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Here Is What People Are Saying
About Dr. Theresa Bullard!


"Take the time to visit Dr Theresa Bullard's website. I watch her videos, read her blogs, listen to her master teachings over and over. You will love it, the universe is her knowledge and she is fluid in her teaching"

- Gaia Subscriber

"I'm pretty taken back with this incredible depth of knowledge. It's very clear that Dr. Bullard has a lifetime of study and practice in both the physical and metaphysical arts. The bridging of the two worlds is certainly no small task, and she seems to build this bridge head-on, brick by brick, connecting the ancient mysteries to modern science."

- Instagram Follower

"Your series on Gaia came for me at the exact same time I had these particular questions on my path. You are so helpful and really helped me explain it much better to assist my husband on his journey. Thank you!!🙏🏻 The more grateful and amazed I become, the more gifts arrive."

- Gaia Subscriber

"I’m rewatching your Mystery Teachings series and meditating daily 🙏 thank you for your guidance"

- Gaia Subscriber

"Wow... Your hard work and dedication to bring this information to life is commendable! Thanks a million Dr. Bullard!"

- Tristian

"You are a legend - so I binged watched Mystery Teachings, all seasons of course, and mind = blown. 👌🏽Thank you!"

- Nikko

"Dr. Theresa Bullard you are by far the most Greatest Teacher of your profession of our time. Your knowledge is vast and informative."

- Instagram Follower

"You’re one of the greatest teachers of our time. Your genius is truly appreciated by those that understand. Glad to see this important content gaining more exposure. Well done!! 🙌👏"

- Instagram Follower

"This entire series was truly life changing. Thank you for creating such amazing content and sharing it so generously and clearly. Thank you for bringing together so many wonderful topics in one program!"

- Anya

"These are all such amazing episodes, getting through them all and thank you for being such an incredible human."

- Chris Hall, Peak Dawn, Podcast Host

"I also very much love your series on Gaia. Seriously enlightening... you have a way with words that make it so someone like me without a doctorate degree can understand and digest. Thanks for bringing science, theology, and metaphysics into alignment. You rock! 💜"

- Susan

"You are destined to be one of the most renowned Dr's to break the bridge between science and the quantum universe. Thank you for your teachings."

- Instagram Follower

"Your series is very energetically precise, appreciate ❤️"

- Kevin Martin

"I have learned that when I generate heart coherence regularly I am able to feel in my body what is a right or wrong path for me. Like you say ‘tuning into your true north’. Thanks for your awesome teachings Dr Theresa."

- Gaia Subscriber

"I Love your way of teaching Theresa!! Thanks for all knowledge and connections you’v been spreading 😊🌀"

- Lucas Gennari

"I loooove your teachings! Thank you so much! ✨"

- Alma

"Mystery Teachings is my favorite to watch on Gaia, and I truly enjoyed the last Tarot season. I am familiar with numerology and loved your explanations of numbers as well as cards. ❤️ Thank you very much!"

- Veronica

"Dr. Bullard I love you and everything you stand for! You are my role model 💕"

- Instagram Follower

"Many blessings to you! Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us 🙏💖"

- Instagram Follower

"Much love! Dr. Theresa I must say your series of mystery teachings have helped me immensely in my life journey and introduced me to spirituality in the best possible way. My fav video series ever!! Thank you for all that you do."

- Victoria Zhang

"I’ve been loving your Gaia series so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙏"

- Gaia Subscriber

"Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love your work and have upgraded my reality massively by receiving your teachings on the Gaia Channel. Thank you for Being 🙏🏽💙"

- Instagram Follower

"Thank you for this reminder 🙏🏽 your saying that there is no limit to how much beauty we can create here just gave me affirmation chills ❤️"

- Instagram Follower

"You are seriously so great Theresa! I’ve learned so much from you and Appreciate all of your teachings! Thank you ❤️"

- Marie Alana

"Thank you Theresa for all your brilliant work. I am so grateful for your teachings and sharing! ❤️🙏"

- Leyla Bentley

"Love your Mystery Teachings series on Gaia TV. Thank you for getting the knowledge out there ❤️ Love your work Theresa Bullard!"

- Carrie

"Thank you Dr. Theresa 🙏❤️ the more we hear from you the more coherent we become!"

- Velizara

"You are Awesome Amazing, A True Teacher of the past, present, and most importantly the FUTURE ❤️."

- Instagram Follower

"I love how Theresa has brought science and spirituality together."

- Stevie Wilding

"Dr. Theresa makes me believe I am a student in Hogwards learning magic. She is really an amazing teacher though. I live for what she teaches. 🤯🥳"

- Joe Foster

"This is what I have been looking for. A clear and precise understanding of quantum physics for my non-physics mind. Well done."

- Instagram Follower

"Theresa"s knowledge of quantum physics combined with her knowledge and expertise is unfathomable. It amazes me... she is able to break down this very scientific information and relate it to metaphysics in a very concise and easy manner for me to understand."

- Instagram Follower

"This [Mystery Teachings] is such an amazing show. I can't get enough. Dr. Bullard is extremely well educated and articulate. The visuals only help compel the knowledge she is endowing us with. Amazing work, Theresa."

- Instagram Follower

"Thank you for the clear bridge you create between science and metaphysics, this is the exact combination for us to evolve multidimensionally through our consciousness in our 3D experience. Bravo! Thank you Theresa 🙂"

- Eva

"What an exceptional series with an exceptional presenter. Dr. Theresa Bullard has the ability to convey complex and detailed information in a manner that is straightforward leaving the viewer with a clear understanding of the material."

- Instagram Follower

"Really impressive integration of these major different/opposite disciplines. I deeply respect how you followed your inner self to find your tribe and progress with preparing and sharing this information with all of us in the way you do. Great communicative skills. You manage to apply universal laws in a totally natural way."

- Jack

"After many years of studying with Theresa, It always amazes me how much more depth and insight she brings each year and with each of these Gaia episodes. Maybe I am just coming up to speed. I have been very blessed and look forward to the continuing adventure."

- Instagram Follower

"Doctor Bullard is truly extraordinary! How she marries science and spirituality is impressive yet so simple. This series is awesome! Hope she's going to stay onboard for more seasons."

- Meaghan

"Dearest Dr. Theresa, you are WONDER-Full!!!

With all of my Heart & Soul, I thank you for ALL the Great Work you have done on yourself to be able to deliver with so much ease and clarity, such profound timeless Teachings.

We are very "lucky"😊 that you are still around in this "day and age", to deliver to us the Sacred Knowledge that you have awakened within yourself... Thank You!"

- Instagram Follower

"Fantastic show and teachings - as an Empath, I especially liked the practical guidance on expanding the aura (now I need to test it!) as I find it very difficult to "shake/disperse" the energy of those around me (and require many hours of detoxing in my own space). I wholeheartedly agree about our vibration and frequency....thank you and look forward to learning more in future shows!"

- Instagram Follower