Step 2:
The Empower Thyself Training & Initiation


Accelerate and Expand Your Capacity

Have you ever noticed how leaders and people who want to make a positive impact in the world sometimes struggle with a high degree of pressure, doubting their ability to make the best choices, and facing uncertainty about which path will lead towards the greatest progress and attainment? The next step I recommend for expanding to your ultimate life, after the Life Activation, is a 2-day training called the Empower Thyself Initiation. This step accelerates and expands your capacity so that you can handle more, flow enhanced energy in your life, and increase your ability to achieve what’s most aligned with your highest self. The results are that you feel more empowered to be in charge of your life and truly understand how to make the greatest impact that you can in the world. People often ask me how it is that I can accomplish all that I do, and I know for sure that it is because I am an initiate. Initiation truly accelerates and expands your capacity in ways you won’t even realize until you experience it directly.

Some of the benefits of Initiation include:

  • Ten times more energy so you can accomplish more

  • Accelerated progression through life’s challenges and towards fulfillment of your life purpose

  • Tools to help you develop greater resiliency, adaptability, balance in life, and increased self-awareness

  • Enhanced sense of inner guidance and intuition, plus a clear system for getting answers and tapping into the hidden wisdom that is within you

  • Greater insight and understanding of life and how our mind works

  • Shifts in your internal energetic flow to be more aligned with and connected to Spirit

  • A feeling of coming ‘home’ and being part of a community of like-minded people

  • It’s like being plugged back to the flow and protection from Source

  • It is enlightening, transformative, and provides practical methods for self-empowerment that can be incorporated into daily life.


If you would like to know more about why the Empower Thyself Initiation is so important and how it has helped many influential people throughout history make a bigger positive impact in the world, then feel free to check out the below article. I’ve also put a short video together that you can watch.


The Challenge of Today:

Today’s world is a complex and rapidly changing one. It demands that you be able to quickly and constantly adapt, while also maintaining a sense of balance and grace under pressure. This is challenging and can cause unwanted stress, especially when you feel your capacity is already stretched to its max. If you’ve ever felt yourself get out of balance, stretched too thin, challenged by changing conditions, or just wanting to “unplug” from it all, then you have probably experienced the stress I’m talking about.

Depending on your level of resilience you might have experienced how such stress leads to other problems like getting sick or burned-out, feeling insecure in your ability to make good decisions, or increased reactivity that gets misdirected towards those around you, putting strain on relationships. These challenges really test our level of attainment as self-aware people and our merit as leaders or role models for others. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it can feel like you’re working so hard only to tread water, let alone make any real progress. This is frustrating! I get it.

After feeling this way myself, I discovered a way to not only turn on my greater potential, but also to expand my capacity and accelerate progression. I learned tools and methods I could use every day that helped me really become more empowered to be the “captain of my ship”, rather than in reaction to outer circumstances. I found that it helped to develop greater resiliency, adaptability, balance in life, and increased self-awareness. These methods transformed my life so much that I wanted to help others gain the same benefits I have gained from them. So I dedicated myself to helping share these powerful tools with others.

By expanding capacity, you are able to handle more and bring more of your potential fully on board to work for you. By accelerating progression, you can roll with changes much more readily, move through lessons more quickly, and become fully aligned with your true purpose and mission in this life.

The Importance of Accelerating & Expanding Your Capacity:

Why does accelerating and expanding your capacity help? The impact you can make in the world and the lives of others is only as big as you are. By expanding your energy capacity – you can make greater impact with everything you do.

Expanding and accelerating your capacity allows you to get more done in less time. You will be able to break through blocks and set the flow of events and energy throughout your day. Then once you clear your blocks, learn the lessons, and feel the momentum of your purpose you may use the energy to achieve whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

Have you ever felt synchronicities in your life, where opportunities seemed to effortlessly arise? Or have you ever had one of those “peak experiences” where you had more energy, felt better, or performed at higher levels than normal? What if you could have that kind of peak experience more regularly?


This is what is possible when you accelerate and expand your capacity, using special methods that have been mastered and shared through the generations by some of the world’s most impactful people like Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, King Solomon, Queen Sheba, Queen Cleopatra, Paracelsus, Joan of Arc, Sir Isaac Newton, Erik Satie, Nicola Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, Carl Jung, Winston Churchill, David Bowie, and many more…What is it that empowered these great people of their times to thrive, innovate, and make such important contributions that their legacies live on long beyond them?

These iconic people of history were seekers, they questioned the nature of the universe and their place in it. They sought the answers to the deepest mysteries of life. And they found many answers and powerful ways to apply those insights to change the world in which they lived.

