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Join The Mid-Year Numerology Forecast To Revisit And Further Clarify Your Vision For The Remainder Of 2022!

If you partook in the initial 2022 Numerology Forecast - you will not want to miss the mid-year review!

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On July 31st 2022 there was a conjuction of the north lunar node with Uranus in Taurus bringing with it a dynamic change of fate to the planet; leading us towards a higher destiny.

On this pivotal day, Dr. Theresa hosted her webinar to provide insight on the potent conjunction. She explains its deeper meaning, how to assimilate the energy and much more! You can now purchase the recording of this timely webinar today for only $50 with the button below.

Are you harnessing the energies of this year to plant the right seeds for your next 22 years?

In her Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast for 2022, Dr.Theresa shared that this entire year is the beginning of a whole new 22-year cycle. It is a year for planting seeds for the future. Meaning this entire year we are planting seeds that will blossom over the next 22 years, for better or for worse… What seeds are you planting? Are you being intentional about them? These seeds will continue to be planted throughout the year based on your thoughts, words, and deeds. It is a year to be very conscious, insightful, and forward-thinking to make sure you are planting the best seeds that will bear good fruit in the years to come. 

This 2022 Mid-Year Numerology Forecast with Dr.Theresa will offer you the time and space, in an energetic container, to revisit your seeds and take account of their placement. 

Have you planted them yet? Did you forget a few?  Do they need to be watered or tended to? All of these questions, come July, will be important to ask yourself to assess and ensure the actions needed to create progress in your life, are being accounted for and acted upon.

For just $50 you can take advantage of this opportunity by allowing Dr. Theresa to support you in further clarifying your vision and nurturing the seeds you’ve planted for the next 22 year cycle!

Make the best use of the next 22 year cycle by watching Dr. Theresa's 2022 Mid-Year Check-In with the button below!