00:03:11:12 - 00:03:47:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Welcome to Quantum Minds, where we take a deep dive into various perspectives on what is going to take to create a shift in human consciousness. Today, I'm honored to have Dave Lanyon joining me. Dave is a lecturer, mentor, leader, author, martial artist, spiritual teacher and a sovereign system as lineage holder for the modern mystery school system. Dave has been the driving force behind the explosive growth of the modern Mystery School since he joined the lineage in 2004, and he has helped the school to expand from being in 12 countries to more than 50.

00:03:48:00 - 00:04:19:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Coming from the realm of business, having extensive experience in both the corporate world and running several of his own successful enterprises. Dave Bridges The world of hermetic metaphysics and spirituality with practical and intelligent wisdom that can be universally applied. Now he's dedicated his life to serving the world by teaching, healing, and helping people from all walks of life to know thyself. And he's driven by a deep compassion and faith that humanity can change to be better.

00:04:19:23 - 00:04:39:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Dave Lanyon's debut book, You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are eight People in Making Lasting Life changes, changes that not only impact their own lives, but the whole world as well. So, Dave, thank you for being my guest today and am very honored to have you be part of Quantum Mind's TV.

00:04:41:03 - 00:04:47:19

Wow. Thank you so much, Theresa. This is. I'm so happy to be here. Okay.

00:04:47:21 - 00:05:33:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, you and I have been walking this path together with the modern mystery school for a long time, and we've been a part of each other's journeys. We've witnessed each other's transformation, challenges, growth along the way. And I just wanted to say from a personal level, having known you now for almost 20 years, that some of the things that I've really come to respect and admire about you is this combination of of a high intelligence, a sense of humor, a really big heart, and yet very grounded and practical wisdom, and then your strategic mind and just strength of leadership is something I really respect and admire.

00:05:33:02 - 00:05:37:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So I want to thank you and I'm very much looking forward to our conversation today.

00:05:42:02 - 00:06:19:03

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. You. Of course. Yeah. You went to the one place. Oh, compliments. Oh, so hard to handle for me. Um. Uh, let me just say back that, um. Yeah, it's been almost 20 years, and, uh, you're one of the people that I respect the most. Your intelligence, your drive. I love your scientific mind. I love your analytical mind. The. The. The intelligent doubt that you have about many things and the fact that you're always willing to question and look deeper is something that I think we both share.

00:06:19:05 - 00:06:38:06

Dave Lanyon: Very pragmatic way of looking at spirituality and understanding. And I know your background is as an alchemist and a capitalist and a scientist has served you well, but it's also served the mystery school really well, too, to have that expertise, you know, available and in the room. So thank you so much.

00:06:38:12 - 00:06:40:10

Thank you. That means a lot coming from you.

00:06:41:15 - 00:07:14:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And you know, it's while we've worked together for 20 years and we have lots of time where we're meeting, you know, around mystery school stuff, this is, you know, a great opportunity to have an in-depth conversation that is, you know, available for others to take part in. And so I'd like to start, if it's all right with a bit of your background, for the people who don't really know who you are, they're not part of the mystery school. I'd love it if you could give a briefly a bit about your background, especially before finding your way to the mystery school.

00:07:14:16 - 00:07:16:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So tell us a little bit about where you come from.

00:07:17:24 - 00:07:48:02

Dave Lanyon: Oh, wow. Yeah. Um, and it almost feels like it's, uh, a whole nother me, you know? Really? Time ago when? Yeah. And it's almost like you're looking at a movie of who you used to be because, yeah, the lineage really does take you through a transformative process. You still know it's you, but it feels like a different you. So I grew up as one of four children, you know, traditional mother and father, family mom.

00:07:48:04 - 00:08:19:18

Dave Lanyon: Mom stayed at home taking care of the kids. Dad was the the the hard working guy out there bringing home the bacon, so to speak, and had a pretty much normal childhood. It's very, very ill as a child was in a coma and near death at one point. And it gave me a different perspective on life because health was something that didn't come easily to me or naturally. In fact, my natural state was to be unhealthy, severe asthma with all the complications that come with it.

00:08:19:20 - 00:08:51:12

Dave Lanyon: And so I was in and out of the hospital all the time as a kid. And at one point, I, I almost got actually thrown out of school in elementary school, not because I was doing anything per se wrong, but you can only miss so many days before it is illegal to graduate you to another another grade. And I was within 2 or 3 days of that because I was so ill. So as I got older, I eventually moved out when I was about 18. And as I got older, I in my early teens.

00:08:51:14 - 00:09:27:06

Dave Lanyon: And then later on I decided that I had to take care of myself more and I had to pay attention to my health. So I began to put more energy and effort into that. That's what led me to many, many, many years, I guess over 40 now of, of martial arts and and working on fitness. And eventually went on to college, university and was a typical story. Got a job in the business world and did very well there. But. I found that and I sat in many boardrooms and all that stuff, but I found that it was very draining for me.

00:09:27:09 - 00:10:07:18

Dave Lanyon: And even though I could do well at business, I it just there was something, something wrong with the corporate model for me. There's this the constantly kind of flocking some product as much as possible. And I, I worked for a company was worth well over $2 billion. It's quite a long time ago it was a big international company. And so one day I took the option of leaving that company and I went into become a mental health therapist because I thought with my background in martial arts and coaching people that this would be beneficial to have this other aspect.

00:10:07:21 - 00:10:43:17

Dave Lanyon: And that led me to doing mental health therapy for clients. And lo and behold, I ran into this situation with spirituality. So here we are dealing with people on a mental level, emotional level, talking about certain things. But whenever it came to spirituality, we're just sort of stuck in this space. And I was actually told by my teachers to avoid that conversation originally. Like that's just not important. And thought, what? What could it be more important than what you believe life is about? And for some people that's spirituality.

00:10:43:19 - 00:11:15:17

Dave Lanyon: You might be atheist, but you have to know what that's about. So I began this exploration and religion just didn't seem to cut it for me. There was too much sort of doctrine and dogmatic ness I went and did. Couldn't tell you how many new Age things, and I found some to be interesting, but a little bit, uh, tripe. A lot of it was ego stroking and like, you're just an incredibly perfect human being. Everything's perfect. It's all God's plan, that kind of thing.

00:11:15:19 - 00:11:48:02

Dave Lanyon: And it just didn't add up to me in my direct experience. So one day I've I eventually ran into the mystery school, found found it through a guide. And as hard as this path of this lineage is, it is been the most fulfilling thing that I've done in my life. And and I've been with it for the last 20 years. First, just like anyone else is a student for many, many years, and later on helping with administration and then later on becoming a senior teacher. But I kind of went through all the phases and to be honest, quite surprised.

00:11:48:04 - 00:12:04:02

Dave Lanyon: If you'd said to me 20 years ago, you said to me ten years ago, you'll be here where you are today, I would have said, you're crazy because it just didn't seem like it was ever going to happen. It was it's a difficult task, but, you know, we learn.

00:13:44:20 - 00:14:00:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So thank you for sharing some of your background there with us. Now, I recall also didn't you have a bit of Daoist experience from your martial arts background before you found your way into mystery schools? Well, how far did you go with any of that exploration?

00:14:01:22 - 00:14:02:15


00:14:03:04 - 00:14:41:24

Dave Lanyon: Thank you for bringing that up. I spent about three years looking into it because I found a lot of cases, Taoism, sometimes Taoism, also the backgrounds to these filled a lot more questions in and made more sense. But even then I was still I found that the necessity to do things a certain way was, for me a little dogmatic. But I enjoyed it and I spent about three years studying it and I found a lot of accuracy or more more so than truth or falsehood, things that helped me, things it worked.

00:14:42:01 - 00:14:52:02

Dave Lanyon: And that's that's all it really mattered to me. Does this work? Does it help? And I'm still that way to this day. And I have deep respect for for Taoism and for what it was able to bring.

00:14:52:12 - 00:15:06:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And with your martial arts background, you mean you were studying in martial arts and teaching martial arts and you had a really successful martial arts club as well. How long was that career in the martial arts training realm?

00:15:08:03 - 00:15:16:02

Oh, my goodness. Well, I started I started karate when I was 14 years of age. Okay, uh, cheetah karate.

00:15:16:05 - 00:15:49:06

Dave Lanyon: And and I went on and studied Wing Chung and Jin fan and and boxing and North American boxing and Muay Thai and a bunch of other Brazilian jiu jitsu. I have really not stopped doing martial arts since I was 14. I've slowed down and it's it's less of a daily practice. But even today I still teach occasionally. And my number one student is my son, who continues through. You know, one of the things you learn in life is if you want to maintain something, you also have to teach it because in teaching it, it reminds you of the things you need to remember.

00:15:49:08 - 00:15:52:23

Dave Lanyon: So yeah, I've it's been, you know, 40.

00:15:53:00 - 00:15:53:22

40 years of.

00:15:53:24 - 00:15:57:21

Dave Lanyon: Of training on and off, mostly on, Yeah.

00:15:57:23 - 00:16:05:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When you've brought so much of that experience to some of the training that we do in the modern military school as well and really revolutionize.

00:16:05:21 - 00:16:06:12

Some of that.

00:16:06:14 - 00:16:36:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: More cultivating the warrior spirit within and how we do that. And so much of the team building and just the community building that happens. You know, you bring a lot of fun to the process as well. Now, what made you ultimately leave having such a successful business and martial arts club to do mystery school full time? I know you said you were getting fulfillment out of it, but you were doing martial arts clubs still at the same time as you started Mystery School. So what made you make that full time shift?

00:16:37:12 - 00:16:38:24

Dave Lanyon: Oh, my goodness.

00:16:39:20 - 00:16:41:06

Dave Lanyon: You're full of great questions.

00:16:41:08 - 00:16:42:08

Dave Lanyon: So

00:16:43:21 - 00:17:16:04

Dave Lanyon: at the time, I actually had a mental health clinic, too, and and the martial arts club was running both and had business partners and one and and staff. And it actually kind of culminated in me letting go of, of both businesses or walking away from both those things which I enjoyed. Um, it was definitely, especially the martial arts side of battle because martial arts is so ingrained in me. It's a part of who I am and something I truly love at the core of myself.

00:17:16:23 - 00:17:51:02

Dave Lanyon: But I sustained a back injury, and that back injury meant that I couldn't be as active train as hard. I mean, it was it was a pretty severe back injury to the point they told me I may, may end up in a wheelchair. So it kind of got painted into a corner of saying, well, if I'm going to keep doing things in life, this I can do with an injured back. This this quote unquote mystery school stuff. The martial arts is going to be much harder proposition. And even then it was it was still took me a couple of years before I finally let it go.

00:17:51:08 - 00:18:22:17

Dave Lanyon: And I, I truly am am thankful I did because as much as I love martial arts, my my fulfillment of of my life as an individual has come through the lineage more than martial arts. And I love martial arts. But this lineage is really you know, if it's not the easiest thing to do in the world, but if you keep going, it's amazing the gifts that it that it brings you is, as we often say, the hardest thing in the world are the are where you get the greatest return. So yeah it wasn't easy.

00:18:23:10 - 00:18:54:20

Dave Lanyon: Well and it certainly become a full time thing for you mean you've you've committed so much of your time your, you know, you've traveled all over the world. You've sacrificed a lot in order to, you know, come into this position that you're in where you are a lineage holder with the mystery school. And it's not been an easy journey. And I've witnessed multiple times along the way where you've hit some points where you could have just walked away from it. You know, those those were moments where you really had to dig deep.

00:18:54:22 - 00:19:13:07

Dave Lanyon: And one of the things I have always wondered is what ultimately was it that made you stay when you had to dig deep and you hit those really challenging points along the way? So we all hit these points on our journey and so think we can all learn from each others. Uh, you know what made us stick with the path?

00:19:14:05 - 00:19:16:14

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. Mean. Um.

00:19:17:03 - 00:19:19:24

Dave Lanyon: And by the way, after I'm done answering, I'm going to throw.

00:19:20:01 - 00:19:23:13

Dave Lanyon: It back to you, because I'd love to hear your answer to that too.

00:19:24:03 - 00:19:55:04

Dave Lanyon: Um, ultimately, it came down because I've asked myself this. You know, you kind of look at yourself, you say, Are you crazy or are you foolish or are you foolish and crazy? Like, why are you why are you putting up with so many of these difficulties? And it came down to one thing. I want the world to be a better place. And no matter where I looked and no matter what I did, there was no greater tool than than the lineage and the mystery school in front of me. And to be honest, I hoped and prayed there was a better tool.

00:19:55:06 - 00:19:58:20

Dave Lanyon: I wanted to find it so that I could let go of this harsh

00:20:00:10 - 00:20:31:21

Dave Lanyon: struggle that I was I was genuinely putting myself through. But this was the best tool and it created the best results for people that I saw. So I, I stuck with it because I want to leave the world better than when I came in. I grew up. It was hard. Life was hard for me, especially physically. And I. I could see with everything that humanity has, we we can do better than this. I know we can do better. But this is the best tool that I've ever found for that.

00:20:31:23 - 00:21:02:24

Dave Lanyon: And so I was willing to kind of keep my hand in the fire, even though it hurt, because I knew that that the end result of this was going to be something better, not only for me, but for the people around me, because I wanted to be helpful to other people, to people you know, you touch your life, your family, your friends, of course, at first, and then everyone else. And I really wanted to to do better by them, to be the best I could be for them and for me. And ultimately, that's what kept me there. So how about yourself? What? I mean, it's hard.

00:21:03:01 - 00:21:07:02

Dave Lanyon: And I know we've been both through been through fires. So how did you stick with it?

00:21:08:06 - 00:21:41:14

Dave Lanyon: Well, I would say there's probably two major things for me, one of which was that. I knew that no matter what I thought about the teachings or how things were being done or any of that, I knew that the tools and the path was leading to progression. My own progression. And no matter how far I'd gone, I knew there was always that next level and it was always pushing me to that next level of progression and the tools worked.

00:21:41:16 - 00:22:15:15

Dave Lanyon: And then secondly, very much like you, I had a huge commitment, a sense of devotion to wanting to see the world become better and to to serve in a mission where it really felt like it was purposeful, meaningful that we were making an impact in the lives of other people. And and these were the best tools I'd come across out of everything I'd explored to be able to help people. So very similar. But think also it really took me seeing my own fruits to keep me going at times, no matter what my opinions might have been at the moment.

00:22:15:17 - 00:22:16:07

Dave Lanyon: Around.

00:22:16:20 - 00:22:54:01

Dave Lanyon: Whether things were comfortable, whether I agreed with this or that, It was ultimately by the fruits that I kept putting my trust in and and knowing that I didn't want to let my ego get in the way of my growth. And and I knew also that every time I really got pushed, when my when the emotions were high or, you know, I felt really challenged, those were the clear sign that something in my own ego was holding on to some control or some belief or some opinion that wasn't serving.

00:22:54:03 - 00:23:33:18

Dave Lanyon: And so it just made me really reevaluate myself deeper. And I got to several points along the way where I saw how grateful I was to always have a teacher or teachers who were further along on the path than I was that were ready to tell me the things that sometimes I didn't want to hear, to push that progression to the next stage, or to help me see myself from a different perspective or angle that I couldn't see for myself and and help keep my ego in check, you know, and yet propelled the the growth propel.

00:23:33:20 - 00:23:34:10

Dave Lanyon: The.

00:23:34:12 - 00:23:48:06

Dave Lanyon: Next level of really coming into alignment with authentic empowerment and true self versus the the personality and the ego and sort of the smaller aspects of the self. So it's a combination of things.

00:23:49:03 - 00:23:52:20

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, it's interesting what you're saying there about the ego because.

00:23:52:22 - 00:24:24:20

Dave Lanyon: It's one of the things we all struggle with is our own ego and we need a way to manage and see our ego for what it is we need to be able to reflect. And that's one of the strengths of the lineage. But I mentioned this in my book that if the reason that the lineage or a spiritual path like this can be so hard is because of your ego and the path has to have a way to handle that resistance. And so there's always for you to grow, there's always going to be a demand that the ego doesn't want to do.

00:24:25:03 - 00:24:58:07

Dave Lanyon: That's what's going to create this, the state of growth. And then we call that resistance. And can you overcome your ego's resistance if it if you can realize in some aspect that there is a benefit of fruit on the other side, but your ego still doesn't want to do it? And that's it's interesting because I had the same thing so much. Is your ego fighting as you're growing and that's where the hard comes from, is your your ego. But you realize when you look back that a true lineage has to be able to manage someone's ego. It can't be a placating force because that's regular life.

00:24:58:09 - 00:25:22:13

Dave Lanyon: Just sort of tell you everything's good and you're fine and you're wonderful and don't grow. And so, so a lineage has to have those aspects. And that's it's, it's that struggle, that beautiful struggle that allows us to grow. And, you know, and I think what you're saying, in other words, is that you saw the beautiful struggle and it was it was worthwhile to go through that beautiful struggle that the.

00:25:22:15 - 00:25:27:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. That the outside the comfort zone is where all the growth happens and the.

00:25:27:19 - 00:25:28:09


00:25:28:15 - 00:26:16:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Happens outside that comfort zone. And and I saw for myself and I saw it for so many people. I mean, as I became a Kabbalah teacher and I saw people hitting that struggle themselves through the ascension journey of the tree of life, you know, and you see those points. And then yet when you get when you get through that to the other side, into the glory of what's, you know, what's on the other side of that barrier for you, it was like it made all of it worth it. And so those, you know, just having that microscopic look at it in the the the journey of what happens over ten months with our Kabbalah ascension program and then comparing that, you know, that same kind of cycles within cycles at that same process through the journey of our life on the path of progression like this.

00:26:16:15 - 00:26:43:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so, you know, having known, okay, well, this obstacle actually is the opportunity for growth and and the bigger it is, the harder it is, you know, the more opportunity for growth there is. And so looking at it from that new perspective versus, you know, like a new age perspective of, oh, well, it's not it's just it's just not working out. Therefore, it must not be meant to be type of thing. It was it's a sharpening of our own.

00:26:43:12 - 00:26:44:06


00:26:44:15 - 00:26:54:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And harnessing our own, you know, force to to make things happen according to our will versus just being passive on the journey.

00:26:55:09 - 00:27:05:02

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. Mean so so much of life today is about and it seems to come from, from many teachings, from different sources.

00:27:05:04 - 00:27:05:19


00:27:05:21 - 00:27:06:11

Dave Lanyon: It might be new.

00:27:06:13 - 00:27:10:01

Age or it might be an aspect of religion or society.

00:27:10:03 - 00:27:12:09

Dave Lanyon: In general is you're perfect the way.

00:27:12:11 - 00:27:13:01

You are.

00:27:13:03 - 00:27:22:06

Dave Lanyon: And I and anyone who does any real self reflection knows that it's just simply not true. And to me, it's the.

00:27:22:08 - 00:27:23:00

The greatest.

00:27:23:02 - 00:27:57:07

Dave Lanyon: Warrior in life, the greatest hero of your in life should be you. And you're going to have to be a hero to be willing to engage those imperfections and say, I need to be a better person. I need to learn more about this or overcome these different aspects and become greater. And those are enormous challenges. And and it really takes someone who truly ultimately, as you say, sees the fruits but has a great love for themselves to say, I love myself enough to be honest with myself, that I have to be a better a better person.

00:27:57:10 - 00:28:33:15

Dave Lanyon: I remember when I was leaving the corporate world, this stuck with me so much. I'd woken up and kind of was sort of getting ready for one of my typical workdays. I had to go in the office and sit in a boardroom and blue suit, red tie, white shirt, yada, yada, nod, nod, nod. And it was an old boys club back then. I'm not sure if it is today, but it was in my time and I remember standing there with this red tie on a white shirt. I hadn't put my jacket on and I looked in the mirror and it struck me and I said, I am so tired of myself.

00:28:33:24 - 00:28:58:04

Dave Lanyon: I was fed up of the man in the mirror who I could feel was compromising aspects of my own, what we would now say joy. But myself and I just said, I've got to do something else. And that's really it was that moment. It clear as day that the next day I started, I started making changes, actually, from that moment forward, I said, No, there has to be something I have to do.

00:28:58:09 - 00:28:59:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Do this differently.

00:28:59:13 - 00:29:07:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that meant, by the way, you know, letting go of a of a well-paying, you know, well-compensated job to step.

00:29:07:17 - 00:29:08:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Back.

00:29:08:10 - 00:29:14:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And and kind of go what would people would say financially backwards in life. But it was I wasn't.

00:29:14:16 - 00:29:16:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Willing to keep being.

00:29:16:18 - 00:29:45:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To keep giving my joy up for a few dollars more. It's just I'd had enough. I'd I'd much rather have been a hermit, honestly. And like as long as I'm happy. And I kind of made that decision that day and it was the ego, you know, when you're kind of. Just tired of of not having more within yourself, of, of of not being able to solve your problem or not being able to solve that dissatisfaction that can drive so many people. It certainly was a driver for me. One of the aspects.

00:29:45:20 - 00:30:23:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, I can definitely relate to that. But that point for me where I really self initiated was a point where I, you know, in graduate school had come to that this place of realizing, you know, this, this career path, this educational track that I'm on, everything I had thought my life was going to ultimately be about and now I'm facing it. None of it's measuring up to how I might have imagined or hoped it would be. And I was really disappointed. And I felt I felt after being immersed in 80 hours of physics a week, I felt a lack of joy, a lack of purpose and meaning.

00:30:23:13 - 00:30:38:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And and it was zapping my happiness and my creativity. And so I just thought, Something's got to give here. I can't I can't keep doing this at the expense of my sense of joy and meaning. So I got to figure out what's going to bring.

00:30:38:18 - 00:30:39:14

Dave Lanyon: That back.

00:30:39:16 - 00:30:56:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Into my life. And long story short, it ultimately was spirituality that had to come in for me, whereas before I'd sort of put it on the shelf or just always sort of in the background on the side, it was never a priority at that point. It became a priority in my life because I realized.

00:30:56:11 - 00:30:57:01

It brought that.

00:30:57:03 - 00:31:29:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Purpose and meaning back. But then the other thing is I was getting excited about bridging science and spirituality and like, you know, the sense of purpose was waking up. I really felt like I need community now. And and I felt like, where where's my tribe? Where are the people that I can connect with it? Or on a similar wavelength that really, you know, want to go deeper in all of these understanding the mysteries of life and the universe, Who are they? And that was what ultimately set me on my search.

00:31:29:13 - 00:31:30:03

That led.

00:31:30:05 - 00:31:46:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Me synchronicity. The universe is kind of led me to the mystery school when I started asking for want to find my spiritual family. And that's one of the big benefits that I have found within this path is that real sense of community and spiritual family.

00:31:46:05 - 00:31:47:10

And and.

00:31:47:12 - 00:32:02:01

You know, I just knew it from the moment that I really went to the mystery school, even though I had a hard time with the the concepts and, you know, the my ego resistances, I had this intuitive sense of these are these are I know these people. These are the people.

00:32:02:03 - 00:32:03:10

Who I've been waiting to.

00:32:03:12 - 00:32:09:06

Find. And so think a lot of people feel that sense of coming home.

00:32:09:08 - 00:32:11:05

When they find their way to the mystery school.

00:32:11:21 - 00:32:17:24

Yeah, it very true. And when it happened for me, as much as I was able.

00:32:18:01 - 00:32:18:18

To acknowledge.

00:32:18:20 - 00:32:24:11

That this was the right place for me, I resented myself.

00:32:24:21 - 00:32:59:02

For doing it at the beginning because my ego was just huge. And I, I was, for all intents and purposes, successful in the in if anyone were to look at me from an exterior world. So there is a part of me that was arguing with myself constantly that why would I want to go on this journey to be around people, these people who believe is you, you do you realize what you have to give up to do that. And there was a sort of sense of of you're going to have to give up this aspect of your ego. And this ego has gotten you where you supposedly want to go.

00:32:59:04 - 00:33:07:01

So there was a struggle inside of if I let go of this, you'll become, you know, in essence, a fear of becoming a flake.

00:33:07:03 - 00:33:08:06

You're going to be a flake.

00:33:08:08 - 00:33:39:21

You know, you're going to be like a hippie, right? And you're going to be like meditating on flowers. And it's like, no, no, don't do it. Don't do that. But but at some point, some party says but kind of like being like that. I kind of like this spiritual family. And yeah, they're all a bit crazy, but I'm, I'm loving being around them. So that took that took a while. I, I for sure when I came into lineage was very standoffish, very, very much.

00:33:39:23 - 00:33:50:24

And I was an uncomfortable student, I'm sure. Yeah. Because I was in so much argument with myself but kept going. But yeah, it was not easy. It was not easy.

00:33:51:12 - 00:33:53:07

You know. Think that's a good world?

00:33:53:17 - 00:34:22:24

Think this is a good moment. If I can just to sort of pause in, in our reminiscing of our our own journey with the modern mystery school think that the things that we hit and the things that we're sharing, really, they apply to any spiritual journey, any journey of transformation really. You're going to hit these moments along the path of of that progress, that journey of transformation. You're going to hit these moments where the ego really gets into its.

00:34:23:01 - 00:34:23:21


00:34:23:23 - 00:35:00:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And or you might feel alone at times, or you might wonder why you're doing it. You might wonder, you know, is it worth the sacrifice and all of the change that you have to go through the, you know, some of the pain that comes with that transformational fire. And these are, you know, in us sharing our story, it's about helping you also reflect upon, you know, what what commitment is about commitment to a path. And and I think that that commitment really helps us to get through the harder points because it's not always going to be an easy journey.

00:35:00:21 - 00:35:28:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The journey to self mastery is difficult journey, and it takes that commitment and it takes that application of will to really keep moving forward with it. So maybe you can just take a moment to speak to this commitment in general to the path and the application of will that it takes to to really get to the gold that that journey of transformation has to offer versus kind of stopping in the midpoints.

00:35:29:14 - 00:35:38:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, well, commitment is an interesting thing. Commitment and discipline are the things that always get you where you want to go.

00:35:39:13 - 00:35:41:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If it's something that is an.

00:35:41:13 - 00:35:46:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Unnatural state. So guess I guess what I'd say is our first state is.

00:35:46:18 - 00:35:52:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Our first nature, and that is where we are in life without a commitment.

00:35:52:03 - 00:35:52:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To something.

00:35:52:22 - 00:35:59:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So if we sort of just abide by our whims, they come and go like the blowing winds, the sands of change.

00:36:00:00 - 00:36:00:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You're just sort of.

00:36:01:00 - 00:36:08:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In your natural state. And and so many people today think that nature is a superior form. And of course, we can point out where.

00:36:08:12 - 00:36:09:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There may be.

00:36:09:04 - 00:36:13:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Some truth to that. But in terms of our growth, nature is.

00:36:13:02 - 00:36:14:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Our first starting place.

00:36:14:23 - 00:36:18:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's our starting step. And every.

00:36:18:02 - 00:36:18:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Step that we.

00:36:18:23 - 00:36:22:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Move forward is going to be into an unnatural state.

00:36:22:17 - 00:36:24:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And you can't.

00:36:24:08 - 00:36:25:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Become greater.

00:36:25:13 - 00:36:26:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Than your.

00:36:26:23 - 00:36:52:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Natural state without commitment. There's just no way to do that. You will always gravitate back to the lower state of your natural state, and if you stick with something in your committed long enough and disciplined long enough, then you end up creating basically what we call a second nature, which is the nature that you have created from conscious free will and choice through honing commitment and discipline. And, you know, I actually.

00:36:52:04 - 00:36:52:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just.

00:36:53:12 - 00:36:54:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Put a quote out on social.

00:36:54:17 - 00:36:56:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Media that said discipline.

00:36:56:03 - 00:36:57:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is one of the.

00:36:57:20 - 00:36:59:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The key predictors.

