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Dr. Theresa Bullard is a...

Ph.D Physicist

Ph.D from the University of Washington, Seattle. 12 years of experience in experimental research including in neutrino physics, atomic physics, quantum physics, crystal chemistry, nanotechnology, origin of life studies, and more.


Author and contributor to several books including “The Game Changers: Social Alchemists of the 21st Century”, “Brain, Mind, Cosmos”, and the forthcoming book.


Dr. Theresa has been a featured speaker at many international conferences, events, and meetings. She specializes in bridging science and spirituality in easy to grasp ways that can be directly applied to improve our lives.


As a teacher, Dr. Theresa feels her main role is to remind others of their true potential and awaken the knowledge that is already within. The ultimate knowledge is to “Know Thyself”.


Dr. Theresa has devoted her life’s service to the ‘Great Work’ and helping awaken the light in others through the path of initiation. A Guide points the way to help individuals make empowered choices in their life.


Dr. Theresa has been on a lifelong journey to understanding the nature of consciousness and the hidden realities of our existence. This search led her into deep studies of the ancient arts, sciences and wisdom teachings.

Mystery School Instructor

As an International Instructor for the Modern Mystery School, Dr. Theresa travels all over the world offering advanced spiritual training in Kabbalah, Alchemy, Healing, and the path of Initiation.

Host of Mystery Teachings

Join Dr. Theresa on Gaia TV as she reveals transformative practices and insights into how modern science and ancient wisdom unite. Topics explore the nature of our reality, human potential, our purpose and collective awakening..

Her Story…

How Dr. Theresa's Passion For Bridging Science & Spirituality Came to Be

To read more about Dr. Theresa’s story and her path of fulfillment Click Here

Dr. Theresa leads several classes and trainings each year. Participating in them is a powerful and rare experience to learn directly from her. You can check out Dr. Theresa’s Upcoming Schedule to see what classes are coming up next, or click the button to the right to apply to train with her!

Just A Few Of The Benefits Gained
By Working With Dr. Theresa

Dr. Theresa is dedicated to empowering you to accelerate your progression and be part of raising the collective consciousness of humanity. By working with her and these tools of empowerment, you can expand to your ultimate life and develop your talents and capacities in these areas:


Greater Flow

Tap into greater flow & access unlimited potential for growth


Enhance Learning

Cultivate your innovative advantage & learning-transfer skills


Abundance & Manifestation

Increase your abundance and live the lifestyle you desire


Purpose in Life

Expand your purpose & achieve even greater success in life



Develop a magnetic presence and the ability to harness your energy flow


Inner Peace

Gain peace of mind and freedom from old limiting ways


Expand Consciousness

Access heightened consciousness & peak experiences



Accelerate your progression to living your ultimate life


Become Multidimensional

Stretch time, think multi-dimensionally, and create efficiently



Master your mind & will so you can be a force for greater good


Inner Gifts

Bring forth your inner and outer beauty, strength, & goodness


Improve Relationships

Nurture dynamic & co-creative relationships to grow your tribe


Joy & Fulfillment

Discover a life of greater meaning, fulfillment, joy & purpose



Experience deep healing to relieve emotional & physical pain


Greater Adaptability

Improve resiliency, self-awareness, and ability to shift at will


Balance in Life

Maintain poise, centeredness, & balance under pressure

Have Dr. Theresa Speak At Your Next Event!

She Is A Popular Public Speaker, To Audiences Around The World & Can Speak On A Diverse Range Of Subjects

Dr. Theresa Bullard is a physicist, author, speaker, international teacher, change-agent, and the host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV. Throughout her life-long journey, she has discovered innovative ways to weave together her formal education as a Ph.D. Physicist, with her deep training in the Modern Mystery School lineage, and a passion for bridging Science and Spirituality in a practical way.

She has presented to live audiences all around the world since 2002, helping thousands of people awaken to their greater potential, find deeper meaning and purpose, and achieve greater success in life. Fusing modern day quantum physics with powerful, time-tested techniques for harnessing consciousness, Dr. Theresa brings a truly fresh, mind-expanding, and powerfully altering approach.

Dr. Theresa is a very experienced public speaker and workshop leader. She has presented at many conferences such as: Science and Non-Duality (SAND), Conscious Life Expo, The International Alchemy Conference, The Monroe Institute Professional Division, ISSSEEM, Institute of Noetic Science (IONS), and many more. She has shared stages and collaborated with other leaders in the field, such as Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Menas Kafatos, Dr. Tom Campbell, and Dr. Masaru Emoto, to name just a few.

Her Team...

Working The Magic Behind The Scenes

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Lilith Reese

Executive Assistant

Lilith Reese is Dr. Theresa's Executive Assistant. She is responsible for the Team and ensures the completion of creative tasks: web design, content curation, video production, event production, and supports Dr. Theresa with her Personal affairs.


Genevieve Wachutka

Communications & Customer Relations Manager

Genevieve Wachutka assists with communication, scheduling, and client support. She is the voice behind [email protected], and coordinates all incoming requests and inquiries on behalf of Dr. Theresa.

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Forrest Hutchens

Web Master & Social Media Manager

Forrest Hutchens supports Dr. Theresa with managing her social media accounts, the creation of her websites, and video editing. He assists with creating content for social media as well and brings creative touches to what he does. 

Team Photos

Christina Rendon

Marketing Assistant

Christina Rendon assists Dr. Theresa in content creation and sharing her message. She supports Dr. Theresa in a variety of creative tasks in the form of writing, blogs, social media content, and newsletters. 

“We live in a Quantum Universe, from the smallest particles to the largest structures of intergalactic space. Quantum Principles underlie everything in our Universe! We too are Quantum Beings!”