Empower Thyself Initiation

What is the Empower Thyself Initiation?

Empower Thyself Initiation is a transformative two-day workshop led in an intimate group setting. This program is designed to initiate participants into a lineage of evolutionary leaders, providing deep insights into life’s mysteries, self-awareness, and personal empowerment. It combines ancient wisdom and practical tools for daily life application, focusing on aligning with one’s life purpose, mastering the self, enhancing mental clarity, and overcoming personal barriers. Participants receive physical initiation into the lineage of King Solomon, which helps in achieving greater self-mastery, abundance, and manifestation, while also gaining a deeper understanding of their mind and energy body.

Is Empower Thyself Initiation right for you?

Many people wait for permission to be their greatest selves. What if all they were waiting for was the inner initiation and knowledge of how to access higher wisdom? The Empower Thyself Initiation is a course that reveals deeper knowledge and tools of personal empowerment, while also initiating a person into a greater connection to their sense of purpose. Initiation is one of the essential keys to fulfilling life’s purpose, manifesting our greater potential, and harnessing your innate gifts. By becoming clear on and fulfilling our life purpose we are able to become empowered in our daily lives. The Initiation enhances creativity, powerful presence, and deeper understanding.

If you have felt a calling to go deeper or seek the mysteries then Empower Thyself Initiation may be the path for you. A Key premise to this empowering initiation is that we are eternal spiritual beings having a physical existence. The training offered through this course and initiation allows us to access higher knowledge to actualize our potential in the physical.

With the tools handed down through an ancient lineage via The Modern Mystery School, the path to transforming your life and making a greater impact to enrich the lives of others is available to the sincere seeker.


Qualities Enhanced through the Empower Thyself Initiation:

Creativity & Joy:

Getting in touch with energy and the universal patterns for manifestation helps us access more creative potential. Accessing our creative mind allows us to create solutions that have never been thought of before. It also allows us to access our full potential as creators. Attaining high levels of success requires accessing the innovative mind. The Initiation process aligns us more fully with the Universal flow of creativity and joy. The creative state allows us to achieve things beyond what we currently know, and being in alignment with joy puts us into a state of allowing. The alignment releases us from resistance and clears us from any blocks. When we are clear about who we are on an energetic level we’re able to access our abilities as manifestors of our reality. Therefore our life experience and connection to our creativity is deepened.

Spiritual Connection:

bigstock Telepathy Concept Two People 229403185 1In the Initiation process a path of meaning and greater spiritual connection is awakened. Through this process you will learn how to quiet your mind so that the heart can be heard. Only with a quiet mind and an illuminated heart can you do TRUE SERVICE for humanity. Someone that is able to lead with soul and spirit in connection to higher guidance is able to inspire the people they connect with. The Initiation is a way to transform our lives and to walk through the door to the next level of empowerment. When we’re empowered as individuals we are able to embody our full potential. The initiation awakens our ability to accomplish more, tenfold. It also increases our ability to hold light and be surrounded by light. When we are in leadership positions we have many energies that we are guiding and we typically have a few too many energies being directed at us. The increase in our light allows us to amplify and maintain our energy in leadership positions, giving us greater protection, ability to influence, and it moves us beyond the need to “compete” into a greater sense of ease, flow, and guidance.

The teachings given for this initiation create a pattern of living that will empower you to master your life and create change in the world. Having clarity of our intention and having a deep connection to ‘why’ we are driven to do what we do gives us greater connection to our ability to create our ultimate lives. During the 2-day course there is an exploration of Universal Kabbalah and how to Actualize our Original Divine Blueprint. This gives us access to understanding the universe and our purpose, which results in a deeper sense of fulfillment, inner peace, and clarity in life.


When we achieve inner wisdom we step into a new capacity of ourselves. By expanding our awareness of the universal creation patterns and divine energies that create our experience we become more attuned to a higher perspective of being. It also awakens our ability to lead from this place of expanded awareness, purpose, and wisdom.

Deeper Presence:

A person that is activated and connected to all levels of their being: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally is charismatic and magnetic. With the initiation process it deepens our connection with the spiritual aspect of our being and gives us more clarity on the structure of the spiritual realms. In fact, one of the benefits of initiation is opening up to and gaining insight into the 5 physical senses and the 5 spiritual senses. By awakening our physical senses and our intuitive senses our energy field expands along with our ability to maintain presence.


Know Thyself:

It is important to know yourself within. It is equally important to knowing yourself in relationship to the people and world around you. One of the keys that is awakened through this initiation is an enhanced ability to know ourselves through the reflection of others in our lives. When we truly master our ability to know ourselves and guide ourselves, so that we become to change – it effortlessly inspires others to do the same and create change in their life as well. It’s a magnetic force to feel fully awakened. The training will explain the qualities of the positive ego and the negative ego, how they work, and how they influence the expression of our True Self. When we’re conscious of forces that hold us back or keep us from our greatness we can become empowered to shift ourselves and redefine our identity. This allows us to take on a roll as leader from a more balanced and self-aware position. By knowing ourselves we are able to have greater choice and influence over our behaviors as well as create a more positive impact as a leader.

The Empower Thyself Initiation enhances a leader’s impact through creating a deeper connection with her or his divine purpose, wisdom, and self-awareness. Entering the Mysteries is a deeply rewarding path that will ultimately increase the quality of your life and empower you to be consciously at cause in this world. In order to reach your highest potential and to reach goals you have never reached before, you must do things you have never done before! To learn more about The Empower Thyself Initiation go to the classes tab and check the calendar for when the next one will be held.

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Pre-requisite: In order to be considered for the Empower Thyself Initiation, you must first receive a Life Activation session, which is a 2-hour in-person empowerment session. Please click here for more information on the Life Activation.

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