00:36:59:09 - 00:37:01:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of where you will end up in the fulfillment.

00:37:01:24 - 00:37:03:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of your wishes and your dreams.

00:37:04:02 - 00:37:17:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so very few people can achieve anything without discipline and commitment. Everything that is unnatural comes from the state of having to have discipline and commitment. So and the path is unnatural.

00:37:18:12 - 00:37:19:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I say that.

00:37:20:02 - 00:37:41:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yet we could argue that the path is completely natural to the Spirit. To your soul and spirit as a natural state. But to the lower self, to the physical self or the or the negative ego, it is a highly unnatural thing. And your success in life, the things that you want to do that go beyond the natural.

00:37:41:24 - 00:37:45:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: State, you're going to need commitment. It's one.

00:37:45:03 - 00:37:47:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of the struggles that people have in the mystery school, because when.

00:37:48:00 - 00:37:48:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You first.

00:37:49:10 - 00:38:20:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Become a student in the mystery school, very little is ever put upon you. Just do your thing. You know, here's a class if you want to take it. If you don't, that's fine. And as you get higher up and you want to work towards being a form of a teacher, we'd call a guide, then levels of commitment come with that. And anyone who's really achieved in life knows this. They know that if I'm going to become like yourself, a scientist, you had to commit to going to school, paying that money, getting a degree, study, essays, all of that stuff. You know, the pluses, the minuses.

00:38:21:00 - 00:38:22:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It always comes through commitment.

00:38:22:21 - 00:38:23:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, the best.

00:38:23:21 - 00:38:32:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Athletes in the world get there because they're committed to become the best in the world. And it's the same with anything in life, including this lineage, that.

00:38:33:07 - 00:38:34:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Everything is.

00:38:34:07 - 00:38:50:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Available to a person in life, everything in the lineage and outside of it. But it's going to always have to be on the basis of your commitment. I've got six martial arts degrees. All of them came because of discipline and commitment, you know, and and if I may for a moment.

00:38:50:23 - 00:38:52:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When you have passion.

00:38:52:07 - 00:38:55:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That can displace discipline so you have so much passion, had a passion.

00:38:55:22 - 00:38:56:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For martial.

00:38:56:14 - 00:38:57:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Arts. So I didn't.

00:38:58:01 - 00:38:59:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Need as much discipline.

00:38:59:11 - 00:39:10:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because I was passionate about it. I wanted to do it. I just got out there and that that sort of created the commitment. However, even then, sometimes we need that.

00:39:10:05 - 00:39:11:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Discipline because just.

00:39:11:22 - 00:39:19:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Like the fire, like, you know, in alchemy, it can burn out of control. And so if our passion is too high and we don't have the discipline to say.

00:39:19:14 - 00:39:20:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hey, today's the.

00:39:20:16 - 00:39:22:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Day you need off today, you shouldn't.

00:39:22:08 - 00:39:23:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Train today, You maybe need.

00:39:23:18 - 00:39:32:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To rest because you're pushing yourself too hard. The very passion, which is a benefit, can get out of control like a fire. So even in the most passionate.

00:39:32:18 - 00:39:33:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: People, I would say.

00:39:33:20 - 00:39:39:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You still need some level of discipline to hone that skill of yours so that you can do it properly.

00:39:39:22 - 00:39:41:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So yeah, it's it's it's essential.

00:39:41:23 - 00:39:43:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To all growth in life.

00:39:43:23 - 00:40:13:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, one of the things so you know about being in our natural state versus having commitment to become better, then that's one thing that we find when we commit to a path. But I think there's there's even more like with the mystery school path, because some people can become very committed to belief system or to a social narrative or, you know, to to a matrix view of, you know, opinions.

00:40:14:00 - 00:40:38:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And, you know, so one of the things that I have found with the modern mystery school path has been that it gives us such a different perspective on world events and societal trends and narratives, and it helps us to really kind of break out of that matrix way of perceiving everything and getting so caught up in the drama of the media and.

00:40:38:07 - 00:40:39:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The social.

00:40:39:06 - 00:41:10:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, social media narratives and, you know, all of this. So one of the things I'd like to talk about is, you know, let's dive in to the mystery school path. And and specifically, I want us to demystify mystery school because a lot of times people are like, oh, mystery school. What's the mystery? Right. And so let's just demystify this for people like, what is it to be a mystery school? What what is what qualifies something as a mystery school? What does it.

00:41:10:14 - 00:41:11:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mean?

00:41:12:21 - 00:41:18:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ah, yeah. Well, here, I'm going to let out the biggest secret. You've got an.

00:41:18:05 - 00:41:19:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Exclusive scoop.

00:41:19:07 - 00:41:21:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Here, Theresa. Here's the biggest secret about what.

00:41:22:16 - 00:41:23:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is.

00:41:23:08 - 00:41:25:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Where the. Yeah, It's where the.

00:41:25:07 - 00:41:26:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mystery of the mystery school comes from.

00:41:26:22 - 00:41:31:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The mystery is you. That's what the mystery school is.

00:41:31:05 - 00:41:57:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The mystery of the self of you. You are mysterious to yourself. And the entire path is about enlightening yourself to go beyond the mystery, to become what we'd call a state of enlightenment, where there's less mystery and more willful application of of desire to do, to do the things you want to do. So you're there's not so much rolling around in the subconscious that you're uncertain of why.

00:41:57:17 - 00:41:58:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You make these.

00:41:58:09 - 00:42:03:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Decisions or what's motivating you, all those things. So I would put it this way.

00:42:04:02 - 00:42:07:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The easiest way to demystify a mystery school is to make.

00:42:07:19 - 00:42:08:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It really simple.

00:42:09:17 - 00:42:13:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The wisdom and teachings in the school have to serve you.

00:42:13:16 - 00:42:20:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If they don't, they're pointless. And for me, the rest doesn't matter. You could tell me that.

00:42:20:22 - 00:42:21:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There are 10,000.

00:42:22:01 - 00:42:23:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Angels that dance on the head of a pin.

00:42:24:03 - 00:42:28:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I'll be okay. And how does that help me? Well, I.

00:42:28:07 - 00:42:42:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just need you to know that's not really relevant to me. You need to give me something that I can apply in my life. And that's where I see, especially for me as as a sovereign obsessiveness, the things that I teach are things that you can walk out of.

00:42:42:08 - 00:42:45:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The room with and say, if I use this today.

00:42:45:05 - 00:43:14:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's going to benefit me. Now, now some of those things are you might need to have time to experience them. You know, it's not something you can do instantaneously. It's time in that creates the experience and you realize if I do it this way, after a few months or sometimes a few years, I realized he was right. Yes, the teaching was right. It does work this way. It's not always abundantly easy to discern, but in time you come to realize that the wisdom inside of.

00:43:14:24 - 00:43:15:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It is.

00:43:15:21 - 00:43:19:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So applicable to life, so applicable to life.

00:43:19:09 - 00:43:20:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So to me, as much.

00:43:20:16 - 00:43:46:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As I 100% believe in a higher order and a hierarchy of light in in angelic realms and all that stuff, I also take it from the perspective of it just doesn't matter what this or that angel does, or if it works this way, unless it actually works and is applicable. And so that's, that's for me where the lineage is really strong because it gives you very pragmatic, very.

00:43:46:13 - 00:43:47:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Practical.

00:43:47:05 - 00:43:49:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Tools to use in your life.

00:43:49:22 - 00:43:51:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And for others.

00:43:51:08 - 00:43:54:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know that we call it a handing down where you can give it to someone else to be.

00:43:54:21 - 00:43:55:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Able to.

00:43:55:17 - 00:44:00:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To do something with. Um, and there's one other.

00:44:00:10 - 00:44:01:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Aspect I think I'd like.

00:44:02:00 - 00:44:17:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To touch on, and that is, you know, someone might be sitting there saying, Well, how do I know I'm that what they're doing is or isn't a mystery school. And, you know, the answer to that is, I don't know. You know, who knows? It's an individual thing. But what.

00:44:17:05 - 00:44:18:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I can tell you is this.

00:44:18:24 - 00:44:28:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If something is of God, then it is for all people. And it has always been for all people at all times, and never should it promote.

00:44:28:13 - 00:44:30:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hatred or a negative state.

00:44:30:12 - 00:44:32:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And if you stick with that, if you stick.

00:44:32:09 - 00:44:33:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To something that is eternally good.

00:44:34:01 - 00:44:58:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For all humans, not just some humans, not just the past, but the future, but not the now, but not the then, It's good for everyone all the time. Then you're pretty much sitting with something that is of the light and that is this lineage. This lineage accepts everyone, no matter who you are and is willing to offer wisdom and support for you to make decisions about your own life.

00:44:59:02 - 00:44:59:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And and.

00:45:00:00 - 00:45:02:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Never for someone else to make those.

00:45:02:06 - 00:45:03:07

Decisions for you.

00:45:03:09 - 00:45:08:16

Because that's what real empowerment is. Having the power to make your own choices and applying your own free will.

00:45:09:12 - 00:45:10:17

Yeah, good.

00:45:10:20 - 00:45:11:11

Give me one.

00:45:11:13 - 00:45:12:03


00:45:19:15 - 00:45:20:05


00:45:20:11 - 00:45:21:01


00:45:21:14 - 00:45:54:21

So one of the things that, you know, when when I've defined a mystery school for people is that the mystery is about the mystery of life. That we we study the mysteries of life. We. Who are we? Why are we here? What's the purpose of it all? Is there no such a thing as God or spirit? What's, you know, how does the universe work? Like these are the mysteries and the questions that we seek to study. And I often compare the mystery school to being like a university for the soul.

00:45:55:06 - 00:46:31:01

And, you know, I went to university, of course, for my PhD in physics, and, you know, all of the various education that I received in order to become a research scientist. And I, you know, just like a regular university is a university that educates our mind and maybe a certain skill set to become efficient or effective at a particular career path. The mystery school to me is about educating our soul to help us become really good at living life and being the best that we can be.

00:46:31:03 - 00:47:10:07

And that's something that I have found personally. That is much as I invested into my training with the mystery school and what, you know, it's like just like I would pay tuition to go to a university and get my degree. I paid a tuition to go to the modern mystery school. And, you know, but I found personally that every penny that I invested in the mystery school training and that education for my soul has been directly applied to life, directly benefiting every single day of my life and helping me create the life that I want to live and the future that I, you know, have always dreamed of.

00:47:10:09 - 00:47:18:01

And whereas, you know, all the time and energy and investment that I put into my academic career, yeah, I'm getting some things out of it, but.

00:47:18:03 - 00:47:19:07

Not nearly.

00:47:19:18 - 00:47:58:10

As much as what I got out of my investment into the mystery school. And, you know, one thing that people often criticize us about is, oh, well, why do you mix business or taking money with spirituality that these two things, you know, they they think that money and spirituality shouldn't be mixed together. And so when it comes to running a mystery school and the process of what we're doing, which is trying to empower people, how would you respond to this notion that if we're making business out of mystery school, that somehow must be tainting things?

00:47:59:17 - 00:48:00:07


00:48:00:23 - 00:48:05:00

Uh, that's a that's a good question. Honestly, I.

00:48:05:02 - 00:48:06:01

Think more people.

00:48:06:03 - 00:48:09:01

Need to do it this way. Uh, I.

00:48:09:03 - 00:48:09:20

Think that.

00:48:09:22 - 00:48:13:03

They're within the system that the world is set.

00:48:13:05 - 00:48:21:11

Up on is and money makes the world go round. You when you give money, you know, a value within your society of what you're supposed.

00:48:21:13 - 00:48:23:05

To be getting back. I give this much money.

00:48:23:07 - 00:48:24:07

That's what a car is worth.

00:48:24:09 - 00:48:25:20

This much money is what a house is worth.

00:48:25:22 - 00:48:26:17

This much money is what a.

00:48:26:19 - 00:48:27:09

Loaf of bread is.

00:48:27:11 - 00:48:29:13

Worth. And so it gives you.

00:48:29:15 - 00:48:30:11


00:48:30:13 - 00:48:34:03

When you spend money on something. I find that there is.

00:48:34:05 - 00:48:35:02

So much corruption.

00:48:35:04 - 00:48:49:06

In spirituality because the the story is that money taints and that's completely untrue. Money is just simply a medium for exchange. And so when you assign a value, you're telling people this is the value.

00:48:49:08 - 00:48:49:23

That we.

00:48:50:00 - 00:48:56:10

Believe this brings to you and should you wish to do that, this is how much it costs.

00:48:56:12 - 00:48:58:04

That makes everything much.

00:48:58:06 - 00:49:14:13

More upfront and clear and in integrity. And there is another aspect. That exchange is a universal law one must exchange. And I find that people want to they want to purport.

00:49:14:15 - 00:49:17:06

That their spiritual growth or their.

00:49:17:15 - 00:49:22:02

Exploration of spirituality is so valuable.

00:49:22:16 - 00:49:25:22

That it's worthless. There should be no exchange.

00:49:26:14 - 00:49:27:23

My answer to that is.

00:49:28:19 - 00:49:31:05

Don't treat something that's valuable is worthless.

00:49:31:16 - 00:49:39:12

You you wouldn't go to a restaurant and ask for food and expect not to pay it. You wouldn't go to watch a sporting event and.

00:49:39:14 - 00:49:40:04

Expect not to.

00:49:40:06 - 00:49:47:11

Pay. You wouldn't want a car dealership to give you a car and expect not to pay because you interpret those things as well.

00:49:47:13 - 00:49:49:04

Of course there's a value.

00:49:50:04 - 00:49:50:24

And so to.

00:49:51:01 - 00:49:56:00

Me, it it comes hand in hand. Now, some people would.

00:49:56:02 - 00:50:02:00

Say, but if it's common knowledge, if it's if it's knowledge for everyone, why would you charge for that?

00:50:02:04 - 00:50:03:13

And my answer is this.

00:50:03:15 - 00:50:14:06

You have all the knowledge within yourself. You don't need the mystery school. If you can do it on your own, then you just do it. But if you need.

00:50:14:08 - 00:50:15:08


00:50:15:17 - 00:50:16:22

And then you need to.

00:50:16:24 - 00:50:19:08

Exchange for that expertise and.

00:50:19:10 - 00:50:20:00

That helps.

00:50:20:02 - 00:50:20:21

Us to.

00:50:22:11 - 00:50:28:20

Honor the value it has in our life. You know, we if we look at all the students in the mystery.

00:50:28:22 - 00:50:30:10

School, those people that are.

00:50:30:12 - 00:50:33:19

There at the different levels of wherever they are in classes.

00:50:33:21 - 00:50:34:11


00:50:34:13 - 00:50:41:20

There because they have found value in that exchange. And at any point in time, they could have stopped that value.

00:50:41:22 - 00:50:42:15

So there's.

00:50:42:17 - 00:50:44:20

Something within themselves that says, yes.

00:50:44:22 - 00:50:46:15

This is good for me, I'm enjoying.

00:50:46:17 - 00:50:49:07

This. And and I wouldn't refute that.

00:50:49:09 - 00:50:51:07

Some of them might be there for pure entertainment. I don't.

00:50:51:09 - 00:50:56:02

Know. And some are there for genuine exploration and some are there for a little bit of everything.

00:50:56:05 - 00:51:00:10

But it's within their own will improve you to do such a thing.

00:51:00:16 - 00:51:02:17

And I think that.

00:51:02:20 - 00:51:11:06

If we ran. Spiritual understanding more in integrity like we.

00:51:11:08 - 00:51:11:23

Would a business.

00:51:12:00 - 00:51:15:22

You pay your taxes, you charge tax, there's receipts.

00:51:15:24 - 00:51:21:04

All that stuff. I think you would clean up so much of the negativity.

00:51:21:06 - 00:51:29:06

That is associated with sort of more spiritual practices that are non-religious. And even in religion, there's.

00:51:29:17 - 00:51:31:03

There's questions about.

00:51:31:05 - 00:51:31:21

That integrity.

00:51:31:23 - 00:51:33:20

So to me, I think it's it's.

00:51:33:22 - 00:51:36:18

The right choice. You know, you do your best until there's a better. And I.

00:51:36:20 - 00:51:38:14

Think it's it's the best choice right now.

00:51:39:15 - 00:51:54:04

And if it comes to value and and we're giving exchange for something that we value when somebody says well it's too expensive. Right. Mystery schools to to expensive. What is it that they're really saying.

00:51:56:07 - 00:51:57:14

Is it too expensive?

00:52:00:19 - 00:52:12:21

For me, it's there's one of two things. Either either they don't truly see the value of what it is you're offering and that's that's okay. But saying it's too expensive in tones that they see a.

00:52:12:23 - 00:52:15:24

Value but not that much of a value.

00:52:16:10 - 00:52:17:00


00:52:17:06 - 00:52:19:03

Or they're saying what I've seen.

00:52:19:05 - 00:52:21:10

With more experience is that.

00:52:21:22 - 00:52:25:09

They don't have enough desire within themselves to go down.

00:52:25:11 - 00:52:30:10

This road this way. And that's, you know, that's totally okay. You go do your thing.

00:52:30:12 - 00:52:32:10

Do what you know, what brings you joy.

00:52:32:12 - 00:52:34:01

I mean, do it your way.

00:52:34:19 - 00:52:40:11

Um, but I personally, for me, a decision that I made a long time ago is that the best investment and I teach this to the.

00:52:40:13 - 00:52:41:24

Students is in the self.

00:52:42:12 - 00:52:43:24

Don't invest in something else.

00:52:44:01 - 00:52:45:07

Invest in yourself.

00:52:45:09 - 00:52:47:08

Because no matter what happens, you're.

00:52:47:10 - 00:52:48:16

Always with you.

00:52:49:00 - 00:52:50:08

And so you're investing.

00:52:50:10 - 00:52:51:00


00:52:51:02 - 00:53:01:15

In an aspect that's always with you and you know, you've got your, your degree in science. You have masteries and alchemy and Kabbalah and many other things, and that's with you.

00:53:01:17 - 00:53:05:20

That investment is in yourself. So when someone talks about the mystery school.

00:53:05:22 - 00:53:09:18

And they talk about expenses, I look at it from the perspective that.

00:53:09:20 - 00:53:11:21

They're maybe not ready.

00:53:11:23 - 00:53:20:00

To invest in themselves enough yet. And and that's okay. They don't have to. But I would say whatever you do in life, whatever decisions.

00:53:20:02 - 00:53:21:13

You make, invest in yourself.

00:53:22:01 - 00:53:25:23

First and foremost, because that's really where the benefit.

00:53:26:00 - 00:53:26:15

Is going to come.

00:53:26:18 - 00:53:44:09

Yeah, Yeah. Sometimes people, they'll put the value in things that are outside of themselves. But when it comes to putting, seeing the value and investing within oneself to say that something is too expensive or not worth it for them to do, it's almost like they're saying, I'm not worth investing in myself.

00:53:44:12 - 00:53:45:06


00:53:45:08 - 00:53:49:10

And then but they project it out because everything is about the.

00:53:49:12 - 00:53:51:17

External value versus the.

00:53:51:19 - 00:53:56:09

Internal value. So I have found personally that just like you said, the best.

00:53:56:11 - 00:53:58:18

Investments I've ever made have been within myself.

00:53:58:20 - 00:54:05:01

And not just within my my education for career purposes, but within me becoming a better version of.

00:54:05:03 - 00:54:05:18


00:54:05:20 - 00:54:09:00

And and the more that I've, you know, invested in my.

00:54:09:02 - 00:54:09:22

Own personal.

00:54:09:24 - 00:54:13:20

Inner growth, the more that has then been able to be outwardly.

00:54:13:22 - 00:54:15:09

Expressed and.

00:54:15:11 - 00:54:35:06

Manifested into my life in outer growth and outer flow of abundance. So it's like our our whole sense of abundance comes from within and it's very relative to what we believe we are worth or what we believe. You know, the spirit is worth. These value systems that we have.

00:54:35:21 - 00:54:37:09

Starts from the inside out.

00:54:37:20 - 00:55:10:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Now, I'm going to change the subject here because one of the other big things that comes with distinguishing what is a mystery school, and I think there are other groups out there that call themselves a mystery school. But the my understanding of what we do and my experience of what we do in the modern mystery school has been very different. In just studying the mysteries. For example, we do more than just study the mysteries and learn tools for, you know, spiritual practice or improving our lives.

00:55:10:04 - 00:55:19:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There is something that that we work with in which is called lineage, right? And this lineage thing is something that really distinguishes us as a.

00:55:19:15 - 00:55:21:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As a mystery school that has.

00:55:21:12 - 00:55:50:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ancient roots versus just something that, you know, one person decided to start and teach their concepts of things. We have the handing down process that goes back pretty far. So can you explain for the layperson what is lineage? Why is it important? And then how do we know that we have lineage? How what is our evidence and how do we know that it's unbroken? Do we have any evidence for that?

00:55:51:14 - 00:55:52:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

00:55:54:22 - 00:56:14:14

Yeah, that's it's a it's another good question. Great questions. So, um, lineage is in terms of what we do as a mystery school is something that has um, a tried and trusted, tried and tested history of practices, teachings.

00:56:14:16 - 00:56:15:12

Dave Lanyon: Healings.

00:56:15:14 - 00:56:16:16


00:56:17:03 - 00:56:19:06

Dave Lanyon: Um, that have been around.

00:56:19:08 - 00:56:34:18

For, in our case thousands of years, that through this tried and tested practice are proven to work and to be accurate. So they don't come from a person, they don't come from someone's whims, they don't come from something.

00:56:34:20 - 00:56:36:22

That just popped into someone's head and hey, let's all.

00:56:36:24 - 00:56:41:03

Do this and let's try. Uh, ultimately.

00:56:41:18 - 00:56:44:10

Dave Lanyon: How do you know that it is accurate?

00:56:44:12 - 00:56:54:07

Dave Lanyon: That is true is through your own application and direct experience. So we have something called a life activation. And for the people I.

00:56:54:10 - 00:56:55:01

Dave Lanyon: Don't do them.

00:56:55:03 - 00:56:58:08

Dave Lanyon: Anymore because it's been many years and there's many thousands who can do.

00:56:58:10 - 00:56:59:24

Dave Lanyon: It. But when I did do.

00:57:00:01 - 00:57:00:16

Dave Lanyon: It.

00:57:00:18 - 00:57:03:02

Dave Lanyon: You know, one of the questions would come up about how do you know this?

00:57:03:04 - 00:57:05:03

Dave Lanyon: This works? And I'd say, try it.

00:57:05:06 - 00:57:07:10

Dave Lanyon: And we still use that methodology today.

00:57:07:12 - 00:57:08:02

Dave Lanyon: Try it.

00:57:08:04 - 00:57:14:09

Dave Lanyon: Watch what happens. Because so many people seek validation.

00:57:14:11 - 00:57:17:23

Dave Lanyon: Of something from outside themselves.

00:57:18:00 - 00:57:20:06

Dave Lanyon: They seek it from maybe it's from a book.

00:57:20:08 - 00:57:20:23

Dave Lanyon: There's a lot.

00:57:21:00 - 00:57:21:15

Dave Lanyon: Of people all the book.

00:57:21:17 - 00:57:25:06

Dave Lanyon: This book says this. That organization says this.

00:57:25:08 - 00:57:32:06

Dave Lanyon: And the bottom line is none of it matters if it doesn't actually apply to.

00:57:32:08 - 00:57:33:24

Dave Lanyon: Your direct experience.

00:57:34:01 - 00:57:38:00

Dave Lanyon: If it doesn't in some way, shape or form inform you more about your own.

00:57:38:02 - 00:57:40:04

Dave Lanyon: Life and help you to grow and.

00:57:40:06 - 00:57:49:24

Dave Lanyon: Understand something, the rest is almost inconsequential. So I could go back and we have many, many books and for example, on a reading.

00:57:50:01 - 00:57:53:18

Dave Lanyon: List and I could say, but it says it here, it says it there, it's written here, it's written on.

00:57:53:20 - 00:57:55:16

Dave Lanyon: The scroll. It's back here, It's back there.

00:57:57:00 - 00:58:05:03

Dave Lanyon: That for a discerning person should be no different than me. Just saying it to you, sitting in front of you, because it really doesn't make a difference.

00:58:05:07 - 00:58:12:09

Dave Lanyon: You know, I wrote a book. I know you're an author of many books, Why Anyone would Believe What we wrote in our.

00:58:12:11 - 00:58:13:02

Dave Lanyon: Books.

00:58:13:04 - 00:58:18:01

Dave Lanyon: Than anyone else. I don't know. You would have to look at what's in the book and say, does.

00:58:18:03 - 00:58:18:22

Dave Lanyon: This work.

00:58:18:24 - 00:58:32:12

Dave Lanyon: For me? Does this make sense? Does this clarify something? Then that book has true authenticity in your life because you're like, Yes, I read the book. It makes a difference. I apply this teaching now. And so when I look at lineage.

00:58:33:09 - 00:58:41:09

Dave Lanyon: When I look at anything inside or outside this mystery school, if it doesn't benefit my growth or my understanding to improve.

00:58:41:11 - 00:58:42:01

Dave Lanyon: Myself or.

00:58:42:03 - 00:58:46:14

Dave Lanyon: Others, it really doesn't matter. And it doesn't matter if it was written in a book.

00:58:46:16 - 00:58:48:06

Dave Lanyon: 4000 years ago.

00:58:48:08 - 00:58:50:20

Dave Lanyon: Or 10,000 years ago or yesterday.

00:58:51:17 - 00:58:54:24

Dave Lanyon: Does it make sense to what we're doing now?

00:58:55:01 - 00:59:01:12

Dave Lanyon: A big aspect of lineage is the fact that it does have generational understandings.

00:59:01:14 - 00:59:10:12

Dave Lanyon: So one of the things that I do lean on, I think it's helped me a lot, is when you have all those doubts, you have to realize that plenty of people before you had those same doubts about.

00:59:10:14 - 00:59:21:15

Dave Lanyon: Those same things and yet something about this teaching or this modality continues to permeate after thousands of years in its necessity of something.

00:59:22:15 - 00:59:29:12

Dave Lanyon: Uh, when I first got initiated, I didn't know if, you know, I didn't know what the initiation would do. I didn't know if I even actually.

00:59:29:14 - 00:59:33:12

Dave Lanyon: Believed in it. But after my initiation and.

00:59:33:14 - 00:59:36:12

Dave Lanyon: Then a period of time after that, it was quite clear.

00:59:36:14 - 00:59:39:12

Dave Lanyon: To me that something had changed. Even though I.

00:59:39:14 - 00:59:52:19

Dave Lanyon: Kind of wanted it to fail because I wanted it to be free of myself, having to realize that there was this other greater thing I needed to pursue. I almost wanted it to fail. And so it didn't matter.

00:59:52:21 - 00:59:55:02

Dave Lanyon: To me that there was all these other people, including.

00:59:55:04 - 00:59:57:22

Dave Lanyon: You know, someone like Founder Gunning, who said, Yeah, this, this thing works.

00:59:57:24 - 01:00:03:10

Dave Lanyon: And you're like, Yeah, okay, maybe it was me. It was what it did to me.

01:00:03:20 - 01:00:11:05

Dave Lanyon: And so in all of those things, these are all important to lineage, but ultimately it's what what matters to.

01:00:11:07 - 01:00:11:22

Dave Lanyon: You.

01:00:12:04 - 01:00:14:06

Dave Lanyon: And it's how it affects you that.

01:00:14:08 - 01:00:15:19

Dave Lanyon: Gives its strength and.

01:00:15:21 - 01:00:27:03

Dave Lanyon: Validity in your life. And please, as an obsessive, so would say this to you Do not outsource your discernment to anyone else in your life. Don't give it over to an organization.

01:00:27:05 - 01:00:28:14

Dave Lanyon: A government, a church or.

