00:02:36:10 - 00:03:07:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Welcome to Quantum TV, where we take a deep dive into various perspectives on what it's going to take to create a shift in human consciousness. On today's show, I'm very excited to have doctors J.J. and Desiree Hurtak. The Hurtak's are social scientists, futurists and the founders of the Academy for Future Science, an international NGO organization that bridges in the cooperation between science and spirituality through the positive use of consciousness. 

00:03:07:20 - 00:03:38:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Dr. JJ Hurtak has two PhDs, not just one one, from the University of California and the second from the University of Minnesota. And he's authored several books, including The End of Suffering, in collaboration with Russell Targ and his bestseller, The Book of Knowledge The Keys of Enoch. Doctors. JJ and Desiree Hurtak, have also co-authored numerous books together, including Mind Dynamics in Space and Time, in collaboration with physicist Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher. 

00:03:38:17 - 00:04:08:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And they are the co-authors of several peer reviewed articles examining how quantum physics works with the powers of the mind. Their most recent publications include Our Moment of Choice from 2020, which also contains their insights on how consciousness works, along with many contributions from 40 other internationally respected writers such as Deepak Chopra and Bruce Lipton. So welcome to Quantum Minds TV, and thank you so much for being my distinguished guest today. 

00:04:08:20 - 00:04:11:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm really looking forward to this conversation. 

00:04:12:18 - 00:04:24:08

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Well, we're very honored to be with you and thank you for the overview. We're very excited about the new evidence of life in the universe and our role that we play as consciousness beings. Right? 

00:04:24:10 - 00:04:34:22

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: There's so much happening with the James Webb telescope coming out and people are starting to look not only to the stars but to science to see what's really taking place in the cosmos. 

00:04:40:08 - 00:04:50:14

Dr. JJ Hurtak: We're at the cusp of breaking the records, of inadequately looking forwards and backwards at the same time to give us a holistic model of the embrace. 

00:04:51:20 - 00:05:22:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hmm. Well, you both have been in this field for a very long time with, you know, trying to bridge science and spirituality, helping to awaken human consciousness. And, you know, you have, what, like 50 years or so in a lifelong career dedicated to this mission of helping humanity to awaken and to do so in a way that really is of the light. So I just want to honor and acknowledge the fact that you have so much wisdom and experience to bring to the plate. 

00:05:23:07 - 00:05:31:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so what have you found as some of the most important keys when it comes to this process of awakening human consciousness? 

00:05:32:03 - 00:06:06:22

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Well, there's many levels, but I know we want to start with the science first, and we're one of the first to talk about, especially Dr. Hurtak, is that if we go back 50 years about a multiverse, that we are part of many universes. And I know one of the things Dr. Theresa you share with us is the fact of David Bohm, who had this understanding that everything is interconnected. And so it's so important to start realizing the power of who we are in all of this, that we are part of a much greater reality. 

00:06:06:24 - 00:06:42:00

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: We are all interconnected. And not only our universe, but the multi universes. And I think that's so cool with what's going on with James Webb is, you know, looking back in time, we're going back perhaps. And what we're seeing 400 million years from the start of what's called the Big bang, even though we feel, you know, that's really just a singularity, but not alone, that there were other universes before that and other universes will all come after that. And so this is what's so amazing that it wasn't just chaos coming out at the beginning. 

00:06:42:02 - 00:06:59:15

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: That's exactly what Bohm was talking about. It was really something that was well, they had ordered it to add design to it. And whether you call it a divine design or just something from another universe, there's some sort of energy that made what we have today. 

00:07:00:11 - 00:07:23:23

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So that, in fact, we know that there's simply 4% of known matter of the universe that we understand. The rest is dark energy, dark matter. These are terms yet to be fully understood. But there's so little that we do understand. And now, with new scientific tools such as the web laboratory in space, we can take a clear look at the very beginnings within the microseconds of life. 

00:07:24:05 - 00:07:41:11

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Although we'll talk a little bit more about this. I want to throw in at the very beginning, we believe consciousness is behind everything. And so it's not just science. I don't want to turn off some of your listeners thinking it's all just molecules and atoms. You know, some are our design. There's consciousness behind it. 

00:07:41:19 - 00:07:45:04

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Our position is that mind and matter both come out of consciousness. 

00:07:45:16 - 00:08:35:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. So you've just already brought up so much there. And I want to just take a little bit of a step back for a moment because not everyone necessarily knows who David Bohm is. Now, David Bohm was a theoretical physicist and in the early 1980s he helped to really, I would say, come to approaching quantum physics and how quantum physics and gravity, you know, what's going to be needed to unite the two because this is what science still today is like. This is the big missing link is how do we like quantum physics and gravity at that quantum scale to create a unified field theory? But I would say that David Bohm really took a whole new approach, like he was really trying to get outside the box and look at it from a completely different perspective. 

00:08:35:21 - 00:09:20:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And he said ultimately that whatever theory we come up with, it needs to be more holistic. It needs to include everything. And he introduced this idea of what he called the implicate order versus the explicate order. And the explicit order being what you see is what you get. The things that we can measure the way in which we tend to experience and perceive our three dimensional reality. And so that was the tangible, the experiential, whereas the implicate order was something much deeper, some higher dimensional reality that this experiential 3D reality was just a projection of. 

00:09:21:09 - 00:10:01:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so he called that higher reality or that more multidimensional, whether it's multiversal or higher dimensions. And we can talk about that as well, is the greater reality and that our experience here is almost like a holographic projection, not a not in a literal sense, but in a metaphorical sense, a holographic projection of a much higher reality. And when you mention consciousness, I would say that. It really comes and ties into a lot of the hermetic teachings and many ancient wisdom teachings that says the all is mine and that the universe is and the universe is upon universes. 

00:10:01:15 - 00:10:43:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Upon universes are like creations within the mind of the all. And even our consciousness here is like a projection from some greater us, some higher spiritual being that we are that is emanating into this physical experiential world. So I just wanted to kind of tie some of that in. And I would like to ask you, like, how do you feel that bones implicate order and the hollow movement and how everything is more part of a greater whole? How do you feel that that relates to us as humans? 

00:10:45:00 - 00:11:11:04

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Well, I think Oda has reformulated a greater flow plan going back to classical physics, even to what the ancient Greek philosophers all in the Greek language had occupied, many in which he was able to conceptualize all the different particles and elements of the universe. Work with a rhythm and a basic pattern of information that leads us into a holistic model. 

00:11:12:17 - 00:11:29:09

Dr. JJ Hurtak: One was able to, shall we say, stand on the shoulders of Einstein and others of his early generation at UC Berkeley and other intellectual schools, and see beyond the limitations of classical physics. 

00:11:29:13 - 00:12:03:04

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Right. So he was trying to merge relativity, of course, with quantum physics, and he cited more, of course, with quantum physics. And you have the things like the wave particle dynamics, you know, the physical part and the way particles. And you also have a delayed choice. And I don't know if you're familiar with that, that was coming out about the same time as this. It shows that the Observer, right. Has a role in things. But why do we play a role? I mean, it's not just me playing a role in the universe. 

00:12:03:06 - 00:12:22:07

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: I mean, even though I do play a particular role, it's also the fact that there is consciousness that we link into. And that was one of his key scenarios, is that there is, you know what, I'm going to stop for a second. We have someone coming in for one second and then because I didn't like how he said that, let's go back and. 

00:12:30:02 - 00:13:09:03

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So what's interesting is the fact that consciousness plays a major role in all of this. And that's not just me playing a role in the universe. It's all of us interconnected. He saw that information was the key behind everything. And of course, whether you look at a God consciousness or whether you look at just an evolved will say, mind consciousness, there is something behind it. The Mayans actually even looked to the stars and they said, there is something out there they called Spider Woman. 

00:13:09:05 - 00:13:42:10

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: No, is what the Mayans actually called her and that she designed every single star in the heavens to be where she is or where they are. And that's part of this matrix of energy that is manifesting. It's an amazing scenario. If you start thinking about it, we will start again going back to that big bang. Everything just kind of flew apart and wherever it landed, that was great. And Bohm came in and said, Absolutely no way, there's this implicate order, there's this energy behind things that is placing things in there. 

00:13:42:12 - 00:13:45:09

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Right. Informational relationship. 

00:13:45:24 - 00:14:53:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If I can add to that. You know that with the science today, with their cosmic microwave background radiation measurements, they're even showing that many of the densities, the pockets where the thing you know, where stars and galaxies and so forth have developed seem to follow almost like holographic mathematics. And there's a structure to it that is not just random, it's not just chaotic, there's a structure to it. And it kind of reminds me of, you know, and they say that that that background radiation is like a a snapshot, if you will, of what the variations of the densities and the bending of space and time that became the pockets of where planets and stars and so forth coagulated inside of it's you know, it was it was there from the very beginning, which indicates just what you're talking about, that there was a pattern that was impressed upon the fabric of space time itself, which then governed where everything ultimately formed. 

00:14:54:00 - 00:15:25:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And it reminds me, you know, from an alchemical perspective, it reminds me of almost like those places where space time is bent, almost like a well or a valley. It becomes like this cauldron, an alchemical cosmic cauldron where the particles and the light and in everything kind of enters and accumulates inside of, which then allows it to form. And then later down the line, it becomes the stars. It becomes these solar systems, these galaxies and so forth. 

00:15:25:13 - 00:16:02:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And there is this cosmic web and this dance. And from a metaphysical perspective also, you know, if we go to like the Kabbalistic teachings, they often talk about this pattern of the tree of life somehow being a pattern that governs the creation of the universe that there was. There's always a pattern. There was an intention and a flow in terms of how a creation ushered forth, how the energies were emanated from that source, whether it was a big bang moment or whether it came out from a multiverse to create this new universe that there is an intentionality behind it. 

00:16:03:01 - 00:16:34:20

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Well, was able to take the Kabbalistic concept of the Tree of Life and turn it upside down to the roots of human consciousness, where we as humans realize that we are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm in the intricate weavings that Desiree just spoke about with the Mayans, basically, that had a network of fractal geometries. It's amazing that he was able to encompass the past as well as the present and realize that consciousness was the matrix of evolution. 

00:16:35:03 - 00:17:08:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard:  I just want to qualify once again, the hologram or holographic scenario he put out is because he felt every part was part of every part. That's really the essence of the hologram. It's not the laser beam itself. It's that every part is part of every part. And so we do play a role. And I think this is so interesting because the more and more we talk about the fact that there's this intelligence behind there that, you know, all this is ordered, what do we do here? Or you were right, but we're part of that intelligence. And I believe that we really do play a major role in events taking place. 

00:17:09:01 - 00:17:39:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You go back and I'm just going to drop down to Earth for a minute, go back to some of them aside, and they say that, you know, if the things are going right on their planet, because where they are, because of the climate or whatever, it's their problem. It's something they need to work. And even though I believe it's more part of a greater universe and our position in the, you know, the Milky Way and the Milky Way's position in the larger universe is all playing a role, but everything plays a role. So I think that's so important to empower people to understand this. 

