Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast, Dr. Theresa

This Numerology Forecast For 2022 Will Support You In Building the Foundation for Shamballah!

Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast, Dr. Theresa

2022 is here... Join me, Dr. Theresa Bullard, for the Kabbalistic Numerology Forecast to foresee what is in store for this exciting year ahead!

2022 is a potent time for setting the foundation for the next 22 years! Each year allows for energetic shifts both personally and collectively. Frequency is at the core essence of what the universe is made up of. Numerology reveals that these frequencies and vibrations hold archetypal energy to them. I’ve developed a system of combining Alchemy, Kabbalah, Numerology, and Archetypal energies to provide energetic forecasts for the year.

Kabbalah is the study of life and in the Kabbalistic Tradition, we look at things in cycles of 22. This aligns with the 22 pathways or archetypes of the Tree of Life. By looking at the energies of each year we can come into a more multidimensional understanding of reality.

2021 Was the final stage of a 22 year cycle, anchoring all of the 22 archetypes into the new millennium. It was about a time of greater expansion and connection to the cosmos


Moving into 2022 we’re beginning a whole new cycle. The number 22 is the start of the second cycle of the new Millenium. It is the year of the Fool, setting out on a new adventure. This year in particular, we are planting seeds for the next 22 years. What do we want to see in our world, both personally and globally, 22 years from now?

This is also the year where the anchors of Shamballah are being established. This provides a powerful opportunity for us to create, and harness the archetypal energies to apply in our co-creative process.

In 2022 the number 4 is at play as well (22 reduces to 4), which is The Emperor. The Emperor is a builder, assisting us with building the foundation for the new world we desire to create.

The year 2022 reduces to 6, which corresponds to The Lovers and a call to find that synergy and balance between feminine and masculine energies.  It weaves in this theme of love, and relationships and finding the right match for the new energy.

We also have to be careful of the dualities coming in, and bringing the expression of masculine and feminine energies into greater balance. This archetype can assist us with this. 

In Kabbalah 6 is related to Tiphareth, which is the energy of the heart and healing. It can also help us identify what needs to be sacrificed from the past so we can really move forward to creating a better life and better world in the coming 22 years. 

Join us for this live webinar with Dr. Theresa to dive deep into these themes for 2022 - providing insight and greater awareness into the Kabbalistic Numerology and how we can make the most of the energies we will weave together to create the upcoming year.

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This will give you the opportunity to move into this new year and final part of the cycle with more insight and preparedness to best harness the energies of 2022.