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You’ll discover how you can use this formula to powerfully re-create your life and Breakthrough any obstacle. This will help you to build your dreams, fulfill your desires, and activate your potential, so you can breakthrough obstacles & powerfully transform how you live life!

Revisit And Further Clarify Your Vision For The Remainder Of 2022

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On July 31st 2022 there was a conjuction of the north lunar node with Uranus in Taurus bringing with it a dynamic change of fate to the planet; leading us towards a higher destiny. On this pivotal day, Dr. Theresa hosted her webinar to provide insight on the potent conjunction. She explains its deeper meaning, how to assimilate the energy and much more!

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Learn how to use your mind to connect with the Quantum Realm! 

Science Of consciousness (2)

Dr. Theresa's talk on 'The Science of Consciousness' encompasses everything you've been wanting to know about Quantum Consciousness, and how we as multidimensional beings can access the Quantum Realm to unlock our fullest potential as humans.

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Enter Into This New Year With
Greater Awareness And Valuable Insight

Numerology Forecast 2022

On January 16th, 2022 Dr. Theresa conducted one of her most popular seminars over the last decade, her annual Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast. In order to truly transform to our greatest expression - we need to understand the energies at play within this new ‘22 year cycle.’

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