Life Activation, Dr. Theresa
Life Activation, Dr. Theresa
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Turn on Your Greater Potential

The Life Activation restores and balances your whole system and turns on your greater potential. It infuses your physical and spiritual DNA, as well as your biofield, with new energy and vitality. Years of built-up stress and anxiety can melt away resulting in the release of physical, emotional and mental blocks, while realigning you with your original blueprints.

Some of the key benefits that people often experience include:

  • Stronger resilience and emotional stability
  • Greater sense of clarity, intuition, and insight
  • Feeling more connected to themselves and the divine
  • Energetic alignment with life purpose
  • Latent talents beginning to express over time
  • More energy available to create the life you truly desire

The Life Activation is a 2-hour private session and is done in-person. During the session, several layers of your physical and energetic system will be rebalanced and attuned to a higher state of being. From this one session you will feel harmonized and energized, ready to move forward in your life with a greater sense of physical and spiritual alignment!

Check out the following articles below to learn more about the Life Activation, and how receiving one can support YOU in creating your ultimate life!

Life Activation

Read More On The Challenge of Accessing Our Greatness


Within you is the potential for greatness. Have you felt that? Have you accessed it? Regardless of how much you have achieved or where you are in life, there is unbounded greatness within you. This means there is always more room for growth and expantion to the next level.

If you have sensed your greater potential that lies dormant within, then perhaps you have also experienced the frustration of not quite being able to tap into it yet to make your next breakthrough. It’s tough when, no matter how hard you push yourself, that next level of attainment seems to elude you. It leads to doubt, feeling disheartened, and questioning whether you are just fooling yourself.

I felt that way when, for many years, I knew there was more I could accomplish and that there was something important I was here to do, but I couldn’t seem to access it sustainably. Much of my progress was only accomplished by hard work, despite all the lofty promises I encountered in my search of various techniques that claim to give you the upper advantage. I explored and tried many things, but it wasn’t until I first received my Life Activation that I finally experienced something that not only worked, but it produced sustainable results that kept on unfolding even a year later, just from one session! This was my first step to finding a path that really helped me turn on my greater potential and accelerate my progression towards a life of true fulfillment.


So, keep faith in yourself and your potential! There are ways to tap into it, and all you need are the right keys that open the doors to accessing that greater potential…they are near at hand.

Limiting beliefs, emotional triggers, and past experiences can all be subtle blocks that keep you from expressing your greater potential. Though you may access this potential at times, you might also find it challenging to sustain the momentum. By releasing your limiting patterns you can accomplish more with confidence and come into alignment with your greater potential.

Perhaps you have tapped into much of your potential, but you are still feeling like something is missing, or there is something more for you to do with it. A bigger purpose in life, something that will fulfill you and bring you joy, but you aren’t 100% clear on what that is. When you don’t know what your purpose or mission in life is, your BIG WHY that drives your existence, then you might find yourself pursuing external satisfaction to fill the void inside. Or you might trap yourself into doing what others think you should do, or what pays the bills, rather than what you really want to do, what fulfills you. This is hard, and it ultimately leads to dissatisfaction in the long run.

How much more enjoyable would your life be if you knew your purpose and were on track with fulfilling it? And not only that, but did you know that your purpose expands and evolves as you do? What is that next level of purpose you are here to fulfill?

Are There Keys Within Your DNA?


In order to fully embody your greatness you must first have the keys to turn it on or activate it. Within your DNA are the keys to turning on the latent codes that will help you achieve your unique greatness. Through a process of releasing and clearing patterns that limit your potential, you will effortlessly thrive.


The more peace you experience within, the more of your potential can be expressed. Studies by the HeartMath Institute have shown that when we experience feelings of love, gratitude, relaxation, and other positive states that the coils or helix of the DNA lengthens. When we are stressed the DNA coils tighten, which then represses its expression. As you and your DNA relax from tension more of your innate potential can be expressed. On the flip-side, when you are in a state of anger, stress, negativity, judgment or victimhood it causes tension and reduces how much of your DNA potential can be expressed. The Life Activation is a tool that allows harmonizing and activating energy to flow into both the physical and spiritual DNA so that it can open up to a new level and more sustainably express your greater potential.