00:17:39:14 - 00:18:12:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But, you know, and there is this thing called delayed choice, where you look at the dichotomy between the particle and the wave. But this is an experiment that Wheeler had done where he was putting a particle through, and sometimes it will become a wave and sometimes it'll stay a particle. But if a person is looking at it, it'll always be a particle. And so you think, well, okay, what happens if it goes through before I think about it, before I even know I'm going to look at it. But it seems to know, even in the future that you're going to look at it and it becomes a particle. 

00:18:12:18 - 00:18:45:05

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So this is just an amazing thing, how conscious the universe is. I don't think we can even imagine it because we're so limited to space and time and what's happening here, what happened in the past, We can't imagine the future. But we've worked in in ways and in places like with remote viewing connected with people like Russell Targ at Stanford Research and Ingo Swan and others that actually could see things into the future just a little bit not a lot not you know thousands of years or something like that but you know, say six months, nine months. 

00:18:45:07 - 00:18:54:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So, you know, why couldn't the particle also, which is part of us, also understand what we're going to do in the future, even before we know what we're going to do. 

00:18:54:21 - 00:19:32:20

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Right. Target put off challenging the reductionist paradigm of science, showing that there are things we don't understand. And one of the greatest breakthroughs in the 20th century, a part of which was the work at Stanford Research Institute, was to show that Nonlocality is a reality. We are growing up in the vastness of the universe and our perceptual apparatus in unique ways, interwoven with consciousness. This is where a scientist, physicist by the name of Dean Read was able to put out when he wrote this book Entangled Why We are Really Rediscovering Ourselves as Part of a Universal Mind. 

00:19:32:22 - 00:19:34:08

Dr. JJ Hurtak: We're going to different frequencies. 

00:19:34:23 - 00:20:14:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So I think just, you know, for people to process how profound this is, the delayed, you know, choice experiments really show that future decisions affect past results. And it's really, you know, verifying that not only is entanglement, for example, which is a quantum phenomena, not only is it no local meaning, no matter how far apart in space two entangled particles become, they still instantaneously affect each other, but it's also non temporal meaning, no matter how far apart in time they become, they still instantaneously affect each other. 

00:20:14:23 - 00:20:47:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So the fact that our future decisions can potentially affect our past and, you know, it's the key here is the choices that we make when we observe the assumptions that we make, when we set up our, you know, for example, when scientists set up our experiment, they're making certain assumptions. Are we going to assume that it's a particle or are we going to assume that it's a wave? And then we set out to observe according to our assumptions, and then, you know, we get what we expect. 

00:20:48:01 - 00:21:19:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Basically, you know, we're getting, according to our assumptions, our biases. So when we tie this back to consciousness, this is like really asking us to check your assumptions, right? Because assumptions can often create our reality, whether we're, you know, is the reality we really want or not. And, you know, be careful about our biases and expectations and then realize that, you know, at a quantum level, time and space don't limit things. 

00:21:19:09 - 00:21:51:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Everything is here and now. And so the choices we make now, the things we do now and I like what you were saying, the series, it's you know, that the disarray that our thoughts and what's going on inside of our mind affects our environments. And, you know, when we look at the problems in the world today, we see the environment is challenged. You know, what climate change is is a really good example of this. How the pollution of the waters is a very good example of this. 

00:21:52:07 - 00:22:17:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: A lot of this is the impact of human behavior, and that is determined by human thought. So if we want to change our environment and we want to, you know, resolve or solve some of these issues that we're facing at a climate level or at any level of humanity, we need to start by changing things within our consciousness. So how would you add into that idea? 

00:22:17:23 - 00:22:48:01

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Well, certainly everything we do affects everything around us. And I don't think we. Even realize that you know. Negative thoughts and thinking. Attract negative things to ourselves. It's an amazing phenomenon. Yes, we can be living in an environment that's not positive, you know, but that doesn't mean we need to flow with the negativity. It means we need to change who we are and what we're doing. I want to go back, though, to science for one minute because I know we'll be moving out of that topic. 

00:22:48:07 - 00:23:29:17

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: But, you know, I just want to explain to some of your audience about Nonlocality, because it also relates to what we're talking about. So what scientists have done is they've taken particles and they've divided them. So either it's photons or electrons, and then they've moved those particles at a distance and they've done this in Switzerland and the Chinese have now done it to satellites. And, you know, one part of the spin is always going to be up while the other part of the particle would always be down. And so when they've changed the direction of the particle on earth, say, for example, with the Chinese in a satellite, the other one, faster than the speed of light, actually shifts to the other direction. 

00:23:29:19 - 00:24:05:24

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So it knows what that other part of its particle is doing. So that's what we call entanglement and nonlocality. Those are the two realities that we've been able to prove. So what does that mean to us? Well, that means that we ourselves are able to affect everything around us very quickly, faster even than the speed of light by putting thought forms out. You know, we did this years ago. We worked with another scientist here, a physicist named Andrea Haj, and we would do actual prayers for peace in some parts of the world. 

00:24:06:01 - 00:24:42:03

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: We still do that because we feel that really putting our energies there, literally being there, can make a difference. We've seen this. How did it go or how did it happen? So I do remote viewing of remote views into the Kremlin, for example, Helen did that and she walked around the Kremlin. It wasn't that she actually even moved her mind there. She saw herself there. She was literally physically there. Because just because we have a body doesn't mean our consciousness cannot be like that other particle somewhere else, even out in space. 

00:24:42:05 - 00:24:45:13

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Ingo Swan Actually, remote view Jupiter. And he was accurate. 

00:24:45:15 - 00:25:16:16

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Before and as it got there, and he was one of our colleagues and his art is on the book cover of. And the suffering that Russell and I put together from our studies at Stanford Research Institute. So what does it mean? There's an overlay of consciousness and everything in it. Humans are a natural cosmic physical reality. We are embedded in consciousness closely and we're beginning to understand how that plays a role in the new science, the new physics. 

00:25:17:00 - 00:25:39:21

Dr. JJ Hurtak: We are redefining the whole ontology of scientific reality. What are scientific truths? What is human nature? Are we multidimensional players waking up and realizing this fantastic ability? Or is this all speculation that will simply be part of the we say more of the same 20th century calculations. 

00:25:39:23 - 00:26:13:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Maybe I can talk for one minute because I know you want to get into it too. Dr. Theresa But about multi dimensional reality. There's actually a group in Los Angeles, I think it's called the Quantum Gravity Research Institute, and they see that even everything on this planet is from this other dimension. We'll say the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensional. We're a reflection of that. We're a concrete ization of what's in multi dimensions. And that means that also everything here is part of a multi dimensional reality. 

00:26:13:07 - 00:26:46:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Now, superStrings, as you know, works with these little vibrating realities. And they'll say the fifth dimension is like huddled into this little nothingness. Well, what if the fifth dimension or the eighth dimension are? We'll go for super strings, the 12th dimension, or a 10 to 11 12th, depending on what theory you're looking at, actually is the bigger reality. And that ours is one is like the line of two dimensional reality only or three dimensions. I believe that that's what it's all about, that and we ourselves are consciousness. 

00:26:46:23 - 00:27:17:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And this is the work we did with Elizabeth Rauscher could function even in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimension and maybe even now. Right now we're functioning at least mentally in the fifth dimension. That's how we can be, you know, projecting our mind to another place on the planet. I don't even like the word projecting because that's not a real term. We can be in another place on the planet right now because it's in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimension. We like eight because we're in four dimensions right now, the fourth being time, third being space. 

00:27:17:19 - 00:27:20:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then we have the imaginary four spaces. 

00:27:20:10 - 00:27:25:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But we call it imaginary. But what happens if they're real actually, or they're not in the numbers? 

00:27:25:08 - 00:28:16:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: What if what if those imaginary dimensions are more the spiritual dimensions? For example, you have their physical axes and your imaginary axes, which are maybe the realm of the metaphysical or the spiritual. And, you know, when it comes to our multi dimensionality, I think one key when it comes to helping people expand their consciousness is to just realize that they are multi dimensional, just to meditate upon this idea of their multi dimensionality and that, you know, as we start connecting into those higher dimensions or higher aspects of the self that we are, you know, in our in our mind, in our consciousness, in our spirit, if you will, we are infinite, which is why, you know, when something is remote viewed, whether it's Jupiter or, you know, somewhere else on the planet, we're not going anywhere. 

00:28:16:21 - 00:29:15:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're already there because we are infinite in our size and we are all one. And this is where it is, where if we can just tie it back in really quickly to David Bohm and the implicate order, he said, You know, when you look at, for example, the two particles that are separated and yet they're entangled. Well, if we see it from an implicate order where there's, they're actually one thing, they're whole and they're connected, so they're not separate. And we are all one as well. So when we start to view ourselves as part of a greater, higher dimensional reality where things unite, this can bring us more and more to this realization of our oneness, of our unity and this unity consciousness, you know, this recognition of our integrated, you know, that we are we are not separate, that we are intimately connected with everything and everyone and the whole universe. 

00:29:16:05 - 00:29:52:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And when we can shift to that unity consciousness that I think really gets us to that place that we want to be for creating that leap in collective consciousness. Whereas when you come from just an approach, for example, of a purely scientific perspective, like we have right now with some of the materialist scientific perspective where it's like, Well, it's about A.I., it's about the singularity, where we're trying to transfer our brain or our intelligence or consciousness into a computer or the global brain project or into a machine and create these hybrids so that we can achieve immortality. 

00:29:52:22 - 00:30:03:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: What if we already are immortal? But we need to stop being so focused on just the physicality of our existence and get into more the eternal essence of who we are? 

00:30:03:06 - 00:30:39:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: This is the great craze here in Silicon Valley. We're presently looking at the singularity, the work of Ray Kurzweil and others like him, that we can really manufacture a being that is a cyber department art machine that will live forever in space. Ignoring what we've seen in terms of research that has shown her physical potential of being able to extend with just this wetware of our brain into another dimensional field, claiming what I call the light, where the ability that we are part of a universal mind already. 

00:30:39:24 - 00:30:56:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that endowment gives us the ability of omni directionality omnipotence in certain areas of news science. What I mean to forsake really is the God given gifts of the spark of the divine, if I can use that terminology, that the Ancients considered to be part of the universal self. 

00:30:57:03 - 00:31:30:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ray We've talked in universities actually around the world, and we were pro literally artificial intelligence robots will help us in the future. They're inevitable. But that doesn't mean that we have to become a robot to live forever or to have that greater ability. And that's the end of our conversation at these classes because, you know, you don't realize we are actually always more interconnected than a robot. Then you get to the question, though, can the robot develop consciousness? That's a different reality, but that's an interesting reality. 

00:31:30:04 - 00:32:02:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We can say that for another program, but bottom line, our abilities right now are far surpassing any robotic scenario that we can imagine because of our non-local awareness that we have, and it really should empower us. I think that's my message every time I do a lecture similar to this. Now we have such an ability. We are not individuals cut off, stuck here in a house, not doing anything, you know, too old to get out of the house, to COVID, to get out of the house, whatever you want to say. 

