This Collection of Testimonials Encompass What It is Like To Work With & Learn From Dr. Theresa!


"Dr. Theresa is an incredibly intelligent and compassionate guide and teacher. She has both the training of the physical and energetic/spiritual worlds. I trust and respect her greatly."

- Lena Simovic, Wellness Coach

"After becoming a student of Dr. Theresa Bullard my awareness of life lessons have grown wider than ever before. Dr. Theresa is able to share complex information in a fun and easy way to understand. Thank you Dr. Theresa for helping me grow as a person through advanced spiritual teachings!"

- Marco Champion, Entrepreneur

"Finally, a clear, concise, and fun process that breaks down the process of manifestation available to the public! In this series, Dr. Theresa synthesizes complex topics that span physics and consciousness research in a way I've never seen before. This is a must for anyone serious about taking agency in their life and working towards a better future for all."

-Logan Yonavjak, Financial Services Professional

"Dr. Theresa has an exactingly precise and charmingly complete way of synthesizing and delivering the eons of mystery school knowledge with current advanced science. After my first meditation, I experienced heightened synchronicities."

- Sean Hallahan, Retired Executive

"By Dr. Theresa providing a clear confirmation of the link between science and spirituality my life has become easier to accept and deal with. This has also offered improvement in being and staying centered in my daily life."

- Jack Kluijtmans, Entrepreneur

"Thanks to Dr. Theresa’s wonderful teachings I have been able to understand that all that is shattered is no longer useful for my growth and inner power. She has been a very important guide and support to go through all these changes in my life. I will always be thankful for having this incredible opportunity to learn from Dr. Theresa and find my inner light. Your teachings have been a real gift for me. Thank you so very much."

- Doris Marie Ann Constandse, Renewable Energy

"I devoured each episode of Mystery Teachings with Dr. Theresa on Gaia, and shared it with family and friends. My daughter and I shared the experience of Life Activation in Vancouver WA. Since finding you and others of the Modern Mystery School I have grown by leaps and bounds! I am loving life no matter what life brings. I am eternally grateful."

- Connie Ogren, RN

"In 2020 I had a life activation, initiation and galactic activation in one long weekend in Dr. Theresa’s Power Week. Afterwards my life transformed quickly. The Mystery School's teachings have given me structure, discipline and a deeper understanding in my life. I have more confidence, courage and I feel more aligned with my higher purpose. The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension program with Dr. Theresa has already started to impact my life in a way I could not have imagined. Dr. Thresesa is an exceptional guide. She truly cares about humanity and it is my honor to be able to work with her. My life keeps changing for the better and I know myself more every day."

- Jenna Clayton, Self Employed

"Dr. Theresa has the remarkable ability of being able to bridge the worlds of modern science and physics with ancient wisdom and spiritually from beyond our time. My life and work have benefited greatly from her wisdom, insights, and invaluable guidance. She truly "walks the walk"."

- Roy English, Artist

"Dr. Bullard is an inspiration. Her considerable knowledge and articulation around the Tarot and other Mystery Teachings give plenty of depth in terms of subject contents and inspire further research and exploration. She is able to deliver complex concepts and teachings in an accessible way. Presentation of material is both polished, consistent and multi- sensory. Wonderful stuff- thank you."

- Bridgette Charlton Hess, Retired Teacher

"Dr. Theresa Bullard has been integral to my discovery of Kabbalah and the Mystery School. I began watching her Mystery Teachings series on Gaia in 2018 and was immediately drawn to her because of the science component. (I've always been drawn to both physics and mysticism throughout my life and have been involved and engaged with various modalities and spiritual practices. I've had various periods where I was more in tune and exercising rituals, but over the years it didn't get as much attention and it was more of a mish-mash without a full "awakening" but I sure was seeking it!) It was immensely impressive to see a scientist embracing spirituality and devoting her life to merging the two and waking up more light in others. Immediately, I resonated with EVERYTHING she was saying. I enjoyed trying her meditations and started researching the Tree of Life, Kabbalah, resonance, sacred geometry and the Ancient Mystery Schools. I dug in deep and was fascinated. I began looking at the Mystery School website and offerings and found a practitioner closer to my area. By 2020, I received Life Activation and then in June 2021 I received initiation as an Adept with the Empower Thyself program (both my husband along with me). I am now going through other initiations and continuing her series. I'm currently meditating on the 22 major arcana of the Tarot from Season 4. This whole journey is amazing and I credit her with sparking my interest in Kabbalah and the Mystery School. I'm beyond excited to be on this path! I am already seeing positive shifts and experiencing necessary changes that will help me align with and fulfill my soul's purpose in this life. Thank you, Theresa!"