01:00:28:16 - 01:00:35:04

Dave Lanyon: Anything else and say this person will decide what I know and don't know what is true and what is not true.

01:00:35:06 - 01:00:36:02

Dave Lanyon: You need to do.

01:00:36:04 - 01:00:37:22

Dave Lanyon: That for within yourself.

01:00:39:13 - 01:00:54:07

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, I certainly mean you mentioned at the beginning my intelligent doubt, right? I came into this path with a lot of doubt, a lot of skepticism, especially, you know, being in immersed in my PhD studies in physics and were trained to be.

01:00:54:09 - 01:00:57:12

Dave Lanyon: Skeptical and to ask questions and to poke holes at theories.

01:00:57:14 - 01:01:04:17

Dave Lanyon: And but as much as I had doubt and I wasn't sure what was going on, you know, when I was taking certain.

01:01:04:19 - 01:01:05:16

Dave Lanyon: Steps and.

01:01:05:18 - 01:01:09:12

Dave Lanyon: You know, I struggled with a lot of the concepts, I saw the results.

01:01:09:14 - 01:01:11:17

Dave Lanyon: Every single time in my life.

01:01:11:19 - 01:01:12:24

Dave Lanyon: And it was and.

01:01:13:01 - 01:01:14:14

Dave Lanyon: I knew I wasn't making it up.

01:01:14:16 - 01:01:36:07

Dave Lanyon: Because I wasn't necessarily, you know, it wasn't a psychological kind of participatory process for me. If anything, I was resisting it. But regardless of my resistance to I saw the transformations and yet was a participating skeptic in the sense that I was willing to give it a try. I was willing to experiment with it and see if it.

01:01:36:09 - 01:01:39:00

Dave Lanyon: Reveals itself to me in my own life.

01:01:39:02 - 01:01:46:24

Dave Lanyon: And by the fruits or by the results directly that I kept getting. I knew this is this is good. And then.

01:01:47:01 - 01:01:47:16

Dave Lanyon: My.

01:01:47:18 - 01:01:50:00

Dave Lanyon: Other mean so my life became.

01:01:50:02 - 01:01:51:00

Dave Lanyon: My proof.

01:01:51:06 - 01:01:58:09

Dave Lanyon: And then, you know, as much as I would ask the deeper questions, I also found that there was no.

01:01:58:11 - 01:01:59:04

Dave Lanyon: Bottom.

01:01:59:06 - 01:02:01:23

Dave Lanyon: To the well of not just knowledge.

01:02:02:00 - 01:02:03:17

Dave Lanyon: But deep understanding.

01:02:03:19 - 01:02:27:09

Dave Lanyon: And you know, that you can't make it up. One person could not come up with all of that stuff. So I knew that there was such an accumulation of knowledge, understanding and wisdom that had been handed down, you know, from generation to generation that was then being shared. And it's not just a book knowledge. It was a lived, practical.

01:02:27:11 - 01:02:28:01

Dave Lanyon: Applied.

01:02:28:03 - 01:02:32:19

Dave Lanyon: Knowledge that this is how we do this. And it's not just about the.

01:02:32:21 - 01:02:34:17

Dave Lanyon: What, it's the how. You know.

01:02:34:19 - 01:02:35:10

Dave Lanyon: One of the things.

01:02:35:12 - 01:02:36:02

Dave Lanyon: That.

01:02:36:04 - 01:02:45:03

Dave Lanyon: We often teach in the mystery school is that we're not a seminar company. We're not here to teach you about a subject. We're here to teach you the subject, how to.

01:02:45:05 - 01:02:48:04

Dave Lanyon: Live it, how to embody it. And and that is.

01:02:48:06 - 01:02:48:21

Dave Lanyon: Not something you.

01:02:48:23 - 01:02:49:13

Dave Lanyon: Can get out of a.

01:02:49:15 - 01:03:02:16

Dave Lanyon: Book. That's something that really requires that immersive experience in person, you know, where we can work with each individual and be immersed in the energetic field and so forth. And so.

01:03:03:11 - 01:03:04:02

Dave Lanyon: This this.

01:03:04:04 - 01:03:21:10

Dave Lanyon: Combination of my own direct experience, me witnessing the results in other people as well. And then, you know, just knowing that that no matter in 20 years, no matter how far down that, you know, well of knowledge I've dug, it keeps going deeper. And the farther I go, the.

01:03:21:12 - 01:03:25:22

Dave Lanyon: More I realize I'm still just scratching the surface here because there's so much more.

01:03:25:24 - 01:03:28:02

Dave Lanyon: And so, you know, that.

01:03:28:04 - 01:03:28:19

Dave Lanyon: That I.

01:03:28:21 - 01:03:49:15

Dave Lanyon: Think really speaks volumes to the fact that there really is lineage where so many of the things I tried before it was it would just plateau. It hit a wall in terms of being able to sufficiently answer questions in a satisfactory way. Whereas here I've never hit that within the modern mystery school.

01:03:49:17 - 01:03:52:17

Dave Lanyon: And and there is you.

01:03:52:19 - 01:03:53:13

Dave Lanyon: Know, there might.

01:03:53:15 - 01:03:54:06

Dave Lanyon: Be points along.

01:03:54:08 - 01:03:57:08

Dave Lanyon: The way where we think that there's contradictions, but as you keep on.

01:03:57:10 - 01:04:00:16

Dave Lanyon: Going and your consciousness and awareness expands.

01:04:00:18 - 01:04:01:24

Dave Lanyon: You get to this new.

01:04:02:01 - 01:04:03:09

Dave Lanyon: Level where you can look back and what.

01:04:03:11 - 01:04:05:04

Dave Lanyon: Looked like contradictions before.

01:04:05:06 - 01:04:06:07

Dave Lanyon: Now you see it in a whole new.

01:04:06:09 - 01:04:09:00

Dave Lanyon: Context, and the those paradoxes.

01:04:09:02 - 01:04:09:20

Dave Lanyon: Are reconciled.

01:04:09:22 - 01:04:10:23

Dave Lanyon: So to speak, and it all.

01:04:11:00 - 01:04:14:10

Dave Lanyon: Becomes much more like multidimensional.

01:04:15:03 - 01:04:46:11

Dave Lanyon: So this is one of the things that I think is it makes the mystery school so relevant to today still, is that, you know, we say, well, these are ancient teachings. You know, what is their relevance to our modern world? But I think. That they really help us access more of the the wisdom that is universal. And it's it's it doesn't really go away just because the trends are different. But also it helps us learn how to become more multidimensional.

01:04:46:13 - 01:04:47:03

Dave Lanyon: And.

01:04:47:05 - 01:05:05:07

Dave Lanyon: Shift into a new paradigm because it's so alchemical, so transformational. So why would you say that the mystery school is relevant to today and why is it so needed in the sense that we've opened our doors? Why is it so needed in our world today?

01:05:08:12 - 01:05:22:23

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, it's an interesting place because so, so much of the world is focused on sort of your mental aspects. And we hear that a lot today. You know, you've got to worry about your mental health, people getting triggered and.

01:05:23:00 - 01:05:25:04

Dave Lanyon: Safe spaces and many other.

01:05:25:06 - 01:05:28:24

Dave Lanyon: Things. And of course, I think there is a huge amount of.

01:05:29:01 - 01:05:30:24

Dave Lanyon: Understanding that that's growing.

01:05:31:13 - 01:05:32:04

Dave Lanyon: In in.

01:05:32:06 - 01:05:32:21

Dave Lanyon: Our physical.

01:05:32:23 - 01:05:34:05

Dave Lanyon: Health. So we have this.

01:05:34:10 - 01:05:42:13

Dave Lanyon: Mind and body and we're, you know, we're we're putting a lot of energy into understanding these aspects of herself.

01:05:43:12 - 01:05:46:09

Dave Lanyon: Spirituality has always kind of been an aside.

01:05:46:11 - 01:05:47:01

Dave Lanyon: It's been.

01:05:47:03 - 01:05:48:07

Dave Lanyon: Thrown to the side, left.

01:05:48:09 - 01:05:51:07

Dave Lanyon: For religions, perhaps in our modern age, left to.

01:05:51:09 - 01:06:00:07

Dave Lanyon: New age, there's been sort of no. Clear methodology for that exploration. You know, it's.

01:06:00:09 - 01:06:01:16

Dave Lanyon: Been kind of left.

01:06:01:18 - 01:06:04:22

Dave Lanyon: There. And I think that one.

01:06:04:24 - 01:06:08:12

Dave Lanyon: Of the biggest things in fact, I would say I'm very much in line with.

01:06:08:14 - 01:06:10:17

Dave Lanyon: The hermetic that godlessness.

01:06:10:19 - 01:06:17:12

Dave Lanyon: Is the biggest problem in the world. You know, some people would say it's, you know, we need to remove God from the world, you know, just get.

01:06:17:14 - 01:06:18:04

Dave Lanyon: More.

01:06:18:06 - 01:06:24:02

Dave Lanyon: Pragmatic, practical and just sort of a spirit. And I'm like, no, actually, you need to bring a lot more spirit into the world.

01:06:24:08 - 01:06:27:20

Dave Lanyon: And we in this modern age need clarity.

01:06:28:00 - 01:06:35:09

Dave Lanyon: We you know, you've identified the mystery school as a university of the soul. And I would say that's there's a lot of truth to that.

01:06:35:11 - 01:06:36:14

Dave Lanyon: Because we do.

01:06:36:16 - 01:06:37:08

Dave Lanyon: Need.

01:06:37:10 - 01:06:38:18

Dave Lanyon: An education.

01:06:38:20 - 01:06:48:04

Dave Lanyon: On spirituality. That is, in my humble opinion, outside the normative thinking of religion.

01:06:48:06 - 01:06:50:05

Which has become very dogmatic.

01:06:50:07 - 01:07:05:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: See, a cool thing about lineage is that I'm getting excited. The cool thing about lineage is that it it's growing and it's alive. It's expansive. It's never, you know, as much as it's ancient, it continues to progress or it too would be dead.

01:07:05:02 - 01:07:09:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I don't see that in religion. I see religions.

01:07:09:07 - 01:07:10:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As trying to.

01:07:10:06 - 01:07:11:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Fortify their.

01:07:11:03 - 01:07:17:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Position of we are perfect exactly like this. We've been always been perfect in our understanding.

01:07:17:24 - 01:07:22:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're perfect today. And yet the lineage says it is perfect through growth.

01:07:22:16 - 01:07:29:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It is not perfect as it was. It is perfect as it grows. So, you know, it's spirituality.

01:07:29:14 - 01:07:31:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Should be a progressive state for the.

01:07:31:07 - 01:07:34:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Individual and for everything that supports that individual.

01:07:34:12 - 01:07:40:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I see lineage especially being important for that progressive state.

01:07:40:03 - 01:07:41:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If you don't have.

01:07:41:22 - 01:07:45:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To make it real simple, if you don't have experts who can.

01:07:45:07 - 01:07:50:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Help you to ask yourself the right questions about the things.

01:07:50:15 - 01:07:52:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You're trying to figure out about yourself, you're.

01:07:53:01 - 01:07:54:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Not going to get anywhere.

01:07:54:11 - 01:07:58:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And as much as I have deep respect for psychologists and.

01:07:58:18 - 01:08:03:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Psychiatrists and other people who work on it from a mental point of view, there is another.

01:08:03:13 - 01:08:08:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Aspect that is purely spiritual. That is about the why of life and.

01:08:09:01 - 01:08:12:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so much is about who are you and why are you here.

01:08:13:00 - 01:08:14:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: What place should you be and what.

01:08:14:11 - 01:08:18:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is your place in the universe? And yet there there is an.

01:08:18:02 - 01:08:19:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Expertise.

01:08:19:12 - 01:08:31:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To working with someone on that. But should you figure out who you are to know thyself? It is the most satisfying, fulfilling, clarifying thing that will ever happen in your life.

01:08:31:18 - 01:08:32:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I would.

01:08:32:19 - 01:08:34:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Argue that it supersedes.

01:08:34:09 - 01:08:36:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Any other education.

01:08:36:23 - 01:08:43:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: On the planet. To know thyself is the most important thing someone can do and why we would believe.

01:08:43:24 - 01:08:46:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That we would do that purely through.

01:08:46:18 - 01:08:47:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Our own.

01:08:47:10 - 01:08:50:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Understandings and just sort of stumble in the.

01:08:50:04 - 01:09:01:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Dark with a flashlight and hope that we figure it all out. Why would we not believe that there are people in the world who are experts at this exploration? And that's that's in a very.

01:09:01:04 - 01:09:03:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Pragmatic, sort of mental way.

01:09:03:07 - 01:09:05:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That is what this is about.

01:09:05:04 - 01:09:12:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We need we need a a school for the soul, a school for the spirit. And this is very much what the mystery school.

01:09:12:14 - 01:09:13:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Fits.

01:09:13:06 - 01:09:13:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Into.

01:09:14:17 - 01:09:28:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I would wholeheartedly agree with you that to know thyself is ultimately the the most meaningful. And, you know, when when I there's a certain point that I reached in my life where I.

01:09:28:15 - 01:09:29:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Felt like.

01:09:29:07 - 01:09:32:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay, I know myself mostly and or.

01:09:32:21 - 01:09:34:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Really well and I'm.

01:09:34:16 - 01:09:48:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Really finally clear on purpose and I'm aligned with it and I'm living it. And, you know, I'm on track with my unique piece versus, you know, that kind of questioning process of where do I fit into it.

01:09:48:15 - 01:09:50:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All and who am I? What am I?

01:09:50:05 - 01:09:50:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When I finally.

01:09:51:00 - 01:09:52:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Felt like, Oh, I'm in it.

01:09:52:21 - 01:09:59:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There is just such a a sense of peace, you know, inner peace and.

01:10:00:07 - 01:10:04:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, really knowing like, yeah, I'm on track and it's so.

01:10:04:17 - 01:10:14:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Fulfilling and there's just so much joy and flow and ease. Not that everything is easy, but just like you're just aligned and it makes everything so much more.

01:10:15:01 - 01:10:19:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In that that flow. So would 100%.

01:10:19:05 - 01:10:20:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Agree with you that it is the.

01:10:20:14 - 01:10:21:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Most important thing.

01:10:21:12 - 01:10:43:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That we could be pursuing in our lives as to to come to know ourselves? And you mentioned experts and have people who have expertise in this journey and also different, you know, metaphysical arts and sciences. And that's one of the other things that that you and I have talked about and that I also really love and appreciate is that within.

01:10:43:24 - 01:10:45:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Like the modern mystery school, it's not.

01:10:46:01 - 01:10:48:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just about one teacher.

01:10:48:05 - 01:10:49:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's not one master.

01:10:49:15 - 01:10:54:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or a guru or, you know what they say. We have a whole team.

01:10:54:19 - 01:10:55:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of experts.

01:10:56:01 - 01:11:07:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And leaders within and teachers within the mystery school that offer diverse perspectives, different approaches, different expertise. And there's a power in working.

01:11:07:19 - 01:11:09:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Together as a team.

01:11:10:01 - 01:11:24:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That has been such a privilege to be a part of, to to come together with other leaders who are very unique in their own expression and yet all so committed to a bigger mission and serving and fulfilling that mission together.

01:11:25:02 - 01:11:25:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In a united.

01:11:26:00 - 01:11:34:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Way. You know, it's it's it's so beautiful. And you've been very instrumental in the the leading and kind of.

01:11:34:05 - 01:11:36:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Helping build that team.

01:11:36:16 - 01:11:45:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You and then founder you know there's been such a vision that it's required to to pull all of that together.

01:11:45:14 - 01:11:46:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I was just.

01:11:46:06 - 01:11:54:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Wondering if you could maybe share some of your insights on that, on the power of the team and why it needs to be a team, not just, you know, one master teacher or guru.

01:11:54:13 - 01:11:55:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For example.

01:11:57:05 - 01:12:16:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, it's, um. It's something that. It kind of fascinates me because so many spiritual organizations, they. They want the one person who is the person that does it all. And that's so not how we do things. And I find that.

01:12:19:02 - 01:12:25:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: One of our greatest strengths is a team because. Our spiritual aspects of life and all.

01:12:25:16 - 01:12:27:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The things in it. There's so many different.

01:12:28:02 - 01:12:33:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Expertise that we can study. We could look at sacred geometry, alchemy, Kabbalah.

01:12:33:09 - 01:12:33:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I mean.

01:12:34:01 - 01:12:34:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There's there's.

01:12:35:13 - 01:12:36:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Shamanic.

01:12:36:05 - 01:12:39:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Magic, hermetic, esoteric. There's so many.

01:12:39:11 - 01:12:41:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ways to work with our.

01:12:41:07 - 01:12:42:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Spirituality.

01:12:42:10 - 01:12:45:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And the thing I love the most is that.

01:12:45:09 - 01:12:46:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: No one's expected.

01:12:46:21 - 01:12:59:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To know all of it all the time. It's just no way to do that. And so for you, for example, you're you're an alchemy teacher along with my wife, Divina Franca. You guys are the fronts of alchemy in.

01:12:59:15 - 01:13:00:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The mystery school.

01:13:01:01 - 01:13:18:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, that means I don't have to be an alchemy expert because I have people I trust and I know who are well studied and and super good at their job. And so when someone says, Well, I want to know more about alchemy, I can say, please talk to one of our experts on alchemy. I'm not your alchemy teacher. You know, I'll teach you hermetic and be your.

01:13:18:05 - 01:13:19:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ritual master teacher.

01:13:19:09 - 01:13:30:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And for those of you who know anything about teams, this is the most beautiful thing in life. It gives us so much strength. If I were to relate it to because I have a lot of athleticism in my background, if.

01:13:31:00 - 01:13:31:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Related to a.

01:13:31:17 - 01:13:33:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Team, I don't have.

01:13:33:09 - 01:13:33:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To be.

01:13:34:01 - 01:13:53:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The best player on the team. I just have to be the best at my position and then everyone else can be the best of their position and you end up with a great team. And we firmly believe we're here to build Shambala. And you know what, Shambala? To make it real simple, we're here to build a better world, a world that is more balanced between the light and the dark.

01:13:53:22 - 01:13:56:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To do that means teamwork.

01:13:56:15 - 01:14:03:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It will not be built by one person, and it will not be built by only one person's thoughts and feelings on a matter we built by everyone.

01:14:04:02 - 01:14:06:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In respect of each other's expertise.

01:14:06:18 - 01:14:27:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And the beauty, as you were saying earlier, about the fact that it never the study never ends. That's that's so true, that I love the fact that I can, you know, even after 20 years, I can decide that I want to become an alchemy master and begin that journey today. I didn't have to start at 20 years ago. I could have started it. Now I can serve five years from now.

01:14:28:00 - 01:14:29:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The exploration never.

01:14:29:10 - 01:14:32:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ends and so there's always more to.

01:14:32:12 - 01:14:33:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Be had.

01:14:33:09 - 01:14:44:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that, as you say, the well never it never empties. If you if you run to the end of some piece of knowledge, it is of human when that happens to you. If you say we've we have.

01:14:44:20 - 01:14:46:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Come to the conclusion.

01:14:46:05 - 01:14:50:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of all there is to know on this subject, then it's not of the light or God.

01:14:50:03 - 01:14:51:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because there is.

01:14:51:06 - 01:14:55:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: No there's no conclusion. So I have a.

01:14:55:05 - 01:14:56:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Question for you.

01:14:56:19 - 01:15:00:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So as a scientist, what what were the.

01:15:01:00 - 01:15:03:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Connective pieces for you, particularly with.

01:15:03:21 - 01:15:19:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Alchemy and science? Like what really brought those two? Because one could be seen as almost a very metaphysical way of dealing with science, a spiritual way. And then the other one is very pragmatic. And and so what what brought those two pieces together for you?

01:15:20:02 - 01:15:23:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, it's interesting. I thank you for the question.

01:15:23:20 - 01:15:26:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I you know, having.

01:15:26:24 - 01:15:32:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Been educated formally in physics, we hear, you know, we learn a bit of the history of physics.

01:15:32:23 - 01:15:33:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And.

01:15:33:16 - 01:15:39:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Science as we go through education. And the programming was, well, yeah, it started with.

01:15:39:16 - 01:15:40:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Alchemy, but they didn't.

01:15:40:16 - 01:15:47:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Really know what they were doing. They were just kind of pseudo scientists, you know, and, and trying to turn lead into gold.

01:15:47:02 - 01:15:49:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we all know that that's not possible, you know?

01:15:49:04 - 01:15:51:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So the mentality that I had.

01:15:51:03 - 01:15:54:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Originally about alchemy was that, you know, and remember, I had.

01:15:56:00 - 01:15:58:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Had a woman one time I'd gone for.

01:15:58:02 - 01:15:58:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, just.

01:15:58:21 - 01:16:04:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In my spiritual exploration. I had gone for a reading with this this tarot reader and she.

01:16:04:12 - 01:16:05:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Picked up.

01:16:05:05 - 01:16:07:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: On You need to study.

01:16:07:10 - 01:16:17:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Alchemy. And I, I said to her, I don't have anything to learn from those alchemists. I'm a real scientist. And she's like, No, no, no, honey.

01:16:17:07 - 01:16:18:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You just trust me. You don't.

01:16:18:22 - 01:16:19:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Understand.

01:16:19:14 - 01:16:23:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You need to study alchemy. And I just kept kind of batting it away.

01:16:23:20 - 01:16:24:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And.

01:16:24:22 - 01:16:26:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then not that long.

01:16:27:00 - 01:16:29:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: After, maybe, I don't know, maybe a.

01:16:29:08 - 01:16:30:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Couple months after.

01:16:31:07 - 01:16:34:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: My. My mom, you know, is at a bookstore, and she ended.

01:16:34:17 - 01:16:44:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Up getting, like a really strong hit that she needed to get this book, that it was on the clearance table and that she needed to give it to me. And when she gave it to me very apologetically.

01:16:44:15 - 01:16:50:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: She's like, No, you didn't want any more books. But I couldn't walk away without giving this to you. It was a book on alchemy.

01:16:50:20 - 01:16:54:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so here the universe kept showing it to me.

01:16:54:03 - 01:16:55:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Again and again. And I thought.

01:16:55:14 - 01:17:09:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay, well, I'm going to take the signs from the universe and read about it. And as soon as I started to read about Alchemy, I realized it wasn't what we were taught in school. It was actually the gold of alchemy, was the wisdom of it, and that it was a universal.

01:17:09:23 - 01:17:10:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Formula.

01:17:10:21 - 01:17:11:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For.

01:17:11:23 - 01:17:12:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Transformation.

01:17:12:24 - 01:17:15:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And how to improve.

01:17:15:04 - 01:17:15:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, from.

01:17:15:24 - 01:17:23:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: A natural state to a more perfected state, and how we go through that. And there's a formula, there's a method to it there.

01:17:23:02 - 01:17:25:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just science to it as well as an art.

01:17:25:16 - 01:17:27:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then I realized science.

01:17:27:06 - 01:17:28:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Came from.

01:17:28:06 - 01:17:29:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: This well.

01:17:29:19 - 01:17:31:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of wisdom, that alchemy.

01:17:31:07 - 01:17:32:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is this was the original.

01:17:32:19 - 01:17:36:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Science. Yet at that time, when it was alchemy, they didn't.

01:17:36:21 - 01:17:56:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Divorce it from spirituality. Science and spirituality were metaphysics and physics were interconnected like siblings, you know, and that they needed to work together. And and by that point, I had already come to this realization personally that I wanted to serve in helping bridge.

01:17:56:22 - 01:17:57:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Science and.

01:17:57:14 - 01:17:59:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Spirituality. So I saw.

01:17:59:02 - 01:18:04:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Alchemy. Ultimately, once I opened my mind to actually exploring what it was, I saw that.

01:18:04:12 - 01:18:10:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: This was the key to bridging them again, because it was once what they were originally united.

01:18:10:22 - 01:18:11:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And.

01:18:11:14 - 01:18:12:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Alchemy was also so.

01:18:12:18 - 01:18:13:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Applied and so.

01:18:13:21 - 01:18:14:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Practical.

01:18:14:21 - 01:18:20:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And experimental, not just theoretical like it is the way in which.

01:18:20:24 - 01:18:25:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We discovered things like phosphorus that we discovered.

01:18:25:13 - 01:18:26:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Herbal.

01:18:26:05 - 01:18:44:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And, you know, various pharmacology from pharmaceutical remedies. You know, we discovered these through the tradition of alchemy and so much of our modern medicine, modern science, chemistry, physics, even psychology, is based on this ancient tradition of alchemy. So it really ties everything.

01:18:44:07 - 01:18:45:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Together and.

01:18:45:09 - 01:18:47:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Reunites the.

01:18:47:04 - 01:18:49:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The science, the art and the the.

01:18:49:16 - 01:18:51:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Consciousness, the spiritual.

01:18:51:02 - 01:18:51:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Side of it all.

01:18:52:24 - 01:18:54:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So I love it, you know?

01:18:55:01 - 01:18:55:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:18:55:18 - 01:18:57:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, yeah. And you're awesome at it.

01:18:58:13 - 01:18:59:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I know you've helped.

01:18:59:07 - 01:19:05:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Lots and lots of people, including myself, to understand a great many things, but I find it interesting too.

01:19:05:04 - 01:19:05:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because.

01:19:06:04 - 01:19:41:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When we tie what you just said into the perspective of seeking to know thyself. There's an aspect to comes in here that I think people overlook, and that is that it is our seeking of the truth to understand what is. So it's the discernment of knowing what is true and what is not true, what is so and what is not so. And all of our pursuits are about that. And you in your scientific endeavors, along with alchemy being an aspect, is trying to find the truth of the matter because there's that sort of Judeo-Christian tenet of the truth.

01:19:41:14 - 01:19:42:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Cell set you free.

01:19:43:04 - 01:20:05:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so we see within ourselves that to know thyself is very much alchemical, irrefutably. It's an alchemical process, but it's distilling all the other stuff away that allows us to find out who we really are and then learning who we are. We begin to understand the truth of who we are. And in that we in essence, set ourselves free.

01:20:06:00 - 01:20:08:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, very true. And one of the others?

01:20:08:15 - 01:20:09:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, God.

01:20:13:00 - 01:20:14:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Sorry. One second.

01:20:14:10 - 01:20:21:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That's okay. Oh, my goodness. Oh, this throat. It's holding up.

01:20:25:06 - 01:20:26:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How are you doing?

01:20:26:08 - 01:20:36:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We have I have so many more questions. So if you if you're starting to struggle, just let me know and I can cut it shorter.

01:20:39:05 - 01:20:39:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Woo!

01:20:39:24 - 01:20:44:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, let's see how much further we can go. I did pretty good, right? Held on like.

01:20:44:09 - 01:20:45:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I just had to cough.

01:20:46:14 - 01:20:48:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You're doing amazing. Yeah.

01:20:48:11 - 01:20:49:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Let's. Let's throw in.

01:20:49:09 - 01:20:50:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Let's see how far we can get down there.

01:20:50:22 - 01:20:51:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Wi-Fi.

01:20:51:20 - 01:20:52:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm not sure what it is.

01:20:53:04 - 01:20:57:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I don't know. I've tried switching our Wi-Fi, and it didn't. It didn't do much better.

01:20:57:24 - 01:21:13:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, I'm not as worried about there. His audio is coming in perfectly clear. And then we have their zoom footage that we can use. I'm I've written down a few questions to Vina Teresa a few times. Your audio is cut out for me. Has it cut out for you to obsess Miss Dave Divina Teresa's audio a few times?

01:21:13:19 - 01:21:16:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, it's gotten quite wobbly at times.

01:21:16:24 - 01:21:24:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That's where I'm getting concerned because we use the Zoom audio and so that's where I'm concerned about your audio piece.