00:32:02:21 - 00:32:24:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We actually, from where we are, can make a difference on the planet. And of course, if we can go out and, you know, do something, help the homeless, you know, do the food kitchens, whatever, we can also increase that ability. I'm not saying it all has to be from our minds. We have to be living productive beings both in consciousness and in physicality. 

00:32:24:07 - 00:32:43:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The ancient mystics we call the capitalist were able to come up with this concept of I am human, I am of self-realization connected with the divine mind. The higher I am a portion of the terminology I am that I am suggesting that there was an understanding of nonlocality in some of the ancient philosophers. 

00:32:44:00 - 00:33:23:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But we're also encouraging people, and this might sound a little strange to use that what we would call women's intuition or higher intuition to know what to do to kind of proceed because we have that ability to foresee something into the future, We can actually kind of know, you know, what might. My friend Elizabeth Rauscher, she was older when we worked with her, and I would say, Elizabeth, what do you want for dinner? And she'd remote view the food store and she'd actually tell me what to buy. I mean, I can do all this. I love that it was such a practical experience, but, you know, whatever, you know, you pull up during COVID, you know, what do you pull up to that won't get you COVID if you touch it. 

00:33:24:02 - 00:33:48:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, these are all things that you have to have the ability. To do, where to go, when to go, and you'll run into people you haven't seen. You have this interconnectedness that you don't you couldn't even imagine. Your intellectual mind cannot produce what your higher cosmic consciousness mind can guide and to guide you. 

00:33:49:00 - 00:34:36:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So let me ask you, let me ask you this before we go on to another. So there's the possibility of this, right? We are telling people that they have this possibility of being far more awakened, far more aware, far more connected to unity consciousness, being able to view all of this. And then there's, okay, we can use our intuition. But the question that a lot of people out there are going to be asking is how do we wake up to this? You know, how do we shift from being so focused on is all about the outer traumas of our world today that were fed by, you know, media to recognizing that the power is actually within us and we need to look at creating that change within and then how do we start to access that? So what would you suggest? 

00:34:37:03 - 00:35:12:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, our studies with the academy for. Parapsychology and medicine here in Northern California. All star studies with various think tanks has shown that deeper levels of meditation activate a consciousness shift and more from the normal three dimensional white box reality into a higher level of consciousness assimilation or also with music and acoustical physics has shown that the mind can be intrigued by certain sounds introduced from the musical artistic environment. 

00:35:13:05 - 00:35:57:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It can also bring together the left side and the right side of the brain, the male and female, so to speak, into a collective awareness. There is also training that can take place by a person who is a gifted shaman or a psychologist who is aware of the mind's potential. We work with a midwife, a Zulu shaman in South Africa for many years was able to show how the power of the mind could actually make water ripple on a stream or on a lake bed several kilometers away, or Elizabeth Roche's work that would be able to show how the mind could influence the activity on a petri dish in a different laboratory a couple of kilometers away. 

00:35:57:21 - 00:36:04:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So there is this on No. One principle of energy transfer that takes place. 

00:36:04:10 - 00:36:40:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right? And so what I would say is make it known. And that's my first thing is to realize you have that potential. If you don't think you have the potential, then it really doesn't mean anything. You're never going to get there. So know that you have that potential. That's first and foremost. Then you can kind of test it a little bit. And meditation is a good way. I even say for remote viewing, look at your cell phone before you actually even look at your cell phone. I should say, if someone's calling you say, what do you think is calling me? And think of who that could be and then see if you're right when you pick it up. 

00:36:40:11 - 00:37:11:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: This starts developing that inner sense of awareness. This is something we can do every day. And eventually you'd be surprised how accurate you are in knowing before you look at something. So it's that kind of assurance within yourself that you have this potential that's first and foremost. And then listen, listen for that kind of awareness, that still small voice within that says something to you like don't go there or go that way, go left, don't go right, whatever, whatever direction it is. 

00:37:12:01 - 00:37:18:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then you start developing your own inner awareness and really a remote. Viewers have been teaching this as well. 

00:37:19:22 - 00:37:53:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So one of the things when it comes to meditation, as well as being able to project or, you know, influence, I should say with our mind, with our will, the movement, for example, upon water or, you know, the outcome of events, a lot of it also, I believe, has to do with having a very focused or coherent alignment of the intention, the how you're focusing your attention and where you're, you know, how long you can sustain that for. 

00:37:53:10 - 00:38:28:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So that coherence, you know, versus a monkey mind or a scattered mind, you know, it's going to interfere with itself when it's not when we're not able to control our thoughts. So this is one way in which meditation really helps to, you know, learn to control the mind and quiet the mind so that we can have a more sustained and coherent focus of our attention and intentions to be able to influence things. And this coherence is really an important piece when it comes to influencing the quantum realm, because it needs coherent energy to interact with it. 

00:38:29:13 - 00:39:00:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just like when, you know, a laser light or a photon shines upon an electron, you know, the electron and kicks it into a higher orbit, you know, makes that quantum leap. We need coherent energy to come in with a very particular amount of energy to help it make that leap. So this coherence within us, a laser-like focus within the US ability to control and harness our mind and our thoughts and our will are where the training and the practice really comes in. 

00:39:01:17 - 00:39:13:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And it is a daily practice. It's not just a once in a while or on a Sunday. You know, it's a regular practice of some kind that helps us to harness. Well, there's many different tools and practices, right? 

00:39:14:01 - 00:39:32:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right. The mind is like a biological laser. And as you just said so nicely that mine has to be quieted through all the background chatter, all of the information that can interfere with building up really the breakthrough moment where the mind suddenly taps into another reality and brings back that information. That's called earrings. 

00:39:32:15 - 00:39:41:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right. But intention is key in all of this. And when we were working for prayers in the Middle East it was back. And even in the seventies, we had a group of people because. 

00:39:41:08 - 00:39:54:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Several members of. Kennedy's cabinet, who were retired, joined us because the precarious circumstances of war in the Middle East was so striking that they decided to take a chance and work with the physical dimension. 

00:39:54:24 - 00:40:35:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We also had the famous quantum physicist friend, Alan Wolf, if you're familiar with him. He joined us because he understood. And one of the things we did was we were projecting through visualization to the Middle East. And one time, right then we had turned off most of the cell phones and things like that. Or it wasn't even cell phones at the time, the real life landlines. And there was a call that came in right at that moment from there, which we had not expected. So, you know, you can project your energies and really make a difference. Lynn McTaggart, as some of you know, has done this and shown this many, many times with the power of eight, how we can heal others with that cohesive energy that we project forward to others. 

00:40:35:02 - 00:40:53:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then what she found, which is interesting, is that not only are you healing the person in the center of the circle, but all the people in the circle are also getting healed because this is energy you're bringing forth. So it's a very positive energy that we're trying to bring through the cosmos, to help, to heal, to transform. 

00:40:53:14 - 00:41:27:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And this experiment, along with more than 100, are illustrated in our book called Mind Dynamics in Space and Time with Elizabeth Rauscher. This is really the real X-Files 700 pages of work with the top physicists and not magicians in the United States. We also had a chance to work with the cosmologist in Russia. Novosibirsk failed as an associate, explaining how the Russians were able to entertain experiments in submarines that were in the Pacific Ocean connected with lab experiments Novosibirsk, where rabbits were separated from the other rabbit. 

00:41:27:12 - 00:41:36:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And when the offspring were killed in the submarine, the mother rabbit would react because of the linkage, even on that level in the cosmic. 

00:41:36:10 - 00:41:38:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we don't encourage those kinds of experiments. 

00:41:40:18 - 00:42:27:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, I'd like to come back to this idea of coherence. And you mentioned Lynn McTaggart, you know, work with the intention experiments and especially when we bring it together with a coherent group. Now this brings us to what happens when we not only have a coherent group, but we have a critical mass of coherence when we can make that leap in collective consciousness. And, you know, in I think it was in 2004, I attended a lecture with Barbara Marques Hubbard, who I know you've done some work with, and one of the things that she said that I loved was she said that, you know, evolution often comes in the face of crisis and that the crisis often is the catalyst, you know, for that necessary leap in evolution and that shift. 

00:42:27:22 - 00:43:35:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And and even if you look at the history, a lot of times what she would look at is evolutionary shifts or often a consciousness raising event. And so we're right now at this time where we need to raise consciousness and make such an evolutionary shift. But we're also at a time where not only are we aware that we're evolving, we are aware that we can consciously participate in our own evolution, which I think really ties back to what the ancient alchemists were all about, which was how can we harness the forces of transformation and change to make things better, to raise the consciousness and raise the vibration, and to do so proactively and masterfully? So how can we become, you know, social alchemists of the human race to help us create that leap in human consciousness? And Barbara Marks hasn't even talked about coming into an age of, you know, really consciously evolving and to do so at a collective level. 

00:43:35:14 - 00:43:47:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So maybe you can share a little bit about your work and your interactions with Barbara Marks Hubbard and also how you see this time on the planet and this leap in consciousness that we need to make happening. 

00:43:48:13 - 00:44:09:08

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Right? So, yes, Barbara said, you know, you're going to have to go through a crisis to go to the next positive step forward, because she saw that, you know, I don't believe a crisis is necessary. Dr. Doug has this book, End of Suffering. We don't have to suffer to make the change. But it seems that as a humanity, we tend to take that direction, 

00:44:11:00 - 00:44:41:22

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: sadly. But technically, that just brings us into the next quantum leap because we seem to be survivalist. We continue on and we find ways of making changes. And I believe even when we're talking about the environment, even with the environmental crisis that we are facing, I believe there are solutions that we can come up with, how fast we come up with those solutions. We can literally take 50 years in a certain sense to come up with those solutions. And we've been slow to do it. 

00:44:42:02 - 00:45:16:01

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Now we're getting. Crisis. Now, maybe we'll do it in 5 to 10 years, which is a sad situation, if I can say, for the human race. I want to say one other thing that I let Dr. Jack talk about, Barbara, because we were some of our oldest good friends for many, many years. He's known her literally for 50 years. She's been passed over for a couple of years now. But bottom line, there was on the Internet something called the Web bot project, and they would go look at crises throughout the planet and they would report on these crises like possibility of this happening, of that happening. 

00:45:16:03 - 00:45:38:11

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: And they found when they reported on it that people would read about it. And these crises then they felt were adding to the manifestation of them. So they actually stopped the project. I think that's a really critical aspect. They stopped putting the information out because it was all negative. They were saying, Well, what could happen? How could that be? Could it be? This is what could happen. So. 

00:45:38:20 - 00:45:46:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Again, that's really interesting because that's exactly what the mainstream media is constantly doing, focusing on the negative. Right. And it's driving. 

