudnason

These tools, teachings, and initiatory lineage were first made available to us by the Founder of the Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason, who I have had the pleasure and privilege of studying with directly and getting to know over the last 20 years (since 2001). He has been an amazing teacher, who never fails to blow my mind with the profound insights and wisdom he reveals. He has also become an adviser whose input I deeply value and trust, because I know that when he gives me advice, it is always spot on, and it serves my progression, it empowers me in my unique purpose, and helps me expand my horizons to realize how truly vast our potential is and how to tap into it, so that we can achieve that greatness for ourselves. I’ve also had the pleasure of being welcomed into the home of Gudni and his lovely wife Eiko Gudnason, where they have treated us like royalty, with the most gracious of hosting and kindness.

Gudni is a GREAT MAN with so much wisdom to share, love to give, kindness of heart, a multi-dimensional mind of high intelligence and genius, and a deep spiritual devotion to the mission of making this world a better place for us all to live in. I will be forever grateful for all that he has shared with me and helped me to discover in this life.
I can truly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for his guidance, his gentle (and on occasion not so gentle) nudges when I needed some course correction, and his loving support of me from day 1 of meeting him all the way to today.
Yes, he is colorful and eccentric. And just like the rest of us, he’s not perfect. Sometimes he seems like he’s from another planet besides Earth, a Starman, because he can be really out there. But then again, sometimes I feel like that too.
But I know his soul, and it is of pure Goodness and Light. I know he is the real deal because over my 20 years of knowing him, the teachings and tools he has shared with me have always delivered high value and powerful transformation (regardless of my beliefs or doubts, they cut through the limitations of the mind and help us connect to the limitlessness of our Spirit). The insights he has helped me realize about myself, the universe, physics, and our mission are invaluable.
To the critics who would try to smear him or cast dispersions upon this man, your negativity and shaming is a reflection of YOU!
Gudni will definitely be counted among the brave men whose place “shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat,” (as Teddy Roosevelt put it) for he is a man of high achievement, who has dared greatly throughout his life.
Thank you to Gudni for all he does in the world, and for all he has done for me! It is an honor to walk with him in this life, a miracle that we have met, and a joy to serve with him in the mission of the mystery school! ARIGATO!!!


My Experience With Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon And Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

I’ve also had the honor of getting to know Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome over the years. I’ve watched their evolution in life, as leaders, and as men who have dedicated their lives 1000% to helping make this world a better place and to helping bring the teachings and lineage around the world. They serve tirelessly and fearlessly. They have huge hearts, great compassion, and hilarious sense of humor. I have personally received great support from them both, and they have always been happy to freely make time for me when I need some advice or input. They are GREAT MEN!


In the western world, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, the powerful woman by his side, Divina Franca Lanyon, and the team they have built in Toronto and around the world, have been instrumental in helping create the structure the Modern Mystery School needed to thrive as an open-door mystery school, and to serve students and practitioners all over the world. They are a dedicated team of amazing people who pour their heart and soul into this work. And yes, they get paid for their jobs, as they should, yet they all go above and beyond just “working a job”, and they truly serve the mission of making this world a better place.


If it were not for the efforts and devotion of Ipsissimus Dave, Divina Franca, and their team the MMS would not be in the position it is today to sustainably serve so many people around the world and continue making the improvements needed within the organization so that it can continue to grow and serve at the next level. In addition to all of this, they also are very dedicated to humanitarian work, donating tens of thousands of dollars to support battered women and children’s shelters in the Toronto area. Ipsissimus Dave is a very generous, kind hearted, and good man, with a no-nonsense approach that is very grounded, professional, and integrous. Never have I seen him be inappropriate with women, as some unreputable sources have tried to accuse him of.


In the eastern world, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, the powerful woman by his side, Divina Luisa Nakagome, and the team they have built in Tokyo have grown the mystery school at least as large as it is in the west. They serve with humbleness, grace, humor, strength, and great compassion. They have personally contributed to humanitarian relief efforts following the disaster at Fukushima Japan in 2011, as well as in the Philippians where they regularly do charity work to empower and support local communities there. Ipsissimus Hideto’s devotion is unparalleled, and he travels all over the world to help bring the teachings. He truly lives the teachings and path. He’s up before dawn, meditating first thing in the morning, being in the “quiet pond” of Stillness in order to receive illumination and be able to bring that light into the world to share it with others.


A Journey of Transformation

I’ve been with the Modern Mystery School for a long time now, through many ups and downs, expansions and contractions, people coming and going, accusations towards the MMS as a cult, various character attacks that have tried to discredit Founder Gudni, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, as well as some of the women in leadership, including myself. And yet through all of this, we’ve continued to grow in strength, to press on with our mission of bringing the teachings, empowerments, and light to those who are ready for it, to help people find inner peace and purpose, and to do our part in creating a better world.


Are these people perfect? No, they’re human. They have their flaws and eccentricities, as every human does. But rather than judging that or turning me off from the mystery school, I find it highly empowering, because here are real people who are not trying to be gurus, they are not claiming to be perfect, they are being 100% authentically themselves, and showing us how we can also reach Self-Actualization for ourselves, even though we are not perfect, even though we have our flaws.


What’s even more impressive, is that through my 20 years with this school, I’ve watched firsthand how everyone who partakes of this path and applies its tools and teachings has grown, transformed, and evolved, including its leaders, and even its naysayers. We learn from the past, we adjust course when needed, we grow and improve, and we are constantly communicating and adapting to become better able to serve the people and the needs of the times.


(to be continued…)


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