01:21:24:23 - 01:21:25:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All right. Let me try.

01:21:26:00 - 01:21:32:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Switching our Wi-Fi one more time. We'll see if we can go with the other one we've been doing before.

01:21:33:03 - 01:21:33:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:21:35:06 - 01:21:35:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh.

01:21:43:03 - 01:21:44:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm just switching over the.

01:21:51:15 - 01:21:52:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's.

01:21:52:07 - 01:21:52:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's connecting.

01:21:53:05 - 01:21:54:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It'll come back.

01:22:01:00 - 01:22:01:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So.

01:22:03:21 - 01:22:10:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, because Christina said on their end, their Zoom recording, he's not frozen, so we can just use that.

01:22:10:08 - 01:22:12:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're going to have Ray Works and Magic.

01:22:14:23 - 01:22:16:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Between their recordings.

01:22:16:07 - 01:22:16:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And our.

01:22:16:24 - 01:22:19:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Recordings. And I also did put on.

01:22:19:24 - 01:22:21:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The extra mic, the.

01:22:21:16 - 01:22:26:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Lapel mic, which I'm hoping is recording to Al's phone as well. So.

01:22:26:16 - 01:22:30:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay, that's true. We can pull that audio feed too. Okay, cool.

01:22:30:18 - 01:22:31:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:22:36:02 - 01:22:36:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Steve.

01:22:37:07 - 01:22:37:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Really?

01:22:37:24 - 01:22:38:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:22:40:15 - 01:22:53:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, hopefully they're their camera because they're they've also got iPhone cameras and other cameras going on there. And so hopefully it'll look better. We can get their original files from in studio there.

01:22:53:10 - 01:22:54:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:22:55:08 - 01:22:56:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So, yeah, we're going to.

01:22:56:14 - 01:23:00:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Have to work some magic on this one. I have so many more questions. I haven't even gotten to part three.

01:23:03:00 - 01:23:03:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:23:06:23 - 01:23:07:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:23:09:01 - 01:23:13:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm wondering if if Rafe can take the video that we're that we'll get.

01:23:13:23 - 01:23:14:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: From them.

01:23:14:16 - 01:23:18:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And just superimpose it on top of the.

01:23:18:02 - 01:23:20:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: TV for our in studio?

01:23:20:19 - 01:23:21:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because Rachel, if.

01:23:22:01 - 01:23:23:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: He can just make a note of that because.

01:23:23:15 - 01:23:26:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For the most part on our end um it's it's.

01:23:27:01 - 01:23:28:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mostly books frozen most of the time.

01:23:29:05 - 01:23:32:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Thought that Yeah. For the iPhone feed. Totally. Yeah.

01:23:32:16 - 01:23:35:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So I'm just wondering if. Yeah. If Rafe can, like.

01:23:36:01 - 01:23:37:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, kind of.

01:23:37:08 - 01:23:38:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Superimpose on.

01:23:38:19 - 01:23:39:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Top of the TV.

01:23:39:18 - 01:23:40:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The, the.

01:23:40:11 - 01:23:44:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Original files from there. End of obsessiveness.

01:23:45:01 - 01:23:46:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Um, okay.

01:23:46:18 - 01:23:49:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Audio's been cleared the whole time, though, for us, so.

01:23:49:12 - 01:23:50:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. Yeah.

01:23:50:19 - 01:23:55:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Except for yours a few times. But at least you have multiple audio sources we can pull from.

01:23:55:13 - 01:23:58:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yes. Okay. I was hoping. Yeah, exactly.

01:23:59:21 - 01:24:00:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay.

01:24:01:12 - 01:24:02:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All right. There's just.

01:24:02:19 - 01:24:03:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Adjusting one thing here.

01:24:03:24 - 01:24:05:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Theresa. Okay.

01:24:05:03 - 01:24:05:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All right.

01:24:06:07 - 01:24:08:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Think it's the x ray camera so you can see through?

01:24:08:21 - 01:24:09:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:24:10:21 - 01:24:12:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, yes. Oh.

01:24:13:16 - 01:24:14:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So

01:24:15:16 - 01:24:18:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I was thinking about the next half. I'll just sit here like this.

01:24:22:21 - 01:24:23:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, tell me more.

01:24:26:17 - 01:24:28:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Rachel, is our audio coming through.

01:24:28:16 - 01:24:31:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Any clearer at this point, or is it the same?

01:24:31:10 - 01:24:33:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, right now. You sound great.

01:24:33:18 - 01:24:35:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay. Yeah.

01:24:36:06 - 01:24:40:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, It's good on our end too. No problem. Okay, great. There is a.

01:24:40:02 - 01:24:40:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Few times you.

01:24:40:20 - 01:24:47:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Would wobble, and then I would just sort of stare and focus intently on what you were saying through. I was like, I think I get what you're saying.

01:24:48:04 - 01:24:48:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just.

01:24:48:21 - 01:24:51:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Just tune in through the psychic airwaves.

01:24:53:08 - 01:24:57:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know what? It just to communicate what I'm trying to ask.

01:24:58:21 - 01:24:59:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How's it going so far?

01:25:00:01 - 01:25:01:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is it. Is it what you wanted?

01:25:02:16 - 01:25:08:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I think, you know, we're having technical issues with the the transmission.

01:25:08:03 - 01:25:11:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: On the Wi-Fi. But other than that, everything looks fantastic.

01:25:12:00 - 01:25:16:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. And the conversations, you know, been great mean we've certainly gone.

01:25:16:03 - 01:25:16:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Into some.

01:25:16:20 - 01:25:20:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Some think needed questions to address about mystery school we haven't yet gotten to.

01:25:21:01 - 01:25:21:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: My.

01:25:21:20 - 01:25:22:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know.

01:25:23:05 - 01:25:29:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There's so many questions I'm like oh was being ambitious with this particular episode.

01:25:29:07 - 01:25:32:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay the edits. Right. This is going to be the vicars knickers. The vicars.

01:25:33:01 - 01:25:34:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Knickers. Yes.

01:25:34:12 - 01:25:35:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Nick. There we go.

01:25:37:13 - 01:25:38:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So just.

01:25:38:11 - 01:25:43:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, let us know whenever things are ready on your end and we'll continue.

01:25:44:16 - 01:25:45:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All right.

01:25:46:02 - 01:25:47:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Are we.

01:25:47:03 - 01:25:48:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Good here? See? Yeah.

01:25:49:01 - 01:25:50:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Think so. Good. Good.

01:25:54:09 - 01:25:59:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi. And you. There we go.

01:26:00:21 - 01:26:02:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: No. Think it's us.

01:26:04:03 - 01:26:05:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Good. Ready?

01:26:05:17 - 01:26:06:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay. Ready when you are, boss.

01:26:07:09 - 01:26:07:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All right.

01:26:09:07 - 01:26:12:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so, you know, when talking about alchemy.

01:26:14:03 - 01:26:21:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The other thing that it really introduced to me, I first learned about hermetic teachings through alchemy. So for me originally.

01:26:21:24 - 01:26:23:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, the the.

01:26:23:13 - 01:26:39:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The teachings of Hermes Trismegistus as one of the fathers of Alchemy and of course, there's the Emerald tablet, but then there was a much broader what they call the corpus hermetic or the hermetic, you know, the body of hermetic teachings, the kybalion.

01:26:39:13 - 01:26:40:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And all of these.

01:26:40:11 - 01:26:41:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Different teachings.

01:26:41:03 - 01:26:43:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I loved them as a scientist.

01:26:43:06 - 01:27:05:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I loved the Kybalion in particular, the Seven Hermetic Principles, in addition to Alchemy and how it was very practical and applied and could be tested. But then we got to, you know, as you get into the hermetic teachings like the Hermetic and the Asclepius chapters, it's like it's so deep in terms of the, you know, the teachings that we assume that the divine is within us.

01:27:05:16 - 01:27:06:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that there.

01:27:06:08 - 01:27:12:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Human beings are a great wonder. And there's so much to explore there.

01:27:12:15 - 01:27:16:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Now you are a master of hermetic and.

01:27:16:05 - 01:27:32:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But what I love about how you bring it forward is that it's so much about our life and how to really live life in a state of greater mastery. It's not just these esoteric concepts about how the universe works. It's it's really.

01:27:32:03 - 01:27:33:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Grounded and applied into.

01:27:33:12 - 01:27:35:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Life. So what is it that you.

01:27:35:20 - 01:27:36:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Like love so.

01:27:36:16 - 01:27:41:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Much about hermetic, and how is it that you have found your process has been to really.

01:27:41:20 - 01:27:45:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Grounded in to how we how we live it?

01:27:46:01 - 01:27:47:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. Uh.

01:27:48:11 - 01:27:51:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The thing that really attracted me to the hermetic side of things.

01:27:51:23 - 01:27:52:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: More than anything.

01:27:52:15 - 01:27:53:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Else is that.

01:27:54:08 - 01:28:12:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As much as I would argue, certain understandings of hermetic, that was sort of always proven to be wrong, the hermetic was correct, and my assumptions or my belief systems were were wrong compared to the hermetic works. So instead of battling them, I started leaning on them more and I found that, hey, you.

01:28:12:20 - 01:28:14:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Know, if you follow these.

01:28:14:19 - 01:28:45:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hermetic and the principles that come with them, all of a sudden you seem to have answers to many things and confusion sort of disappears and you're able to navigate waters that most people get lost in because hermetic means that it is untempered by a human ego. It is correct. It has always been correct, and it will always be correct. And there's nothing that a human being can do to hermetic to without changing it into something that isn't hermetic.

01:28:45:02 - 01:29:27:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To be more right with. So, for example, one of our hermetic understandings is you cannot share what you do not have. That is ingrained in everything in the universe. If it is not available, it is unshakable. So that gives you one piece of wisdom where you walk around in life and you maybe you watch a politician on TV tell you what they're going to do with something, or someone in your life says, Oh, I'm going to do this and this and this. And the first thought you have is, do you have the thing that you purport to be able to do or share with others? And so there's there's many examples of that inside of hermetic that I find just to allow you to clarify your thoughts.

01:29:27:19 - 01:29:34:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I've found in my my own life that I'm able to move through.

01:29:34:23 - 01:29:38:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Situations so much more easily. And that doesn't mean that there isn't.

01:29:38:17 - 01:30:01:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Struggle, but the answer is always sitting in the hermetic understanding. It's sitting right there. Here's here's the answer to that problem. Here's the the understanding or the direction you need to go, because it's it's always available and it cuts through sort of all the. The din of the world and the the.

01:30:02:07 - 01:30:04:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The misunderstandings.

01:30:04:02 - 01:30:04:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of the world.

01:30:05:05 - 01:30:06:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mean hermetic to me.

01:30:06:15 - 01:30:08:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is the foundations of how people.

01:30:08:23 - 01:30:09:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Should live their.

01:30:09:15 - 01:30:20:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Life. And if everyone studied hermetic, regardless of what they pursued as a joy. Repairing motorcycles to being the president of United States. It doesn't matter. Hermetic is going to make your life clearer.

01:30:20:16 - 01:30:21:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And easier to.

01:30:21:17 - 01:30:22:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Live.

01:30:22:12 - 01:30:28:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so for me, it's it's. It's kind of everything. It's life.

01:30:29:00 - 01:30:39:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I've kind of described hermetic in the past as understanding the mind of God without the influence of human. And and the beauty of is is that.

01:30:39:15 - 01:30:41:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It applies to everybody.

01:30:41:22 - 01:30:46:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You nobody gets to escape hermetic, nobody. It, it, it doesn't matter what your.

01:30:46:19 - 01:30:48:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Religious belief is.

01:30:48:13 - 01:30:55:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Who you are, your sexual orientation, what you think you are, it just doesn't matter. The wisdom in hermetic.

01:30:56:17 - 01:30:58:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Permeates the human consciousness.

01:30:58:21 - 01:31:09:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The human life. And it's so powerful when we talk about magic. For me, all magic has to flow from a hermetic understanding first.

01:31:10:07 - 01:31:12:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because hermetic to me.

01:31:12:18 - 01:31:14:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is the reality.

01:31:14:23 - 01:31:15:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That people seek.

01:31:16:10 - 01:31:19:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And they're seeking to define, define reality.

01:31:19:16 - 01:31:21:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Systematics, aromatics and everything.

01:31:21:08 - 01:31:23:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Else other than hermetic is an illusion.

01:31:23:07 - 01:31:24:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that's where we get to.

01:31:24:14 - 01:31:25:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Live in an illusionary state.

01:31:25:22 - 01:31:27:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because you're living outside of hermetic.

01:31:28:16 - 01:31:29:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And it's.

01:31:29:08 - 01:31:30:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Cool. It excites.

01:31:30:05 - 01:31:30:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Me.

01:31:32:01 - 01:31:36:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. Love how you put that. You know, like, I think if I look.

01:31:36:09 - 01:31:43:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Back at my own understanding of, of hermetic as came into the mystery school and think what a lot of people you know.

01:31:43:17 - 01:31:44:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Who who.

01:31:44:17 - 01:32:10:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Believe they're studying hermetic you know often what we read in the books is that hermetic teachings were from Hermes Trismegistus, but actually hermetic. Hermes took his name from the hermetic teachings. And as you say, hermetic means it's on tampered with, or in other words, it's pure. You know, in science, when something's hermetically sealed.

01:32:10:21 - 01:32:13:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It means no impurities, no pollutants.

01:32:13:06 - 01:32:14:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: From the outside get in.

01:32:14:23 - 01:32:16:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So it remains pure.

01:32:16:16 - 01:32:20:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And in a certain state of of integrity, it's sealed.

01:32:21:07 - 01:32:22:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so what I've learned through.

01:32:22:15 - 01:32:26:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The mystery school and especially, you know, as you've been bringing through some of these.

01:32:27:01 - 01:32:27:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hermetic teachings.

01:32:27:23 - 01:32:37:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Not so much from this kind of high esoteric perspective, but from this really grounded, applied and practical perspective is how much these are the universal keys to.

01:32:38:01 - 01:32:38:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Life.

01:32:38:24 - 01:32:42:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And how to live life in that highest.

01:32:42:17 - 01:32:44:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Alignment with.

01:32:44:08 - 01:32:44:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Our.

01:32:45:00 - 01:32:45:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: True self.

01:32:45:22 - 01:33:00:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And, you know, some people might, for example, hear what some of those keys are. Okay, we need to be discerning. We need to have commitment. Right. You talk about some of these keys, you know, a few of them in your book.

01:33:01:01 - 01:33:04:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But then they might think, well, yeah, okay, know that.

01:33:04:14 - 01:33:06:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But to know.

01:33:06:09 - 01:33:08:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It and to think, oh, well, that's.

01:33:08:10 - 01:33:09:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Obvious or.

01:33:09:23 - 01:33:15:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Already knew that and then almost dismiss it because they think they know it. To know it and to.

01:33:15:13 - 01:33:17:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Live it are two very different.

01:33:17:11 - 01:33:20:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Things. And what I what I so.

01:33:20:14 - 01:33:25:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Appreciate with with as you dig into it deeper rather than just kind of taking it at face.

01:33:25:22 - 01:33:37:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Value and saying, Oh yeah, well that's obvious. You dig into it and you know, you really drill it down and show how it applies in so many different ways and how you really can't get.

01:33:37:07 - 01:33:41:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Around it, so to speak, that it will trump It is universal.

01:33:41:10 - 01:33:43:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All the time. So you've really mastered.

01:33:44:02 - 01:33:44:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How to.

01:33:44:24 - 01:33:49:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Take these universal principles and apply them to life. And can you.

01:33:49:08 - 01:33:55:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Share maybe some of your insights as a teacher working with students.

01:33:55:03 - 01:33:57:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As they struggle between that knowing.

01:33:58:01 - 01:33:58:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It to.

01:33:58:22 - 01:33:59:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Living it?

01:34:00:19 - 01:34:01:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, yeah.

01:34:03:03 - 01:34:27:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I guess one of the things that helps to make all of these pieces work and it's it's only one part of it, but is is integrity. So a person has to come in to to study her medics or any part of the lineage and they have to approach it from a place of integrity. Uh, if you compromise your integrity in learning.

01:34:27:04 - 01:34:39:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Something like her medics, you automatically fail. See? It's true of everyone in life, but it's very true. If you're going to study hermetic, it's even more, more so. Integrity allows us the ability.

01:34:39:24 - 01:34:43:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To learn and to change. And if we don't have integrity.

01:34:43:02 - 01:34:46:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We have no platform on which to grow from and which.

01:34:46:16 - 01:34:50:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And which there is to change from. So our integrity really matters.

01:34:50:14 - 01:34:53:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In other words, when I say I want to be in alignment.

01:34:53:15 - 01:34:54:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: With.

01:34:54:08 - 01:35:07:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Light, some people would say a higher self, a higher perspective, want to be more enlightened, Then you have to be operating from the integrity of doing that and you can make mistakes and that's fine and not have done it right. But if you come from.

01:35:07:16 - 01:35:10:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity, you can maintain.

01:35:10:17 - 01:35:16:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The place that you've moved to in the higher perspective, you don't fall back. It's not just a teaching.

01:35:16:16 - 01:35:18:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It becomes something that you integrate into yourself.

01:35:18:23 - 01:35:27:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because integrity allows integration into the self. Um, so in so much of what we do, I see that people.

01:35:27:23 - 01:35:28:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Seek.

01:35:28:19 - 01:35:33:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Sort of a solution that comes from outside the self.

01:35:33:05 - 01:35:36:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That they want the magic to change them.

01:35:36:17 - 01:35:46:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: From something that you do to them, some outside thing. And we almost do nothing if you want to put it that way. I do nothing for you except.

01:35:46:08 - 01:35:47:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Have you look at.

01:35:47:03 - 01:35:53:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yourself and realize that your God and you have all the power to change it all. But once you come to those certain.

01:35:53:08 - 01:35:54:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Realizations.

01:35:54:11 - 01:35:57:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Then you have to operate from the integrity of making that change.

01:35:57:23 - 01:36:01:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Happen. And one of the easiest ways, hermetically.

01:36:01:16 - 01:36:07:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, Gandhi kind of paraphrased it, but there's people that said it before him to be the change you want to see in the world.

01:36:07:04 - 01:36:08:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That is true.

01:36:08:09 - 01:36:11:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So I would say, okay, if the world is too big a concept, be.

01:36:11:18 - 01:36:12:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The change you.

01:36:12:10 - 01:36:14:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Want to see in your personal life.

01:36:14:13 - 01:36:15:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And if you're.

01:36:15:15 - 01:36:23:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And one of the biggest struggles we have in life is when we know what we are doing is out of integrity.

01:36:23:16 - 01:36:25:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Potentially harmful to the self.

01:36:26:09 - 01:36:37:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we realize that we see it, we acknowledge it. This is not a good way to live. This is not a good way to operate. You know, maybe I overeat and I'm I'm I'm it's an unhealthy thing.

01:36:37:12 - 01:36:38:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yet.

01:36:38:18 - 01:36:41:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I can't stop. And that's a big.

01:36:41:15 - 01:36:42:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Struggle for.

01:36:42:07 - 01:36:50:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: People this this gap between I know what I believe to understand is right and yet and I want to do that and yet I can't I have an addiction.

01:36:51:00 - 01:36:52:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I have an addiction can.

01:36:52:13 - 01:36:53:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Be to.

01:36:53:05 - 01:36:53:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Emotions.

01:36:54:04 - 01:36:55:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, I.

01:36:55:07 - 01:36:55:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm.

01:36:55:24 - 01:36:57:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Addicted to the feeling of depression.

01:36:57:24 - 01:36:59:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or apathy or whatever it is.

01:36:59:17 - 01:37:00:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so operating from.

01:37:00:22 - 01:37:02:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity says, if.

01:37:02:08 - 01:37:10:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I genuinely want to do something, I will do it with the intent to complete it, to succeed at it.

01:37:10:10 - 01:37:11:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To do that.

01:37:11:03 - 01:37:12:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Thing and to make it happen.

01:37:13:05 - 01:37:14:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And if you do that.

01:37:15:03 - 01:37:20:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There's no way the path would ever fail you. It's impossible, you know, because the path will always be.

01:37:20:21 - 01:37:21:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Underneath your feet.

01:37:21:20 - 01:37:22:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As long as.

01:37:22:12 - 01:37:23:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You operate from integrity.

01:37:23:23 - 01:37:30:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I if you were to say to me, you know, what are one of the things to make the world a better place, that would be one place.

01:37:30:15 - 01:37:31:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There's others.

01:37:31:07 - 01:37:34:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But that would be one place I'd start. Is always.

01:37:34:10 - 01:37:35:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Operate in.

01:37:35:06 - 01:37:51:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity. Be honest. Be forthright. Say, don't know. Say. I do know. Say I think I know, but I'm not sure. And if we always spoke that way and came from that place inside our heart, in our mind. We could actually grow.

01:37:51:18 - 01:37:54:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because we could be redirected, we could be corrected.

01:37:54:23 - 01:37:56:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And where we could.

01:37:56:12 - 01:37:57:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Affirm.

01:37:57:13 - 01:37:59:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Clearly that we do know something.

01:37:59:11 - 01:38:00:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Because we come from.

01:38:00:08 - 01:38:03:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity. So I jokingly say, you know this tea.

01:38:03:10 - 01:38:04:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I jokingly.

01:38:04:10 - 01:38:06:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Say it's this mistake is always.

01:38:06:08 - 01:38:06:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right.

01:38:07:09 - 01:38:10:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And the reason I can say that is because I'm always willing.

01:38:10:21 - 01:38:11:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To be wrong.

01:38:12:01 - 01:38:13:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm always willing to.

01:38:13:07 - 01:38:14:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Be redirected and corrected.

01:38:15:02 - 01:38:16:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so in.

01:38:16:06 - 01:38:16:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That.

01:38:16:23 - 01:38:22:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I can say I'm always right because I'm always willing to be wrong. And that comes from being in a field of integrity.

01:38:22:09 - 01:38:23:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'm happy to be wrong.

01:38:24:03 - 01:38:29:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I it would allow me to grow. And so in our in our growth in life.

01:38:29:18 - 01:38:30:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity is just.

01:38:30:16 - 01:38:34:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Like an essential to learning about really anything but.

01:38:34:05 - 01:38:35:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hermetic. You know, it's really.

01:38:35:21 - 01:38:38:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Important and I know for you with your background.

01:38:38:24 - 01:38:39:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I mean, jeez.

01:38:40:01 - 01:38:45:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I, I don't know how someone could be have your credentials, especially in science without.

01:38:46:01 - 01:38:48:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity would just fall apart really quickly.

01:38:48:04 - 01:38:48:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right.

01:38:49:03 - 01:38:50:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But but I would.

01:38:50:11 - 01:38:51:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ask you, how.

01:38:51:04 - 01:38:51:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Much.

01:38:52:08 - 01:38:57:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How much is that brought up in in a field of science in terms of the study? Is that.

01:38:58:06 - 01:38:59:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Do you find it's.

01:39:00:03 - 01:39:01:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Based upon or.

01:39:01:02 - 01:39:01:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, I.

01:39:01:24 - 01:39:19:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Think that they focus more on credibility than integrity, but it's hard to ultimately maintain credibility if you don't have integrity because it's a very rigorous science and you have to really pay attention to the minutia and everything has to be just.

01:39:19:04 - 01:39:19:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So.

01:39:20:05 - 01:39:30:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So that there's repeatability and otherwise there is no science. So think it's there, but it's not necessarily emphasized as a concept or, you.

01:39:30:09 - 01:39:34:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Know, they call it other things. Um, but, you know, one of the.

01:39:35:00 - 01:39:37:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hermetic teachings also is, is this principle of.

01:39:37:20 - 01:39:39:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Correspondence and as above.

01:39:39:14 - 01:39:51:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So below, but also as the inner, so the outer. And when you talk about integrity, for example, if we lack integrity in our own inner world and in our own life.

01:39:51:17 - 01:39:52:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then we look.

01:39:52:17 - 01:39:56:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Out at the world and we wonder why there's so much hypocrisy.

01:39:57:06 - 01:39:58:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In the world.

01:39:58:07 - 01:40:13:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then rather than pointing the finger out there at all the hypocrisy and those people and they should be different, we have to look in here and ask, where are we out of integrity? And this is this is something that that you brought up in a teaching not that.

01:40:14:01 - 01:40:21:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Long ago where it was like, you know, even to that minutia level of where are we, you.

01:40:21:09 - 01:40:36:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Know, maybe needing to to to improve upon our own integrity with what we say we believe what we teach and so forth and and anywhere where we need to take that microscopic look at our own lives and see where can I improve.

01:40:36:12 - 01:40:37:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Upon my.

01:40:37:04 - 01:40:38:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Integrity so that I can not only.

01:40:38:16 - 01:40:43:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Be the change in my life, but also start being the change in the world and holding that light.

01:40:43:20 - 01:40:44:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that higher.

01:40:44:12 - 01:40:45:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Standard.

01:40:45:04 - 01:40:46:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that's one of the things that.

01:40:47:01 - 01:40:48:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I really love about the mystery.

01:40:48:08 - 01:40:56:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: School, because, you know, the world really is devolving into mediocre, more hypocrisy, more.

01:40:56:02 - 01:40:56:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, just.

01:40:56:19 - 01:41:08:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Go with the crowd and whatever's in and, you know, fear of being canceled if you say the wrong thing or offend somebody. And so everyone's, like stifling their voice and.

01:41:08:23 - 01:41:09:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Kind of.

01:41:09:16 - 01:41:10:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Holding.

01:41:10:08 - 01:41:12:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Back and not caring.

01:41:12:14 - 01:41:26:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As much about the detail or standing firm in their integrity and not everywhere. But, you know, I think a lot of the good people are very quiet, but it's like we're getting pushed to a point where we have to.

01:41:26:12 - 01:41:28:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Start standing strong again.

01:41:28:19 - 01:41:33:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And one of the things I love about the mystery school is very much about moving.

01:41:33:22 - 01:41:34:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Beyond.

01:41:34:22 - 01:41:38:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mediocrity into that royalty, into that.

01:41:38:13 - 01:41:40:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Divinity nobility, you know, really.

01:41:40:22 - 01:42:02:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Standing up, being willing to be the warrior out there, but a warrior who's standing for light and peace and and goodness and, you know, so so why is it important for us to have not just this, you know, devotion to being a healer, a teacher, a servant of light, but also the warrior side of it?

01:42:03:21 - 01:42:05:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, yeah, the warrior side.

01:42:06:01 - 01:42:09:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Oh, yeah? Well.

01:42:10:04 - 01:42:40:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's irrefutable that the world is is full of a great deal of darkness. It's, of course, full of light, but it's also full of a great deal of darkness. And there is if we were to look at history, I love history. A hobby of mine. I've studied history all over the world. But if we look at the history of cultures and societies, there's a lot of negativity that's happened. We you know, as much as we're elevated as humans, we continue to perpetrate war as a way to resolve problems.

01:42:40:20 - 01:42:44:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We continue to perpetrate the lack of resources as.

01:42:44:23 - 01:42:46:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: A reason to go to war.

01:42:46:06 - 01:42:52:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Often we have religious wars, culture wars, social wars, many that are very physical.

01:42:52:08 - 01:42:53:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Many now that have.

01:42:53:02 - 01:43:03:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Become a war of the of the spirit of the mind. I'm going to attack you and mentally break you until you comply. And so much of.

01:43:03:05 - 01:43:04:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All of these things.

01:43:04:21 - 01:43:10:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is is someone trying to impose a state of.

01:43:10:06 - 01:43:11:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Negativity on you?

01:43:11:12 - 01:43:20:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And when they do that, they will always try and perpetrate that. It's done for out of integrity and for the right reasons.