00:45:46:18 - 00:46:20:22

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Cosmic turn off the cosmic turnoff rather than seeing really the fantastic universe that we live in, the great breakthroughs and discoveries that we're making showing us that we are living cosmic citizens already in this biological form. But to go back to Barbara, I met her in the 1970s, early seventies, when she was promoting what she called Sin con, which was bringing together high technology into a dialogue of how we can discover the new image of humanity, our cosmic potential. And then later, she graduated into spirituality in reflection upon the New Testament. 

00:46:21:07 - 00:46:43:00

Dr. JJ Hurtak: She felt deeply the inspiration of the Christ ideal, the model that we were all interconnected with, the higher consciousness experience, which led her to reinterpret the New Testament, the fantastic testament of her contributions to the ongoing nature. We would call it the Cosmic Christ, realizing that we are part of the divine and the Divine is part of us. 

00:46:43:02 - 00:47:20:21

Dr. JJ Hurtak: And so she created this realm of co-creation where we put our energies in to make the next evolutionary step. And she was positive about the future. And we are too, because we think we are co-creators with not only the universe itself trying to help us move forward. Now we have to do a lot of it ourselves, but also our own inside. So when we talk about, you know, remote viewing the food store, how about remote viewing? And we've seen this before with scientists, what that's technology to move forward with, how to design new technologies, how to improve humanity. 

00:47:21:04 - 00:47:49:10

Dr. JJ Hurtak: I believe and we've seen this in Silicon Valley, many scientists say, you know, I was just inspired to create this. This is something that came to me kind of. I won't say a vision because that's not a good word, because it becomes, you know, overlaid with lots of theology. But basically I was inspired by my understanding to create this greater reality. And these fabulous scientific experiments and technologies have come from this. 

00:47:49:19 - 00:48:00:21

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So this seems like that spirit will find the way to come through, even if they're not spiritual, if they're just somewhat listening in to that aha moment, that intuition, that inspiration, it will come, it'll come through. 

00:48:01:04 - 00:48:14:04

Dr. JJ Hurtak: And I believe it's coming through now. And I think that there are solutions, but we have to change. I mean, we can't keep doing the same thing over and over again. I think it was Einstein who said you can't solve problems by staying inside the box. You have to get, you know, a new one. 

00:48:14:06 - 00:48:50:11

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Change your consciousness to a higher level. Yeah, this is the exciting moment that we're living in. We're not religious window shoppers. We're not looking for the bits and pieces and the fragments of reality. We're looking at the holistic picture, and that is why our organization, the Academy for Future Science, means. Science guided by consciousness. The realization that consciousness is the center part of the whole evolutionary process. As much as the 1930s. So Bohm and others like him were able to draw upon the work of the Einstein Podolsky Rosen model, realizing the cosmic potential is there. 

00:48:50:13 - 00:49:00:17

Dr. JJ Hurtak: But we have to be a living part of it, and not just to be an effective part. We have to be a progressive part of putting together our own map of where we go from here. 

00:49:01:01 - 00:49:46:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or maybe even taking responsibility for our own contributions into the cosmic web, into the cosmic symphony. And, you know, as people taking responsibility. And then when we look at bridging the science with the spiritual and having, you know, the consciousness guiding the scientific development, this is something that really, I would say ultimately motivated me as a physicist to explore more deeply into things like Kabbalah and alchemy and ancient hermetic sense, because I saw that there was deep wisdom there and that, you know, that they had they had wisdom and insights thousands of years ago that our modern science is only today just discovering and we may have a new language or a new way of describing it. 

00:49:46:15 - 00:50:17:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And it may be, you know, maybe it is more mathematical or more scientific in its technological kind of verbatim. But we also need to shift, I believe, the consciousness so that whatever these technologies are, I agree with what you said earlier that, you know, we are moving towards a time of AI and, you know, robotics and automation and, you know, 3D printing. We've got some great technologies coming down the line and we can use them to help create a better world. 

00:50:17:21 - 00:50:57:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And the key, though, is that, I mean, they could also be used in a very bad way. And the key ultimately comes down to consciousness. So what do we need to do to bring in that greater wisdom to guide the application and the advancements of these technologies and the science so that the science is guided by the wisdom versus it's only, you know, kind of always coming down to it. Well, it's just about money or it's about, you know, what's what helps us have greater control or what's how it helps us have greater weapons or what helps us to, you know, just, you know, reemphasize the fact that we're just physical beings. 

00:50:57:23 - 00:51:27:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So how I mean, this was my major inspiration for shifting, you know, from just straight up science and research into, you know, also trying to bring metaphysical tools to people, because I really feel that wisdom needs to come in and the consciousness needs to shift within the so that we can take these resources and tools and this knowledge and understanding of science and use it to create a better world versus a world that continues to be at war and destruction. 

00:51:28:08 - 00:52:00:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, you use the word orchestration or orchestra of events in space. And this has been also our interest going back to work with Dr. Ferrari in the seventies, who was working with this call of extreme low frequency modulations in space, suggesting that our mind is part of a proton matrix and that we are working with very subtle aspects of vibration. And these are scaled up as the ancients in India believe. We realize that we are an orchestration of life and that Dr. 

00:52:00:24 - 00:52:18:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Stuart Amara is taking this concept of orchestration into a new understanding of his work with tubulin processes of the brain. Our work has also been to look at the musical side of biological chemistry, right? 

00:52:18:10 - 00:52:48:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So really, to answer your question, we need to be more human oriented rather than object oriented. I think that's important and I want to go back for one second. You mentioned Kabbalah and how science relates to some of the, we'll say, ancient wisdom teachings. You know, Trinity is, is a very powerful notion both in Eastern because you have the three Rama visions of Shiva as well as the West God, the Holy Spirit and the Sun ship principle. 

00:52:48:19 - 00:53:19:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If you look at that coming into and this goes back to Boehme as well into science as we see it, basically there are the three everywhere. Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, actually has three phases of water, what's required for at least our life. And we're about 65 to 75% water depending on age, H2O, count it three. There's ongoing scenarios of three in life, you know, throughout the universe. 

00:53:19:12 - 00:53:24:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So there's a mathematical, arbitrary, harmonic and hierarchy, even with nature itself. 

00:53:24:07 - 00:53:50:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, the tetrahedron is key. The ideas of pyramids, those, you know, that's something that we've studied. It's all part of that basic notion of life. And that's, I think, is the information pattern that Boehm was talking about from the implicate order, which we consider part of, like we'll say, the substratum of creation that makes everything what it is to the explicate order, which is us, which is the manifestation of that implication. 

00:53:50:16 - 00:54:21:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To the new science, that we are an orchestration of waves and particle resonance. And that as we begin to come into a holistic awareness, we gravitate into a global tone, realizing that a small percentage of thinkers can actually change the vibratory matrix of how the human race works. This is the theory of astronaut Edgar Mitchell. If we can raise human consciousness one or 2%, we can reach a critical mass that tipped the power of physical imbalance into one harmony. 

00:54:22:05 - 00:54:55:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So that that critical mass and that critical mass is, you know, 1%, 2%, 3%. But it's a small percentage of the collective of humanity that when we can create that coherence of that collective of that, you know, small percentage of humanity, we can have an instantaneous up leveling of the whole collective consciousness. People, of course, will always still have a choice, but it'll be a lot easier for them to up their level or to raise their consciousness to that new level of awakening and awareness of our interconnectivity. 

00:54:55:11 - 00:55:41:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And, you know, I love how you mentioned the Power three in the Trinity. You actually have a whole episode on Mystery teachings of the Power of Three and how it even comes in not only with the, you know, the Kabbalah and, you know, the Tree of Life. We also see it within physics, within particle physics, within the quantum realm, and how they always show up in these sets of three. And it's pretty phenomenal. But I wanted to come back as well to what you mentioned, Doctor Hurtak around music and sound and how these and understanding how we can tune in to the right frequencies to raise our vibration, whether it's through music or chants or the just the right tones and so forth. 

00:55:41:17 - 00:56:10:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then I know also that you both worked with Dr. Peter Garrett. I don't know if I'm saying its name correctly, but the work that he has done on both the Phantom DNA as well as on how we can modulate words and sounds of the correct frequencies into the DNA and it will respond. Can you share a little bit about how you guys are working with sound number one and also some of your research and work with Dr. Gary of. 

00:56:10:17 - 00:56:43:22

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: We did a paper with him and of course, as many of our students know throughout the world, we've been working with leading composers and musicians for many decades to show that the human mind responds favorably to certain sound frequencies, to certain Michael pulses that a lot. Assimilation of knowledge to come in waves and a greater so we say synthesis or synergy. So we are working with what I would call a musical understanding of the human body is about textures of sound and information processing, right? 

00:56:43:24 - 00:57:18:11

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So we talk about particles, and you're right. I mean, if you look at the electron proton neutrons, another theory, there's many of them. I would love to hear about that program. I'm sure it's fabulous. The idea being that before that and even science will tell you probably before the particle condensate and into what it is, maybe it was vibratory frequencies. In fact, of course, the bohr atom is popular, but even born now, if he was alive, would say, Hey, it's all more vibration. And it's not just, you know, the hard reality of a particle. 

00:57:18:15 - 00:57:50:10

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So that's what Gary had thought about. He said that even the DNA, in his opinion, was a concrete ization of a light wave frequency. And that light wave frequency is still present in all of nature. And he felt he could reach the DNA literally by light frequencies penetrating it. And we know that. I mean, if you do kind of too strong nuclear radiation, you can destroy the DNA as an example. 

00:57:50:15 - 00:58:28:14

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: But how about using the right frequencies to heal the DNA? And that's what he felt. So he felt that the coating was very much like bone. But on a particle scale, I can say that for a DNA scale, there was the coding, there was a light frequency, and that became the physical reality of our DNA. We believe that wholeheartedly as well. So frequency, vibration, we've seen also how if you put sound semantics, Hans Jenny showed this, you put a sound frequency, two particles, little form, sacred geometries, those forms nasal arrangements because of the sound geometry influencing them. 

00:58:28:22 - 00:58:53:16

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So there's this higher understanding that even us I mean, if you go back to the scroll of Genesis before we fell into this reality, we had to take on bodies of skin. Well, what were we before we were bodies of skin, you know, how do we get 12 rib cages? So what do we get when we're born with 33 bones in the spinal column before they fuse together? How is all this mathematics? 

00:58:54:10 - 00:58:56:17

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Or so it's all numerology, right? 

00:58:57:02 - 00:58:59:03

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So it's all higher mathematics. 

00:58:59:05 - 00:59:30:02

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Math and music or vibration together. But you mythologize the ancient scriptures. Look very carefully. We will see that there are enormous breakthroughs that take place when we see the story or narrative in terms of a holistic model of humanity rediscovering itself, rediscovering the divine spark of potential, and the way that the mind shares its reality with the divine source and vice versa. How the divine source instantaneously manifests are fused with the mind that explores the expands. 

00:59:30:04 - 01:00:01:03

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: And so life is a combination of the US. What degree is called the Divine mind with Anthropocene plus, or we will call the narrative human. We discover ourselves within the larger narrative of vibration. Everything is vibrations. This is what we did with Alice Coltrane, the great singer composer Carlos Santana, the very unique popular singer who realizes we're able to change our consciousness by shifting our vibrations to positive thinking, to positive music. 

