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Galactic Activation, Dr. Theresa
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The planet is undergoing a profound energetic transformation. The human collective is waking up to our galactic nature. Take your work with these new energies to the next level. Together we can build a more sustainable and holistic way of life on Earth.

The Galactic Activations are some of the most important steps we can take in our lives towards attaining our full potential and entering into the New Paradigm. These Activations help awaken some of the most essential keys within us for achieving what Kabbalists called the “Adam Kadmon”, or the god-like human. All Mystery School traditions have taught that when humankind was ready, a technique would be given to activate all the codes to our potential. That time… is now! Long-sought-after for our awakening, these Activations are now available to help us in taking our next evolutionary step towards being Galactic Humans.

Galactic Activations & Training


Day 1

Body Level Awakening of the “Evolved New Human” within You


After learning about living in the New Paradigm Energies, you will receive the first Galactic Activation, which completes the process begun by the Life Activation (see below). This activates ALL the dormant blueprints found within the DNA, awakening the last two codes that connect you to your Galactic Self (physical DNA) and Divine Self (spiritual DNA). From this training and activation, you will evolve into living a whole new way that is more aligned with the energies of the New Paradigm and your original blueprints.

Day 2

Universal Level Awakening of Your Galactic Connection ​


Day 2 involves a series of awakenings to further accelerate the building of the body of light. This will cleanse, purify, and activate within your field and energy structure that improves the function of your pituitary gland and of your soul. It also helps to unite you with the Galactic mind and awaken your connection to universal consciousness. This process was brought to us by the Galactic Masters to help accelerate the development of our light body. This important step leads to a higher consciousness and greater galactic awareness.


  • Pre-Requisite:

    Life Activation required

  • Tuition: $850

    (discounts available for the first 20 people to sign up, follow the registration link or contact us to find out more)

  • Late Registration:


  • Audit Fee:

    for those who have already received this activation: $400

Locations of Galactic Activation with
Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke in 2022





Southern California (TBD)

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