01:43:20:17 - 01:43:22:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You need to know this.

01:43:22:05 - 01:43:23:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You need to comply.

01:43:23:04 - 01:43:24:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You need to.

01:43:24:02 - 01:43:25:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Agree. You need to surrender.

01:43:25:22 - 01:43:29:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To my way of thinking or what I want my will because it's the right thing to.

01:43:29:23 - 01:43:35:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Do. And but I don't know if that's the right thing for you. That's the.

01:43:35:06 - 01:43:39:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Point. The point is that you're a freewill individual and that's something you have to discern.

01:43:39:07 - 01:43:42:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For yourself when that darkness comes.

01:43:42:19 - 01:43:47:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And you've decided that, no, I am not going to let it in here, there.

01:43:47:05 - 01:43:48:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Has to be a warrior.

01:43:48:11 - 01:43:51:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Standing at the boundary. So if I were to.

01:43:52:00 - 01:43:54:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To put it this way, if you were to keep.

01:43:54:22 - 01:43:57:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Darkness, if you were to keep evil out of your.

01:43:57:02 - 01:44:01:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Life. Where there is evil outside of your life.

01:44:01:13 - 01:44:06:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There is going to be a boundary between your life and where that evil is. Whatever that line is, wherever.

01:44:06:11 - 01:44:07:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That.

01:44:07:09 - 01:44:32:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mystical line is, physical line is, there's going to be a place where you go inside of this is good. And outside of this, I deem it to be bad. There's nothing going to stop the bad from coming in unless you're standing on that boundary and saying no. And as warriors, we have a program called Warriors of Light that is an aspect of ritual. Mastery is warriors. Our job.

01:44:32:10 - 01:44:33:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is to.

01:44:33:07 - 01:44:53:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Say no to that evil, to letting that evil in our lives or into other people's lives, that we should not be a perpetrator of evil. And no, should we allow it to sort of roam freely within our own life. But the boundaries that we draw as warriors must be drawn out of love, out of a love of the light, not out of a.

01:44:53:10 - 01:44:55:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hatred for the dark. And too many.

01:44:55:18 - 01:45:02:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: People today, when they interpret being a warrior or standing up for themselves or standing up for others, it is done out of a malice or an.

01:45:02:20 - 01:45:04:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Anger or a negativity.

01:45:04:03 - 01:45:06:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Towards someone else or something.

01:45:06:02 - 01:45:06:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Else.

01:45:06:23 - 01:45:15:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And to be a warrior and you need to be a warrior in the world because the darkness won't stop. Otherwise you have to be standing up for the good, not against the bad.

01:45:16:00 - 01:45:16:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But for.

01:45:16:17 - 01:45:21:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The good. So we stand on the boundary between that which is good and that which isn't.

01:45:21:17 - 01:45:23:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we stand in integrity.

01:45:23:24 - 01:45:27:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of something that is a better way, a better world.

01:45:28:01 - 01:45:30:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And in that we should never.

01:45:30:06 - 01:45:31:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Desire to.

01:45:31:03 - 01:45:32:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Harm anybody.

01:45:33:10 - 01:45:34:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:45:34:07 - 01:45:35:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, there are some people.

01:45:35:16 - 01:46:01:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Though, in the world today that believe like there's a there's a belief that maybe it's, you know, mostly New age. But I think that that you find it that if we don't you know if we focus on the idea that there's bad out there or evil out there, then I'm going to attract it to me. And therefore, if I only focus on the good.

01:46:01:09 - 01:46:02:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I.

01:46:03:09 - 01:46:06:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Either deny or ignore that there's evil.

01:46:06:06 - 01:46:07:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or negative things.

01:46:07:11 - 01:46:33:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Happening out there, then I'll only attract the good to me. And then it goes into this whole, you know, kind of it extends to, well, there is no evil, right? And it's all good or it's all just an illusion. And so you're saying, no, we actually have to be aware of and be ready to stand firm and stand strong rather than just ignore and hope it goes away. So, you know.

01:46:33:08 - 01:46:34:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's a real flip.

01:46:34:14 - 01:46:58:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of a paradigm for people to to kind of confront that. And some people really get afraid. You know, it brings up fear. You know, this idea of of admitting or acknowledging that there is evil in the world and the fear that it could be around and it's easier for them to be in that ignorance is bliss sort of state. So what would you say to people who are struggling with that?

01:47:00:05 - 01:47:33:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Uh, two things. One is I'd have to ask them to define what good is, and I'm going to guess because it would be a guess that they're talking about comfort. And so as opposed to true good, they're talking about comfortable, which is often just another form of of stagnation, which is not which is not good. So one is I'd have to know what they mean by good. The second one would be that it is the dismissal of reality that prevents you from making reality better.

01:47:33:12 - 01:47:36:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So those that want to live in a world where.

01:47:36:18 - 01:47:39:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: They only see the good, um.

01:47:40:05 - 01:47:44:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Clearly are going to allow what is bad to continue.

01:47:44:02 - 01:47:45:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To perpetrate and remain and.

01:47:45:23 - 01:47:53:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Never stop. And so if we want to make reality better, we have to actually acknowledge what reality is so we can improve upon it.

01:47:53:20 - 01:47:56:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So that we can make make that thing better.

01:47:58:00 - 01:48:10:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Anyone who's been in a war knows the world is not all good. Anyone has been harmed by another person, knows the world is not all good. Anyone that has one eye open knows the world is not all good.

01:48:10:13 - 01:48:13:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But that doesn't mean that we should.

01:48:13:02 - 01:48:30:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Collapse and become sort of an emotional heap of, Oh my God, the world's not good. It's all awful. Or as some would say, well, if it's God, God must be a form of evil, right? Because God allows evil or God is indifferent, doesn't care. And there's actually answers to all those things. But it.

01:48:30:20 - 01:48:31:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Starts with you.

01:48:31:13 - 01:48:33:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: First acknowledging that reality.

01:48:33:18 - 01:48:34:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is that is that.

01:48:34:13 - 01:48:35:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Evil exists in the world.

01:48:36:05 - 01:48:37:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: There's plenty of examples of.

01:48:37:12 - 01:48:38:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It, but.

01:48:38:04 - 01:48:40:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Also reality is that good exists.

01:48:41:03 - 01:48:42:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we need to.

01:48:42:03 - 01:48:47:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Cultivate, nurture, farm the good, make it better, make it stronger.

01:48:47:07 - 01:48:55:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, I'm I love gardening and I love lawn care. I'm that kind of guy. I like to take care of.

01:48:56:00 - 01:48:58:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All those things. And one of the things.

01:48:58:10 - 01:49:15:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That anyone knows who has as a lawn is that you got to keep the weeds out of your lawn or your grass is dead. So if you don't do something about those weeds, they're going to overwhelm your lawn and then you're going to have no grass. And if I were to say the grass is good and the weeds are bad, as an example, we've got to do something.

01:49:15:21 - 01:49:16:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: About the weeds.

01:49:16:20 - 01:49:21:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But how I how I do that is I don't just go after the weeds. I also take.

01:49:21:08 - 01:49:23:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Care of the grass and make sure my grass is.

01:49:23:15 - 01:49:25:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Strong and healthy. It's getting everything it needs.

01:49:26:00 - 01:49:29:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yes, I also address the weeds so they're not mutually.

01:49:29:19 - 01:49:32:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Exclusive, that one can say because I see.

01:49:32:10 - 01:49:36:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Evil, There's nothing to do about it. You go, No, you can absolutely focus on the good.

01:49:37:01 - 01:49:38:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: While accepting the.

01:49:38:06 - 01:49:39:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Reality that evil exists.

01:49:39:17 - 01:49:42:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yes, you're going to have to draw some.

01:49:42:03 - 01:49:45:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Pretty clear boundaries, most especially first.

01:49:45:14 - 01:49:46:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And foremost in.

01:49:46:07 - 01:49:47:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Your own personal.

01:49:47:06 - 01:49:50:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Life, that you don't.

01:49:50:02 - 01:49:59:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Choose relationships that aren't good for you. And I mean that. And it's true a sense that the people that you have in your life are good.

01:49:59:13 - 01:50:01:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And they they may be tough.

01:50:01:13 - 01:50:08:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: They may be pushy even, but they push you the right way. And if you identify that this is a good relationship, then that's.

01:50:08:24 - 01:50:09:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That's the.

01:50:09:16 - 01:50:10:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: First boundary you.

01:50:10:09 - 01:50:11:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Drew. I wouldn't.

01:50:11:24 - 01:50:13:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Recommend any student.

01:50:13:10 - 01:50:14:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Let someone into their.

01:50:14:15 - 01:50:16:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Life that is.

01:50:16:09 - 01:50:17:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Harmful to them.

01:50:18:04 - 01:50:22:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yes, that includes family and friends. That might be well got to make some different decisions.

01:50:23:00 - 01:50:23:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And draw some.

01:50:23:17 - 01:50:24:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Different boundaries.

01:50:24:17 - 01:50:29:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So that's just one one small aspect of when we say you have to be a warrior.

01:50:29:18 - 01:50:31:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: In your life and be strong.

01:50:31:14 - 01:50:32:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And that.

01:50:32:23 - 01:50:37:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: First motivation for a warrior should come from I.

01:50:37:07 - 01:50:38:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Love myself.

01:50:38:11 - 01:50:40:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Therefore I can love others and.

01:50:40:15 - 01:50:43:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Therefore I want love to be the dominant factor.

01:50:43:02 - 01:50:50:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Not this evil thing. You know, I. I see too many social movements today that are.

01:50:50:23 - 01:50:53:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Guys in the love of something but.

01:50:53:10 - 01:51:00:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Are just perpetrators of hate and hate. No matter what, your justification doesn't make the world a more loving place.

01:51:01:10 - 01:51:03:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we go back to that integrity part.

01:51:03:09 - 01:51:09:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Being integrity of the light means don't hate to cause change, love to cause change.

01:51:09:15 - 01:51:13:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So it's it's absolutely necessary to be a warrior.

01:51:14:05 - 01:51:20:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Now, when when, when you're talking good and evil, uh, are we talking about in a.

01:51:20:04 - 01:51:22:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Religious perspective, Are we talking about.

01:51:22:15 - 01:51:23:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It in a, you.

01:51:23:07 - 01:51:33:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Know, common sort of everyone should have the same definition of what these terms are or how do we how do you define what is good and what is evil? How do you know? How do you discern that?

01:51:34:09 - 01:51:35:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Ah.

01:51:35:13 - 01:51:51:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, in the traditions of the mystery school evil is that which stops your progression. So if something is helping you to progress, to understand, to know thyself, then it is serving good. It's serving a good purpose for you.

01:51:51:11 - 01:51:53:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And where I see people.

01:51:53:15 - 01:51:54:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Make.

01:51:54:07 - 01:51:55:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The biggest mistake is they interpret.

01:51:55:23 - 01:51:57:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Good as.

01:51:57:10 - 01:51:58:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Non challenging.

01:51:59:16 - 01:52:00:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So if it doesn't challenge.

01:52:00:22 - 01:52:10:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Me and it helps to fulfill my ego's desires, it's good. And that's actually not the definition of good at all. Actually, that often misleads you.

01:52:11:01 - 01:52:17:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It is seeking constant comfort as opposed to growth that causes stagnation.

01:52:17:19 - 01:52:19:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And the dissatisfaction.

01:52:19:07 - 01:52:24:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of the self, which leads to apathy and depression and many other things. So.

01:52:24:21 - 01:52:26:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The right amount.

01:52:26:08 - 01:52:26:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And in the.

01:52:27:00 - 01:52:28:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Correct way of challenging someone.

01:52:28:24 - 01:52:39:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Can be very good. The discomfort. If you think about your personal life, it's often been the discomfort that led to the greatest joy. So for most people.

01:52:39:06 - 01:52:44:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I would say that they honestly don't understand when we talk good and evil what I'm talking.

01:52:44:11 - 01:52:45:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: About.

01:52:45:07 - 01:52:46:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: If if I were to say.

01:52:46:18 - 01:52:49:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That evil creates a repetitive cycle of.

01:52:49:10 - 01:52:52:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Suffering and that good is that which breaks that cycle.

01:52:52:16 - 01:52:54:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Into growth, you might.

01:52:54:15 - 01:53:01:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Begin to have a conception of where we need to go when it comes to good and evil. And a huge part of good.

01:53:01:20 - 01:53:03:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is empowerment is.

01:53:03:06 - 01:53:07:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is acknowledging the self as a powerful individual who can make a.

01:53:07:03 - 01:53:13:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Difference for themselves. And so something that disempowers you and creates stagnation and says you can't.

01:53:14:16 - 01:53:21:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Um, that is often something that is evil in your life and is is a negative. And you have to stand up against.

01:53:21:19 - 01:53:24:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That and find that strength to do it.

01:53:25:06 - 01:53:26:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well said.

01:53:26:12 - 01:53:29:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Now, one of the things that you mentioned before is.

01:53:29:06 - 01:53:30:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Shambala and that we.

01:53:30:22 - 01:53:31:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Are very much.

01:53:31:14 - 01:53:33:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: On this this mission.

01:53:33:14 - 01:53:35:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of trying to help make the.

01:53:35:02 - 01:53:36:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: World become.

01:53:36:07 - 01:53:37:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: A better place, what we.

01:53:37:10 - 01:53:42:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Call Shambala, a more balanced world, a more sustainable world, harmonious.

01:53:43:05 - 01:53:44:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And and.

01:53:44:04 - 01:53:44:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yet it'll be.

01:53:45:01 - 01:53:54:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, futuristic at the same time. Now, when we look at the world today, it's very easy to get dismayed. It's very easy to look at the world and.

01:53:54:19 - 01:53:56:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Say it's falling.

01:53:56:05 - 01:53:57:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Apart or, you know.

01:53:57:17 - 01:53:59:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're we're backtracking.

01:53:59:15 - 01:54:02:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're regressing. Is there.

01:54:02:10 - 01:54:03:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Any.

01:54:03:02 - 01:54:03:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hope.

01:54:03:19 - 01:54:05:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Right in where.

01:54:05:08 - 01:54:08:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Like how far out is it that this new.

01:54:08:03 - 01:54:09:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Shambala might actually.

01:54:09:13 - 01:54:13:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Come? What's it going to take to succeed at fulfilling.

01:54:13:10 - 01:54:15:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: This mission and making that leap when.

01:54:15:23 - 01:54:23:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When you look at the world, where's the hope and how do we bring that in to help encourage people, you know that there is.

01:54:23:12 - 01:54:26:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: A real strong chance that we're going to succeed at this.

01:54:27:12 - 01:54:28:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

01:54:29:00 - 01:54:36:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Well, the first thing is, if someone even questions, where's the hope? There's hope because they're aware it exists.

01:54:36:18 - 01:54:58:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So in acknowledging when someone says there's no hope, I know. I take that as a hopeful sign because I'm like, It sounds weird, but you have to acknowledge that hope exists for you to say there is none. So the first thing is it the world? Yes. Can absolutely feel like sort of a a depressive place, a hopeless place. And there are times.

01:54:58:09 - 01:54:59:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You you.

01:54:59:19 - 01:55:04:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Sort of wake up and you look at your social media or the news and you just say, oh, my God, how is this ever going to get.

01:55:05:00 - 01:55:11:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Better? But it does get better. And if we look at history, you know, a lot of people.

01:55:11:17 - 01:55:12:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Today want to talk.

01:55:12:15 - 01:55:13:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: About history.

01:55:13:08 - 01:55:14:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As though it exists.

01:55:14:14 - 01:55:15:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Today.

01:55:15:22 - 01:55:20:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And you say, you know, that horrible history that you look at of the past.

01:55:20:04 - 01:55:20:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That.

01:55:20:21 - 01:55:27:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Means we grew past it and we look at it through the lens of understanding, Hey, that wasn't a good decision.

01:55:27:11 - 01:55:28:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We tried.

01:55:28:05 - 01:55:36:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That. It wasn't good. It ended up being a bad thing for us. So we let it go and we moved on. And in the totality of.

01:55:36:14 - 01:55:37:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Humans.

01:55:37:07 - 01:55:39:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're actually really good at growth.

01:55:39:21 - 01:55:41:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I mean, we wouldn't have.

01:55:41:24 - 01:55:46:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: What they purport to be about 8 billion people on the planet today if we weren't really.

01:55:46:11 - 01:55:52:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Good at being good. We actually are quite successful at at.

01:55:52:14 - 01:56:00:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: At tackling problems and overcoming them. So the first thing I say is you've gotten this far already. And for every person who's.

01:56:00:19 - 01:56:01:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Watching this.

01:56:02:01 - 01:56:02:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, now or in the.

01:56:03:00 - 01:56:04:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Future, I would say to you.

01:56:04:19 - 01:56:05:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You are the.

01:56:05:23 - 01:56:08:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Accumulation, the results.

01:56:08:14 - 01:56:09:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of all those.

01:56:09:13 - 01:56:10:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Who survived.

01:56:10:07 - 01:56:11:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Every calamity.

01:56:11:11 - 01:56:12:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Before you.

01:56:12:10 - 01:56:13:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or you wouldn't exist.

01:56:14:09 - 01:56:16:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So you are in a chain.

01:56:16:12 - 01:56:24:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of survivors who have overcome great obstacles, great problems and succeeded. And can you imagine someone if.

01:56:24:17 - 01:56:37:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We were to take that? Let's go back to World War Two. How hopeless was it if you were in World War two and living in Europe? There was was there going to be brighter days? It's it's always.

01:56:37:23 - 01:56:47:20

Dave Lanyon: Been hope is not a plan, but it's a motivator for a plan. And so hope always exists. However. Hope comes from gratitude.

01:56:48:13 - 01:56:49:20

Dave Lanyon: You first have to count.

01:56:49:22 - 01:56:51:02

Dave Lanyon: Your blessings if you're going to have.

01:56:51:04 - 01:56:51:19

Dave Lanyon: Hope.

01:56:51:21 - 01:56:56:05

Dave Lanyon: And as you count your blessings, So do you realize that there is hope?

01:56:56:07 - 01:56:58:01

Dave Lanyon: Because there are good things.

01:56:58:03 - 01:57:03:07

Dave Lanyon: And with those good tools, with within gratitude, we realize we.

01:57:03:09 - 01:57:03:24

Dave Lanyon: Have.

01:57:04:01 - 01:57:05:02

Dave Lanyon: In most cases, all.

01:57:05:04 - 01:57:06:07

Dave Lanyon: The tools we need.

01:57:06:11 - 01:57:13:13

Dave Lanyon: To create the thing that we hope will happen the better world. It's in counting the very things that you have today in.

01:57:13:15 - 01:57:15:07

Dave Lanyon: Front of you that you're grateful.

01:57:15:09 - 01:57:17:06

Dave Lanyon: For that allows you to go, Oh.

01:57:17:16 - 01:57:19:01

Dave Lanyon: I now can actually.

01:57:19:03 - 01:57:19:18

Dave Lanyon: Make a better.

01:57:19:20 - 01:57:20:10

Dave Lanyon: World.

01:57:20:12 - 01:57:27:05

Dave Lanyon: I just was missing my my blessings and so, so much today. I look at the world and yes, it.

01:57:27:07 - 01:57:31:15

Dave Lanyon: Could be depressing, but we've never lived in a more amazing.

01:57:31:21 - 01:57:33:00

Dave Lanyon: Technologically.

01:57:33:02 - 01:57:43:23

Dave Lanyon: Advanced potential for a greater world than ever in history. You know, when I was a kid, if you had said to me, You're going to have a device that.

01:57:44:00 - 01:58:03:15

Dave Lanyon: Sits in your hand, that gives you all the knowledge of the world in it, what went Are you crazy? That's sci fi. That's Star Trek, and that's your cell phone today, you know, and that's just one, one tiny thing. And where we're going, self-driving cars. My God, I'm the only thing I'm disappointed in is flying cars. I'm still waiting for the flying cars. Where are the flying cars? I want them.

01:58:03:18 - 01:58:04:14

Dave Lanyon: They're happening.

01:58:04:22 - 01:58:11:00

Dave Lanyon: I just heard the other day that even Dubai and Japan are starting to give licenses for flying taxis.

01:58:11:02 - 01:58:12:10

Dave Lanyon: So they're coming.

01:58:13:15 - 01:58:16:03

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, that's. That's the only thing. It's the only thing.

01:58:16:05 - 01:58:26:18

Dave Lanyon: But there's there's always been hope for the planet. And it is usually through the on the other side of the darkest days that our greatest potential has come.

01:58:26:24 - 01:58:28:02

And so if these.

01:58:28:04 - 01:58:29:09

Are dark days.

01:58:29:15 - 01:58:30:19

Then you can look.

01:58:30:21 - 01:58:37:07

Forward to a much brighter future. Because through the darkness we've learned so much about what we don't like about it.

01:58:37:18 - 01:58:39:21

You know, when we're challenged by all of this.

01:58:40:00 - 01:58:51:18

So what creates the potential and the light? Is the response by the darkness to that light. So usually the world.

01:58:51:20 - 01:58:52:10


01:58:52:12 - 01:58:53:02


01:58:53:04 - 01:58:56:07

When there's more light coming in, not the other way around.

01:58:56:23 - 01:58:58:07

You know, it.

01:58:58:09 - 01:59:07:18

It is the resistance to that light, to that better way that causes the calamities. But those eventually die off. And what's left is the good that came in.

01:59:07:20 - 01:59:10:09

And we we sort of elevate from that position.

01:59:10:23 - 01:59:11:23

So is there hope?

01:59:12:00 - 01:59:15:13

Yes. And should we be grateful for it? 100%.

01:59:16:18 - 01:59:21:13

It reminds me of something my mom used to always say to me, which was great.

01:59:21:15 - 01:59:22:23

Chaos precedes great.

01:59:23:00 - 01:59:27:17

Growth. And you know what you're just saying? You know that push back, just as.

01:59:27:19 - 01:59:30:13

We're about to make that breakthrough, it may seem like things are.

01:59:30:15 - 01:59:35:20

Really chaotic out there. And so I've always kept that, you know, as a as.

01:59:35:22 - 01:59:36:13

A just because.

01:59:36:15 - 01:59:39:17

Things look crazy out there doesn't mean that.

01:59:39:19 - 01:59:40:09

We're not.

01:59:40:11 - 01:59:41:02

About to make a.

01:59:41:04 - 01:59:53:22

Big leap. In fact, probably the bigger the resistance and the crazier it seems, the more we're about to go through that major metamorphosis or transformation. And, you know, so so.

01:59:54:16 - 01:59:56:02

There's so much I want to talk to you.

01:59:56:04 - 01:59:57:20

About. And I.

01:59:57:22 - 01:59:58:12

Have many more.

01:59:58:14 - 02:00:25:02

Dave Lanyon: Questions, but I'm thinking like, okay, what is the most important that I want to ask you right now? Um. We you know, we're on this mission and the mystery school, you know, the mystery school has often been thought of as a mystery because sometimes it's been closed doors. Sometimes it's been, you know, only by invitation and secret and hidden and, you know, so so we have a history within.

02:00:25:04 - 02:00:27:21

Dave Lanyon: The lineage and and not just our lineage, but other mystery.

02:00:27:23 - 02:00:31:13

Dave Lanyon: School lineages as well of there have been times where we've been.

02:00:31:15 - 02:00:33:24

Dave Lanyon: Open and available and.

02:00:34:01 - 02:00:40:00

Dave Lanyon: For people to find and openly teaching. And then there's other times where it's been driven underground for one reason or.

02:00:40:02 - 02:00:40:19

Another, whether.

02:00:40:21 - 02:01:10:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's because of persecutions and inquisitions or because people just, you know, abusing the knowledge and, you know, we had to kind of protect it and its integrity. Um, it could be, you know, infighting that's happened, you know, because people's egos come up. There's all manner of reasons. But, you know, there's this history of going underground and then yet preserving and then resurfacing at some point. And every time it's resurfaced, it often coincides with.

02:01:11:01 - 02:01:12:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The age of enlightenment, a golden.

02:01:12:14 - 02:01:23:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Age, a renaissance, a time of great progression and prosperity and transformation. And every time it goes underground, this well.

02:01:23:03 - 02:01:24:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of wisdom or this river of.

02:01:24:10 - 02:01:47:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Wisdom, it coincides with the dark ages or a time of suppression. So we've been tasked with this mission not only to help, you know, bring this better world by bringing the mystery school teachings out. We've also been tasked with we have to ensure the preservation and continuation of the mystery school into future generations, even long beyond us.

02:01:47:07 - 02:01:47:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Even when we're.

02:01:47:24 - 02:01:48:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Gone.

02:01:48:16 - 02:01:53:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So as someone who is an amazing strategist also.

02:01:53:08 - 02:02:00:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And as a lineage holder and as a major leader within the mystery school and working with a team of very strong.

02:02:00:13 - 02:02:01:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: People.

02:02:01:24 - 02:02:23:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How do you see that that is going to happen? How do we continue forward? Because because it's not easy being a mystery school out in the public eye. And and so we've hit some some challenges along the way. And what do you think is really most important for us to maintain an open door.

02:02:23:09 - 02:02:24:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Policy and.

02:02:24:11 - 02:02:27:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Be able to preserve the lineage for future generations?

02:02:29:12 - 02:02:32:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It's a really good question. The.

02:02:34:13 - 02:02:57:15

The Spartans were the best warriors in their time. Spartan warriors. They were the elite of the elite. Their entire society was built on. On being the best of the best of the best. And if you didn't hit a certain criteria, they would actually go so far as to end their own children because they just weren't at the certain quality. And, you know.

02:02:57:17 - 02:02:58:15

Dave Lanyon: There's there's been some.

02:02:58:17 - 02:03:03:10

Great movie like the movie 300 was a great movie with Gerard Butler and.

02:03:03:21 - 02:03:08:24

You know, Big Men Spartan guys. So Spartans were were in reality.

02:03:09:12 - 02:03:18:05

The greatest warriors of of their age. So what happened to them? They're they don't really exist anymore. They haven't become anything else.

02:03:18:09 - 02:03:19:04

What happened to the.

02:03:19:06 - 02:03:24:23

Spartans is they eliminated themselves by pursuing only the best of the best of the best of.

02:03:25:00 - 02:03:26:08

Only being 1%.

02:03:26:10 - 02:03:27:19

Of the population.

02:03:27:21 - 02:03:30:03

And there just wasn't enough people.

02:03:30:05 - 02:03:31:15

To keep reproducing Spartans.

02:03:31:17 - 02:03:34:23

And so Sparta basically vanished.

02:03:35:00 - 02:03:51:02

The entire Spartan culture eventually just died off because of its own standards. And something I've watched as I've been helping manage the mystery school is that there has to be ways for people to choose.

02:03:51:04 - 02:03:52:13

How far they want to go.

02:03:52:15 - 02:03:55:12

In terms of, you know, stepping in.

02:03:55:14 - 02:03:56:21

For a little bit, maybe.

02:03:56:23 - 02:03:57:13


02:03:57:16 - 02:03:58:16

Being on the.

02:03:58:18 - 02:03:59:08


02:03:59:15 - 02:04:03:14

As a hobby. I would say that it's not as beneficial because.

02:04:03:16 - 02:04:04:11

You're not going to if.

02:04:04:13 - 02:04:11:02

You have inconsistent effort, you can't expect consistent results. So, you know, coming in for a little bit, but we.

02:04:11:04 - 02:04:12:23

Do have to make room for everyone.

02:04:13:00 - 02:04:13:15


02:04:13:17 - 02:04:14:07


02:04:14:11 - 02:04:18:12

At the level that they want to a little bit a lot.

02:04:18:14 - 02:04:21:24

That doesn't change the need of greater commitment.

02:04:22:01 - 02:04:22:18

To higher levels.