01:00:01:05 - 01:00:22:16

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: And this has been our contribution, working with him and others, trying to get a better scripting for young people to go beyond the age of violence, we will call the lower chakras into the higher energy fields of what we will call the kabbalistic or mystical ideal that we are beings that are capable of connecting with the higher evolution, the higher mind of the universe. 

01:00:23:06 - 01:00:37:21

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: And we wanted to play a sample of some of your, you know, music compositions with your, you know, the visual and the meditation and things that you have created. So we're going to take a moment to just have a little bit of a consciousness break here and play a sample of that. 

01:00:39:09 - 01:01:10:16

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Okay. Now we can come back. So I love how you just were describing doctor Hurtak around. You know that we are. You know, these. These. Yes, we have these bodies of skin, but beyond that, we are these vibrational beings, this spiritual essence, this essence of mind, consciousness, whatever we want to call it, but we are multidimensional, multi vibrational. And that essence, that is the essence that we want to get in touch with beyond the physical body. 

01:01:10:18 - 01:01:42:18

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: And when we can, for example, use music tuned into the right frequencies, it helps us shift from this sort of outward worldly focus and into an almost more connected to the soul. You know, it opens up this sense of inspiration within us. It puts us more into a whole brain state. And as the work of Dr. Gary Evans is also showing, it even communicates with our DNA when it's the right frequencies, whereas when it's wrong frequencies, it's destructive. 

01:01:43:02 - 01:01:49:00

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So, you know, how can we tune in to the right frequencies? And what are those right frequencies? 

01:01:50:03 - 01:02:22:06

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Well, those very frequencies are just to reveal that we are a collective humanity, working with a collective vibration of knowledge. Working with the option of taking the higher path, as the ideal mystic would say, or the shaman would say of service to all humanity, as opposed to the ego centered lower paths, simply accumulating everything that's possible to you, you as a figure of speech. Getting one's plastic bundle quickly as possible and retiring from life, retiring from responsibility. 

01:02:22:08 - 01:02:40:01

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: This is the unfortunate business model in the last competition acquisition consumption. You get as much as you can with your plastic credit card and retire. You know, we believe just the opposite. We are here to serve humanity. We are part of the divine mind. We are here in a world which is basically a schoolhouse. 

01:02:40:23 - 01:03:15:00

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Right? And so actually we feel that if we get order is actually altruistic, that it's a positive movement. It's actually trying to bring us more into the light. But for the most part, if we spend all our day, you know, listening to news, talking on our cell phones, which actually part of the vibratory system of our body is not held by the the frequencies of the cell phone, I often say is the creators of the cell phone would realize that we are really frequency beings. They could actually put frequency in waves that would heal us instead of in some cases hurt us. 

01:03:15:09 - 01:03:24:03

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: But a moderate scientist by the name of Davidson also speaks of the altruistic gene. But whether it's on or not is the altruistic profile that we can step into. 

01:03:24:06 - 01:03:54:20

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: But when we meditate, what we do is we're able to literally try to get back to our original, we'll say, higher consciousness state. So we're clearing out from our body all that which had come into us during the day. So I think it's important to meditate in the morning and meditate in the evening to clear our bodies, to clear our minds, to get back in touch with that oneness of the universe, to listen to that still small voice and to know that we are empowered beings of love and of light. 

01:03:54:22 - 01:04:27:15

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: And to then I would say at the end of every meditation, we should literally send that love out wherever it is on the planet, whether it's to our family members, whether it's to our town, whether it's to the other part of the world that's in chaos or turmoil, whatever it is, whatever you maybe even saw that day, send that energy, send your love, send your power in. This really starts empowering the universe around you, and you'll find yourself connected with many other people. And that, I think, is a big start for people to be able to change and to heal themselves. 

01:04:27:17 - 01:04:39:09

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: I believe in our path doctors when you need them, but before you need them, try to work with yourself and clear yourself and make yourself into that holistic being that you truly are. 

01:04:39:19 - 01:05:30:13

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: You know, you brought up a good point there with that, you know, at the end of the meditation. So we're tuning into the still small voice, which usually means we need to connect to silence at some level, silencing the mind and allowing for a deepening of our brain with the frequencies that we can open up more to the spirit and hear that still small voice. But then, you know, as we receive that guidance and as we receive that inspiration, as you see that connection, your point around at the end, take it and send out the love that really shifts as between the love and the gratitude and that, you know, the feelings of the heart and sending it out to the world really shifts from it just being, you know, a personal experience to then it's, you know, we're sharing it as a collective experience and that opens up the heart even more. 

01:05:30:22 - 01:06:09:24

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Now, this brings us to some of the work that the Dartmouth Institute has done that really shows when we can, you know, create that coherent heart rate rhythm or the variability, the heart rate can become more coherent again through experiencing things like gratitude and love and positive feelings. Then we actually, you know, send more signals up to the brain to create coherence. And our heart, you know, even they've measured the photons that come off of the heart. I don't know if this is the Susan Dartmouth Institute, but there's been photon measurements of the amount of luminescence that comes off the heart when people are experiencing these positive emotions. 

01:06:10:01 - 01:06:24:18

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: It's like 10 to 20000 times stronger than when it is just in a normal state of being. So how do you feel that the heart is playing a role in this shift in collective consciousness? 

01:06:25:08 - 01:06:52:06

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Well, first of all, the Heart Mount Institute is only about ten kilometers away from where we are now here in Northern California. We simply advocate all of their publications. They've done a great service in bringing out the higher power that one must take. More specifically, the concept of a new mathematical design is heart. And parcel of this greater map of consciousness. 

01:06:52:11 - 01:07:23:14

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: In some cases, they're also saying the brain is part of the heart in a certain sense. So, you know, you are asking also in terms of consciousness, reality. And, you know, we believe we're actually here to make choices. We have that one book. It's our moment of choice, which has many people in there, including, as you said, Deepak Chopra and Bruce lived in Great Britain. And the idea behind that is that every moment is our moment of choice. So, you know, we use our brain, we think, to make choices. 

01:07:23:16 - 01:08:05:06

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: But what happens if the heart is starting to influence the brain? And I don't mean the emotions of fight and flight and all that stuff. I mean really love. Hearing, really understanding, having a higher, I call it. And that's what astronaut Ed Mitchell would call the overview perspective. If we see the whole scenario of life not just from ourselves but from this overview perspective and then the brain, who makes the choice of going that direction or going that direction or putting energy into the system or not putting energy into the system, if that is from our heart centers, I think we're starting to achieve our real mission in life. 

01:08:05:12 - 01:08:18:04

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: What's our mission in life? To make the right choices? Every moment is our moment of choice. So how are we making those choices? It is about the ego. I, I need this. I need that. I don't care what he's doing. I want to hear what I want. 

01:08:18:06 - 01:08:20:02

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Where is the heart sadness of? 

01:08:20:04 - 01:08:20:19

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Well said. 

01:08:20:21 - 01:09:00:20

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: That's worth bringing the heart up to the mind. And the ancient capitalist would say, What comes first? The mine or the heart? The higher cancer and the arts or the To ferret the heart and let heart math scientists have done has shown they both share a harmonic of interconnectedness. On a profound level, the heart is generating and working, just as shall we say. Now, as all of the aspects of the neurological brains of the brain. But the overcoming of the synaptic gap in the brain is done by these heart to mind signals this greater sense of a love centered cosmology. 

01:09:01:06 - 01:09:21:13

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: I mean, think about it. If we started really seeing from another person's perspective, Dr. Jack works with Ravi Shankar, he could actually go outside of his body and look back at his body. He could see what he was doing. You know, when you have near-death experiences and you hear this from Eben Alexander, for example, and many others from Raymond Moody's research. 

01:09:21:23 - 01:09:22:15

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: About afterlife. 

01:09:22:17 - 01:09:47:19

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Yeah, the near-death experience starts with a life review and not from yourself. How from? I knew that was right. I knew I had to do it that way. It was from the other person's perspective, what I did to him. I mean, that's an amazing phenomena, but that also shows you the consciousness field because you're picking up when you die, not your own consciousness, but the consciousness that you put out to others. 

01:09:57:00 - 01:10:31:16

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Similitude was the supportive energy field for the form of life, and the terminology is basal meno, which is the form kin within, which is the support of the energy field. And that's the breakthrough that's happening. New science people are realizing, no, we are not simply single individuals in a vast awesome universe, but we have a supportive energy field that we can use if we wish, which includes the dynamics of mind as well as spirit or the energy that is the interconnectedness of humans with their consciousness counterparts throughout the universe. 

01:10:31:18 - 01:10:54:18

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So all of our brains are interconnected. What I say affects him when he says affects me. If we start being more conscious and have the heart there to that loving heart to understand that we wouldn't be having so much, we'll say, you know, ego ness out in the universe, we wouldn't be object oriented, we would be human oriented, we'd realize the the love that we need to share to help and support one another. 

01:10:55:08 - 01:11:36:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So the heart and that love of the heart really is a unifying force. And when we act more from that heart space, we're going to act more from kindness and compassion and brotherly, insistently love and so forth. And, you know, when one of the things I love how you brought up the life review, so to speak, because one of the things I've often taught within my students and that we teach in the mystery school is what would you do if you knew that everything you thought, everything you said and everything you did and everything that you didn't do, that you should have done was being recorded somewhere, and that one day you're going to be held accountable and responsible for that. 

01:11:36:07 - 01:12:33:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How might you change the way you're thinking, speaking, and behaving in this world? And when might you be taking more actions where, you know, the ego would maybe just say, No, I'm not going to get involved or somebody else can do that, right? We would take more personal responsibility for cleaning it up, for cleaning up our thoughts, for cleaning up our communication with each other, for cleaning up our actions and being the ones to really take the actions. When we see that some change needs to happen in the world, rather than pointing the finger and waiting for somebody else to do it, we would see What can I do? How can I be part of the solution and initiate that change? So this really brings us back again to how can we be those conscious participants in our evolutionary leap as a collective, not just as an individual, but as a collective? And I want to come back to something else that you said earlier, which was. 

01:12:34:05 - 01:13:24:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, we want to lead people towards life. We want to lead our world towards a society and a way of life that is more aligned with the light. And one of the things that we're seeing today in the world, in the consciousness movement, you know, and the people who are seeking to have some consciousness expanding experience is that there's a lot of promotion of using psychedelics to do so. And, you know, I have personally found and witnessed that that the more sustainable way, the way in which we can truly open up those gates and those doorways within our consciousness, within ourselves is through using the metaphysical tools, having the practice, the discipline in a spiritual way, such as, you know, using meditation or chants and rituals and mantras. 