- Holli Weatherington, Writer/Astrologer

"Dr. Theresa is an outstanding teacher and guide. She has a vast knowledge of the spiritual world, and is generous with her knowledge and time. When you ask a question she takes the time to answer it with no rush to continue the lesson, giving you the sense that she truly enjoys teaching. I having taken Empower Thyself and I am currently studying Kabbalah with her, these experiences have been transformative and after having incorporated the rituals as a daily practice I can assure there is a deeper connection and understanding of the physical and spiritual world."

- Isabella Antonorsi, Architect

"In 2019 I was recovering from stage 1 prostate cancer. I had taken time away from my work to read and recover. I was also watching videos on Gaia after my wife told me about the app. This found me at the right time because I was feeling stuck in my spirituality. Spirit led me to Mystery Teachings I’m sure. After watching just one episode something unlocked in me causing a massive download. All of a sudden I could connect many things together that I had studied for years. This began a new path that has altered my life forever. This was an awakening—a remembering of what I AM. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Theresa for activating me through her show. This eventually led me to joining the Modern Mystery School but it is Dr. Theresa whom I consider as my remote master teacher. May it be so!"

- John Crestwell, Executive Minister

"Dr. Theresa is an incredibly intelligent and compassionate guide and teacher. She has both the training of the physical and energetic/spiritual worlds. I trust and respect her greatly."

- Lena Simovic, Wellness Coach

"I thoroughly enjoyed the information I learned on mystery teachings; all the seasons. Each season brought new information bridging science and spirituality. Her teachings have also helped me understand the spiritual meaning of the tree of life. There are many levels of truth and it is quite evident that Dr. Theresa understands how the ancient tree of life is relevant in today’s world. I look forward to learning more wisdom from her."

- Lydia Kelly

"I have followed Theresa Bullard for a few years now on her Mystery Teachings channel on Gaia TV and have always been impressed with her ability to connect both the spiritual and the scientifical worlds together. Her grounded scientifical approach offers me a higher level of credibility when crossing over to the spiritual and mystical realms.

I am fortunate to have been able to do my Life Activation and Empower Thyself initiation and currently Kabbalah with Theresa. Her grounded and informed approach to spirituality and mysticism has been fundamental in my continued adoption of the knowledge and rituals necessary for my progress.

Her teaching style and personality is engaging and relatable which makes it a joy to be with her and absorb all she has to offer. I have to say there is a certain truth about her that makes her very believable and trustworthy and a teacher in order to be good, has to be believable and trustworthy, especially in this field.

I have learned so much about the intricate system of Kabbalah within the Modern Mystery School approach and how it is such a powerful life transforming tool, that I know it will be a fundamental pillar in my continued evolution.

I am looking forward to much more learning and sharing with her and I cannot be more grateful with the fortune that means having her as my guide."

- Michael Antonorsi, Chocolatier

"Dr Theresa has energy and mindset of a high caliber, so to be able to meet with her for my life activation was extremely uplifting being able to be one on one with her in a energy healing situation. When I left my Energy was cleared. I felt an acceptance and love that I really needed. I think that reflects her soul under all the armor she wears as a public figure. She is very kind and soft. Still to this day it was like meeting my Hero. I felt also a bond was established between us that is powerful and protective in all aspects. But definitely energetically. I was very impressed by her at the life activation. One on one setting. More than I imagined by seeing her on Gaia. A real compassionate genuine woman. I'm very honored to have her as my Guide."

- Michael Fabela, Aerospace Machinist

"Dr. Bullard has given a voice to tranquility through the merging of parallel disciplines."

- Pablo, Gardener

"Meeting Dr. Theresa not only changed my life, but she has become a source of inspiration in my journey!

When I first saw her in an interview on Gaia, I felt the need to contact her. It was an instinct, so I reached out and signed up for a class called How to be galactic. And this is how my journey at the Mystery School with her started.

