Why It’s So Important To Share The Light

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Why It’s So Important To Share The Light The nature of the Light is that it wants to expand, to flow out and illuminate the lives of all. As it flows out, it reflects off of others and the world around us, so that we all can see and become more aware of ourselves, each…

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Can We Heal From Our Collective Past?

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Queen Elizabeth II Can We Heal From Our Collective Past?   I recently made a post on social media in honour of Queen Elizabeth II, after her passing, to pay my respect for her and further asking for people to be respectful, even if they don’t understand her importance in the world or why so…

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What Is A Mystery School

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What Is A Mystery School?   What’s The Big Mystery?   Some people get a bit spooked by the term Mystery School. “What’s the big mystery?” they ask. So let me explain what a mystery school really is, and hopefully dispel some of the “spookiness”.   A mystery school is a school for the education…

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The Full Spirit Activation

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Have you felt challenges on your journey to awakening your mind and spirit, and wish to come more fully into your light and clarity? Many of us desire to grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves. On the way, we may be greeted with challenges as old habits and perceptions from our past…

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4 Steps of Effective Meditation

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Did you know that within just 2 weeks of beginning to practice meditation, your brain starts to rewire itself to support the release of stress, improve your health, and activate greater access to creativity and intuition? In this video, Dr. Theresa discusses the benefits of meditation,  why so many people are flocking to meditation classes,…

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Enhancing Health & Vitality with Chi

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Would you like a simple way of increasing your vitality and health? The key rests in cultivating an internal life-force energy called ‘Chi’. ‘Chi’ is another word for our life essence, it is also referred to as ‘prana’, ‘Qi’, or ‘Ki’. Chi a subtle physical energy that permeates reality. We can feel it running through…

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