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I wanted a place for people to receive authentic guidance and practical ways to awaken. Thought provoking, paradigm shifting and empowering. This is about expanding our human consciousness to create a wave of new possibilities. I'm Dr. Theresa Wike and this is Quantum Mind. 

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Welcome to Quantum Minds, where we take a deep dive into various perspectives on what it's going to take to create a shift in human consciousness. Today on the show, I'm very excited to have Stuart Pearce joining me. Stuart is a legendary master of voice, voice alchemist and angelic emissary. He was the head of voice at the Webber Douglas Academy, London from 1980 to 1997, and he helped pioneer Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for Mark Rylance between 1997 and 2010. 

00:01:05:14 - 00:01:47:23

He's also coached luminaries such as Eddie Redmayne, Matthew Goode, Hugh Bonneville, Emilia Clarke, Margaret Thatcher, Mo Mowlam, Benazir Bhutto and Diana, Princess of Wales, as well as Anita Roddick. A steward, has also been an angelic emissary for 35 years and has published several books, including Angels and The Keys to Paradise, the Angels of Atlantis Book and Oracle, The Angelic Heart, Sigils, Oracle and Hearts Note, as well as the alchemy of voice alongside several award winning sonic meditation recordings. 

00:01:48:09 - 00:02:09:11

Stewart's current publication, Diana The Voice of Change, gives revelations about Princess Diana's life principles and the essence that ignited her radiance. So welcome to Quantum Mine, Stuart, and thank you so much for joining me and being my distinguished guest today. I'm super excited for our conversation. 

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Bless you. Yeah. Bless him. 

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Every time that we chat. I have always found that our conversations, number one, are super engaging and very interesting. And not only are you charismatic in your self-expression, you also offer such unique insights that are typically coming from a much higher perspective, and that her perspective is something that we might also call an archetypal perspective on people, world events, social narratives. And so this is something that I'd love for us to dive into today, like what it means to actually see life through the lens of the archetypes and why it's important to do so. 

00:02:52:08 - 00:03:00:08

And I often find that people don't even know what an archetype is. So maybe we can start there. How might you define archetypes? 

00:03:02:21 - 00:03:51:10

Wow, what a working question. On a very literal level, I'll go to the earthy, literal human level first. I perceive archetypes as keys into our consciousness and that indeed we are owns of all of the archetypes. And when, say, all of the archetypes, of course there are many. However, I subscribe to the communion of 12 because 12 is a really, really powerful, powerful key into universal resonance frequency, such as the sacred lover, the sacred sovereign, the Holy liberator, the Holy Leader in the form of Michael or the the think, said the healer. 

00:03:51:12 - 00:04:24:02

It cetera. ET cetera. ET cetera. So there are 12. So I believe that these are fractals of light that emerge from cosmic intelligence that are useful tools for us to understand interconnectivity between the humanness of our being and the divine. So therefore, they take on mythic proportions and where we begin to look into the movement and the history of our peoples through all the varying civilizations that have existed. Because as we all know, that civilizations rise and then they fall. 

00:04:24:04 - 00:04:55:06

There is a point of unison, there is a point of completion, and then there's a resurrection for a new civilization. We're recording this in October 2022, and it's pretty obvious that when we look into the world, we see that there is a completion to the civilization that we've lived ostensibly for a 2500 years. That's a cosmic framework that I'm using. And so we're beginning we're beginning the development of a new civilization. And therefore Nevis takes place, chaos takes place. 

00:04:55:08 - 00:05:29:01

And that to bring order into chaos, the archetypes come forth because they're these pinnacles of light that are at the very core of our consciousness that often through the traffic of our lives, we forget about the significance of the mythic or the mystic of our lives or the higher vibrational aspect of cosmic intelligence as we move through fractals of light or octaves of energy into the higher dimensions. Um, I've never been asked that question before, so I hope that that provides an adequate and also thought provoking answer. 

00:05:29:03 - 00:06:00:21

So Stuart, I love what you've just shared there about archetypes and the definitions and think if I may, Carl Jung defined archetypes as a certain pattern or role or motif that see like a theme that we see being told again and again and again in our in our storytelling, in our movies, in theater, in our books and so forth. And they even show up in our own lives. 

00:06:00:23 - 00:06:31:22

As you were saying, we are embodied amounts of them and love that you have the sacred 12. Some systems like in Kabbalah, we work with 22 different archetypes in addition to the 12 major ones. And you know, they can be anything from, you know, roles that we play in life, like being the mother, being the father, being the child, being the warrior, the hero being the the teacher, Right? These are different roles. And and then there are themes. 