The keys these greats had access to were the secret teachings, tools, and methods of empowerment that gave them the ability to keep expanding and accelerating their growth, beyond ordinary human limits, and to apply those same keys in their work.

How To Achieve Higher Performance In Life:


You see, higher performance is all about your grasp on these deeper mysteries:

  1. How well you know and understand yourself…

  2. How empowered you are in your life…

  3. How much energy there is running through your being…

  4. Your capacity to handle all that life brings you… and…

  5. The degree to which you continue to push your progression beyond your comfort zone to get to the next level.

To consistently progress towards your ultimate life requires an expansion of your capacity and a new level of awareness. If you desire more “good” to happen in your life, then you must be able to meet what life brings you, handle situations, and recognize opportunities.

The most effective way to accelerate and expand your capacity in all areas of life, plus increase your level awareness, is through the process of initiation into an authentic lineage. It is what worked for me and for thousands of others around the world who have had the privilege of gaining access to an authentic path of initiation, tools of empowerment, and wisdom teachings that reveal the answers to the deeper mysteries of life… answers and tools that were long reserved for just the few.

Initiation into a particular lineage, the western mystery school lineage of King Solomon the Wise, is what gave the great people mentioned above their extra edge to continue surpassing and pushing the creative edge. I can confidently say that one of the most pivotal and important decisions I ever made in my life was to step onto this same path of initiation and true empowerment, through the methods and teachings of the Modern Mystery School.

The Empower Thyself Initiation:

The Empower Thyself Initiation through The Modern Mystery School is a key next step to expanding your awareness of yourself, the world around you, and the universe, as well as your ability to impact it in a good way. The Modern Mystery School is a school of distinction and excellence that really empowers its initiates and trains us to become our greatest self.

Accelerating and expanding your capacity involves bringing you to a place where you can hold and flow more energy. When you become an initiate and say ‘YES!’ to the path of accelerated growth, it expands your capacity to flow another 10x more energy in your life with each step of initiation that you take.

The Empower Thyself Initiation is the first in a series of initiations available to you. It begins with a two day training that gives you a broad opening to essential wisdom teachings, principles, methods and concepts, taught by the ancient mystery schools.The 2-day training then culminates with a physical initiation into a true lineage of evolutionary leaders, innovators, artists, scientists, healers, warriors of light, and people devoted to helping make this world a better place. Once initiated, the doors to deeper teachings and tools of power open up to you, should you choose to continue in your training of accelerated progression and growth.


Through the Empower Thyself course, you will gain time-tested tools and teachings that really work for bringing you:

  • Enhanced flow to your daily life…

  • Increased physical vitality and life force energy…

  • Expanded awareness of self and others…

  • Heightened perception and intuitive abilities…

  • Greater protection in your life, home, and wherever you go…

  • Deeper connection to your own spiritual and physical potential…

  • Increased resilience, adaptability to change, and accelerated progression

  • You will be handed down several methods and techniques that will empower you to take more control of your life, energy, and progression

As you accelerate and expand your capacity, it is also important to maintain a certain level of balance in your life. The tools you receive through initiation empower you to achieve and maintain greater balance and centeredness, even in stressful times. Through the initiation you can protect yourself from negativity (whether it is coming from others or from within yourself). When you expand your capacity you can better handle life situations that stretch you because you will be more resilient and have greater bandwidth. Research has shown that the more self-aware we are, the better we know ourselves, the more resilient we will be, and the greater our leadership capacity.

When you say ‘YES!’ to taking steps that empower you to move in the direction of your purpose, the universe will meet you and support you with new life experiences.

How Do You Know Initiation Is Right For You Now?

Making the choice to be initiated is a decision best made from the Heart, not the head. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, and FEEL whether it is right for you. Don’t “think about it”. Just tune in to your deeper knowing, the wisdom of the heart and soul, and notice what you feel. The signal of a “yes” can feel like a warmth or peace in your heart, or perhaps there is an excitement or curiosity about the possibilities, or it may instead feel like a nervousness or even a strong reaction or aversion, which is often a signal that big growth and change is ahead. For some, you might not get a clear physical signal, but there will just be this knowingness that it is right for you, or some part of you just can’t shake the idea that you should go.


Other indicators are when you feel or hear yourself saying anything like the following:

  • “I know that there is something more that I am here to do…”
  • “I believe that there is more to life than the physical…”
  • “I sense that there is a spiritual realm that is here to help me and I want to tap into it more…”
  • “I’m ready for tools of empowerment so that I can take greater charge of my life…”
  • “I’m ready to really step up, to be somebody of greater positive influence…”
  • “I want to bring light… goodness… beauty… healing… and/or change for the better to this world…”

When you can say “yes” to any of this, then you are ready and the time is now for you to step forward to be initiated.