The new science of epigenetics is confirming what metaphysicians have taught for thousands of years. Namely, that every choice you make, the words you speak, the thoughts and attitudes you hold within, and the actions you take in life all have an effect on how your DNA expresses. Your everyday habits, lifestyle, and emotional state that you consistently live all influence the expression of your genes and how much of your potential greatness you can access.

You now have the opportunity to activate your potential, the choice is yours. Such a choice as receiving the Life Activation will benefit you for the rest of your life and it can even have a positive impact on your family (where their DNA matches with yours) up to 7 generations forwards and backwards.

The new science of epigenetics is confirming what metaphysicians have taught for thousands of years. Namely, that every choice you make, the words you speak, the thoughts and attitudes you hold within, and the actions you take in

The Life Activation leaves you transformed for life with even greater benefits than what you may experience through a regular meditation practice..

When your energetic and physical body are in a relaxed state you can tap into your potential. By coming into alignment with your purpose and best self you’ll find it easier to make choices that positively affect you and those around you. This will also lead you to feeling fulfillment in your life. Once you activate and turn on you greater potential, things will become more synchronistic and advance you in the direction of your truest path.

Through releasing and clearing unconscious patterns held within the emotional, physical, or mental bodies you can utilize your energy to fulfill your desired result. The Life Activation leaves you transformed for life with even greater benefits than what you may experience through a regular meditation practice. Reported benefits from clients have included: greater sense of wellbeing; enhanced immune system response; reduced inflammation, pain and other ailments; more aliveness and vitality; increased mental acuity and clarity in life direction; greater access to gifts and abilities; and much more.

The activities you seem to excel at in life are in part because of your practice and also because of what is already within you. When you are able to clear limitations within your DNA and energy, your underlying talents and abilities will be more free to express.

In order to achieve your greater potential, it will require you to steadily be present to your capability and continuing to hone-in on creating further breakthroughs in your potential. Enhanced creativity and expansion of your brain capacity will help you to reach your greater potential. When your DNA is able to express its potential it will reflect in both your inner and outer life.


The Life Activation Is The Key to Turning On Your Greater Potential


The Life Activation turns on the lights, plugs you back in to your original blueprints, and opens the door to your potential. If that’s all you do, then it is up to you to intuitively take steps forward in your life after the activation.

The Life Activation is an ancient tool once reserved for just high initiates and priesthood of the lineage of King Solomon.

It has been passed down through the millennia by the secret mystery school lineage, and has been brought to the public for the first time by the Modern Mystery School, which opened its doors in 1997. This empowering modality truly and sustainably helps you turn on your greater potential and align with your life purpose. You’ll feel like your talents and authentic self are activated to a more awakened level.

I find that when people have a Life Activation they become more able to intuitively connect to deeper energy and universal principals. There is a greater awareness, intuition and readiness to progress in life. It is an amazing time of evolution on the planet and it is momentous that you wake up to your greater potential in this reality around you.

You can awaken your consciousness and brain capacity so that you can perceive more, be more, and do more.

There are vast gifts within you waiting to be activated. When you are Life Activated you can be a bigger light and make greater positive impact in this world.By making choices that wake you up to who you are, what your gifts are, and to your purpose, you’ll find yourself stepping into the flow of feelng more fulfilled and aligned with your ultimate life.

If someone were to just start with one thing that I can offer, I would recommend receiving a Life Activation. Even if they didn’t do the other steps, I know that this activation will benefit them for the rest of their life.

You may contact me if you are in the Southern California region to discuss moving forward with getting a Life Activation. If you are not local to Southern California, you may find a list of practitioners (click here) around the world who have been trained and certified through the Modern Mystery School to offer the Life Activation.

Moving Forward

Yes! I am ready to turn on my greater potential through the Life Activation!

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