learn how to consciously traverse the Spiritual Planes with an expert Guide!

The Astral Travel workshop is taught in-peron only, in the same way and with the same techniques handed down by the great masters for thousands of years. You will leave empowered and able to astral travel expanding your consciousness to anywhere in the universe!

Location: Anaheim, California
Date & Time: 11/30/2022 at 3:45pm PST
Cost: $125

Please note: This class is In-Person Only

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Astral Travel

Whether you think that you’ve astral traveled before, or are simply ready to explore the universe and all that lies within it, the ability to consciously travel and obtain information will give you a powerful sense of connection, knowledge, awareness and spiritual growth!

In this live workshop you will learn the following:

  • How to expand your awareness beyond the limits of your physical body
  • Astral Travel safety guidelines to know how to follow the "rules of the road" in the astral and spiritual realms
  • Gain greater awareness of how and where you can travel to receive guidance, information and experience
  • Learn ancient rituals and prayers to protect and bless you in your travels

This is truly an essential class for all who wish to journey and expand their sense of what life has to offer. Please join us to receive the keys you need to make the most of your connection to the astral realm!

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Please note: This class is In-Person Only

Location: Anaheim, California
Date & Time: 11/30/2022 at 3:45pm PST
Cost: $125

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