What Is A Mystery School

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What Is A Mystery School?


What’s The Big Mystery?


Some people get a bit spooked by the term Mystery School. “What’s the big mystery?” they ask. So let me explain what a mystery school really is, and hopefully dispel some of the “spookiness”.


A mystery school is a school for the education of the soul, like a University for the Soul’s development. That includes the development of our mind, our intuition, our emotional nature, our spiritual connection, and how we apply these into our physical life.


A mystery school studies and teaches on the mysteries of life, the mysteries of who we are, the mysteries of the universe, the mysteries of the spirit. There are many mysteries such as: Who Am I? What is my essence? What is our purpose? What is the nature of the spirit? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? How do we make the most of this life? What happens after this life? And so on… It is good to ask these questions, as they lead us into deep contemplations and a process of revealing the answers from within, which then awakens greater awareness and inner potential.


That is another key thing that mystery schools teach, that the answers you need most are already within you. All the knowledge you need is within. You might have forgotten what your spirit knows, or what you knew as an innocent child. You might have covered that inner knowing up with layers of dogma, indoctrination, distortions from cultural programming. But the knowledge is still there, waiting to be rediscovered, waiting to be remembered. The Teachers and Guides of the mystery school traditions are more like “Reminders” of what you already know. Rather than teaching you, they guide you to your own inner knowing, they share with you some tools that you can use in your own life to help awaken your inner potential and the answers that are inside you. A big part of that process that we teach in Kabbalah is about learning how to ask the right questions, so that we can reveal the answers from within that will truly serve us.


Is The Mystery School A Cult?


Sometimes I get asked, “Is the Modern Mystery School a cult?” No, not unless you define a “cult” as a group of people who are empowering other people to think for themselves, to be free-thinkers. To read more on this topic, check out this article. We aren’t here to teach the answers to life’s mysteries. We are here to help you discover your own answers, to guide you in the process of knowing what questions to ask so that you can access the answers through your own direct knowing and experience.


meditationWe also teach various tools and methods that support us in quieting the chatter of the mind, clearing out the blockages within the subconscious, and peeling away the layers of garbage that obscures or distorts our ability to perceive the inner wisdom. Tools such as meditation, prayer, working with chi or life force vitality, contemplation, daily energy practices that create balance in our life, formulas for harnessing our creative abilities to manifest a better life, methods for strengthening our ability to focus and direct our will, activations and initiations that catalyze and accelerate our awakening, and much more. These are tools that help us achieve personal self-mastery and empowerment.


Just 20 years ago, practices like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and qigong were considered “woo-woo”. Today, they are becoming mainstream and considered as part of healthy living, as essential tools that help us create balance in life. These tools come from the mystery traditions, although in their secularized forms they are being stripped of their true spiritual essence.


There are many more tools where those came from, tools that can take us even further into creating not just a balanced and healthy life, but also a life in which we THRIVE, have JOY, manifest ABUNDANCE, and develop a deep sense of what is SACRED in life.


Signs Of Our Times


We are fortunate to live in a time where we can gain access to ancient tools and teachings that were once hidden. We are fortunate to be able to practice such things as meditation and not be thought of as “weird” or “woo-woo” in today’s world. We are privileged that mystery school teachings can be out in the open again. This has not always been the case.


There have been many times in human history when people who meditated or practiced forms of spirituality that were different from the ruling religion of the region were persecuted. There were witch-hunts, inquisitions, genocides, all to destroy and stamp out those who believed and practiced their spirituality in ways that were different from the accepted orthodoxy.


Personally, I’m super grateful that we live in an age where the western world, at least, has cultivated a society of tolerance and acceptance of diversity, one that prides itself in freedom (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, etc).

Spiritual Freedom Quote


Unfortunately, it seems that in the last 5 or so years (since about 2016), ‘we the people’ are beginning to dispense with those freedoms. People are becoming less tolerant, more judgmental, more polarized again, more violent in their attacks towards fellow humans who think differently than them.


