Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke
Innate Human Potential, Dr. Theresa

Is Your Audience Ready To Awaken More Of
Their Innate Human Potential?

Attendees Will Learn How To Access The Greatest Of Their Inner Gifts And Resources

Dr. Theresa is a physicist, author, speaker, international teacher, change-agent, and the host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV. She is a shining example of how to unlock innate human potential. On her path to unlocking her own potential, she realized that reaching your peak is not a one-time “hack”, but an ongoing journey of progression and integration… It’s a way of life. Yet this way can be achieved through the application of simple tools that are easy to integrate into our daily lives and help us tap in to our innate potential.  

Dr. Theresa knows how to lead people through that journey step by step, to overcome inner obstacles such as self doubt and sabotage. The key is in making steady progress, this may feel rapid at times, but ultimately it is about continually empowering the individual to awaken their own potential. Your audience will learn how to remove self-sabotaging ways of being, so that they can maintain their path. The longer they stay on their journey, the more clear they become. Dr. Theresa helps individuals to realize and cultivate their own power, instead of giving their power away.

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What Makes Dr. Theresa A Great Speaker On The Subject Of How To Tap Into Our Innate Potential?

Dr. Theresa is a leading example of someone who has improved and advanced continually. Year after year, she continues to grow and expand her capacity to accomplish more, influence more, reach more people, awaken additional multidimensional ways of living, and access higher states of consciousness. She does all of this in a pure way by drawing fully upon her own innate potential within. 

The key is in learning how to unleash our innate potential in a way that can be developed and cultivated ongoingly. This is exactly what Dr. Theresa brings to the table, she teaches audiences how to access their true potential and how to do it in a way that is uniquely sustainable for them. This allows the individual to master their own performance and continually go beyond what they previously thought was possible.

Examples of Speaking Topics On The Subject

  • How To Access Your Super-Human Abilities 
  • Upgrading Your Quality Of Life Inside & Out  
  • The Optimum Way To Expanding Your Mind 
  • Hacking Your Potential To 10X Your Capacity 
  • Awakening our DNA Potential 
  • Rewire and Expand Consciousness 
  • The Alchemy of Initiation
  • The Path to Self Mastery
  • The Art & Science of Ascension
  • Boosting Your Subtle Senses
  • Reprogramming the Mind & Soul
  • The Bridge to Universal Awareness
  • Creating Whole Brain States
  • Connecting with Galactic Energies

What People Are Saying About Dr. Theresa?

"Theresa does an incredible job of highlighting the power we hold within our DNA to transform our lives and our capacity to live from a space of pure potential. Grateful for your sharing of wisdom, knowledge and light Theresa!"

"You are genius I am so grateful have so much gratitude for you, Theresa Bullard."

"Excellent! Never heard anyone speak so wisely.. Amazing!"

"Dr. Bullard... you have blown my mind! You have made complex concepts so simple and this has affected me in such a positive way, that I will never have words to thank you. Keep it up please."

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