00:06:31:24 - 00:07:03:12

You know, we have the quintessential themes that we see showing up again and again and again in our movies like Good Versus Evil or the Journey of Transformation or Life and Death. Um, but I think the big question is how for people to really relate to them, right? Which is to, to what I'd love to do is try and find a way for them to shift from thinking of them as these abstract things that aren't real. 

00:07:03:14 - 00:07:20:13

They're just concepts to how they really show up in our life and how they relate to us both individually and collectively. So what would you say to how they show up and relate to us as individuals, but also as a collective? 

00:07:21:16 - 00:07:54:14

So if these are prototypes that exist as keys to our consciousness given to us by the divine, but also really emanating through our physical lives as human beings on this planet, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I believe that they configure at this time. Of extraordinary growth, but also this time of great share time, of great chaos as life boys or life belts. But we can hold on to everything is up for grabs. 

00:07:55:14 - 00:08:38:16

Italy, as this is the age of transparency, the shadow is out as one of the great poets that thank God our time is now. When wrong comes up at every turn, never to leave us till we make the longest stride of soul we humans ever look. It seems pretty critical. So we reach out for love. We reach out for faith. We reach out for mercy. We reach out for forgiveness. These are and this is just a few. There are there are 12 within hanon of teaching that I provide that were given to me by these extraordinary beings of light known as the Angels of Atlantis, as well as being amplified by the major teachers. 

00:08:38:18 - 00:09:12:03

You know, I've been a soul seeker all my life. I saw the multidimensional energy as a child, but of course needed to make sense of what I was seeing because it didn't actually configure with what 3D was all about. And so I sought out teachers firstly through Christianity and then into Judaism and then into Sufism, and then I was claimed by Ze Baba and became one of his devotees and then by a Native American elder. So in other words, my lineage, my spiritual lineage was being revealed through all of these extraordinary teachers or encounters. 

00:09:12:05 - 00:09:56:08

So for me, it's always been an experiential quotient, you say, And although you now use words that help to describe, for me, it's all about feeling. Love is a feeling, not a thought or a concept or a high mythic something or other. It's abstract. No, this is real for me. That forgiveness and that and loyal courage and justice and victory. I'm just looking into the list that I put into one of my books, The Hearts note that what helps us stabilize the way that we are at this time, what are the verities of life? What are the virtues? What will allow it to stay sane in a world that is mad, mad, mad. 

00:09:57:06 - 00:10:23:06

So would you say that that's one of the reasons why it's important for us to be able to recognize how the archetypes are at play, because then it helps us, you know, kind of make sense of the madness of the world or the various dynamics that are happening on on a global stage as well as in an individual way. Does it help us kind of make a greater sense or get a bird's eye view of of situations in our world, in our life? 

00:10:23:19 - 00:10:58:10

Well, feel we've just seen it in the passing of Elizabeth that Elizabeth this extraordinary human being, but also at a very, very early age, was anointed by oil that is being used to anoint kings and queens for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And that arose from Solomon's Temple. So the history of the mythic consciousness within the physical vessel of the oil is huge. And when she was anointed, it was the early part of the coronation ceremony that wasn't filmed in the 1953 coronation of Elizabeth. 

00:10:58:13 - 00:11:39:16

Oil was placed on her brow, her breast and her hands, and in that moment, she became an anointed one. And that moment she became a vessel for the divine and, if you like, moved into the station of being a high priestess. Now, she made a series of decisions about her duty, her responsibility and her obligation to the role that she was fulfilling. But the way that she literally lived or behaved those choices was through sustainable grace, sustainable love, sustainable dignity that we never, ever, ever saw her shadow. 

00:11:40:18 - 00:12:13:08

We always saw her light, her smile aloof, distant, sometimes severe. But she was always, always there for us. And so from an experiential point of view, I believe that she was one of the mythic or archetypal human beings or as a human being, she was living these archetypal forces to give us illustration of how, if only we can be consistent in our lives because everything else is changing. We're waking up suddenly to the fact that there isn't anything. 

00:12:13:13 - 00:12:43:21

There is no such thing as permanency. All we have is change and believe that's to do with the fact that we're in our lives, are reflecting what our divinity is. And divine is an infinitely unfolding, creative possibility, full of love and joy. It's this potential that is infinite, that keeps in these wonderful cyclic forms expanding and expanding and expanding as we see when we look into the natural world, whether it be the earthly terrain or when we look into the cosmos. 

00:12:44:05 - 00:13:22:23

So that, you know, I'm passionate about this, it moves me because they're real feelings. And as a child, I had direct experience of this because my father was a war hero, another archetype, not a very kind man, I may say, but he was a war hero and therefore celebrated by the world out there. Just not very easy. The world in here. And he worked for the royal family. So I was actually able to see the extraordinary, the mythic, archetypal, prototypical consciousness of what they were fulfilling as well as the human beings. 