01:13:24:16 - 01:14:04:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And it's all within us that we don't need something outside of us to do that. We just need to learn to create it within. But I often get very concerned about how much the psychedelic movement is being pushed and promoted as the way. And I know that you two have been on this path and on this journey for a long time, and you've seen a lot with your own, your own students and friends as well. So what can you say to the people who, you know, are thinking or contemplating whether or not they want to go do that ayahuasca journey or, you know, go and do the, you know, whatever peyote or whatever it may be? What would you have to say? 

01:14:05:00 - 01:14:42:14

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Well, first of all, I would say one has to be extremely cautious with the kind of culture the drug culture is. Years ago, in the 1970s, I was hired by Walt Disney, his brother Roy Disney, to teach science to young actors and actresses at California Institute of the Art that brought together really the cream of the crop. And I won't name names, but top actresses and actors were involved with the drug culture and their whole careers ended. They dropped out. Even one of the major directors who worked with Steven, Steven Spielberg in the Indiana Jones series, who was to do a feature film with us, took ayahuasca too much, and he burned out in his brain. 

01:14:43:00 - 01:15:20:21

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So I would say what J. Krishnamurti said to David Bohm years ago. He said that dropping or taking drugs to see God or to have a higher experience is the most degenerating that you can do. You destroy your brain. I would say young people throughout the world have to look very carefully at the, shall we say, the quiet dictums or insights given by great thinkers and philosophers that everything has to be done in moderation and one should not indulge in drugs, particularly now with the advances of the physical gifts that we have made in our research at Stanford Research Institute and leading think tanks. 

01:15:21:03 - 01:15:32:20

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: The mind already has the knowledge of the mystery schools, so we don't have to go to artificial or puff on magic to see God or the divine that's already built within our neurochemistry. 

01:15:32:24 - 01:16:03:17

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Absolutely. I'll just confirm when he said, you know, many people do want to have the experiences that we've been talking about today. But in actuality, the bottom line is you're not going to get the higher dimensional experiences. Yeah, you'll get certain feelings and vibrations and maybe visions and things like that. But according to many and one of the friends we had talked to about this was a guy named Pat Flanagan, who was who created the whole Pyramid Power Research Institute, and he experimented with a lot of these drugs. 

01:16:03:18 - 01:16:21:04

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: He says most of these drugs actually just keep you on a certain physical level of experience. It's not taking you to those higher dimensions that we're all trying to reach and many have experienced. Dr. Jack had a unique experience in the seventies non-drug related. We've had many. 

01:16:21:11 - 01:16:24:24

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Using spiritual music, the names of God that produced that experience. 

01:16:25:12 - 01:16:26:02

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Yeah. 

01:16:26:10 - 01:16:57:19

Dr. JJ Hurtak: God told us before he died, you know, he went into a state of seizure. He said he felt entities trying to steal his soul. He said, whatever it is, please tell your friends, students in particular, not to go the way of drugs. I remember a conversation with Carlos Castaneda at UCLA back in the 1970s. I told Carlos, I said, You're favorably disposed to the drug culture. I said, Your students will wind up as not Lords of Light, but Lords of the Flies to bodies lined up in garbage cans. 

01:16:58:05 - 01:17:16:11

Dr. JJ Hurtak: And after that, Carlos Castaneda shifted his psychology, saying, Stay away from drugs. So sometimes you have to confront really those individuals who think it's chic or nice to be part of the drug culture. But that is not really the way to the higher hierarchy of cosmic creation. 

01:17:16:13 - 01:17:54:14

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So let's talk about these other dimensions. When we say people want to have experiences that are outside of themselves, basically. You know, not only does remote viewing do that, but you know what exists in these other dimensions. If I was to experience the fifth dimension, the eighth dimension, you know, it's not just me up there. I always say that people think, Oh, you. We think about the eighth dimension. You think of yourself flying, floating around, but there's other beings of energy that are there that will greet you, that will communicate with you. They're not on drugs. Actually, they actually are there to help you, to take you into another reality show you the mysteries of life, the mysteries of the universe. 

01:17:54:16 - 01:18:34:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But here, isn't it? You know, you mentioned the you know, the earthbound energies when we do take, you know, I mean, a lot of the people in today's psychedelic movement, they might say, well, it's natural, therefore it's good for you. But, you know, even these natural plant based medicines that they call them, as you're saying, they're earthbound. So they will limit the frequency to earthbound levels, which and you're mentioning these higher dimensions which go far beyond the Earth plane. And those higher dimensions will never be accessed when you're being anchored and limited to earthbound energies by a plant medicine, for example. 

01:18:34:12 - 01:19:05:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So, you know, it's not that people can't have a good experience on it. I mean, they might have a really, you know, eye opening experience. But, you know, you mentioned Dr. Hurtak, the closest Castaneda. And I think that in some ways, when I read his first book, he showed that, you know, in the ancient times, it really was an apprenticeship process you would like. The Apprentice would be studying with the shaman for years and years and years and have their ego broken down and they receive training and then they'd have to go out into nature. 

01:19:05:16 - 01:19:38:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: They'd have to identify things they didn't learn a lot of, you know, they'd have a lot of education. They have to have a personal relationship with the plant before they'd ever even do the ceremony, you know, the initiation ceremony of certain cultures, not all cultures that had initiations did plan, you know, medicine, which I think, you know, the people who are trying to claim that it was all based on psychedelics are really misleading people because there's a whole bunch of them that never did that, but they only might have done it once. 

01:19:38:12 - 01:20:07:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then if they did it correctly, the door should have been opened and they would never need it again. And now in the culture today, it's like they're not developing the relationship. They don't do the apprenticeship. There's no, you know, years of study, There's no breaking down of the ego. And they go in as a tourist to just partake and have the experience and shortcut the process of trying to really open up these gates of consciousness. But then there's always a cost when there is a shortcut. 

01:20:07:15 - 01:20:40:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right. This was the research of my late colleague, Dr. Andre Bahadur, who was the foremost parapsychologist in the 1970s and eighties. He studied the use of plant medicine with the lockdown in India and in Mexico. We call this psychotropic. And his conclusion was, as you just said, if you do not have the breakdown of the ego and look carefully with the spiritual guide or a master chemist, your mind is taken over, possessed, and worse yet, your whole consciousness frontier degenerates. 

01:20:40:11 - 01:21:11:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we've talked to shamans throughout the world, and we work with shamans all over the planet. And some of them are very upset with the way the, we'll say, North American culture and the European culture has been misusing traditional medicine. And it used to be, like you said, a one time thing or a sacred ceremony that would take place once a year, maybe once a lifetime, depending on the culture, but not every once a month here to have an experience. I mean, it really it's misusing that energy and it really is burning out people. 

01:21:12:00 - 01:21:34:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: They're getting ungrounded. They're not realizing why they are here on this planet at this time. And I would just say everyone has their own unique mission of why we're here, but we really need to make the clear choices to help humanity, to make a difference, because otherwise we shouldn't be here at all. But we are placed on this planet. This is a key time. 

01:21:34:05 - 01:21:42:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And if we reach out, if we reach out, we need a vibratory mantra to surround the body, to protect the body from known or unwanted entities. 

01:21:42:22 - 01:21:48:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, let's go back to Barbara Marx Hubbard. You know, it's a crisis time and we all need to be brought. 

01:21:48:22 - 01:21:49:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The soul. 

01:21:49:24 - 01:22:25:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Either locally or globally to the crisis so that we can move forward into a positive co-creation. And yes, there are other dimensional realities, and I know you'd like to talk about that for a minute as well. We believe and we've said this in many books, that there are various types of intelligence that are not limited to this planet. And we, of course, extraterrestrials are probably going to be a common term in the next 10 to 20 years. But we also believe there are avatar type beings, we would call them in a modern term extra celestials. 

01:22:26:01 - 01:22:45:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: They've maybe been here, but then they've evolved beyond the physical form, much like you see on some of the Star Trek or Stargate movies. And then there are what we would call ultra terrestrials. These are beings that have never really physically come here, but they still can connect with us. We would call them in ancient times, the angelic forces. 

01:22:45:14 - 01:22:46:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Archangels, the. 

01:22:46:13 - 01:22:47:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Positive forces. 

01:22:47:12 - 01:22:48:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Avatars. 

01:22:48:08 - 01:23:13:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And all these beings are here to help us. All these beings, not extraterrestrials, have them pretty much like our planet. Most people are here to help us. Other people don't want to help us at all. So that's really what we classify as the answer to the local universe. As far as we're concerned, it is very much like our world. It's not that much different when you get out there in space. There's lots of lifeforms, there's lots of positive ones. There's a few negative ones. That's what we think are local. 

01:23:14:07 - 01:24:04:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hmm. And, you know, even with humanity, if we look at humanity, you know, 99% of people on the planet are good people in their heart. So just trying to do the best they can. Many of them might be, you know, operating out of ignorance or faulty programming, but in their hearts, they're good people. And, you know, so, yes, there are good people. There are those who are malicious. But the people who are truly, intentionally and purposefully malicious tend to be a small percentage. A very small, small percentage. And that's why we need that other small percentage of the people who are ready to really be anchoring the light and harnessing and achieving a certain level of mastery and awakening in the light so that they can, you know, tip the scales in the other direction to create that collective shift in consciousness, that up leveling an awakening. 

01:24:05:12 - 01:24:35:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And, you know, I think that that unfortunate piece when, you know, with the sort of trendy movements of the psychedelic, for example, is that it is a distraction. It's not a tool for awakening. It might help people open up their concepts and their perceptions that they've been really narrow. But that's not the way to do it. When you're looking to really, truly achieve a higher state of consciousness. It becomes a distraction. And as you know, Dr. JJ can, you know, say that when somebody, you know, inhaling, ingesting whatever they are, especially when it's a plant and there's an entity associated with it, they're giving permission for that entity to take up residence within them. And then what is the long range effect of that? What is the consequence? What is the energy exchange that it extracts from us that we may not be aware of, that it is extracting? So there's always, you know, potential damage that comes, even if in the moment it might be a good experience for some people. 

01:25:09:12 - 01:25:44:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But long range seems to be detrimental, especially when they do it repeatedly and not in the right conditions and circumstances. And it wasn't their culture that they were raised in. Right. If they go with the tourism and yet they're good people. They're people who truly are seeking to awaken to, you know, have something that helps them get beyond their ego mind and into, you know, is there really a spiritual reality to this experience? And and, you know, so there can be a good way to harness that desire. 

01:25:44:21 - 01:26:08:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But I think that the key is you're saying this theory is that we really are at such a critical time on the planet that we need to really focus towards what is going to make a positive contribution, not just from a place of my own selfish perspective in my life, but from the perspective of the whole, because we are part of that implicated order. We are part of that no sphere. 

01:26:09:06 - 01:26:40:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right. I would say go with the science in this case, maybe not in every case on the planet, but the bottom line is that the science of we'll say bone that tells us that there's a universal consciousness feel, which means all solutions and quantum physicists or quantum physics tells us there's an answer. There's multiple possibilities to every single thing. And that's so important. There are solutions to everything that there is. And I don't know one scientist that took a drug and got a solution, I really don't. 

