The Full Spirit Activation

Have you felt challenges on your journey to awakening your mind and spirit, and wish to come more fully into your light and clarity?

challengeMany of us desire to grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves. On the way, we may be greeted with challenges as old habits and perceptions from our past can linger in our consciousness and make appearances from time to time. You may be happy to learn there are ways that can assist you through the appearances from your past and bring you to greater ease and clarity. One of these ways is the Full Spirit Activation.

Since everything is connected to the body and the energy field most people will experience through the mind, or from one aspect of the being instead of the being as a whole.

Part of the reason this happens is that each aspect of your being may not be fully connected to the other, or there could be energies that are not in full awareness.

By activating the full-connection between all aspects of the body you’ll allow your higher mind and soul to thrive. The Full Spirit Activation does this! It connects the brain to the chakras – which are the soul’s inner space – into the nervous system. The Spirit Activation integrates the mind-body-soul to allow your full potential in consciousness to be expressed. This gives you clarity of path by giving you foresight into all the options available to you. You’ll be able to see which path leads to the best outcome for your progression. When you’re able to have this type of foresight it will help you learn life lessons quicker, and without going through the actual challenges. You’ll find that you are able to make better decisions with greater clarity in your everyday life

How does the Full Spirit Activation help you to reclaim your Life and Full Potential?

The activation uses a specific technique to awaken key regions of the brain and to enhance the neurological systems of the body. During the session you receive an awakening of the chakra system and the tree of life on the body. It leads to a more integrated thought process and unblocks channels of awareness in the mind-body-soul interface. Activating this awareness will help you overcome apathy and doubt, reclaim self-worth, feel more Alive, and have more Joy in life!

The Spirit Activation is a modality that has been used to initiate the high lamas of Tibet. It assists in opening up the veil of your perception so that you can access higher states of consciousness that lets you release old attachments and walk through life with greater ease. The activation also awakens your higher mind and soul by activating various brain regions to the divine light within. With this greater consciousness and connection to your higher mind you are more able to step into your full potential and reclaim you life and your power within.

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