The Empower Thyself Initiation is about empowering you to have more support to do just that – to fulfill your life’s work and to really get on a track. Accelerating and expanding your capacity is really about becoming the “captain of your ship”, acting from conscious choice, rather than reacting to outer circumstances. Yes, there are often hurdles and obstacles in our way. Overcoming them, not being deterred from what you truly feel called to, is an important part of your empowerment and you becoming strong enough to truly BE the captain of your ship. Outer circumstances will never be perfect…instead, we must learn to harness our will and our creative abilities to boldly move forward in pursuit of our dreams and aspirations. “Where there is a Will, there is a Way.” And, “It is by Will Alone” that we harness the forces of the Universe and put them in motion to support our progression.

Initiation is an essential step for anyone who wants to truly fulfill their life’s purpose and show up in the world in a whole new way. Even if you’re already serving or you’re already on your path, this initiation will help you to accelerate even more and you will become empowered that much more.


Many who receive initiation say it brings them a sense of finding their “tribe” or family of the spirit, they have a sense of “coming home”, of kinship and connection to other initiates who are similarly working to change themselves and the world for the better.

When you feel a calling to really tap into the greatness within you, you’ll often have deeper questions arise. Questions like “what more is there to life?”, “what is my purpose? why am I here?”, “is there life beyond the physical?”, “where do we come from?”, “where are we going?”, “how can we create a better world?” and so on.

The Empower Thyself training helps you to understand the ‘why’s’ and questions you may have about: yourself, life, death, God, the universe, and the purpose of it all. You will also come to a greater understanding of your mind, how it works, how to expand your brain capacity, and how to clear out the subconscious and the negative ego patterns that constantly trip you up. This initiation empowers you so that you can truly come to embrace your infinite potential and worth.

How Does Initiation Work?

Initiation is an ancient technology for spiritual evolution that catalyzes and accelerates evolution in your life. In Shamanic times, initiation was an integral part of life. Everyone received initiations at key stages of progression in life. As our world became more dogmatic, followed by a polar trend of becoming more secularized and industrialized, we lost touch with these ancient rites of passage and spiritual methods of empowerment.

The Modern Mystery School’s power to initiate people today comes from the lineage of King Solomon, which has been built up and preserved intact for over 3000 years. The lineage is unbroken, so its power is true and strong. When you are initiated, there is a transfer of both knowledge and energy that comes to you through the lineage and infuses empowerment into your life.


In order to receive the Empower Thyself Initiation, you must first get a Life Activation. The Life Activation turns on the lights, plugs you back in to your original blueprints, and opens the door to your potential. If that’s all you do, then it is up to you to intuitively take steps forward in your life after the activation.

When you take the next step and become an initiate, there is a wave of energy that picks you up and carries you forward ten times faster… forward towards your greater potential and purpose… towards those things that you’re really meant to be doing. Initiation accelerates your progression in life by helping you move through life’s lessons faster and with greater awareness. As you move through those lessons, you learn more about yourself and you come into greater alignment with your life purpose. Most people take a lifetime to learn these lessons. Initiation speeds up the lessons that you need to learn, so that you can get to a point of being Truly FREE to fulfill your mission.

I find that when people come forward to initiation, they are ready to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. People come in at different places or under different conditions. Some might be a little bit off track with the purpose that they are here to fulfill.

If so, initiation gets them redirected really quickly. Certain doors may close, while new ones open. Synchronicities, higher influences from the universe, and guidance comes through to help redirect their life, to get them back on track with where they’re meant to be going to fulfill their purpose. Other people come in already on track yet hitting some limits, and what happens for them is a rapid acceleration, where doors fly open and the way is cleared for progress to move forward again.

How the energy comes through is hard to describe, but it can be felt and directly experienced. Gaining the benefits and acceleration is not about belief, it’s based upon an ancient system of metaphysics that involves both scientific and spiritual technology to catalyze growth. Coming to full integration of the empowerment and 10 times the flow is then in your hands to take the tools and teachings received and to LIVE them in your life. By your own will and effort, empowered with these tools and teachings, you can go as far as you want to go in your progression.

Moving Forward

Yes! I Am Ready To Accelerate And Expand My Capacity Through Initiation!

When you are ready to say “Yes” and move forward to becoming an Initiate please contact Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. and check her calendar to see the next time she is offering the Empower Thyself training in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.


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