I was in search of tools to deal with my empathic powers and answers for all the other magical practices I had been studied before meeting her. I found, in my experience, that many other places that teach metaphysical courses were always lacking fundamental answers that I was able to remember with my guided journey with Dr. Theresa and the Modern Mystery School.

Her teachings and healings have helped release old behaviors that weren't serving me anymore, opening up to the following levels of excitement in life, joy, and personal power.

When I first got initiated at Empowered Thyself, I was in so much joy not only because a good chunk of existential questions were answered, but as an empath, I learned to protect myself from other energies. Since then, I have been able to control my energy field more and not have my energy sucked away.

The Universal Kabbalah teachings have helped me become a greater manifestor in life and attract positive things that have enlightened me to get to the next level of understanding myself, my powers, and shifting my way of seeing things in life.

I continue to invest in as many teachings and healings as possible because all the outcomes have been only blessings.

I am grateful that I have been able to do these teachings and healings with Dr. Theresa. These are the kind of teachings and healings that will benefit you and continue to work with you afterlife. Even her show on Gaia Mystery Teachings is a considerable supplement to all the other teachings. I continue to review them all the time because I learn something new every time.

Thank You so much for your kindness and Wisdom!"

- Romie, Healer

"Have made me think of the whole world as energy and I enjoy going back and re-watching episodes of Mystery Teachings."

- Christian Skogstad, Cleaner

"Take the time to visit Dr Theresa Bullard's website. I watch her videos, read her blogs, listen to her master teachings over and over. You will love it, the universe is her knowledge and she is fluid in her teaching"

- Gaia Subscriber

"I'm pretty taken back with this incredible depth of knowledge. It's very clear that Dr. Bullard has a lifetime of study and practice in both the physical and metaphysical arts. The bridging of the two worlds is certainly no small task, and she seems to build this bridge head-on, brick by brick, connecting the ancient mysteries to modern science."

- Instagram Follower

"Your series on Gaia came for me at the exact same time I had these particular questions on my path. You are so helpful and really helped me explain it much better to assist my husband on his journey. Thank you!!🙏🏻 The more grateful and amazed I become, the more gifts arrive."

- Gaia Subscriber

"I’m rewatching your Mystery Teachings series and meditating daily 🙏 thank you for your guidance"

- Gaia Subscriber

"Wow... Your hard work and dedication to bring this information to life is commendable! Thanks a million Dr. Bullard!"

- Tristian

"You are a legend - so I binged watched Mystery Teachings, all seasons of course, and mind = blown. 👌🏽Thank you!"

- Nikko

"Dr. Theresa Bullard you are by far the most Greatest Teacher of your profession of our time. Your knowledge is vast and informative."

- Instagram Follower

"You’re one of the greatest teachers of our time. Your genius is truly appreciated by those that understand. Glad to see this important content gaining more exposure. Well done!! 🙌👏"

- Instagram Follower

"This entire series was truly life changing. Thank you for creating such amazing content and sharing it so generously and clearly. Thank you for bringing together so many wonderful topics in one program!"

- Anya

"These are all such amazing episodes, getting through them all and thank you for being such an incredible human."

- Chris Hall, Peak Dawn, Podcast Host

"I also very much love your series on Gaia. Seriously enlightening... you have a way with words that make it so someone like me without a doctorate degree can understand and digest. Thanks for bringing science, theology, and metaphysics into alignment. You rock! 💜"

- Susan

"You are destined to be one of the most renowned Dr's to break the bridge between science and the quantum universe. Thank you for your teachings."

- Instagram Follower

"Your series is very energetically precise, appreciate ❤️"

- Kevin Martin

"I have learned that when I generate heart coherence regularly I am able to feel in my body what is a right or wrong path for me. Like you say ‘tuning into your true north’. Thanks for your awesome teachings Dr Theresa."

- Gaia Subscriber

"I Love your way of teaching Theresa!! Thanks for all knowledge and connections you’v been spreading 😊🌀"

- Lucas Gennari

"I loooove your teachings! Thank you so much! ✨"

- Alma

"Mystery Teachings is my favorite to watch on Gaia, and I truly enjoyed the last Tarot season. I am familiar with numerology and loved your explanations of numbers as well as cards. ❤️ Thank you very much!"

