Conscious Life Expo

Join Me At The Conscious Life Expo For A 3-Day Conference Filled With Inspiring & Elevated Workshops

Conscious Life Expo

The Conscious Life Expo has become one of the most highly attended Transformational and Healing Conferences in America.... with the purpose to inform, illuminate, inspire and elevate. An eclectic community of best- selling authors, luminaries, visionaries, musicians, filmmakers and artists, gathering together for an explosion of collective consciousness to explore advancements in flow, neuroscience, spirituality, healing and healthy lifestyles.

You Won't Want To Miss My Workshop On September 18th!

On September 18th, you will be able to join me live in London, UK - or virtually from anywhere - for my workshop “Unlocking Your Quantum Potential”. Together, we will explore a more profound truth about who we are and our connection with the Universe.

From the sub-atomic to the cosmic we are multidimensional beings of vast potential, but we need a way to gain access into the quantum realm. I will reveal the key principles that govern all quantum phenomena and how we can apply them to our lives. In this workshop you will discover the secret to establishing a quantum coherent state to unlock your greater potential and manifest the life you desire.

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