02:04:22:20 - 02:04:25:05

Because your ego is going to be challenged.

02:04:25:07 - 02:04:28:13

But it does mean that you you have more.

02:04:29:18 - 02:04:39:02

Flexibility in in how far you want to pursue it and at what speed you want to pursue it. In other words.

02:04:39:06 - 02:04:42:13

The mystery school and its lineage has to be accessible to.

02:04:42:15 - 02:04:43:09


02:04:43:15 - 02:04:45:20

And the one thing that we used.

02:04:45:22 - 02:04:53:10

To be, those who are in the lineage and this goes back even before you were in my time, Teresa, is that they had to be the most dedicated 100%.

02:04:53:12 - 02:04:58:02

A very, very teeny, tiny and closed lineage. And I just don't feel that that's.

02:04:58:04 - 02:05:16:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As necessary to be a senior, a master teacher, an expert in a field. Yes. You must be 100% committed. But for the rest, I think it's it's. It's less necessary because I think in time the exposure to light brings everyone forward. Some move.

02:05:16:06 - 02:05:17:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Quicker, some move.

02:05:17:05 - 02:05:25:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Slower. But for the light to expand, there has to be more. Room for.

02:05:25:10 - 02:05:26:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: People.

02:05:26:05 - 02:05:27:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To sort of.

02:05:29:04 - 02:05:35:16

Sit within their own challenge. So when founder Gunny was.

02:05:35:18 - 02:05:36:09

Dave Lanyon: Taking.

02:05:36:10 - 02:05:40:02

You and I through training and a bunch of other people, he kind of demanded the best.

02:05:40:04 - 02:05:41:07

Of the best. Everyone had to be a.

02:05:41:09 - 02:05:51:22

Spartan, so to speak. But the military school is not like that today. There is still the Spartans of the mystery school, so to speak. But the mystery school is for everyone. And if you to me.

02:05:51:24 - 02:05:53:07

If you only pick up.

02:05:53:09 - 02:05:54:20

1 or 2 pieces that.

02:05:54:22 - 02:05:55:12

Improve your.

02:05:55:14 - 02:05:59:10

Life, that's 1 or 2 pieces that your life's gotten better from.

02:05:59:18 - 02:06:01:11

Dave Lanyon: And and that is.

02:06:01:13 - 02:06:03:14

That's I think that's good.

02:06:03:22 - 02:06:09:18

Dave Lanyon: You know, I would say pick up all the pieces, you know, make it, make it all good. But I'll take.

02:06:09:20 - 02:06:14:23

A 10% shift into light over zero. You know, if the if the deal is.

02:06:15:00 - 02:06:17:00

Dave Lanyon: You have to do 100% or nothing.

02:06:17:04 - 02:06:34:02

I'll take the 10%, because I think if that makes people's lives better for them, then that's a good thing. So part of its sustainability is to to be what it's always been. But maybe with more room.

02:06:34:10 - 02:06:36:03

Dave Lanyon: For your level of, of.

02:06:36:05 - 02:06:42:20

Commitment to, to yourself. Because on the path the commitment is, is to the self, it's your own progression.

02:06:43:02 - 02:06:44:11

Dave Lanyon: And so I think.

02:06:44:13 - 02:06:47:18

We we make more room for people to come from all different.

02:06:47:20 - 02:06:51:00

Dave Lanyon: Places and to be in different spots on that path.

02:06:51:24 - 02:06:57:07

Yeah, very well said. Thank you. Um, now, when.

02:06:57:09 - 02:06:58:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We look at.

02:06:58:06 - 02:07:12:07

Shambala and creating a world of balance, right, it starts within our own lives and living that living what feels like a peaceful, harmonious, joyful, beautiful life. And then helping.

02:07:12:09 - 02:07:13:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Propagate that.

02:07:13:10 - 02:07:16:15

Outwards, you know, into your family, your community.

02:07:16:24 - 02:07:17:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And.

02:07:17:16 - 02:07:18:12

Into the world.

02:07:18:14 - 02:07:23:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I see that also within the mystery school itself that we.

02:07:23:09 - 02:07:25:08

As a mystery school are like a microcosm.

02:07:25:10 - 02:07:37:05

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And truly, our doors have been open to everybody. Everybody's welcome. And we have a sampling of everybody from all walks of life, all different types of personalities, all types of different orientations and identities and so.

02:07:37:07 - 02:07:37:22


02:07:37:24 - 02:07:38:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All there.

02:07:38:16 - 02:07:40:12

Within the mystery school. So we're like a little.

02:07:40:14 - 02:07:41:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Microcosm to the.

02:07:41:18 - 02:07:42:17


02:07:43:00 - 02:07:44:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And so.

02:07:45:00 - 02:07:46:05

We, you know.

02:07:46:07 - 02:07:50:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Are very much working to try and create that experience of of like.

02:07:50:24 - 02:07:53:00

A Shambala like community or.

02:07:53:02 - 02:07:53:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: You know, a.

02:07:53:19 - 02:07:54:15

Peaceful, you.

02:07:54:17 - 02:07:57:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Know, everyone's accepting each other. Doesn't mean you're best.

02:07:57:17 - 02:07:58:12

Friends with everyone.

02:07:58:14 - 02:08:31:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But, you know, we all love and accept and work towards a common mission, a common good. And I think a big part of this is having a nice balance and flow of co-creation between there's the masculine and there's the feminine. There's, for example, within the mystery school structure itself, we have the third order, which is the three men who are lineage holders who are holding that energy at a very high level.

02:08:32:06 - 02:08:33:20

But then we also have a council.

02:08:33:22 - 02:08:39:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of 12 women who are each embodying, you know, feminine, archetypal.

02:08:39:14 - 02:08:40:04

You know, kind of.

02:08:40:06 - 02:09:03:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Divine feminine energy in their own ways, very uniquely and working together. Right. But from an outside perspective, some people look at this and they project onto our structure, Oh, it's a patriarchy. It's just a hierarchical structure. It's old patriarchy because you've got the three men at the top and then the, you know, everyone else underneath that. And how would you respond?

02:09:03:18 - 02:09:05:04

Because I don't experience.

02:09:05:06 - 02:09:05:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It that way at all.

02:09:06:00 - 02:09:08:04

I experience this very much as a team.

02:09:08:06 - 02:09:20:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We're all working together. You have the men have different roles. The lineage holders have a really unique role. You guys have earned your your spot and the the commitment level is so there and the personal.

02:09:20:09 - 02:09:22:02

Sacrifices that you've made to really.

02:09:22:04 - 02:09:24:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Commit to the propagation and the and the integrity of the.

02:09:25:01 - 02:09:25:18


02:09:26:11 - 02:09:29:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And yet the mystery school very much is.

02:09:30:05 - 02:09:30:22

You know.

02:09:30:24 - 02:09:45:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Run by women. Most of the master teachers are women. And most of the leadership and the CEOs of the different regional centers are women. So, you know, yeah, I'd like to just kind of dive into this conversation so that we can address it, because we often hear this criticism.

02:09:45:14 - 02:09:48:10

Or, you know, that people assume.

02:09:48:14 - 02:09:50:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Based on their own issue.

02:09:50:18 - 02:09:51:15

With the world.

02:09:51:17 - 02:09:54:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And projecting it onto us. How is this different?

02:09:55:24 - 02:10:08:10

Yeah, it's, um. Well, there's a couple of pieces that come into this. One is it is. First and foremost, it's not inherently bad to have a thing or things that are specific to one sex.

02:10:08:12 - 02:10:12:09

I somehow in the world today, if you say this is something that.

02:10:12:11 - 02:10:16:15

Really only works with women or this is what we only do with men, there's some.

02:10:16:17 - 02:10:24:13

Dave Lanyon: Inherent evil in that. And that's simply not true. I mean, there are things that are specific to women and things that are.

02:10:24:15 - 02:10:25:17

Specific to men.

02:10:26:18 - 02:10:31:04

Dave Lanyon: You have washrooms for women and washrooms for men. And we you know, there's there's.

02:10:31:06 - 02:10:32:08

Always areas in.

02:10:32:10 - 02:10:36:10

Things and it helps us in our exploration of ourselves to have this.

02:10:36:13 - 02:10:37:03

Now, in.

02:10:37:05 - 02:10:37:21

Terms of the mystery.

02:10:37:23 - 02:10:38:13


02:10:38:20 - 02:10:40:20

Dave Lanyon: It's a bit different in the.

02:10:40:22 - 02:10:43:03

Way it works because the third order is.

02:10:43:05 - 02:10:44:16

An order of men only.

02:10:44:18 - 02:10:48:22

And can only be occupied energetically by men. Council 12 Women.

02:10:49:02 - 02:10:52:24

Is a council can only be occupant occupied by women.

02:10:53:11 - 02:10:57:13

We it has to do with a spiritual flow.

02:10:57:15 - 02:10:58:09

Because the higher.

02:10:58:11 - 02:10:59:01


02:10:59:03 - 02:11:01:08

Dave Lanyon: Is the divine feminine. And so the divine.

02:11:01:10 - 02:11:08:13

Feminine talks to the masculine and then the masculine, which is the third order goes to the Council of 12.

02:11:08:15 - 02:11:09:05

Dave Lanyon: Women and.

02:11:09:07 - 02:11:15:01

Says, Would you agree with this? And the Council of 12 women have the right to say no.

02:11:15:03 - 02:11:16:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then the third order has nothing they.

02:11:17:01 - 02:11:18:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Can do about it. They just have to go, okay.

02:11:18:18 - 02:11:19:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We have to come back with.

02:11:19:10 - 02:11:28:21

A different concept. It's kind of like the power to to veto it is through this. Harmony that the mystery school is run.

02:11:30:09 - 02:11:31:17

And what you say is.

02:11:31:19 - 02:11:33:02

True. The the the.

02:11:33:04 - 02:11:34:01

Council of 12 Women.

02:11:34:03 - 02:11:39:14

And others not even on the council, they're the true powerhouses in the mystery school that.

02:11:39:16 - 02:11:42:09

Dave Lanyon: Allow the mystery school to function every single day.

02:11:42:11 - 02:11:43:01

And to have its.

02:11:43:03 - 02:11:45:01

Dave Lanyon: Flow and why it helps so many.

02:11:45:03 - 02:11:52:18

People. Our job as the third order is to primarily keep the lineage clear is to make sure that an ego.

02:11:52:20 - 02:11:54:09

Dave Lanyon: Doesn't come in, a teaching.

02:11:54:11 - 02:11:55:18

Doesn't get changed.

02:11:55:23 - 02:11:57:24

Dave Lanyon: Nothing sort of gets twisted up.

02:11:58:11 - 02:12:12:02

In a mistake. But the delivery of that energy and of everything that this mystery school is about is so much about the Council of 12 Women. And in our divine aspects mean I.

02:12:12:04 - 02:12:14:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Teach a class about divine masculine and feminine.

02:12:14:19 - 02:12:17:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We need to understand that we do hold differences.

02:12:17:19 - 02:12:19:01

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We are not the same.

02:12:19:03 - 02:12:19:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And we are.

02:12:19:20 - 02:12:21:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Able to wield our power in.

02:12:21:05 - 02:12:24:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Different ways and something that.

02:12:24:16 - 02:12:27:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Everyone in the world who doesn't understand this needs.

02:12:27:23 - 02:12:31:16

To is we need each other. Men are not.

02:12:31:18 - 02:12:35:07

Dave Lanyon: Superfluous to the world and women are not superfluous to the world. And we.

02:12:35:09 - 02:12:35:24

Need each other's.

02:12:36:01 - 02:12:38:03

Dave Lanyon: Energies in our lives and in the world.

02:12:38:05 - 02:12:48:23

And we need each other's way of doing things equally to to make the world a better place. And those that. See either.

02:12:49:00 - 02:12:49:20

Dave Lanyon: Sex as a.

02:12:49:22 - 02:12:50:14


02:12:50:17 - 02:12:55:23

See an aspect of the divine as a problem. And that's not going to get you very far.

02:12:56:07 - 02:12:57:08

Dave Lanyon: So.

02:12:57:15 - 02:13:09:21

Yeah, those that disagree with this, I can understand from the way society seems to be operating today. But I would say, as you've identified, that that is coming from your own.

02:13:09:24 - 02:13:11:23

Dave Lanyon: Misunderstandings of how it.

02:13:12:00 - 02:13:12:16


02:13:13:13 - 02:13:14:05

Dave Lanyon: As opposed.

02:13:14:07 - 02:13:20:07

And your own perhaps resistances as opposed to the reality of how it how it functions.

02:13:20:11 - 02:13:21:01


02:13:21:12 - 02:13:27:04

How would you interpret it as a as a member of the Council of 12, how would you look at it?

02:13:27:11 - 02:13:28:23

Well, I would say that.

02:13:29:00 - 02:13:32:18

You know, there is very much a spiritual.

02:13:32:20 - 02:13:35:02

Hermetic teaching around.

02:13:35:04 - 02:13:35:19


02:13:35:21 - 02:13:36:11

A Kabbalistic.

02:13:36:13 - 02:13:44:13

Teaching and alchemical teaching, like all the ancient teachings that we study deeply. And I could play just as much to to physics.

02:13:44:15 - 02:13:45:05

As well.

02:13:45:07 - 02:13:49:10

That there is a universal principle of masculine and a universal principle.

02:13:49:12 - 02:13:50:03

Of feminine.

02:13:50:05 - 02:14:04:12

And that these are two of the most important principles of creation or generation moving. You know, the dynamic between the two is so critical for the process of creating.

02:14:04:14 - 02:14:05:04


02:14:05:08 - 02:14:08:14

And to to try to.

02:14:08:16 - 02:14:11:23

Homogenize them. It doesn't work.

02:14:12:00 - 02:14:15:13

Because then you don't have the the polarity of the dynamic.

02:14:15:15 - 02:14:16:06

That is.

02:14:16:08 - 02:14:29:23

Needed for that that interplay. And so it's really important to recognize that equally important, equally needed, as you said, but different in function and different in the way in which we flow energy.

02:14:30:00 - 02:14:32:17

And and that's as it should be.

02:14:32:20 - 02:14:42:03

And to try and and eliminate that difference or say there is no difference and we're equal is meaning the same.

02:14:42:05 - 02:14:43:00

We're not the same.

02:14:43:02 - 02:14:44:02

Right. We're different.

02:14:44:04 - 02:14:44:23

And yet.

02:14:45:13 - 02:14:46:24

At a personal level.

02:14:47:08 - 02:15:01:01

Now came in very much as as I'm a strong independent woman and, you know, had some programming by feminism in me. And, you know, as a woman in physics, I had to really become more in my masculine energy.

02:15:01:03 - 02:15:02:02

To survive.

02:15:02:04 - 02:15:02:19


02:15:02:21 - 02:15:04:21

That world because it was mostly 80% men.

02:15:04:23 - 02:15:06:07

In that field.

02:15:06:09 - 02:15:07:22

And so I came.

02:15:07:24 - 02:15:15:06

In with a very strong, you know, programming, and that was a button that got pushed in me quite a lot in my early journey.

02:15:15:08 - 02:15:16:18

But I can say that.

02:15:16:20 - 02:15:19:12

Through my journey with the mystery school as a woman.

02:15:20:00 - 02:15:33:11

I have been more empowered to come into my authentic empowerment as a woman, to be strong, to be independent, to be active in contributing, yet to do so in a feminine.

02:15:33:13 - 02:15:34:03


02:15:34:05 - 02:15:35:16

And to recognize.

02:15:35:18 - 02:15:36:08

That there is.

02:15:36:10 - 02:15:37:00


02:15:37:02 - 02:15:38:11

In a feminine way of creating.

02:15:38:13 - 02:15:39:22

And I don't have to be.

02:15:39:24 - 02:15:45:18

Or compete in a masculine way have value. And so for me, at a.

02:15:45:20 - 02:15:49:18

Personal level, it's been a very much a healing journey to reclaiming.

02:15:49:20 - 02:15:53:02

My feminine empowerment and being supported.

02:15:53:04 - 02:16:03:04

By, you know, yourself, founder goodness, by the men in the school and by the other women, you know, because women sometimes will get into competition with each other and, you know.

02:16:03:06 - 02:16:05:02

The cat fight the mean girl stuff.

02:16:05:04 - 02:16:10:19

But we don't have that in the mystery school because we're all trying to encourage each others empowerment.

02:16:11:00 - 02:16:11:15


02:16:11:17 - 02:16:13:13

Recognizing the beauty of the.

02:16:13:15 - 02:16:15:02

Feminine empowerment and.

02:16:15:04 - 02:16:30:09

The strength of the masculine and that it's okay to be different and to find to let go of the the social narrative around it and to just learn to to harmoniously co-create and understand we have different functions.

02:16:30:11 - 02:16:32:17

And while I might be able to do everything a man could.

02:16:32:19 - 02:16:33:18

Do, it's easier.

02:16:33:20 - 02:16:38:23

For me to do what a woman can do and to let a man do what a man can do more easily than I can.

02:16:39:11 - 02:16:41:23

So I see that it's been.

02:16:42:22 - 02:16:43:21

It's been a process of.

02:16:43:23 - 02:16:47:19

Reprogramming, but it's also been a very personally.

02:16:47:21 - 02:16:51:19

Experienced and felt and lived set of.

02:16:51:21 - 02:16:57:02

Teachings that have revealed themselves to be true, that we are different and.

02:16:57:04 - 02:16:59:22

That is exactly as it should be and that it.

02:16:59:24 - 02:17:00:14


02:17:00:16 - 02:17:01:22


02:17:03:11 - 02:17:16:24

the perfect dynamic. And co-creative flow happens when you have empowered men and empowered women working together towards a common mission to to co-create together.

02:17:17:01 - 02:17:19:06

And so I see that.

02:17:19:19 - 02:17:23:14

It's a very empowering structure that we've been in and it's very much.

02:17:23:16 - 02:17:27:06

Set in in model after modeling.

02:17:27:08 - 02:17:30:04

After how things are in, you know, the.

02:17:30:06 - 02:17:31:13

Hierarchical structure of.

02:17:31:15 - 02:17:32:12


02:17:32:14 - 02:17:34:05

And the universe and the spirit.

02:17:34:07 - 02:17:40:14

All the way into the physical nature and the universe are full of hierarchies. But that's.

02:17:40:16 - 02:17:41:11

Not like a.

02:17:41:13 - 02:17:42:23

Linear pecking order kind.

02:17:43:00 - 02:17:44:08

Of hierarchy. It's a.

02:17:44:10 - 02:17:47:11

This is how an integrated system.

02:17:47:13 - 02:17:48:14


02:17:49:00 - 02:17:52:00

To thrive, for there to be order, for there to be.

02:17:52:02 - 02:17:53:17

Flow and.

02:17:53:19 - 02:17:56:10

And everything is is in alignment with its.

02:17:56:12 - 02:18:05:01

Function and its purpose. So you know I think that it's a shame when when people are projecting.

02:18:05:03 - 02:18:07:15

Sort of a matrix view onto.

02:18:07:19 - 02:18:12:10

Us because it's not how it is from the inner workings of it.

02:18:13:02 - 02:18:28:02

No, no. And and so much of well, of life in general is if you can understand the aspects of divine feminine and divine masculine, then you realize that there's always kind of a dance between the two. And to know.

02:18:28:04 - 02:18:30:05

Thyself is also to know thy.

02:18:30:07 - 02:18:31:01


02:18:31:03 - 02:18:32:12

Which would in turn mean.

02:18:32:14 - 02:18:33:04

To know when.

02:18:33:06 - 02:18:39:04

It's also not your place. And so a part of that empowerment, and I've definitely experienced this with you and I.

02:18:39:06 - 02:18:41:12

Think we would all share a very similar experience.

02:18:41:14 - 02:18:44:09

Is we know when to to back away from a.

02:18:44:11 - 02:18:47:09

Situation because that's your place and then you step.

02:18:47:11 - 02:18:59:00

Forward. And it really is a dance of working together. I think all the men and women in the senior positions in the mystery school know this. And, um, it's a beautiful thing.

02:18:59:02 - 02:18:59:17

Because it's true.

02:18:59:19 - 02:19:04:22

Communion of the, the masculine and feminine to be able to know, okay, this.

02:19:04:24 - 02:19:05:15

Is your thing.

02:19:05:17 - 02:19:15:17

This is what you do. I backup. I'm here to support you. Oh, now I'll step to lead. You support me. And there's this ebb and flow and it you know, I say the word support.

02:19:15:19 - 02:19:19:06

You feel so supported, but you truly feel.

02:19:20:03 - 02:19:21:03

Um, at peace.

02:19:21:05 - 02:19:26:21

Because you feel fulfilled. You know, we are not meant to do everything.

02:19:26:23 - 02:19:38:18

On our own. To know thyself is to not to think I am everyone. It's to know who you are and you are an individual and that individual. If you're trying to.

02:19:38:20 - 02:19:42:04

Do a community, anything, unity, anything is going to need other.

02:19:42:06 - 02:19:44:04

Individuals. And so.

02:19:44:19 - 02:19:48:08

It's never our place to say I am all things.

02:19:48:10 - 02:19:50:00

Everywhere all at once.

02:19:50:23 - 02:19:52:19

You are some things in certain.

02:19:52:21 - 02:19:56:17

Places at certain times. And then if you know what those other.

02:19:56:19 - 02:20:00:13

People are and you get to know each other, then you're able to sort of do.

02:20:00:15 - 02:20:01:07

Dave Lanyon: This, this.

02:20:01:09 - 02:20:03:09

This interweaving of energies and.

02:20:03:11 - 02:20:04:06

Dave Lanyon: Support.

02:20:04:11 - 02:20:05:08

With each other.

02:20:05:09 - 02:20:11:01

Dave Lanyon: That's that's fantastic. And it creates a more empowered individual on all sides, whether man or woman.

02:20:11:07 - 02:20:16:16

And so I you're right the outside matrix world or the.

02:20:17:02 - 02:20:21:15

Dave Lanyon: Opinion without experience world can often look at those things and cast.

02:20:21:17 - 02:20:22:11


02:20:23:02 - 02:20:25:08

Dave Lanyon: And I would say that that is a very.

02:20:26:05 - 02:20:35:04

Disingenuous way to look at things without having the direct experience, just to stand outside and point and say, I know, even though I don't really know.

02:20:36:06 - 02:20:39:02

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. So true. Like knowing yourself is.

02:20:39:04 - 02:20:44:11

Dave Lanyon: Knowing what you are, but also what you're not who you are and who you're not. And when you come to that place of.

02:20:44:17 - 02:20:46:00

Dave Lanyon: Real, like.

02:20:46:02 - 02:20:48:00

Dave Lanyon: At oneness with who and what you.

02:20:48:02 - 02:20:49:23

Dave Lanyon: Are and integrated.

02:20:50:00 - 02:20:57:06

Dave Lanyon: With that, you let go of so much of the need to compete or compare to others, which is So what drives.

02:20:57:08 - 02:20:58:17

Dave Lanyon: The world out there is all.

02:20:58:19 - 02:21:07:13

Dave Lanyon: This, you know, competition and comparison and but when you really know thyself, you let that go. And that is where think so much of that inner peace comes.

02:21:07:15 - 02:21:08:12

Dave Lanyon: From and.

02:21:08:14 - 02:21:13:15

Dave Lanyon: That that sense of being fulfilled within yourself and the way in which you can contribute to a greater.

02:21:13:17 - 02:21:14:09

Dave Lanyon: Whole.

02:21:14:11 - 02:21:24:06

Dave Lanyon: And knowing that you've got brothers and sisters who are there with you to fulfill other pieces and you don't have to do that. And so you can just specialize in what you're best at.

02:21:24:15 - 02:21:35:00

Dave Lanyon: And what you love and and, you know, are just, you know, really good at. Um, so this has been an amazing conversation. Now, I can't end it without mentioning your book again.

02:21:35:02 - 02:21:35:17

Dave Lanyon: Right? So you've.

02:21:35:19 - 02:21:37:10

Dave Lanyon: Recently published this.

02:21:37:12 - 02:21:41:17

Dave Lanyon: The book You are not Perfect the Way You Are. I think we've heard a bit about why you chose that.

02:21:41:19 - 02:21:42:10

Dave Lanyon: Title.

02:21:42:24 - 02:21:45:12

Dave Lanyon: If and we've talked about a few of the keys that you.

02:21:45:14 - 02:21:47:02

Dave Lanyon: Reveal, you have 11.

02:21:47:04 - 02:21:51:15

Dave Lanyon: Keys in your book about how to really, you know, live in a more.

02:21:51:17 - 02:21:54:13

Dave Lanyon: Masterful way. And we've talked about several of them.

02:21:54:15 - 02:21:57:14

Dave Lanyon: But is there any other key that you might like to reveal here?

02:21:57:16 - 02:21:58:08

Dave Lanyon: Just, you know, to.

02:21:58:10 - 02:22:09:14

Dave Lanyon: Give people another taste, to highlight it for those who are listening, if they could just apply that one thing, that it would lead to a really big shift to helping them really.

02:22:09:16 - 02:22:13:03

Dave Lanyon: Set a new foundation in a new energy in their life.

02:22:13:05 - 02:22:14:04

Dave Lanyon: What would that be?

02:22:15:19 - 02:22:16:18

Dave Lanyon: Oh, I'm.

02:22:16:20 - 02:22:18:03

Dave Lanyon: Going to give you two, if that's okay.

02:22:18:05 - 02:22:18:20

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:22:19:19 - 02:22:30:24

Dave Lanyon: The the first one I'd want to reiterate because I think it is so essential, and that is gratitude because without gratitude, you don't have enough in your life. You'll always be, um.

02:22:31:20 - 02:22:34:12

Dave Lanyon: Ungrateful about the things you don't have.

02:22:34:14 - 02:22:37:13

Dave Lanyon: So the first thing we do, if we want to make a change or improve, is we have.

02:22:37:15 - 02:22:45:00

Dave Lanyon: To count our blessings. It's kind of almost nursery school and it's understanding, But that's because it's such a foundation.

02:22:45:02 - 02:22:47:11

Dave Lanyon: No. You know the things you're grateful for.

02:22:47:13 - 02:22:49:16

Dave Lanyon: Count them and know them and.

02:22:49:18 - 02:22:51:17

Dave Lanyon: Know that the change is going to come from the things you're.

02:22:51:19 - 02:22:53:24

Dave Lanyon: Grateful for. And I would say that is.

02:22:54:19 - 02:22:57:10

Dave Lanyon: It's one that deserves extra attention.

02:22:58:08 - 02:22:58:23

Dave Lanyon: Um.

02:22:59:00 - 02:22:59:22

Dave Lanyon: And if you were to ask me.

02:22:59:24 - 02:23:00:19

Dave Lanyon: Today.

02:23:01:09 - 02:23:03:17

Dave Lanyon: What I think the world might need.

02:23:04:06 - 02:23:17:02

Dave Lanyon: That is to challenge your beliefs in the understanding that you need to shift into reality more than ever before. And reality.

02:23:17:04 - 02:23:18:05

Dave Lanyon: Is that which is not.

02:23:18:07 - 02:23:24:04

Dave Lanyon: Malleable to your opinion, opinion, thoughts or feelings. That's reality. So if it's not.

02:23:24:06 - 02:23:25:18

Dave Lanyon: Malleable, if you can't just change your.

02:23:25:20 - 02:23:28:00

Dave Lanyon: Mind and it changes, that was an illusion. You can do.

02:23:28:02 - 02:23:30:20

Dave Lanyon: That if your opinion about something.

02:23:30:22 - 02:23:33:02

Dave Lanyon: Doesn't change it. For example, you.

02:23:33:04 - 02:23:34:04

Dave Lanyon: Know, I often use a color.