Our freedoms are being eroded and threatened by ‘cancel culture’, by rampant opinions, by too much separation that is insidiously working its way through our western culture, as more and more dividing lines are being drawn around smaller and smaller special interest groups focused around identity. Meaning people’s identities are becoming too wrapped up around the things that divide us: politics, race, gender, religion, class, sexual orientation, money, education, the list goes on and on… These things have always been there, but they seem more polarized than ever, more sub-divided than ever. The gulf of separation is becoming wider again. These things have even begun to separate families, neighbors, friends, and communities from each other.


As one of my colleagues and friends, Ariana Bain, recently put it in a very articulate and well-written article that I highly encourage you to read in full, she said: “Our world is tearing itself apart with opinions focused on how other people should behave rather than looking at ourselves. Don’t buy into this.”


Rather than creating more dividing lines around what separates us, we need to be building bridges and focusing on the things that unite us again. We are all human, we all want love, we all have feelings, we all have had our pains and traumas, but we’ve also had our victories and triumphs. We all want to feel accepted. Deep down, we all want to be free to be our true self, to express our uniqueness, and to be appreciated for who we are, rather than always needing to fit into someone else’s box of who we “should be”. Even though we could be uniting around our common humanity by accepting ourselves and others, the majority are instead living in fear of not getting those things and not allowing others to have them either. Fear separates, Love unifies.

Love Unifies


What Do We Stand For?


The Modern Mystery School lineage that I come from stands for Love, Freedom, Choice, Harmony, Healing, Empowerment, Embracing Diversity, Accepting Differences, Allowing for Individual Expression and Uniqueness, Understanding our Eternal Nature. We pierce beyond what divides and separates, and find ways to unite through our common humanity and innate divinity. We are also on a mission to create a world of peace, by helping people create inner peace, which can then be flowed outwardly to the lives of those we touch.


Unfortunately, there are those who don’t seem to want peace, they want conflict. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they feed on conflict. And with those efforts to create more conflict, a new form of persecution has emerged in the form of “cancel culture”. It appears the witch-hunts are back, but this time they are taking place through online attacks that attempt to destroy people’s lives and “cancel” them out or burn them to oblivion. This is not an enlightened way of being. It’s not “woke”, it’s the opposite. It’s allowing darkness to creep in again, to further separate, to threaten our freedoms, and it’s attempting to plunge us into another Dark Age, where people are too afraid to speak out for fear of retribution and persecution.


The Modern Mystery School and its leaders have come under such an attack, an attempt to “cancel” all the good that we do and have done. One way cancel culture is attacking spiritual groups is to label them as “cults”. Since about 2018, there’s been a new wave of mainstream news and media throwing the word “cult” around a lot. There’s a short, but straight to the point, article by a scholar of religious studies, Mathew Schmalz, on this topic of how the label “cult” gets in the way of understanding spiritual traditions (both old and new). He says:


Using the word “cult” is an easy way to criticize a group, but a poor way to describe onethe term “cult” lumps together all new or alternative religions [& spiritual traditions]. And when people hear the word “cult,” discussions end before any study has even begun.


It is a word that is used to create a stigma, to discredit, to get people to automatically disapprove of them, without any real understanding of what they really are about.


Instead of throwing words at people like we used to throw stones, let’s return to exercising tolerance, acceptance of diversity, and inalienable rights to freedom of religion and spirituality again. Let’s try to understand before casting any judgments.



Dr. Theresa BullardDr. Theresa Bullard is a Ph.D. physicist, international instructor for the Modern Mystery School, and host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV.

Her work reveals the links between science, consciousness, spirituality, and transformative technology. She expertly weaves together these diverse fields to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life. Her mission is to bridge science and spirituality in order to help us tap into our unlimited potential as conscious beings.

Dr. Theresa often travels internationally, teaching Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, Spiritual Alchemy, and other advanced trainings for the Modern Mystery School. Through this work, Dr. Theresa guides individuals and groups to reach their greater potential and become more successful in multiple areas of life.