The Full Spirit Activation

Have you felt challenges on your journey to awakening your mind and spirit, and wish to come more fully into your light and clarity? Many…

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4 Steps of Effective Meditation

Did you know that within just 2 weeks of beginning to practice meditation, your brain starts to rewire itself to support the release of stress,…

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Enhancing Health & Vitality with Chi

Would you like a simple way of increasing your vitality and health? The key rests in cultivating an internal life-force energy called ‘Chi’. ‘Chi’ is…

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An Alchemical and Spiritual Perspective on COVID-19

We have been going through a great transformation as a collective. Our ability to remain centered, balanced, and in our full power, regardless of outer circumstances affects our overall well being. Dr. Theresa created a vlog series to help inform, inspire, and…

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Benefits of the Empower Thyself Initiation

So much in our world is speeding up and this may leave us feeling a need to integrate without fully being able to catch up…

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Relationship Alchemy: 8 Steps to Transforming Through Our Relationships

We all desire happy, healthy, harmonious relationships in our lives. What can we do to create that? And when we are faced with challenging dynamics…

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How Alice in Wonderland Can Teach Us to Develop a Quantum Mindset & the New Paradigm

When Alice first meets the Queen in Wonderland, she is instructed to believe something impossible. Alice laughs, and says, “There’s no use trying. One can’t…

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Quantum Thinking

Are you ready to take the quantum leap? Here at last, this is the crux of what it means to Think Quantum. In essence, making…

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Breaking Out of the Box: Transforming the way we Think

In our previous blog titled “Let Your Brain Out of the Box: Identifying the Old Paradigm”, we revealed four basic concepts that form the foundation…

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Let Your Brain Out of the Box: Identifying the Old Paradigm

Science shows that we have HUGE potential and that we are only tapping into a tiny fraction of that potential that is within us. We…

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Empower Thyself Initiation

Many people wait for permission to be their greatest selves. What if all they were waiting for was the inner-initiation and knowledge of how to…

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How to Transform the Way You See the World

We have been trained, conditioned and lead into a certain way of believing, perceiving and thinking in our world. Yet that old paradigm, which dates…

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3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain for Creativity

Ever heard that right-brains are more creative? FALSE. The truth is that creativity requires multiple brain regions, including both hemispheres of the cortex as well…

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Is Stress Impacting Your Creativity?

Being overly stressed is a major drawback faced by the majority of people in our modern way of life. Much research has therefore been invested…

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How Meditation Helps Your Brain & Your Life

Beyond the commonly reported benefits of reducing stress levels and bringing a subjective experience of inner peace, meditation creates a very real physiological and neurological…

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