- Veronica

"Dr. Bullard I love you and everything you stand for! You are my role model 💕"

- Instagram Follower

"Many blessings to you! Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us 🙏💖"

- Instagram Follower

"Much love! Dr. Theresa I must say your series of mystery teachings have helped me immensely in my life journey and introduced me to spirituality in the best possible way. My fav video series ever!! Thank you for all that you do."

- Victoria Zhang

"I’ve been loving your Gaia series so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙏"

- Gaia Subscriber

"Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love your work and have upgraded my reality massively by receiving your teachings on the Gaia Channel. Thank you for Being 🙏🏽💙"

- Instagram Follower

"Thank you for this reminder 🙏🏽 your saying that there is no limit to how much beauty we can create here just gave me affirmation chills ❤️"

- Instagram Follower

"You are seriously so great Theresa! I’ve learned so much from you and Appreciate all of your teachings! Thank you ❤️"

- Marie Alana

"Thank you Theresa for all your brilliant work. I am so grateful for your teachings and sharing! ❤️🙏"

- Leyla Bentley

"Love your Mystery Teachings series on Gaia TV. Thank you for getting the knowledge out there ❤️ Love your work Theresa Bullard!"

- Carrie

"Thank you Dr. Theresa 🙏❤️ the more we hear from you the more coherent we become!"

- Velizara

"You are Awesome Amazing, A True Teacher of the past, present, and most importantly the FUTURE ❤️."

- Instagram Follower

"I love how Theresa has brought science and spirituality together."

- Stevie Wilding

"Dr. Theresa makes me believe I am a student in Hogwards learning magic. She is really an amazing teacher though. I live for what she teaches. 🤯🥳"

- Joe Foster

"This is what I have been looking for. A clear and precise understanding of quantum physics for my non-physics mind. Well done."

- Instagram Follower

"Theresa"s knowledge of quantum physics combined with her knowledge and expertise is unfathomable. It amazes me... she is able to break down this very scientific information and relate it to metaphysics in a very concise and easy manner for me to understand."

- Instagram Follower

"This [Mystery Teachings] is such an amazing show. I can't get enough. Dr. Bullard is extremely well educated and articulate. The visuals only help compel the knowledge she is endowing us with. Amazing work, Theresa."

- Instagram Follower

"Thank you for the clear bridge you create between science and metaphysics, this is the exact combination for us to evolve multidimensionally through our consciousness in our 3D experience. Bravo! Thank you Theresa 🙂"

- Eva

"What an exceptional series with an exceptional presenter. Dr. Theresa Bullard has the ability to convey complex and detailed information in a manner that is straightforward leaving the viewer with a clear understanding of the material."

- Instagram Follower

"Really impressive integration of these major different/opposite disciplines. I deeply respect how you followed your inner self to find your tribe and progress with preparing and sharing this information with all of us in the way you do. Great communicative skills. You manage to apply universal laws in a totally natural way."

- Jack

"After many years of studying with Theresa, It always amazes me how much more depth and insight she brings each year and with each of these Gaia episodes. Maybe I am just coming up to speed. I have been very blessed and look forward to the continuing adventure."

- Instagram Follower

"Doctor Bullard is truly extraordinary! How she marries science and spirituality is impressive yet so simple. This series is awesome! Hope she's going to stay onboard for more seasons."

- Meaghan

"Dearest Dr. Theresa, you are WONDER-Full!!!

With all of my Heart & Soul, I thank you for ALL the Great Work you have done on yourself to be able to deliver with so much ease and clarity, such profound timeless Teachings.

We are very "lucky"😊 that you are still around in this "day and age", to deliver to us the Sacred Knowledge that you have awakened within yourself... Thank You!"

- Instagram Follower

"Fantastic show and teachings - as an Empath, I especially liked the practical guidance on expanding the aura (now I need to test it!) as I find it very difficult to "shake/disperse" the energy of those around me (and require many hours of detoxing in my own space). I wholeheartedly agree about our vibration and frequency....thank you and look forward to learning more in future shows!"

- Instagram Follower

We hope that these testimonials from the many individuals who have worked with Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke, inspire you to discover what you may gain from progressing on your own unique path!