What Is The Modern Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School is a path of progression that helps you ‘know thyself’ and achieve your greatest potential in life. The Modern Mystery School is one of the only schools of empowerment still thriving today that has authentic, unbroken mystery school lineage AND is open to the public. There are seven ancient mystery schools still intact today, but only one of them, the Modern Mystery School, is open and available for you to be initiated and trained by. It is a school of distinction and excellence. It is a university for the soul, where you can grow both spiritually and physically.

The mystery school hands down powerful and effective tools and methods that empower you to have greater command over yourself and how you respond to any situation that life brings you. The Modern Mystery School brings ancient tools of empowerment forward in such a way that it can be readily adapted into your life and applied in today's world. One of the hallmarks of true mystery school is that it preserves the teachings and essence of the lineage, while also remaining adaptable to modern times.

Learn to Develop and Strengthen Your Own Direct Connection to Source

Your path in the Modern Mystery School is really about your own direct connection to source. Rather than relying on a mediator, such as priest, a guru, or any other spiritual intermediaries, you are empowered to develop your own direct connection and enlightenment.

The Modern Mystery School helps people open up to higher realms in a safe way that has reliable, sustainable, and reproducible results. Rather than relying upon external sources that can become a crutch, the Mystery School teaches you how to create this opening from within anytime you choose. The power is in your hands! YOU ARE THE KEY! We teach you how to use your inner resources and innate abilities more fully and at will.

The mystery school is both spiritual and scientific; it is practical and transcendent, with a grounded approach to spirituality. The lineage has developed and preserved a deeper, more comprehensive understanding to the vast array of spiritual principles than what you will find in most other sources available today.

I can attest that even after 15+ years of training with the mystery schools you will still be having deeper revelations, ongoing progression, and breakthroughs, as there truly is no bottom to the well of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that the mystery school holds.

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Why Study With A Mystery School?


The mystery school path is about breaking out of and becoming free from all boxes or limitations, and coming to a place of embodying your full potential with balance and wholeness. Through the process of become more self-aware and empowered you can overcome the imbalances and negative aspects of your ego. With the powerful tools and methods taught by the mystery school, you can reduce stress and become more mindful and joyful in your everyday life. You can develop and experience more inner peace and increase your level of happiness in life. You can become a more clear vessel or conduit for true light, beauty, and empowerment to shine into the lives of others and this world.

By studying with the Modern Mystery School you to learn how to actualize the potential for greatness that you hold within. It really brings you into an integrated state of being that is more balanced between mind and heart, balancing “IQ” and “EQ”. This balance allows you to more fluidly act from your intuition and higher consciousness, increasing your “CQ”. It helps you to be more consciously at cause in your life by empowering you to more fully realize and expand your capacity to create every aspect of your life. The more you expand your capacity, the more you will achieve, and the more self-aware you will become.

Become Your Greatest Self

The Mystery School also gives you tools that bring you greater protection at all levels, physically, energetically, and spiritually. It really helps you become more of your greatest self, so that you can have more impact in the world. If you feel a calling to impact others, the mystery school offers a way to do so that truly makes a difference in the lives of people and supports their actual progression in life.

The Mystery School helps people feel full of life and inspiration. The work and daily use of the tools, really makes an impact by helping you get into a greater flow of synchronicity in you life. You will awaken to the miracles that happen in your everyday life and experience the joy of your purpose in life revealing itself more and more.

Dr. Theresa’s Testimonial Of The Modern Mystery School


Dr. Theresa has long felt a deep calling to help make this world a better place. In 2001, while searching for a meaningful way to fulfill this calling, she stepped onto the path of initiation as a healer and teacher of the Modern Mystery School, a world-wide organization dedicated to the mission of world peace and the awakening of humanity. In her many years of working with this ancient lineage and its methods, she can confirm first-hand that these tools and teachings are powerful, genuine, and excel at catapulting people towards their greater potential. It is a path and lineage with a long tradition of guiding its initiates to becoming people of distinction, excellence, and dedication to spreading the Light.

Today, Dr. Theresa guides individuals and groups to reach their potential and become more successful in multiple areas of life. Her focus is working with people who want to be part of the mission to make this world a better place, while also striving to master themselves and live a richly fulfilling life. The people who are drawn to work with her know there is “more to life” and are ready to cultivate the mastery within to become their greatest self.

You Have All The Knowledge And Gifts You Need Within You

In the Modern Mystery School, we do not have typical teacher-student relationships. Rather, the teacher is there to serve as a reminder and to ask you the right questions so that you can discover your own answers. You have all the knowledge and gifts that you need already within you.

The role of a mystery school teacher is to serve as a guide on the student’s path of progression to remembering and turning on these gifts, honing your skills, and keeping on track with fulfilling your purpose and potential. You are remembering what you came to this life for, and we are helping to remind you and to stay true to that path. All the knowledge is within each person and they just need the keys to reawakening to that.

My experience with the mystery school is that they put the tools of empowerment into your hands and then it is up to you to put these to use and reap the benefits of your own efforts. Those of us who have, see huge results every time. When you use the tools in ways in which they were originally intended and handed down, then the power is truly in your hands. 95% of our ability to reach our potential and create our ultimate life is up to us and our own efforts. The other 5% is about having the right keys and methods to awaken that which is within us.

While it's not always easy, as challenges are the way in which we grow, those who persist and stay diligent in the work, are able to have truly lasting and sustainable results. In the Modern Mystery School, our mastery is something that we come to have full ownership of, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dr. Theresa, teaching class

Lineage Holders

"All lineages have main key holders, individuals who hold and anchor the lineage on the planet and hold the authority to keep the door of the mystery school open to those who seek the Light."

The keys to the Modern Mystery lineage are held by three amazing initiates who have dedicated their lives to empowering people, spreading the light, and serving the mission of world peace.

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Modern Mystery School

The Council of 12

Modern Mystery School, Dr. Theresa

In 2017, when the Third Order was initiated, the Council of 12 was also activated. The Council of 12 is a group of 12 women, who are high-level initiates from all over the world. The Council of 12 serves as leadership for the Modern Mystery School.

The Council of 12 work directly with the Third Order to execute the directives of the Hierarchy of Light for service to humanity on this earth. The 12 women provide council, confirmation and conference to the members of the Third Order about the various projects and missions of the MMS.

The installation in 2017 has allowed for the Goddess power and connection with the Shekinah to be anchored through these structures of the Third Order. This manifests as the implementation of the various levels of operation required for the running of the Modern Mystery School.

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About Founder Gudni Gudnason

The Modern Mystery School was brought publicly to the world by Founder Gudni Gudnason, one of the highest level initiates and key holders from the inner Mystery School lineage of King Solomon. This tradition goes back over 3000 years, and Founder Gudni is a link in the chain of handing down sacred tools of empowerment.

My experience of working with Founder Gudni as my teacher, since 2001, is that he truly is a modern day renaissance man. He is a master of deep wisdom who teaches you how to truly achieve mastery of your own mind and potential. He shows the way for you to achieve your own enlightenment, rather than trying to be a guru. He has dedicated his life to being someone that empowers others to their highest potential. It has been a huge honor to study and train with Founder Gudni, as well as to now help carry these teachings out into the world and spread the empowerment to others.

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