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This Numerology Forecast For 2021 Will Support You In Moving Into This New Year With Valuable Insight And Preparedness!

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2021 is here...

Join me, Dr. Theresa Bullard, for the Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast to foresee what is in store for this exciting year ahead!


If you’re like most people, you’re probably happy to see 2020 come to an end! It’s been quite the ride, and our way of life, as we knew it, has been completely revolutionized! There has been much loss and need for letting go. There has also been an infusion of innovation into the collective of humanity. As they say, “necessity is the mother of innovation.”

Each year allows for energetic shifts both personally and collectively. Frequency is at the core essence of what the universe is made up of. Numerology reveals that these frequencies and vibrations hold archetypal energy to them. I’ve developed a system of combining Alchemy, Kabbalah, Numerology, and Archetypal energies to provide energetic forecasts for the year.

Kabbalah is the study of life and in the Kabbalistic Tradition, we look at things in cycles of 22. This aligns with the 22 pathways or archetypes of the Tree of Life. By looking at the energies of each year we can come into a more multidimensional understanding of reality.

2020 Was About ‘Rebirth’ And Represented a Final Initiation - Meant to Bring Us To a Deeper Spiritual Realization In Order To Lead Us To a Revolution In Our World.

I mentioned in the 2020 forecast, the year's theme was “a wake-up call.” We’ve been in a process of awakening, and this last year was like a phoenix burning up in a blaze of glory and then rising out of the ashes. The themes of 2020 emphasized the importance of the choices we make and illuminated how we use our free will. This last year gave us an opportunity to plant seeds as we prepared for the final year of the 22-year cycle, which is now upon us as we enter 2021.

Each year the themes or archetypal energy intersect and build upon each other. This sequential process allows for us to progress on our path of ascension, personally and as a collective. Each year helps us go deeper within and expand our awareness of the universe, empowering us as creators of our reality. I’ve developed these forecasts because when we know what energies will be at work then we can make the most of the year.

2021 is an ending of a cycle as a new world opens up! This year is reflective of the work we’ve done as individuals and collectively as new possibilities open up. This year leads to greater self-realization and expansion into the cosmos.

With All Of The Changes That Occurred Throughout The Past Years We Are Seeing Many Aspects Of The Old Paradigm That Are No Longer Working Go Through a Kind Of Death Process.

After 2021 all of the 22 archetypes will be anchored into the new millennium. We are on the cusp of really building a whole new world utilizing these archetypes, one that is representative of a new paradigm 21st century rather than building from the old paradigm.

When we know what challenges and pitfalls to look out for we can avoid unnecessary lessons and stay on our path. This year has massive potential for balance and synergistic momentum in all that we wish to experience or create. As we learn about the Alchemy of life, we awaken the "gold" within ourselves and our society. We can choose to consciously and actively participate in this awakening by becoming aware of the energies at work.

The Year 2021 Is The Grand Finale Of The First 22-Year Cycle Of The New Millennium!

This means that we are on the precipice of a great transformation. Before the breakthrough often comes the breakdown. We've been going through the alchemical stages of purification and filtration. Now we are recombining and recreating structures from within to shine more light from a higher perspective.

If you'd like to learn more about the themes and energies in store for us this coming year, my Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast has consistently been one of my most popular seminars over the last decade!

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This will give you the opportunity to move into this new year and final part of the cycle with more insight and preparedness to best harness the energies of 2021.

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