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Conscious Leadership

Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke is an international trainer who has worked with leaders and influencers all over the world seeking to understand how to shift their mindset from outdated ways to a new paradigm. This new paradigm is focused on creating a positive impact through innovative and holistic means. In her own journey, she has personally been through this shift into an expansive way of thinking and operating. Dr. Theresa understands the steps we must go through to succeed in such a transformation. 

Along with her vast experience from working with thousands of people around the world to shift their way of thinking, Dr. Theresa further brings a unique understanding of Quantum Physics and the process of transformation. She expertly blends ancient wisdom with modern science to help leaders tap into their creativity and innovation. She learned that in order to truly transform one’s mindset at a core level, it requires breaking through internal barriers and achieving an entire new capacity of leadership.

As leaders, the more we stretch and grow, the more we are faced with our own internal hurdles. Dr. Theresa knows from experience that a leader's capacity to hold space for the people they are leading takes work. Your audience will learn how to break through both internal and external obstacles in order to reach their next level of ability - allowing them to make a greater impact, be of service to more people, create sustainable success, and tap into abundance!

Booking Dr. Theresa at your next event will greatly support individuals who are ready to push themselves to the edge so that they may move forward as pioneers of the new paradigm of leadership. This means combining purpose with resilience and accessing true innovation, while staying in the creative flow. Our world needs more conscious leaders who are showing the way and empowering people as they go, and as such, Dr. Theresa is working to make this happen!

What Makes Dr. Theresa A Great Speaker On This Subject?

Dr. Theresa has been a pioneer through much of her life and has gone through many transitions of leadership and responsibility. She has forged her own path - achieving a Ph.D. in Physics and expanding into becoming an International Teacher on Bridging Science & Spirituality. 

She has worked with thousands of people all over the world and has influenced many with her TV show, Mystery Teachings. Having transformed and reinvented herself many times throughout her journey, really getting to a core level of inner strength, clarity, purpose, and resilience, Dr. Theresa is able to lead by her example and wealth of experience to help others achieve the same. 

Your audience will learn tools they can use to maintain operating at their peak, while honing in on their focus to get the most out of their time and be as productive as possible in growing and expanding their efforts. They will take away useful practices that they can implement into their daily routine and mindset to break through any barriers they are faced with, in order to come out on the other end with great success and confidence!

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Examples of Speaking Topics

  • Tapping into Clarity of Purpose 
  • Creating Resiliency for Navigating Uncertain Times 
  • Harnessing your Will: The Power to Overcome Inner and Outer Hurdles 
  • Leaving a Powerful Legacy
  • Sustaining High Performance
  • Dialing in your Vision as a Conscious Leader

What People Are Saying About Dr. Theresa

"Theresa, you are an angel with a clear purpose. Thank you, for inspiring me and others!"

"Theresa, thank you so much for your amazing teachings. So clear, every detail, step by step."

"Theresa Bullard has the ability to convey complex and detailed information in a manner that is straightforward leaving the viewer with a clear understanding of the material."

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