02:23:34:06 - 02:23:42:19

Dave Lanyon: Of a wall. If you don't like the color of a wall and you and you don't like it, that's your opinion, don't like it, but it doesn't change based on your opinion. If it if it elicits.

02:23:42:21 - 02:23:48:03

Dave Lanyon: A negative feeling, it doesn't change based on your feelings. And you can think at it all day. It's not going to change.

02:23:48:05 - 02:23:50:21

Dave Lanyon: Until you accept the color of the wall that you.

02:23:50:23 - 02:23:52:12

Dave Lanyon: Don't like and then take action.

02:23:52:14 - 02:23:59:06

Dave Lanyon: To change it. So I would say you've got to shift out of out of the illusion.

02:23:59:18 - 02:24:00:21

Dave Lanyon: Of often what.

02:24:00:23 - 02:24:05:11

Dave Lanyon: Is our emotions towards something into the reality of the way it is. And that.

02:24:05:13 - 02:24:06:15

Dave Lanyon: Really ties into our.

02:24:06:17 - 02:24:08:14

Dave Lanyon: Beliefs about what reality is.

02:24:08:17 - 02:24:12:13

Dave Lanyon: And and someone who lives in reality can actually make.

02:24:12:15 - 02:24:19:12

Dave Lanyon: That reality better. You can change it because you accept what it is and you can take action to make it better. And a huge.

02:24:19:14 - 02:24:20:17

Dave Lanyon: Problem with the world today.

02:24:20:19 - 02:24:29:24

Dave Lanyon: Is people are in resistance to reality. They they want to define so many want to define reality as their feelings. And that's not reality. You don't have a truth.

02:24:30:13 - 02:24:32:06

Dave Lanyon: You have your opinion about life.

02:24:32:08 - 02:24:37:03

Dave Lanyon: It's not a truth. If if we were to say that the only truth is reality.

02:24:37:05 - 02:24:44:23

Dave Lanyon: We were to make it simple, then you have to know what reality is to live in truth. And then if you want reality, if you want the world to be better.

02:24:45:06 - 02:24:51:13

Dave Lanyon: You've got to start in that reality first and foremost. So that would be something I would would really focus on.

02:24:51:15 - 02:24:53:14

Dave Lanyon: And that specifically is about.

02:24:53:16 - 02:24:57:21

Dave Lanyon: Your belief system and you should buy the book and read it. It's very important.

02:24:58:14 - 02:25:00:08

Dave Lanyon: The guy who wrote it. Awesome.

02:25:03:22 - 02:25:08:08

Dave Lanyon: Well, thank you, Dave. Is there any final words you'd like to leave people.

02:25:08:10 - 02:25:09:19

Dave Lanyon: With other than, you know.

02:25:09:21 - 02:25:11:15

Dave Lanyon: To to get into reality?

02:25:12:15 - 02:25:17:14

Dave Lanyon: My final words would be this. I know this is, um.

02:25:18:08 - 02:25:21:03

Dave Lanyon: It's your channel. And I think that I want to tell.

02:25:21:05 - 02:25:28:13

Dave Lanyon: Everyone that from my perspective, they are blessed to have you doing what you do and being out there doing what you.

02:25:28:15 - 02:25:30:07

Dave Lanyon: Do. I know I am.

02:25:30:09 - 02:25:30:24

Dave Lanyon: And I want to.

02:25:31:01 - 02:25:31:16

Dave Lanyon: Thank you so much.

02:25:31:18 - 02:25:32:08

Dave Lanyon: For having me.

02:25:32:10 - 02:25:45:19

Dave Lanyon: On. You are one of my heroes in life. I've known you for a long time. I've watched you overcome, succeed, struggle through and stand on top of those mountains. And I would tell anyone.

02:25:45:21 - 02:25:46:11

Dave Lanyon: If.

02:25:46:13 - 02:25:47:04

Dave Lanyon: You're looking for.

02:25:47:06 - 02:25:49:00

Dave Lanyon: Someone who can guide you to a better place.

02:25:49:02 - 02:25:49:24

Dave Lanyon: Than you, my.

02:25:50:01 - 02:25:55:03

Dave Lanyon: Dear Teresa are one of those very, very few people with that knowledge who can really help people.

02:25:55:05 - 02:25:56:16

Dave Lanyon: And so thank you.

02:25:56:19 - 02:25:58:13

Dave Lanyon: Thank you for being in my life, dear.

02:25:58:20 - 02:26:10:15

Dave Lanyon: Thank you. Oh, my goodness. It's very touching. Um, thank you, Dave. And I am very lucky to have you in my life as well.

02:26:10:17 - 02:26:11:08

Dave Lanyon: You've helped me out.

02:26:11:10 - 02:26:12:15

Dave Lanyon: So many times.

02:26:13:04 - 02:26:13:21

Dave Lanyon: And.

02:26:13:23 - 02:26:14:23

Dave Lanyon: You know, you.

02:26:15:00 - 02:26:17:13

Dave Lanyon: Are very generous in sharing.

02:26:17:15 - 02:26:18:05

Dave Lanyon: What you.

02:26:18:07 - 02:26:24:22

Dave Lanyon: Know, what you've experienced, your wisdom and you are very genuine in wanting to help people.

02:26:25:03 - 02:26:28:21

Dave Lanyon: Live a better life. So thank you so much for all that you do and.

02:26:28:23 - 02:26:30:00

Dave Lanyon: For being a part of.

02:26:30:02 - 02:26:32:08

Dave Lanyon: This and letting me also.

02:26:32:10 - 02:26:33:19

Dave Lanyon: Serve side by side.

02:26:33:21 - 02:26:41:11

Dave Lanyon: With you on this amazing journey. So it's been a pleasure. And. Just give me one second.

02:26:44:22 - 02:26:46:13

Dave Lanyon: Recording. Yeah. Okay.

02:26:47:11 - 02:26:49:09

Dave Lanyon: Oh, need I need that up as well.

02:26:53:12 - 02:26:54:15

Dave Lanyon: That's a little bit more.

02:26:54:20 - 02:26:55:10

Dave Lanyon: Yeah.

02:26:58:07 - 02:27:10:04

Dave Lanyon: Okay. But and that brings us to the end of this conscious conversation with Dave Lanyon. Dave, thank you so much for joining me and for sharing all of your deep wisdom.

02:27:10:06 - 02:27:10:21

Dave Lanyon: And.

02:27:10:23 - 02:27:13:18

Dave Lanyon: Insights. And maybe we will do it again, because I know.

02:27:13:20 - 02:27:19:17

Dave Lanyon: I have so many more questions and I'm sure people have gotten some amazing value and wisdom.

02:27:19:19 - 02:27:20:09

Dave Lanyon: To to take.

02:27:20:11 - 02:27:23:03

Dave Lanyon: From this. And there's always more to share.

02:27:23:23 - 02:27:27:00

Dave Lanyon: My pleasure. Thank you so much, Trisha. Really appreciate it.

02:27:27:03 - 02:27:28:15

Dave Lanyon: All right. Thank you.

02:27:29:21 - 02:27:45:01

Dave Lanyon: Okay. Thank you. Oh, I'm going to just do a few little ending kind of breaks because we're going to break this up into several episodes. So we've got a little bit more to do, but you can go. Thank you so much.

02:27:45:04 - 02:27:45:20

Dave Lanyon: And I'm glad.

02:27:46:22 - 02:27:47:12

Dave Lanyon: Thank you.

02:27:47:14 - 02:27:48:04

Dave Lanyon: For everything.

02:27:48:06 - 02:27:49:13

Dave Lanyon: It was awesome. I enjoyed.

02:27:49:15 - 02:27:50:06

Dave Lanyon: It.

02:27:50:08 - 02:27:51:00

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, me too.

02:27:51:02 - 02:27:52:20

Dave Lanyon: Nice one day. That was amazing.

02:27:53:04 - 02:27:53:19

Dave Lanyon: Really?

02:27:53:21 - 02:27:54:16

Dave Lanyon: Carolyn, thank.

02:27:54:18 - 02:28:00:12

Dave Lanyon: You so much. You know, everything really settled down towards the back end. It's beautiful.

02:28:01:04 - 02:28:04:09

Dave Lanyon: Oh, thank you. Thank you for everything. Anything we can do to help, Please.

02:28:04:11 - 02:28:06:17

Dave Lanyon: Just let us know. We're glad to do what we can.

02:28:06:19 - 02:28:07:13

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, we're definitely.

02:28:07:15 - 02:28:15:11

Dave Lanyon: Going to need to get those files that Christina was recording on your end so that we can piece it all together and have the highest quality.

02:28:16:03 - 02:28:17:02

Dave Lanyon: Great. Well, thank you.

02:28:17:04 - 02:28:19:14

Dave Lanyon: No problem. Take care, everyone. Love you guys for now.

02:28:21:12 - 02:28:22:09

Dave Lanyon: Rest well.

02:28:23:09 - 02:28:23:24

Dave Lanyon: Yes.

02:28:24:08 - 02:28:24:23

Dave Lanyon: Yeah.

02:28:26:02 - 02:28:28:00

Dave Lanyon: Bye. Hi.

02:28:28:23 - 02:28:30:22

Dave Lanyon: Rachel. You wanted to stay on for a minute?

02:28:31:02 - 02:28:32:04

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

02:28:33:01 - 02:28:33:16

Dave Lanyon: Oh.

02:28:35:01 - 02:28:42:04

Was awesome. And then the feeds got so much better. That third part, like his video, everything was great and did.

02:28:42:06 - 02:28:44:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And I don't know if it was our end or his end.

02:28:44:10 - 02:28:45:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or what.

02:28:45:19 - 02:28:47:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So mean. We did.

02:28:48:01 - 02:28:48:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Switch to.

02:28:48:24 - 02:28:52:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The other Wi-Fi, but it still took a while to settle in.

02:28:53:03 - 02:29:00:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That one was much better though, so whatever that one was that you switched to, you never skipped out after that. So. No, but.

02:29:00:19 - 02:29:02:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We just dropped it. Yeah, yeah.

02:29:03:22 - 02:29:04:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

02:29:04:14 - 02:29:06:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We the the Wi-Fi.

02:29:07:14 - 02:29:10:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Solution that we tried to do clearly.

02:29:10:06 - 02:29:10:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Wasn't.

02:29:11:06 - 02:29:12:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Going to work.

02:29:12:22 - 02:29:13:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So we're.

02:29:13:23 - 02:29:16:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Going to cancel that that plan.

02:29:16:09 - 02:29:20:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And go for trying to get to hard line. And um.

02:29:21:01 - 02:29:27:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Rafe did say he can't he thinks he can take their zoom feed though, and put it on the iPhone footage. So I think we should be okay there.

02:29:28:00 - 02:29:30:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or even we, you know, if Christina.

02:29:30:10 - 02:29:31:03

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Was recording.

02:29:31:05 - 02:29:37:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: On a phone there as well on their end or a professional camera, if we can get those files.

02:29:37:08 - 02:29:38:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And then it would be even better.

02:29:38:17 - 02:29:50:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Potentially than their zoom, you know, we'll see. So give them options to get the best quality. He'll he'll just have to fit their frame to the the.

02:29:50:09 - 02:29:52:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: TV at you know because the TV's at a little bit of.

02:29:52:22 - 02:29:55:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: An angle so it won't be flat on.

02:29:55:07 - 02:29:55:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah.

02:29:55:24 - 02:29:59:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So just have to figure out how to fit that. But I kind of remember him.

02:29:59:16 - 02:30:01:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Doing something like that with the.

02:30:01:02 - 02:30:03:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Erik von Daniken one.

02:30:03:12 - 02:30:06:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: As well because he had that green screen thing.

02:30:06:09 - 02:30:23:09

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I'd be great. Good. Um, the other things to think, to look out for is that, um, Dave, he's got, like, a gray beard, green hair. It's kind of pale to set him against a pale background. You know, the Steve Reece issue that we had. I think we're going to have it with Dave.

02:30:23:17 - 02:30:26:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When I looked at the laptop, it didn't look as.

02:30:26:08 - 02:30:28:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Bad as when I saw it on the TV here.

02:30:28:12 - 02:30:29:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So I think.

02:30:30:00 - 02:30:41:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So, too, because he had a he had a lot of black on and a blue chair. Um, yeah, but Steve Reeves, if I remember like also seemed to almost have like a light colored shirt on with the white wall, like everything was white.

02:30:41:12 - 02:30:42:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, but it was.

02:30:42:14 - 02:30:46:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: It was the light background, the wall behind it, you know, with a light.

02:30:46:22 - 02:30:48:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Background to his hair sometimes.

02:30:48:10 - 02:30:49:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Faded out. But it.

02:30:49:04 - 02:30:52:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Might be because our settings here are a little bit whited out to.

02:30:52:23 - 02:30:55:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: On this TV, but we're going to ultimately have.

02:30:55:08 - 02:30:59:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To get his feed, which might have a different color.

02:30:59:18 - 02:31:01:06

Setup than than ours.

02:31:01:08 - 02:31:03:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So so I need to still.

02:31:03:10 - 02:31:04:00


02:31:04:02 - 02:31:04:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: The.

02:31:04:19 - 02:31:07:19

Episode ending and beginning new beginning.

02:31:07:21 - 02:31:08:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Stuff.

02:31:08:13 - 02:31:12:22

Um, you said you had a couple questions for me that we might need to.

02:31:12:24 - 02:31:14:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Rerecord a couple things.

02:31:14:21 - 02:31:15:13

Or something.

02:31:15:15 - 02:31:50:08

The main question, I didn't write it fully down, but it was after the demystifying the mystery school, so it was just have the timing is around 47 to 48 minutes. You were coming in and cutting in and out. But I think it was about money in the mystery school, like you're saying, everything you had spent, you've seen it come back, um, more in your own like, souls progression that so I don't know if that whole thing was a question or some of that was also you just like building context to the question. But that question did it was freezing the audio and whatnot.

02:31:50:10 - 02:31:51:00


02:31:51:02 - 02:31:52:21

So, so, so I was ad libbing on.

02:31:52:23 - 02:31:53:14

Some of it, but I.

02:31:53:16 - 02:31:55:07

Can we can redo it.

02:31:55:09 - 02:31:55:24

And it'll still.

02:31:56:01 - 02:31:57:16

Be along the same theme.

02:31:57:21 - 02:31:58:11


02:31:58:13 - 02:31:59:03


02:32:00:01 - 02:32:03:03

You think we should have it in the zoom just in case?

02:32:03:05 - 02:32:03:20

What's that?

02:32:04:11 - 02:32:08:02

Yeah. Think we should do that in the zoom audio, just so we have it. Just in case.

02:32:08:04 - 02:32:08:22

Yeah. Yeah.

02:32:09:18 - 02:32:13:04

Um, I think I just want to. Am I getting shiny?

02:32:13:06 - 02:32:14:19

You're getting a bit shy. A bit.

02:32:14:21 - 02:32:20:12

So I'm just going to go quickly touch up before we record. So I'm just going to hit pause on the recording.

02:32:20:14 - 02:32:22:03

Help me remember to unpause it.

02:32:22:14 - 02:32:23:04


02:32:47:22 - 02:32:50:16

Dave Lanyon: I also think we had a slightly awkward beginning.

02:32:50:23 - 02:32:51:13

Dave Lanyon: Um.

02:32:56:04 - 02:33:00:17

Dave Lanyon: So Rafe might need to cut some of that awkwardness at the very beginning with.

02:33:09:13 - 02:33:12:14

Dave Lanyon: Better. Yeah. Don't look straight on that. Why not?

02:33:12:24 - 02:33:15:19

Dave Lanyon: Okay. And you can't see the reflection of the.

02:33:17:10 - 02:33:21:11

Dave Lanyon: Okay, if you just sit back. Keep going

02:33:23:04 - 02:33:32:18

Dave Lanyon: forward. And what are you going to wear? The natural position you be. That's going to be that's perfect because the reflection is behind your head. Okay. Okay.

02:33:33:20 - 02:33:36:16

Dave Lanyon: Ready to go. Three, two.

02:33:39:10 - 02:33:43:00

Dave Lanyon: Join us again as we continue to dive deeper into this enlightening.

02:33:43:02 - 02:33:45:04

Dave Lanyon: Conversation with Dave.

02:33:45:06 - 02:33:45:21

Dave Lanyon: Lanyon.

02:33:45:23 - 02:33:47:06

Dave Lanyon: On the next episode of.

02:33:47:08 - 02:33:48:14

Dave Lanyon: Quantum Minds TV.

02:33:54:10 - 02:33:58:23

Dave Lanyon: Okay, Now we're going to do sort of guess the is this a.

02:33:59:00 - 02:34:00:23

Dave Lanyon: Briefer intro or did you put the whole.

02:34:02:06 - 02:34:03:08

Dave Lanyon: Seeing that. Okay, so I'll.

02:34:03:10 - 02:34:07:19

Dave Lanyon: Try this sort of next episode Art beginning.

02:34:10:02 - 02:34:11:07

Dave Lanyon: Mean to.

02:34:13:13 - 02:34:15:02

Dave Lanyon: Welcome back to Quantum Minds.

02:34:15:11 - 02:34:16:04

Dave Lanyon: Where we take a.

02:34:16:06 - 02:34:21:02

Dave Lanyon: Deep dive into various perspectives on what it's going to take to create a shift in human.

02:34:21:04 - 02:34:22:04

Dave Lanyon: Consciousness.

02:34:22:08 - 02:34:40:04

Dave Lanyon: In this episode, we're continuing the conversation with mentor, leader and sovereign epitome of the modern mystery School, Dave Lanyon, who bridges the worlds of hermetic metaphysics and spirituality with practical wisdom that can be universally applied to change people's lives.

02:34:41:16 - 02:34:48:05

Dave Lanyon: Okay, don't do that. And then watch you slouch a bit and you're not going to like that. Okay. Okay.

02:34:49:08 - 02:34:50:11

Dave Lanyon: Nope. Hold on.

02:34:58:02 - 02:35:00:05

Dave Lanyon: Okay to.

02:35:01:17 - 02:35:03:05

Dave Lanyon: Welcome back to Quantum Minds.

02:35:03:14 - 02:35:04:06

Dave Lanyon: Where we take.

02:35:04:08 - 02:35:17:24

Dave Lanyon: A deep dive into various perspectives on what it's going to take to create a shift in human consciousness. In this episode, we're continuing the conversation with mentor, leader and sovereign assistance of the modern Mystery School, Dave.

02:35:18:01 - 02:35:18:18

Dave Lanyon: Lanyon.

02:35:18:20 - 02:35:20:05

Dave Lanyon: Who bridges the worlds of.

02:35:20:07 - 02:35:23:06

Dave Lanyon: Hermetic metaphysics and spirituality.

02:35:23:08 - 02:35:28:06

Dave Lanyon: With practical wisdom that can be universally applied to change people's lives.

02:35:31:18 - 02:35:32:08

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:35:32:24 - 02:35:34:05

Dave Lanyon: Now I've got the rest of the.

02:35:34:07 - 02:35:35:20

Dave Lanyon: Outro to do as well.

02:35:36:19 - 02:35:38:21

Dave Lanyon: So let's record that. And then after this.

02:35:38:23 - 02:35:40:09

Dave Lanyon: We should be able to go back.

02:35:40:11 - 02:35:45:11

Dave Lanyon: To that other question. Okay, so here's the rest of the outro.

02:35:49:04 - 02:35:59:21

Dave Lanyon: Well, I really hope that you have taken some golden nuggets out of this session and episode with Dave Lanyon, but most importantly, that you'll take some of this knowledge gained and some of these keys that were shared.

02:35:59:23 - 02:36:05:23

Dave Lanyon: Here with you and put them into application in your life so that you can really receive the full.

02:36:06:00 - 02:36:13:20

Dave Lanyon: Benefits from what we've just discussed. Now, as always, thank you for tuning in to Quantum Minds. And if you enjoyed it, please.

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Dave Lanyon: Do rate review and subscribe to us on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and or Spotify.

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02:36:51:20 - 02:36:53:16

Dave Lanyon: So until next time, I'm Dr. Theresa.

02:36:53:18 - 02:36:56:12

Dave Lanyon: Bullard and this is Quantum Mind's TV.

02:36:58:01 - 02:36:59:23

Dave Lanyon: I'm going to do that one more time. Yeah.

02:37:00:11 - 02:37:01:17

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, yeah.

02:37:02:15 - 02:37:05:19

Dave Lanyon: I'm looking at you. Think you need to not stand there?

02:37:07:11 - 02:37:09:00

Dave Lanyon: I'm, like, looking too high.

02:37:10:01 - 02:37:10:16

Dave Lanyon: Uh.

02:37:11:19 - 02:37:12:16

Dave Lanyon: No, hold on.

02:37:20:06 - 02:37:22:20

Dave Lanyon: Come on. I'll be there with.

02:37:28:15 - 02:37:29:06

Dave Lanyon: Sticking out.

02:37:30:10 - 02:37:31:19

Dave Lanyon: Not going to get it.

02:37:39:09 - 02:37:40:21

Dave Lanyon: That's better. That's where we needed to be.

02:37:50:06 - 02:37:50:21

Dave Lanyon: Know.

02:37:52:24 - 02:37:53:14

Dave Lanyon: Okay. Ready?

02:37:54:06 - 02:37:55:04

Dave Lanyon: Three, two.

02:37:57:04 - 02:37:58:22

Dave Lanyon: Well, we hope you've taken some golden.

02:37:58:24 - 02:37:59:19

Dave Lanyon: Nuggets out of.

02:37:59:21 - 02:38:02:06

Dave Lanyon: This session of Quantum Minds with Dave.

02:38:02:08 - 02:38:02:23

Dave Lanyon: Lanyon.

02:38:03:00 - 02:38:10:23

Dave Lanyon: And most importantly, that you'll take the knowledge that's been gained here and put it into application in your life so that you can really receive the.

02:38:11:00 - 02:38:12:16

Dave Lanyon: Full benefits from you.

02:38:15:06 - 02:38:17:14

Dave Lanyon: Just. Just let it keep recording. He'll edit it.

02:38:21:06 - 02:38:24:19

Dave Lanyon: We hope you've taken some golden nuggets from this session of quantum minds.

02:38:25:10 - 02:38:27:17

Dave Lanyon: And most importantly, that you'll take.

02:38:27:19 - 02:38:28:12

Dave Lanyon: The knowledge and.

02:38:28:14 - 02:38:34:04

Dave Lanyon: Some of the keys that have been shared by none living, just getting all over.

02:38:35:15 - 02:38:36:06

Dave Lanyon: Oh.

02:38:40:20 - 02:38:42:19

We hope you've taken some golden nuggets out.

02:38:42:21 - 02:38:46:13

Of this session here today and most importantly, that you'll take some.

02:38:46:15 - 02:38:47:24

Of this knowledge gained here.

02:38:48:01 - 02:38:49:14

And some of the keys that have been shared.

02:38:49:16 - 02:38:51:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And put it into application in your life.

02:38:52:00 - 02:38:56:12

Dave Lanyon: Because that is where you're going to get the full benefits from this conversation.

02:38:56:20 - 02:39:03:19

Dave Lanyon: Now, as always, thank you for tuning in to Quantum Minds TV and if you've enjoyed it, please do Rate review and.

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02:39:47:14 - 02:39:50:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Bullard and this is Quantum Mind's TV.

02:39:52:14 - 02:39:53:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That's rad.

02:39:53:18 - 02:39:58:18

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay. Well, so got to go back to that one question. So let me just find it real quick.

02:40:41:24 - 02:40:42:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Hold on.

02:41:10:09 - 02:41:17:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So, Rachel, tell me again what what I was saying, that I was comparing it to my own experience of being at university.

02:41:18:24 - 02:41:23:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. Let me scroll back down. Hold on. 47. Do you know?

02:41:25:02 - 02:41:29:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. It was after your demystifying the mystery school question. Um.

02:41:31:22 - 02:41:37:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: After after we talked about what is a mystery school like? What defines a mystery school, right?

02:41:37:08 - 02:41:37:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, it was.

02:41:38:00 - 02:41:58:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When you were in like the value of mass. And some people say it's too much money. It was the question before that. So the next question was like, some people, you know, feel like it's too much money. So because it was cutting in and out, so didn't fully get it, I just said we need to use different audio. So I just remember you talking about how it's been an investment in your own soul. Yeah.

02:41:59:20 - 02:42:00:10

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Okay.

02:42:00:15 - 02:42:08:21

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But did you get the part about me saying some people say spirituality and business or money shouldn't be mixed? Did that one come through or.

02:42:09:18 - 02:42:13:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Is it that. Did I run all of that together? I might have run all of it together.

02:42:13:23 - 02:42:42:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. The problem is that I was just writing like, almost the talking points, and so that was a whole section. So I have like, the value of and money is too expensive explaining the lineage, you know. So it was, I think when you started that because he was talking about if something is for God, then it should be eternally good for all humans. That is what this lineage is. So it's after he was explaining what lineage is, you started to get into like, well, what about the money of it? And it was the first question you asked after he wrapped up what lineages?

02:42:44:00 - 02:42:45:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: After lineage.

02:42:47:02 - 02:43:10:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Uh, maybe he made it. Sorry. Sorry. He was demystifying the mystery school. So. And then he actually dropped the word lineage, but he was saying, you know, um. Yeah, this should be eternally good for all humans. That's what this lineage is. And then you moved into, I think, the investment in self and I don't know how you brought up money, so whatever those questions were. Okay.

02:43:11:09 - 02:43:13:04

Dr. Theresa Bullard: All right. So.

02:43:22:08 - 02:43:28:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, it's one of the things that I've often shared with people when they ask, well, you know, what is the mystery.

02:43:28:22 - 02:43:30:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: School is that it's like.

02:43:31:00 - 02:43:31:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: A university.

02:43:32:01 - 02:43:34:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For the soul. You know, I liken it to a university.

02:43:34:18 - 02:43:35:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: For the soul because.

02:43:35:13 - 02:43:36:20

Dr. Theresa Bullard: I personally, you know.

02:43:37:04 - 02:43:54:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Of course, went through my whole academic training to get a PhD in physics. I attended university, and it was an education, an education for my mind and education for career possibilities. And I invested a lot into that education. And then I also invested.

02:43:54:04 - 02:43:55:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Myself into receiving an.

02:43:55:18 - 02:44:07:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Education from the modern mystery school. And I found that it very much was an education for my soul. And yet what I also found is that every.

02:44:07:19 - 02:44:10:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Penny that I spent in my education.

02:44:10:21 - 02:44:14:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: With the mystery school, I have gotten so much value out of.

02:44:15:00 - 02:44:20:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Every single penny of it has been worth it. And then some, because it's like it.

02:44:20:10 - 02:44:22:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Gives back tenfold what I.

02:44:22:13 - 02:44:23:17

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Put into it.

02:44:24:03 - 02:44:38:24

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Whereas, you know, the things that I learned and invested in with my formal education, I don't necessarily use it every day. A lot of it is is long gone. But every single thing I've learned from the mystery school, it affects my daily life. It helps.

02:44:39:01 - 02:44:40:14

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Me to live the.

02:44:40:16 - 02:44:46:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Best life and to be empowered to create the kind of life that I want to live. So I feel.

02:44:46:17 - 02:44:54:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: That my investment into myself and into the education of my soul through the modern mystery school has been so worthwhile.

02:44:54:21 - 02:44:59:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: But that brings us to a point, because a lot of people.

02:44:59:04 - 02:45:00:19

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Think that money.

02:45:00:21 - 02:45:01:11

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And.

02:45:01:13 - 02:45:05:00

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Spirituality should not be combined, that somehow it taints it.

02:45:05:12 - 02:45:08:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Or that we shouldn't run a.

02:45:08:12 - 02:45:11:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Mystery school, which is educating people in a.

02:45:11:08 - 02:45:13:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Spiritual kind of context.

