Journeys of the Spirit

Journeys of the spirit

Have you been looking for a way to deepen your meditation experience and gain more awareness?

In this class we spend a full day journeying through the dimensions connecting with our personal sanctuary, our Higher Self, Mother Gaia, the four elements and the inner divine feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. These journeys are profound, enabling us to connect with these aspects in a unique way.

This class is beyond “guided meditation” and journeying to a whole new level. It can awaken and increase your spiritual gifts and psychic perceptions while you are in a completely safe space led by the instructor, Dr. Theresa Bullard.

Journeys of the Spirit

Things we covers in this full-day workshop:

  • How to create a safe container for connection with your higher self.
  • Safe and efficient methods to journey through the spiritual dimensions.
  • Techniques to expand your psychic awareness and spiritual intuition.
  • Greater understanding of the Soul, Spirit & Higher Self.
  • Sacred Shamanic journeys that connect you to the elemental realms.
  • Methods to build relationships with your inner Divine Masculine & Feminine.
  • Personal keys for growth & progression along your spiritual path. & so much more!

The information & guidance you receive in Journeys of the Spirit can become a huge part of your life, continuously reappearing along your path of self discovery.

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Cost: If purchased as a stand-alone course, the cost is: £295

If purchased with Power Week, cost is: £200

Giving you a discount of £55!

Power Week provides access to the foundational teachings of the Modern Mystery School: Empower Thyself Class & Initiation, Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry, 12 Races of Earth, and Journeys of the Spirit.

Each class will be taught in an intimate setting with Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke. Learn more about Power Week by clicking the button below!

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