00:13:23:02 - 00:13:58:12

And I have to say that I was not confused or disturbed or frustrated by their behaviors. There was an extraordinary movement of ordinariness into extra ordinariness from the personal into the public, which I speak it because this has also been a lodestone or a keystone experience for me in my life, which I guess is one of the reasons why I've been called, not that I've chosen it, but I've been called to work with preeminent individuals on the planet, whether they be politicians or actors or royalty or states people. 

00:13:59:05 - 00:14:01:11

They somehow feel that they can trust me. 

00:14:01:18 - 00:14:02:15

Mm hmm. 

00:14:03:04 - 00:14:34:21

So I think that what you've just shared there, Stewart especially, you know, this shift from viewing things from the ordinary to the extraordinary and from a mundane matrix kind of 3D world way of looking at things to, you know, seeing things from that higher perspective, that higher view of not only do these archetypes influence us as individuals, but they also are embodied in people, various people, especially on the world stage, all of us. 

00:14:35:04 - 00:14:38:03

Not just all of us. Yes, all of us. 

00:14:38:05 - 00:14:43:13

Not concepts on the outside of us. These are living organisms within our being. 

00:14:43:16 - 00:14:44:07


00:14:44:13 - 00:15:04:01

And the difficulty is that our intellect leads us into the conceptualization or the ideological nature of our lives. No, no, no. The these are just words that are not just words. They're beautiful words, but they're words that I'm using to express feelings. These live within us, unquestionably. They live within us. 

00:15:04:03 - 00:15:42:17

And when so they are within all of us. And we all play these different roles in the lives of ourselves and the lives of each other. You know, we show up in different ways for each other. But, you know, when you mention Queen Elizabeth, the second and of course, with her recent passing, she has been very much a subject of topic in the world, in the media, but also in social media. And people, you know, instead of seeing her, you know, certain people, activists would say instead of seeing her as the archetype of the queen from this, you know, what she really embodied, which I agree with you. 

00:15:42:19 - 00:16:23:17

She she showed her grace. She always came with her smile. She, you know, kind of rose above the mundane and the humanness of the drama to show us, you know, the heights of of something that we could all aspire towards or that reality and that nobility that can raise the vibration of everyone. And yet some people see her as the epitome of the British Empire, which is, you know, from the past. And they're, you know, so they see through a different lens when they look at some of these, you know, figures, people who are on that world stage. 

00:16:23:19 - 00:17:05:14

And it seems to me that you mentioned something actually the other day when we were talking that each of the archetypes are within us. And so when we then see them accentuated in another person, especially someone on the world stage. We get triggered in some way by that. And that trigger within us actually says more about us than it does about them. And so, you know, can you say more about how that works so that maybe we can get a little bit of understanding of our own reactions to people when they're, you know, really embodying a certain archetype, especially, you know, when when a lot of people put their attention on them. 

00:17:07:12 - 00:17:42:06

Yeah, there are many, many different levels, to answer your question. I suppose taking it from the here and the now of what's happening today, you know, so I've looked into the world. We're recording in the early morning of we're not that early but except for, you know, your technicians who are in the United States. But looking into the world, what's happening at the moment. So we begin to realize that there's there is a lot of chaos going on in the world. The difficulty is that we become frightened by that chaos because it no longer represents what we most want, which is something we call permanency. 

00:17:42:08 - 00:18:18:04

Actually, I believe my experience of 70 years of living on this planet leads me to understand that what we're looking for is safety and security. We want to feel safe and we want to feel secure, which in Latin means self-care, interestingly. But what we've done is to look for it on the outside of us. And now we're being encouraged through the revolutions that are taking place, revolutions of thought, revolutions of money, revolutions of central government, revolutions of ways of being and revolutions of the way we feel that we're being encouraged to look onto the inside of ourselves. 

00:18:18:06 - 00:18:56:18

And so we begin to realize an essential maxim in our lives that whatever we see before us is a screen for our consciousness and that life is not happening to us. It's responding to us. And this is where we understand that that being who is fulfilling an iconic role in my life, who is significant because they dance in front of me and say things that I either agree with or disturb, that they are actually these extraordinary representations of a reality of consciousness, a sensibility that exist within. 

00:18:56:20 - 00:19:33:18

So if reject Elizabeth because she is blood royal and the defender of the faith and a representation of higher Qi, which incidentally in its purest sense means the rule of the sacred, we have distorted it into the nature of a political or a governmental or an oppressive, manipulative. Coercive energy hierarchy means the rule of the sacred, and it's taken from the great Scripture, the Great Magi, the Hierophant. 