01:26:40:17 - 01:27:13:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I know many who have tuned into that higher quantum field, move through meditation, through dreams that might have gotten that answer to solutions and brought that science into manifestation. I think that that's why we really need to go back to meditation, to understand our dreams are not only keeping us here just for fanciful notions of understanding, but that actually it can take us into areas where we can receive information from the quantum consciousness field and bring those solutions into reality. 

01:27:13:18 - 01:27:32:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So we can choose to go to higher consciousness levels rather than choosing drugs or any were of the lower social isms to be connected with. In terms of our emotional body, we can choose the higher levels of consciousness. This is the work that Dr.. 

01:27:34:02 - 01:27:56:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Work at Stanford Research Institute emphasized so much that we have a choice to make in our consciousness shift when both sides of the brain come together. We are opening a whole new threshold for multiple choices and consciousness that is done with the knowledge of the higher heartbeat is the one that is most successful. 

01:27:56:24 - 01:28:44:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mm hmm. Well, you know, I love it. So we're. We're bringing the whole brain state. We're uniting the brain and the heart right through that more coherent heart state. And then we also have the other brain, which is the brain inside the gut. And, you know, there's just as many, you know, Leah cells. And, you know, the serotonin levels in our body are produced within the gut, which then informs the moods and so forth in the brain. And we know also from the vagus nerve, for example, that the parasympathetic nervous system, you know, is very much controlled by and that 80% of the information flows upstream from the gut and the heart up to the brain rather than downstream from the brain down. 

01:28:44:05 - 01:29:32:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So we need to really get in touch with our, you know, what is our heart feeling and what is our gut feeling and bring, you know, and that can tie back into our intuition when we think of those sort of gut feelings. And and the stillness, you know, if we just bring the breath in, for example, you know, if people are wanting ways to connect to higher states of consciousness, for example, just we mentioned music, right? But there's also the breath. And we know that chanting or singing or even humming, when we use our vocal cords, it vibrates certain, you know, bonds within the ear, which then stimulate the vagus nerve, which then stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which then, you know, helps bring us into a coherent state again or a more restful state. 

01:29:32:12 - 01:29:56:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then you mentioned the chanting of divine names, I mean, and ancient sacred mantras and so forth. Like these are ancient technologies from the wisdom traditions for how we can access those higher states of consciousness. It's just that we have to do more work and take responsibility for it versus trying to take a shortcut and having it done to us. 

01:29:56:20 - 01:30:17:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yes, the vagus system connects with the spinal column and the human bile computer is energized through the prana or the brought this process of the use of mantras or the use of a mystical induction that takes place. If you're a canvas from that, I can do a sound experiment right now for one minute, if that's possible. So 

01:30:19:08 - 01:30:46:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Aramaic maxim, which means the ancient one or the most high God. And as I vibrate, this is to feel your whole spinal system, operate like a tuning fork, feel the vibrations through your rib cage and feel the prana or the breath in elevating your consciousness into a specialization of suddenly you feeling tremendous connectedness taking place with the energy fields around you. 

01:31:24:20 - 01:31:57:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So if we feel that vibratory state and we can step into it, use it, our human bio computer awakens and puts on a garment of vibration. The entire rabbi is taught that even Adam, in the mystical understanding of God's Word in the Book of Genesis, was there was a higher Adam. Adam, Eliana We just used in the vibration, higher mind that could speak and hear the names of God could converse with God. And there was a lower Adam that was totally impaired. 

01:31:58:08 - 01:32:17:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It existed only in the lower language of the serpent or the vibratory matrix of the serpentine coil. The lower itself was not able, that is to say the adamic creation was not able to release itself from the earthbound nature that it fell into. So I use this as an illustration of the more than. 

01:32:19:07 - 01:32:49:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: 50 cassettes that Azra and I put together with leading musicians showing how this tunnel vibration language can be used for healing or psychological therapy and balanced pair of physical communication with people throughout the world, as well as we call it an extra terrestrial, extra celestial vocabulary, reaching out to distant locations like we did in our work with astronaut Mitchell Ingle, Swann and others who came up with interesting paintings. 

01:32:49:15 - 01:33:14:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Again, I point out to the book he illustrated with us where we see the human mind becoming like a cosmic egg, where you feel the rolling up revolving or whirling galaxies within your brain come out of the local reality that we think is real. Reality is a secondary reality. It's an exhilarating reality that's based upon the vibrations of the universal mind. 

01:33:15:06 - 01:33:48:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yes, we totally believe that you can use mantras from the east or the north of the south. Ohm is a vibrational frequency, Omani premium. All these actually help to enhance the brain. And I just want to say, as much as the gut is important, I realize that the gut is really controlling a lot of systems in your brain frequency. I also want to point out that there's pyramidal cells in the brain which are also three sided, so to speak, that really are pyramidal cells. 

01:33:49:00 - 01:34:03:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: They don't like to say those words that are part of this resonant vibration. So we believe the whole body in many ways, the blood system, the brain system, the heart system, of course, connected with the blood, our receptor cells. 

01:34:03:21 - 01:34:04:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And even lineage. 

01:34:04:21 - 01:34:05:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Consciousness. 

01:34:06:02 - 01:34:08:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Even the DNA. Right. In the DNA. 

01:34:08:18 - 01:34:24:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right there is a template that is orchestrated by these parietal cells that Dr. Thompson at UC Irvine, Southern California, points out many years, deals with the ability of the brain to entertain and to receive more information and processes. 

01:34:25:01 - 01:34:56:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So we really are vibratory frequencies. And I would say in a summary of the process that we use for meditation, one could then use the names like many Eastern traditions, talk about like the Omani by me, I'm bringing that energy and you're calling forth to the highest levels or the Christ consciousness. You can use the name Price, Christ Christ, whichever you want to use, whatever your tradition is, your calling in that energy, and then be there with the still small voice to receive, to heal your body. 

01:34:56:05 - 01:35:38:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Let that energy also heal you both physically, emotionally, consciously. Clear yourself with the energy fields that you've gathered throughout the day. Go back into your true higher self. We believe actually, we've done a whole book called Over Self Awakening because we believe that you actually have this higher self which is also helping you. It's not always just other beings out there. You have a higher presence that is actually trying to get through to you on a daily basis as well, and then use your physical reality to send that energy out to the planet, your consciousness reality, if you if you will, if you're just sitting in one place, send that energy out to the planet. 

01:35:38:02 - 01:36:08:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So bring the energy in from the highest source you can. Listen, learn, and then send that energy out. And really, you do that daily. Your whole life changes. I had a friend that said to me, you know, at one point she was married, she had her job. She was my everything was going on. She knew what she was doing wasn't right. There was something wrong. She said, I really want to help humanity no matter what it is. Within six months, her entire life shifted. And it really makes a difference. You just have to put it out there really from the heart, not from the intellect. 

01:36:08:07 - 01:36:15:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That's not going to work. The heart. I really want to be in a place where I can help manage and then go with the flow. 

01:36:15:08 - 01:36:47:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Don't walk. That's a moment in our lives that in the mission school tradition I've studied with, that we call self initiation, that we are initiating ourselves to be a contributing member in a more positive way to the collective of humanity. And that point is a pivotal point that anyone who's on a spiritual journey, no matter what path they follow, they probably hit that point of time in their lives where they said, I know there's more to life than this. I know there's a higher purpose or something greater that I can be doing. 

01:36:47:11 - 01:37:18:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There's more to me and I am going to now commit myself to that journey of discovering that, to playing an active role in that, to making it a priority in my life. And when we self-initiate like that, it is a turning point in our lives. Things will very rapidly start to change and put us on a new path. And but as you say, it can't just be a mental thing. It's got to really come from the heart. It's got to come from the depths of our being to say this has to change and I'm ready to be that change. I'm ready to start making this a priority. 

01:37:19:03 - 01:37:55:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I love how you both have created these tools. You know, the you know, through meditation and music all of course, your books, you have your visual meditations as well, how you bring in the sound, you bring in the sacred chants, and as ways to support people in reaching those higher states of consciousness. I've actually done some similar things. I have a whole series of albums that I collaborated with the musician on to create called Kabbalah Chants, and is working with all the divine names of the Tree of Life and, you know, tuned in to the frequencies that correspond with each part of the tree, you know. 

01:37:55:06 - 01:38:34:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So it's a series of 11 different meditations. And, you know, these divine names are very powerful. And as we even just listen to them, but also especially as we then chant them, they create such a shift within us that you can experience, you know, that that more expanded consciousness and a higher high than any drug could possibly give you. And it's natural meaning. It's endogenous. It's something you created within yourself, the powers within you. We just need the right keys, the right knowledge and the right applications, the ways of applying that knowledge, knowledge, all it's all within, as you said, JJ It's all within us. 

01:38:34:21 - 01:39:20:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yet it's like a process of remembering what we already know. It's a process of reawakening to the knowledge and the wisdom that is within. And I have found that studying the ancient mysteries and the ancient wisdom teachings and learning the practices of these ancient traditions, especially, you know, more from a higher kind of way, like a higher energy, where her medic way or a kabbalistic way, you know, where it's beyond just shamanism. I think shamanism has its place, but there's higher dimensions that we can reach through other methods that we want to reach, especially to create this leap in collective consciousness that we are poised to make and that we really need to make because we are at a critical time on the planet. 

01:39:21:08 - 01:39:52:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So go ahead, if I could, please. As social scientists and musicologists Ezra and I have the opportunity to work with indigenous people in South Africa and the jungles of Brazil and Guatemala, Mexico and throughout the world. And we've always known in the sociological plan that there was a healing center or a musical center, usually as a temple or as an ashram or as a divine circle through which the vibrations would be sublimated and then sent out as tributaries in a variety of directions. 

01:39:53:01 - 01:40:27:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And this was the language of music and physics that allowed the ancient to maintain a cohesiveness of currency and higher communication signal, much like what we see in the insect grow, or even with the animals who can communicate with sound waves that we don't properly understand. Certainly the dolphins have this ability, but we are able to harness now by our biofeedback studies and musical studies with leading musicologists the fact that the ancients, by and large in the movements of thought, consider the world of humanity as a co participant in a divine process. 

01:40:27:13 - 01:40:51:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And this is through musical slash vibratory induction. And there are many schools of thought that have separated science and rigorous science from the musical thought patterns. But now. Here in the 21st century. Thanks to your work and others like you, we're beginning to see the cohesiveness of a great mosaic of life that's been overlooked. 

01:40:51:07 - 01:41:25:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And just to bring this full circle, going back to Boehme and to the whole understanding, yeah, wisdom is also within us, but actually all wisdom is around us and outside of us. And in a certain sense, we are bio transducers. So we open our consciousness thoughts and say, I need this information or This is what we need to help humanity. That information can be and will be available both from our higher self and from the cosmic others who are there trying to help this planet. 

01:41:25:05 - 01:41:34:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There are many beings trying to help, but we have to be the ones. We're physical beings. We're the ones making it happen positively or negatively. 