02:45:13:04 - 02:45:18:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We shouldn't run it like a business, like somehow business and spirituality don't go together.

02:45:18:17 - 02:45:20:15

Dr. Theresa Bullard: So what would you say to this.

02:45:20:17 - 02:45:21:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: When it comes.

02:45:21:09 - 02:45:22:16

Dr. Theresa Bullard: To why do.

02:45:22:18 - 02:45:26:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We charge money for our classes, for example.

02:45:27:08 - 02:45:30:02

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And what is it that they're really paying for?

02:45:30:04 - 02:45:30:23

Dr. Theresa Bullard: And is it too.

02:45:31:00 - 02:45:35:12

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Expensive or does somehow mixing the money with it taint it?

02:45:36:02 - 02:45:40:08

Dr. Theresa Bullard: How would you respond to that kind of a comment by people?

02:45:43:18 - 02:45:46:13

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah, that was it. That was really it. Yes, that was the question.

02:45:47:01 - 02:45:48:07

Dr. Theresa Bullard: Yeah. All righty.

02:45:49:08 - 02:46:19:10

Cool. And initially I had written down like if you wanted to do a bonus video about, you know, at first, within the first 45 minutes, there was a lot of the path, the path. But you obviously eventually got into that. Yeah. Didn't know if the first episode, that modern mystery school piece would make it in. So I didn't know if you wanted a quick like what is this path we keep referring to? Um, totally up to you because it is in the obviously it comes up later in the conversation though.

02:46:19:15 - 02:46:20:05


02:46:20:07 - 02:46:21:18

Yeah we can.

02:46:21:20 - 02:46:23:06

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We can close the.

02:46:23:15 - 02:46:27:18

Thing. Let me give some thought here. So yeah, I mean, we didn't really talk about the path.

02:46:27:20 - 02:46:31:22

Dr. Theresa Bullard: We just said it's a journey of transformation, right? Um.

02:46:32:15 - 02:46:55:05

Dave Lanyon: I think just as, as he would explain like your questions never said the path, but sometimes as he would explain things so early on, you know, you're talking about how any transformation or when you're walking a path. Um, so maybe you did dive into it because I think you did kind of step back and say, so this can be relevant for any transformation or spiritual path that you are walking, that you're going to hit up against those egoic challenges, right?

02:46:56:04 - 02:46:56:19

Dave Lanyon: Um.

02:46:57:06 - 02:46:58:06

Dave Lanyon: So just, you know what.

02:46:58:08 - 02:47:00:22

Dave Lanyon: Didn't, didn't we didn't talk about initiation.

02:47:01:18 - 02:47:03:10

Dave Lanyon: We didn't talk about initiation. We didn't.

02:47:04:16 - 02:47:15:17

Dave Lanyon: Later you gave a broad definition of a mystery school and just actually then so think that's fine about like, comparing it to university. But this is a university for the soul. But yeah, maybe initiation, you know.

02:47:15:20 - 02:47:16:10

Dave Lanyon: Um.

02:47:16:15 - 02:47:20:04

Dave Lanyon: Okay, so I'll do this as a, as a, as a bonus, add.

02:47:20:06 - 02:47:21:04

Dave Lanyon: On at the end.

02:47:21:18 - 02:47:31:09

Dave Lanyon: For ego because you talk about ego and how it can. So I don't know if it's relevant to bring up maybe positive ego versus negative as like a bonus video, but just thoughts.

02:47:32:04 - 02:47:32:19

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:47:34:15 - 02:47:37:15

Dave Lanyon: All right. Three, two.

02:47:39:19 - 02:47:48:11

Dave Lanyon: Now, one of the things that I wanted to expand upon from this conversation with Dave Lanyon and the modern Mystery School is that we mentioned.

02:47:48:13 - 02:47:49:21

Dave Lanyon: This thing called The Path.

02:47:49:23 - 02:47:51:07

Dave Lanyon: Quite a bit through our.

02:47:51:09 - 02:47:54:11

Dave Lanyon: Conversation. And for those who don't really know what.

02:47:54:13 - 02:47:55:21

Dave Lanyon: We mean by the path.

02:47:55:24 - 02:48:02:01

Dave Lanyon: Within the mystery school, I just thought I'd explain a little bit to you. And there is something really important.

02:48:02:03 - 02:48:02:21

Dave Lanyon: That we.

02:48:02:23 - 02:48:11:19

Dave Lanyon: We sort of maybe skipped over in our conversation that is at the core of what creates the transformational process.

02:48:11:22 - 02:48:22:21

Dave Lanyon: Through our journey as we walk that path with the mystery school. And that thing is something called initiation. Initiation is my best way of explaining it is that it is an.

02:48:22:23 - 02:48:27:19

Dave Lanyon: Ancient technology, a spiritual technology for accelerating.

02:48:27:21 - 02:48:28:20

Dave Lanyon: Our evolution.

02:48:28:22 - 02:48:32:24

Dave Lanyon: And the power of the initiation is because of the lineage.

02:48:33:07 - 02:48:35:03

Dave Lanyon: It's not just something we made up. This is.

02:48:35:05 - 02:48:38:24

Dave Lanyon: An ancient tradition that's been handed down through the lineage.

02:48:39:02 - 02:48:41:09

Dave Lanyon: Unbroken to today. And with that.

02:48:41:11 - 02:48:49:05

Dave Lanyon: Initiation comes a transference of power, a transference of authority and energetic transmission, in addition to the.

02:48:49:07 - 02:48:50:20

Dave Lanyon: Knowledge and the.

02:48:50:22 - 02:48:52:21

Dave Lanyon: Practices and the tools and the keys.

02:48:52:23 - 02:48:54:20

Dave Lanyon: For how to do them well.

02:48:54:22 - 02:48:56:08

Dave Lanyon: How to use them rightly in your.

02:48:56:10 - 02:48:57:00

Dave Lanyon: Life.

02:48:57:02 - 02:49:04:00

Dave Lanyon: So the path very much goes hand in hand with this process of initiation. And there are many steps.

02:49:04:02 - 02:49:05:09

Dave Lanyon: Of initiation, just like there are.

02:49:05:11 - 02:49:10:24

Dave Lanyon: Many steps along a path on our journey towards greater self awakening.

02:49:11:01 - 02:49:12:08

Dave Lanyon: Self-realization.

02:49:12:09 - 02:49:21:15

Dave Lanyon: Self-mastery, whatever you want to call it. So to us, the core part of that path is through the process of receiving initiations.

02:49:21:17 - 02:49:22:13

Dave Lanyon: And that.

02:49:23:01 - 02:49:26:06

Dave Lanyon: The first steps of that path, they start.

02:49:26:08 - 02:49:27:24

Dave Lanyon: With something that they've.

02:49:28:01 - 02:49:30:09

Dave Lanyon: Mentioned, which is a life activation.

02:49:30:11 - 02:49:31:01

Dave Lanyon: And that.

02:49:31:03 - 02:49:35:02

Dave Lanyon: Life activation helps to turn on the lights, It helps to get us.

02:49:35:04 - 02:49:36:04

Dave Lanyon: Plugged into that.

02:49:36:06 - 02:49:48:01

Dave Lanyon: Flow of greater potential. It's waking up the potential that is already within you. It's just been dormant and it's waking it up and turning it online so that you have more flow in your life.

02:49:48:03 - 02:49:49:12

Dave Lanyon: And more alignment.

02:49:49:14 - 02:49:51:16

Dave Lanyon: With who you really are, your your.

02:49:51:18 - 02:49:52:12

Dave Lanyon: Blueprints.

02:49:52:14 - 02:49:56:09

Dave Lanyon: That are coming from a higher divine level as well.

02:49:56:11 - 02:49:57:01

Dave Lanyon: As your.

02:49:57:03 - 02:50:01:15

Dave Lanyon: Purpose and getting more intuitively aligned with that. And then.

02:50:01:17 - 02:50:02:23

Dave Lanyon: It unfolds that life.

02:50:03:00 - 02:50:05:09

Dave Lanyon: Activation is a private session that any.

02:50:05:11 - 02:50:06:18

Dave Lanyon: Of our professionally.

02:50:06:20 - 02:50:08:06

Dave Lanyon: Certified practitioners can.

02:50:08:08 - 02:50:09:01

Dave Lanyon: Conduct for.

02:50:09:03 - 02:50:17:10

Dave Lanyon: You. And and it, you know, just takes like an hour and a half. But it is something that just starts a process that continues.

02:50:17:12 - 02:50:18:16

Dave Lanyon: To unfold for.

02:50:18:18 - 02:50:21:18

Dave Lanyon: Months to, you know, even up to a year after that.

02:50:21:20 - 02:50:22:21

Dave Lanyon: Life activation.

02:50:23:07 - 02:50:32:23

Dave Lanyon: And people then intuitively take whatever steps they want to take from there. If they feel called that they want to go further with it, that is when they would.

02:50:33:00 - 02:50:33:19

Dave Lanyon: Be able.

02:50:33:21 - 02:50:34:20

Dave Lanyon: To ask to be.

02:50:34:22 - 02:50:39:13

Dave Lanyon: Initiated. And we have something called the Empower Thyself Initiation, which is a two day.

02:50:39:15 - 02:51:00:19

Dave Lanyon: Training where you receive a broad sweep of all the foundational core teachings of the mystery school. There's like ten different topics that we get into through those two days. And then at the end of that, it prepares you to receive a physical initiation from a guide, one of the teachers who's been trained and authorized to to conduct.

02:51:00:21 - 02:51:02:09

Dave Lanyon: That initiation ceremony.

02:51:02:11 - 02:51:03:19

Dave Lanyon: And that starts the.

02:51:03:21 - 02:51:04:16

Dave Lanyon: Journey.

02:51:04:18 - 02:51:22:21

Dave Lanyon: On the path of being an initiate. And of course, there's no obligations from there. It's really up to you how much farther you want to go with it. For those who really feel called that, not only do they want to empower themselves, which the Empowerment Empowerment.

02:51:22:23 - 02:51:25:15

Dave Lanyon: Program, the Empower the self initiation is.

02:51:25:17 - 02:51:28:06

Dave Lanyon: All about, it's about us empowering.

02:51:28:08 - 02:51:29:15

Dave Lanyon: Ourselves and.

02:51:29:17 - 02:51:32:05

Dave Lanyon: Conquering more of our ego that we talk about so many.

02:51:32:07 - 02:51:34:18

Dave Lanyon: Different things. Like one of them we mentioned during.

02:51:34:20 - 02:51:38:04

Dave Lanyon: Our conversation here was the ego. That's one of the conversations we get.

02:51:38:06 - 02:51:41:15

Dave Lanyon: Into in the Empower Thyself class is what does he go.

02:51:41:17 - 02:52:05:09

Dave Lanyon: And why do we have one? And what's the difference between negative ego versus positive ego? Is there a difference? Yes, there is. And we explore like how do we master our mind and and how do we gain greater control over the cycle of our processing of information and energy that comes to us? We get greater protection, greater connection to the spiritual realms.

02:52:05:11 - 02:52:09:04

Dave Lanyon: And there's so much that you receive during this training, and we really.

02:52:09:06 - 02:52:10:19

Dave Lanyon: Go deep into.

02:52:11:05 - 02:52:12:02

Dave Lanyon: You know, the.

02:52:12:04 - 02:52:13:00

Dave Lanyon: Spiritual teachings.

02:52:13:02 - 02:52:16:15

Dave Lanyon: But also how to live it and apply it in your life. And you walk away with a lot of.

02:52:16:17 - 02:52:20:20

Dave Lanyon: Tools for your empowerment. So that first initiation is very much.

02:52:20:22 - 02:52:22:09

Dave Lanyon: About you, your.

02:52:22:11 - 02:52:23:21

Dave Lanyon: Empowerment, you.

02:52:23:23 - 02:52:27:04

Dave Lanyon: Serving yourself, you investing in yourself.

02:52:27:10 - 02:52:28:06

Dave Lanyon: The second.

02:52:28:08 - 02:52:29:21

Dave Lanyon: Step of initiation, when someone.

02:52:29:23 - 02:52:31:24

Dave Lanyon: Really feels called to that, it's because.

02:52:32:01 - 02:52:34:06

Dave Lanyon: They say, I want to also.

02:52:34:08 - 02:52:40:22

Dave Lanyon: Serve others with these tools. I want to help, for example. To make their lives. I want to be able to do that life.

02:52:40:24 - 02:52:42:10

Dave Lanyon: Activation for people I.

02:52:42:12 - 02:52:43:02

Dave Lanyon: Want.

02:52:43:04 - 02:52:44:19

Dave Lanyon: To serve. And I know.

02:52:44:21 - 02:52:55:22

Dave Lanyon: That there's a higher purpose that I'm here to fulfill, that there's more to what I'm here to do than just, you know, kind of the matrix way of operating. And I'm ready to step into that higher level.

02:52:55:24 - 02:52:57:11

Dave Lanyon: Of of service in the.

02:52:57:13 - 02:53:00:04

Dave Lanyon: Light so that I can really fulfill my unique.

02:53:00:06 - 02:53:03:12

Dave Lanyon: Contracts and my unique purpose, but do so.

02:53:03:14 - 02:53:06:04

Dave Lanyon: In a way that really is flowing a higher light.

02:53:06:16 - 02:53:10:20

Dave Lanyon: As an initiate. So that would be the second step of initiation. And then.

02:53:10:22 - 02:53:17:04

Dave Lanyon: There's further steps of initiation that open up to us or become available to us after that point.

02:53:17:17 - 02:53:28:00

Dave Lanyon: System. As Dave mentioned, the ritual master path and the ritual master path is very much weaving together this healer and servant of light.

02:53:28:02 - 02:53:29:08

Dave Lanyon: With this warrior of.

02:53:29:10 - 02:53:30:14

Dave Lanyon: Light energy, and we weave them.

02:53:30:16 - 02:53:31:19

Dave Lanyon: Together to really.

02:53:31:21 - 02:53:32:21

Dave Lanyon: Come into that.

02:53:32:23 - 02:53:33:14

Dave Lanyon: Greater.

02:53:33:16 - 02:53:36:21

Dave Lanyon: Mastery and really walking what we call.

02:53:36:23 - 02:53:45:06

Dave Lanyon: The middle pillar, the middle path. And there's it's a very accelerated process to learning how to confront.

02:53:45:09 - 02:53:51:21

Dave Lanyon: Our negative ego and have that greater self-mastery. And then there's ultimately those who really.

02:53:51:23 - 02:53:54:13

Dave Lanyon: Feel that commitment to the work.

02:53:54:23 - 02:53:55:15

Dave Lanyon: And to.

02:53:55:17 - 02:53:59:07

Dave Lanyon: And who want to become guides and teachers for others who want to be able to.

02:53:59:09 - 02:53:59:24

Dave Lanyon: Initiate.

02:54:00:01 - 02:54:05:10

Dave Lanyon: Others. Then there's further steps and training on that, that core path of initiation.

02:54:05:12 - 02:54:06:22

Dave Lanyon: And honestly, you.

02:54:06:24 - 02:54:07:14

Dave Lanyon: Can go as.

02:54:07:16 - 02:54:12:01

Dave Lanyon: Far as you want to go because there's always another level of leadership or.

02:54:12:14 - 02:54:15:04

Dave Lanyon: Greater capacity of serving.

02:54:15:11 - 02:54:18:02

Dave Lanyon: And flowing and teaching and.

02:54:18:04 - 02:54:27:03

Dave Lanyon: Also flowing in abundance while you serve. It can always expand and go to the next level. So this path I have found personally.

02:54:27:05 - 02:54:32:11

Dave Lanyon: Has taken me as far as I want to go. And I am the one who's in control of.

02:54:32:13 - 02:54:33:21

Dave Lanyon: How fast I go or how.

02:54:33:23 - 02:54:35:21

Dave Lanyon: Slow I go it.

02:54:36:04 - 02:54:37:17

Dave Lanyon: Everyone has their own unique.

02:54:37:19 - 02:54:40:07

Dave Lanyon: Journey on this path and it's entirely.

02:54:40:09 - 02:54:43:12

Dave Lanyon: Up to you. But there is a core path and it is the process of.

02:54:43:14 - 02:54:48:11

Dave Lanyon: Initiation because those initiations catalyze a new energy.

02:54:48:13 - 02:54:51:07

Dave Lanyon: Flow in our life. It it sets these forces.

02:54:51:09 - 02:54:52:05

Dave Lanyon: In motion.

02:54:52:14 - 02:54:54:07

Dave Lanyon: That speeds things up.

02:54:54:09 - 02:54:56:20

Dave Lanyon: And it also expands our capacity.

02:54:56:22 - 02:55:01:00

Dave Lanyon: To hold and flow and contain more energy, which makes us.

02:55:01:02 - 02:55:02:13

Dave Lanyon: More multidimensional. It allows.

02:55:02:15 - 02:55:04:12

Dave Lanyon: Us to accomplish more.

02:55:04:23 - 02:55:05:13

Dave Lanyon: As an.

02:55:05:15 - 02:55:06:23

Dave Lanyon: Initiate than what somebody.

02:55:07:00 - 02:55:08:22

Dave Lanyon: Who's not an initiate can accomplish.

02:55:09:09 - 02:55:10:21

Dave Lanyon: And those of us who have really walked this.

02:55:10:23 - 02:55:11:13

Dave Lanyon: Path like.

02:55:11:15 - 02:55:13:05

Dave Lanyon: We we live very multidimensional.

02:55:13:07 - 02:55:15:02

Dave Lanyon: Lives and we get a lot done.

02:55:16:01 - 02:55:17:16

Dave Lanyon: So, you know, our.

02:55:17:18 - 02:55:24:02

Dave Lanyon: Own lives become our testimony to the value of and the power of initiation.

02:55:24:04 - 02:55:26:01

Dave Lanyon: So that's just a little bit about the path.

02:55:26:03 - 02:55:26:18

Dave Lanyon: Now, if it's.

02:55:26:20 - 02:55:27:11

Dave Lanyon: Something that calls.

02:55:27:13 - 02:55:28:22

Dave Lanyon: You, you know, if as as.

02:55:28:24 - 02:55:30:09

Dave Lanyon: We're talking and you're feeling.

02:55:30:11 - 02:55:32:06

Dave Lanyon: Any kind of a resonance with it.

02:55:32:08 - 02:55:45:13

Dave Lanyon: Then come contact us. You can contact me directly at info at traceable or, or you can also contact the mystery school directly. Modern mystery school or modern Mystery School Intercom.

02:55:45:18 - 02:55:49:12

Dave Lanyon: Think they go to the same website and you can reach.

02:55:49:14 - 02:55:50:22

Dave Lanyon: Out and we will be more than.

02:55:50:24 - 02:55:55:10

Dave Lanyon: Happy to connect you with a practitioner or teacher guide who is.

02:55:55:12 - 02:56:03:18

Dave Lanyon: Closest to you, who's in your area, and we're just here to support you in your journey of progression and transformation.

02:56:03:20 - 02:56:05:08

Dave Lanyon: So reach out and then.

02:56:05:10 - 02:56:06:17

Dave Lanyon: We are more than.

02:56:06:19 - 02:56:07:23

Dave Lanyon: Happy to help you.

02:56:10:16 - 02:56:11:06

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:56:12:06 - 02:56:13:13

Dave Lanyon: Awesome. That was great.

02:56:13:16 - 02:56:14:06

Dave Lanyon: Little plug.

02:56:14:08 - 02:56:14:23

Dave Lanyon: For the mystery.

02:56:15:00 - 02:56:17:16

Dave Lanyon: School there. Yeah. Yeah. So.

02:56:17:18 - 02:56:20:12

Dave Lanyon: So in addition to getting the files from Christina.

02:56:21:01 - 02:56:26:18

Dave Lanyon: Yep. I do remember that on the prep call, we had asked if they had any other video.

02:56:26:20 - 02:56:27:14

Dave Lanyon: Footage of.

02:56:28:04 - 02:56:31:05

Dave Lanyon: Dave teaching that we could plug in at different points.

02:56:31:07 - 02:56:34:00

Dave Lanyon: Teaching or doing martial arts.

02:56:34:02 - 02:56:37:14

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, like words of like, kind of footage.

02:56:37:16 - 02:56:40:06

Dave Lanyon: And both of the community as.

02:56:40:08 - 02:56:43:23

Dave Lanyon: Well as him, you know, and I mentioned community and family. You know, maybe we can get some.

02:56:44:00 - 02:56:49:04

Dave Lanyon: Good footage that they have from some of Olivia's recent.

02:56:49:06 - 02:57:04:16

Dave Lanyon: Stuff that she's, you know, taken over the last year that makes it look a lot of fun. And, um, and then, yeah, some definitely some of it. Dave Teaching, even, even if they have any of me teaching because, you know, or.

02:57:04:18 - 02:57:13:19

Dave Lanyon: The panel, you know, if they can show the panel of teachers or show some of the photos of the whole council and all of that third.

02:57:13:21 - 02:57:14:11

Dave Lanyon: Order.

02:57:15:02 - 02:57:15:21

Dave Lanyon: Together and.

02:57:15:23 - 02:57:16:13

Dave Lanyon: All together.

02:57:16:15 - 02:57:17:05

Dave Lanyon: So like.

02:57:17:14 - 02:57:23:10

Dave Lanyon: If we can get as much from them as they're willing to supply us with, and this will allow us to.

02:57:23:21 - 02:57:38:24

Dave Lanyon: Not have to use so much generic B-roll and we can use a lot more of our own stuff. And then I also mentioned to Christina, if they wanted to do like during one of the consciousness breaks, if they wanted to put together some kind of a really cool.

02:57:39:09 - 02:57:41:05

Dave Lanyon: Promo for the mystery school.

02:57:42:10 - 02:57:47:04

Dave Lanyon: Um, we could. We could think of something like that as well for the consciousness break.

02:57:49:09 - 02:57:53:08

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, that sounds great. Or some sort of. Yeah. Mystery school plug or.

02:57:53:10 - 02:57:54:00

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, right.

02:57:54:02 - 02:57:58:23

Dave Lanyon: Or, you know, we also have founder needs that he and Philip just recently.

02:57:59:00 - 02:57:59:15

Dave Lanyon: Put out.

02:57:59:17 - 02:58:00:07

Dave Lanyon: The.

02:58:01:00 - 02:58:01:23

Dave Lanyon: Eternal.

02:58:02:00 - 02:58:04:04

Dave Lanyon: Eternal being or something that.

02:58:04:06 - 02:58:06:10

Dave Lanyon: That song in particular from Philip.

02:58:06:12 - 02:58:07:02

Dave Lanyon: We can.

02:58:07:04 - 02:58:09:22

Dave Lanyon: Weave in as one of the consciousness breaks on here as well.

02:58:10:02 - 02:58:11:11

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, that'd be awesome.

02:58:11:13 - 02:58:12:03

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:58:12:05 - 02:58:12:20

Dave Lanyon: And I do think it would.

02:58:12:22 - 02:58:13:14

Dave Lanyon: Be good to.

02:58:13:16 - 02:58:22:24

Dave Lanyon: Have some beyond just the professional photo, the third order something a founder as well teaching at some point. If we have any

02:58:24:13 - 02:58:26:14

Dave Lanyon: good footage of that at any point.

02:58:27:22 - 02:58:28:12

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:58:29:05 - 02:58:31:05

Dave Lanyon: And if this if they've got.

02:58:31:07 - 02:58:31:24

Dave Lanyon: That as well.

02:58:32:19 - 02:58:33:09

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:58:34:23 - 02:58:41:19

Dave Lanyon: Perfect. Yes. I will get all of this from her. Um, give her a heads up so they have time to compile it.

02:58:43:15 - 02:58:45:00

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, that sounds great.

02:58:45:19 - 02:58:46:11

Dave Lanyon: Okay.

02:58:47:05 - 02:58:57:24

Dave Lanyon: Worried about the video footage? Think we have tons to use. Even though his camera was freezing. Yeah. So. And hopefully the audio think that was the main question that froze up. So I think we should be good.

02:58:58:11 - 02:59:08:23

Dave Lanyon: Okay, great. And then. We will fix. Well, we're going to have to figure this out for so. So it seems like once we shifted over to back to the wineries.

02:59:10:13 - 02:59:18:16

Dave Lanyon: WI fi. It works better. I'm just thinking about Lynn McTaggart because that's not that far away. So don't know if we'll be able to get a hard one.

02:59:18:20 - 02:59:26:02

Dave Lanyon: Has been perfect, so honestly, maybe just stick with it. Like there's been no issues since you've switched over to to that wi fi.

02:59:26:11 - 02:59:27:15

Dave Lanyon: Right. Okay.

02:59:28:06 - 02:59:31:13

Dave Lanyon: All right. Well, we'll work on we'll use that for the lens.

02:59:31:15 - 02:59:39:01

Dave Lanyon: Recording and then we'll work on getting a more permanent, better solution because it's clearly the one we got. Didn't work.

02:59:40:09 - 02:59:40:24

Dave Lanyon: Bummer.

02:59:41:16 - 02:59:49:12

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. And didn't want to interrupt you, but Christina and I were texting and then she was like, Well, it's fine. Like, we figured between our two footages, it would be fine.

02:59:50:13 - 02:59:51:14

Dave Lanyon: The audio that they.

02:59:51:16 - 02:59:56:13

Dave Lanyon: Were already on it to record on all multiple platforms on their end as well.

02:59:56:20 - 02:59:58:08

Dave Lanyon: Totally. Yeah. That was really smart.

02:59:58:10 - 02:59:59:15

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

02:59:59:17 - 03:00:13:24

Dave Lanyon: So we're going to work some magic between us all and put something together. It's going to be really good in the end. And yeah, uh, yeah, just kind of do your best working with Rafe to get that all the foundation of it together.

03:00:14:01 - 03:00:29:19

Dave Lanyon: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Well, I took some good notes and whatnot, so. And made comments of like so many awesome reels as well that we can. So I'll work with them. I don't know if they're going to make their own content of like him speaking about things. We'll have to figure all that out.

03:00:29:21 - 03:00:31:20

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. Think the more we work together on.

03:00:31:22 - 03:00:34:03

Dave Lanyon: This, the more we can put out something really.

03:00:34:05 - 03:00:39:10

Dave Lanyon: Powerful that everyone can get benefit out of. And it's a great.

03:00:40:04 - 03:00:40:19

Dave Lanyon: You know.

03:00:40:24 - 03:00:47:11

Dave Lanyon: Overall promotional piece plus really addressing the the the the naysayers.

03:00:47:21 - 03:00:48:11

Dave Lanyon: At.

03:00:48:13 - 03:00:51:23

Dave Lanyon: Absolutely a really good questions. Yeah it was it was wonderful.

03:00:52:00 - 03:00:52:15

Dave Lanyon: Cool.

03:00:52:17 - 03:00:53:14

Dave Lanyon: All right. Well, thank.

03:00:53:16 - 03:00:55:00

Dave Lanyon: You. Uh, we're going.

03:00:55:02 - 03:01:09:11

Dave Lanyon: To wrap up here and we'll just leave everything in place for the most part, uh, for although I do have another filming with the Gaia thing here, so I'm not sure we might have to put it all up again. We'll see.

03:01:09:21 - 03:01:11:18

Dave Lanyon: We will. Rachel Thank you, love.

03:01:12:00 - 03:01:14:11

Dave Lanyon: Yeah. Thank you, Al. It's been great seeing you.

03:01:14:20 - 03:01:16:11

Dave Lanyon: Too. Yeah. Yeah.

03:01:16:13 - 03:01:18:15

Dave Lanyon: Good to see you both. Have a good rest of your night.

03:01:18:17 - 03:01:20:19

Dave Lanyon: All right. Bye bye. Bye for.

03:01:20:21 - 03:01:21:02

Dave Lanyon: Now.