00:19:34:12 - 00:20:24:21

So again, that's an archetype. Do you see, however, we're so displaced by what we're seeing were so frightened that we intellectualize our fear through opinion, which is often abased, as we see with so many of the wonderful televisual broadcasts that it provided about from the wonderful divine fools to use another archetype of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I just mentioned to who send their ambassadors off into the streets and the malls of the United States to interview people that may be Republican people and ask them what their opinions are and when they state their opinions, we see that they're all projections of their fear. 

00:20:24:23 - 00:20:39:03

And when they're questioned about their opinions, we see that there is very little investigation into the deeper aspect of what they're saying from their own personal point of view. They're literally just their. 

00:20:39:11 - 00:20:40:19


00:20:40:23 - 00:21:14:08

And often they can be extremely vitriolic. And so I prepare leading people who fulfill a calling or responsibility to be able to be resolved in their sovereignty and intact. When these thought forms become psychic missiles and literal, we all experience it because we just have to say something slightly controversial in social media and suddenly there are lots and lots of people saying, Oh, I totally agree. 

00:21:14:10 - 00:21:46:17

That's wonderful. Thank you so much. That's made sense of the way I'm feeling. And then there are lots of people, as we discovered with the passing of Queen Elizabeth, who are opinionated and pixelate themselves into specific response that is often based purely. They try to make it sound sensible, but it's often based purely on opinionated on what they're feeling deep inside rather than. The point is that she was not part of the British Empire that her father to begin with. 

00:21:46:19 - 00:22:18:14

And then she, because of the trauma that took place when Edward VII abdicated, that they decided that they would offer to the member states. And at that time there were 58 member states. Would you like to be part of a Commonwealth? It's entirely up to you If you want to go off and become a republic, we will always love you and we will always support. But if we would like to come into the family of the common wealth, this is an unique initiative that we would love to bring forth. That's what her father said. That's what the queen fulfilled. 

00:22:18:16 - 00:22:48:21

So if you hear some of those extraordinary people from the Cameroon or from New Zealand or from Timbuktu speaking about their relationship with Queen Elizabeth, they were in awe and in admiration of her wisdom. Her kindliness, her generosity, and her immense clarity about the way that the day needed to institute political or social reforms within their own kingdoms. 

00:22:48:24 - 00:23:25:13

That's very different. It's very different. But then I was, you know, I was very fortunate. I was to be with the Elizabeth in the 50s and 60s and the 70s before the things changed within my family and evolved into other things. I was able to know her as a human being on a very ordinary level, as well as seeing what she was fulfilling in an extraordinary way. And dare say, I will evoke people who will say that I'm imperialist and know I'm a Republican, just simply understand and appreciate and value the enormity of what the archetypal values are all about. 

00:23:25:17 - 00:23:29:03

So we need to see the king and the queen within us. 

00:23:30:08 - 00:23:43:13

Yeah. And just just for our Americans who are watching this, Republicans here in the UK, it means something a bit different than it does in the United States. So just want to clarify that part. Now. 

00:23:43:15 - 00:23:44:07

We'll be about. 

00:23:44:09 - 00:24:12:01

The pure state of what the Republican is. I'm associating it with a political party. I'm talking about the corpus of your extraordinary social experiment, which is based on the constitution that created the republic. Just as I bow to the French constitution, which also became a republic. As we know, at the end of the night, at the end of the 18th century, because of the gross social disparities that were taking place in society. 

00:24:12:03 - 00:24:43:24

Yeah. I want to come back to something that you said that thought was was really spot on and that was around how opinions are really a projection or a rationalization to avoid the fear facing the fear. And actually reminds me what you're sharing. It reminds me of something in the Hermetic by Hermes Trismegistus where he says that the two greatest sins, if we shall, are the two greatest vices of humanity, is number one godlessness. 

00:24:44:02 - 00:25:18:01

So meaning not honoring something sacred. And number two, mere opinion, mere opinion. And yet in our world today, in our modern society, everybody is so full of opinion and even thought to have an opinion. What's your opinion about that? But these mere opinions are based on just forming an opinion versus what you said, which is digging in deeper to really do the research, to really come to understand the nuances of the situation, the intricacies, the with clarity and to have firsthand experience. 

00:25:18:03 - 00:25:52:07

Just as you said, you have firsthand experience with like the royal family, for example, where so many people in the world just form an opinion because they've never actually met them. They just see, you know, and then they they end up projecting. So, you know, as we you know, we have our own filters right? And so often how we perceive others has to do with whether we ourselves are identifying more with our our light and our wholeness and our integrated self, or whether we are caught up in our shadow side. 

00:25:52:11 - 00:26:17:09

And if we're identifying with our light and our wholeness, then we tend to also view others through their light and see that light and that potential within them. But if we're caught up in our own shadow, then we tend to project our own shadow or our fears or our attachments and opinions onto other people. So we see them through our shadow versus it actually being their shadow.