01:41:35:00 - 01:42:06:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Exactly. And I think that that is very true with one caveat that we have to be ready to serve with that knowledge. Right. We can't just say I need it now. I want it now because I want it right. It's not for selfish purposes. It is. It's on a need to know basis. And if it helps us in our life to move forward in our purpose and progression and or if we're going to use it to serve humanity and this collective shift, then it will come. Then we know those doors will be opened and we, you know, we knock and we receive. 

01:42:07:01 - 01:42:41:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But it's the intention around what do we need that knowledge for? I think that is very important. And, you know, if I can also just coming back to your comment about the temples and the vibratory chambers that were used in ancient times, I would also add to that that many of these ancient sites and temples were put upon ley lines, you know, power spots where when they not only did they create and construct the chamber, that was a resonant chamber to be able to amplify the sounds that were generated by the people within it. 

01:42:41:17 - 01:43:16:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But it was also then, you know, vibrating into the ley lines of the earth and sent all around the globe. And, you know, this is why we see so many places where the magnetic lines of the earth come into the nexus point. You know, we see these ancient sacred sites often. So I love like, for example, with the Aborigines, they talked about listening to the Songlines and then the star lines, you know, there were the songlines of the earth. And then and they listen to those and follow those and they drum and didgeridoo and work with those. 

01:43:16:06 - 01:43:21:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then there's also the star lines of the stars and the tracks that they made across the sky. 

01:43:21:12 - 01:43:56:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right? So just like the ancient Mayans had the understanding of the stars being in key places of the universe. And I believe that that's true. When you look at Orion, the Pleiades, Ursa major or a minor, I mean, these geometries are all unique. I mean, they're there and for us to observe and enjoy. But there's also similar matrix grid points upon the earth and they align with the stars. Actually, there was a young 15 year old from Canada, and he went to the Canadian Space Authority and he goes, I know why all these pyramids are in the Yucatan. 

01:43:57:02 - 01:44:21:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And he aligned them with the stars, a 15 year old. And he even says ones missing a corner of or Ryan was missing. And he looked and they looked and they said, yes, there's something there. I mean, they're all part of a grid alignment. The case of Enoch, Dr. Vertex's initial book actually talks about this back in terms of the natural and artificial time works and the whole unfoldment of life in terms of vortex points around the planet. 

01:44:21:16 - 01:44:55:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We have the opportunity within, which is the Scientific Institute of Studies of Anthropology in Mexico to do the systematic study of musical wear, quavers and semiquavers within the major pyramids of Yucatan Peninsula, showing that there's a vibratory matrix that not just the pyramids we studied also in Egypt and also in China. So the ancients throughout the world knew that there was a basic musical vibratory vocabulary that they both are temples on. And when one would enter into these, we would call them energy fields. 

01:44:56:10 - 01:45:01:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Consciousness could be cultivated into higher artistic and musical states of collective awareness. 

01:45:01:23 - 01:45:32:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So we took computers into the sound chambers, like deep into the Palanca pyramid, and we've actually done it also in pyramids in Egypt. And we've actually recorded the overtones and in some cases the undertones, which I believe actually takes us into alpha and theta frequency waves. But for example, for sound, if you actually take one of these road frequencies and then you go next door and you and they've been pasted over because they've had to repair, you lose the frequency. Vibration, which. 

01:45:32:06 - 01:45:49:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is the original building materials used for the vibratory nature. And this is in our new book called Jesus Industrial Complex to show the Ancients in Egypt. Actually understood mathematics and the use of hydraulics in a much higher way and sense than we have previously imagined. 

01:45:49:16 - 01:46:25:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mm hmm. In so many ways. I mean, I've had this experience as well, especially in Egypt, you know, as well as I've been to Palanca and many of the Yucatan. And it is an incredible experience when you step inside one of those chambers, especially when it's still 100% intact from its original state and materials versus it's been altered in some way or or partly destroyed in some way. But when you step inside one of these chambers that are intact and then you bring forward, you know, the sounds, and especially when you know how to achieve the right harmonics and overtones and undertones. 

01:46:25:22 - 01:46:58:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I mean, it is it is an altering experience because it's such a, you know, everything within you vibrates and one person's voice sounds like, you know, a whole chorus because there's all of this reverberation and resonance that happens within those chambers, without a doubt. They were very aware of what they were doing. They were very precise in how they were building their temples, and they were very much harnessing sound technology as an integral part of their tradition and their initiatory processes. 

01:46:58:09 - 01:47:22:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And, you know, however, they were working with galactic energies as well as the Earth energies. And it's an amazing time on the planet where we have the remnants of these ancient technologies still today that we can see. And yet, even with our modern science, we can't repeat it. So that brings up the question of where did these ancient technologies and knowledge come from? 

01:47:22:19 - 01:47:30:14

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Absolutely. The Great Pyramid we really cannot build. And many people say that, you know, maybe you can put brick on brick upon brick or Japanese try to do it with modern technology. 

01:47:32:23 - 01:47:48:08

Dr. JJ Hurtak: We have that actually on our YouTube channel. The Nippon Corporation tried to, but, you know, you don't, you're not including the small star chefs or Iron Chef, as some people call them, which go all the way up. You're not including the weight of the big stones. 

01:47:48:20 - 01:47:50:15

Dr. JJ Hurtak: And the material itself, right? 

01:47:50:17 - 01:47:58:03

Dr. JJ Hurtak: 80 tons up in the highest places where we don't even have cranes that can reach that kind of construction right today. 

01:47:58:06 - 01:48:01:13

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So kind of we're used by UNESCO's to move the statues along the Nile. 

01:48:01:15 - 01:48:29:14

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So, I mean, we do believe that there were some unique energies and the mathematics certainly is from the top down. That's what we often say. Yes, it may have been sound. We were part of a Dr. Jack was actually part of a film that was, I believe, NBC, was it Mystery of the Sphinx. And they talked about sound frequency vibrations. But certainly certain types of wave frequencies probably were used, at least in some part, to construct the massive stones that were there. 

01:48:29:16 - 01:48:57:01

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So the Great Pyramid is considered the Bible in stone by some metaphysician, because the mathematical calculations, the different vibratory sounds that were captured in each of the chambers represent basically the different circulatory pathways of the human heart, the human body system, and also the human induction system of music. And so we have a perfect model of how the human body from the inside would work in the calculation of sound movement. 

01:48:57:03 - 01:49:11:05

Dr. JJ Hurtak: So we don't even go there to say who built it. We actually just say, Wow, the building is fabulous. And the sound frequencies you get in the King's Chamber are amazing. It really puts you into these altered states. And many people have done meditations there on the. 

01:49:11:07 - 01:49:48:19

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Seven Wonders of the ancient world represent really the seven chakras, the seals, energy points of our body, where the physical, the astrophysical, the wild, physical all converge to the heartbeat. And again, this is going back to art math of why we need to be heart centered in our new science. Science of the future for without love, without compassion for humanity. The game of life is just numbers or abstract concepts that's interweaving that we have before us. We're living in a tremendous time of the finding of the micro cosmos within us, the macro cosmos around us, and the temple or tabernacle of the human spirit as Holy Spirit when we become holistic. 

01:49:49:14 - 01:50:22:11

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Mm. That's beautifully said. And so I think that that brings us to a really good place that ties everything together that we have been discussing. And, you know, we, you said before, we are, you know, citizens of the future and ultimately we even maybe have a destiny to become citizens of the galaxy and to venture out into space beyond this earth. And so, you know, we want to really see ourselves as cosmic beings in addition to celestial, in addition to terrestrial. 

01:50:22:13 - 01:50:39:15

Dr. JJ Hurtak: You know, we're all of these levels of being. So do you have any final messages that you would like to leave people with to give them that sense of hope for the future, as well as how they can be active participants and play a part in this shift in collective consciousness? 

01:50:40:00 - 01:51:12:11

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Well, as you said, we are multidimensional beings we can experience right now life in or experiencing thoughts happening in the eight dimension. According to Elizabeth Rorschach, she is called an AIDS face. So we can go into the future, we can go into the past. We can go into other planetary systems or parts of the cosmos. This is who we are. We just need to tap into that. But we are also cosmic citizens in a vast and awesome universe. And yes, I believe at this time the quarantine is being lifted for the whole planet.

01:51:21:04 - 01:51:41:23

Dr. JJ Hurtak: And we will be making contact with other levels of intelligence, other cosmic beings, other extraterrestrial beings who will introduce us to other realms. Now, the thing is, they don't want us there if we're going to bring our nuclear weapons, if we're going to bring negativity there, That's why we've been quarantined. If we're ready to change, we can go forward. 

01:51:42:00 - 01:52:14:11

Dr. JJ Hurtak: We must go to where? Weapons of self-destruction. I like to read this excerpt from the Keys of Enoch, which is a physical textbook I wrote in 1973. This is the key 313 record breaking it. That's the direct relationship between the size of the universe, the diameter of the proton and the amount of the human range. Addition is part of a larger mass energy space time transformation, which involves changes in our basic concepts of the known universe. 

01:52:14:13 - 01:52:15:03

Dr. JJ Hurtak: 

01:52:39:07 - 01:53:08:19

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Thus the direct relationship between the size of the universe, the diameter of the proton, the smallest particle and man's range of vision is part of a larger mass energy space time transformation, which involves changes to our basic concepts of the known universe. In other words, we are here to realize that we are part of the Galactic Universe. 

01:53:09:09 - 01:53:42:13

Dr. JJ Hurtak: We are part of a living universe, we are part of a divine universe. It is all within us, but also surrounding us and in the balance of the greater with the inner, the lesser with the greater the cosmic dance of life continues. So we realize that we are co-creators. We hope to resolve this, rediscovering ourselves for a moment in humanity, universalism, meaning universe. We are a living demonstration of the divine spark in human form. 

01:53:42:22 - 01:54:19:19

Dr. JJ Hurtak: Mm. Beautifully said. That is so capturing the essence of that as above, so below as billows, above as the inner. So the outer of the outer. So the inner. And yet it was so poetic the way you just conveyed that to us. So thank you. And I think that that is a perfect place to conclude our conscious conversation. So thank you so much to both of you. This has been such an amazing and mind expanding and dynamic and highly intelligent conversation. 

01:54:19:21 - 01:54:31:00

Dr. JJ Hurtak: You both have so much wisdom and so much experience to share, and I look forward to future conversations with you as well. So everyone, thank you to you. Also, just the three words. 

01:54:31:24 - 01:54:50:04

Dr. JJ Hurtak: On Astro to the star. That's our motto because we are living again in that fantastic time of rediscovering the higher evolution, the blueprint of life, which is within our human heartbeats, with love and gratitude to all of you. Thank you so much for having us. A guest. 

01:54:50:08 - 01:54:51:04

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: Thank you. All right. 

01:55:00:09 - 01:55:10:23

Dr. Desiree Hurtak: So that brings us to the end of this conscious conversation with DRS JJ and Desiree Hurtak. And thank you again so much for joining me and for sharing your vast experience and insight with all of us.