Personal Power and Initiation


Have you ever felt a deeper calling to tap into your greater inner potential and the impact you can make in the world?

Have you ever wished there was a way to accelerate your progression to reaching the heights you are capable of?

The desire to expand into our greater potential may leave us feeling a gap between where we are now and where we’d like to be. Personal empowerment helps us become present to our current standing in life and clarifis where we need to expand to get to our next level. When we clearly understand where we are now and where we are going, it becomes easier to discern the best path forward. That path should be one that supports our evolution and accomplishment of our greater purpose. If the path we are on isn’t supporting us in this way, then it might be time to change course.

When we aren’t fully in our power we may feel a passion for work and life although yearn for a deeper connection to our purpose. Becoming empowered enables us to attain more freedom in our perspective so that we feel confident to go after all that we know we’re capable of. Life can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many perspectives influencing our choices and the only one that will lead us to our greater potential is our own personal empowered internal truth. Through empowering ourselves with knowledge and energetic tools we can accelerate our progression towards embodying our greater potential and achieving a sense of true inner fulfillment.

How do we truly develop personal empowerment?

bigstock 197642533Know Thyself:

When we know ourselves it’s easy to really connect with our inner truth and create fulfillment in our lives. It’s important to take time to understand our priorities in life and what really aligns with our highest self. Too many people live their lives in reaction to outer circumstances, allowing the outer world to dictate priorities. When we lack awareness of our true priorities and preferences it can leave us feeling confused, lost, unfulfilled, or making choices that self-sabotage and resist our true empowerment. On the other hand, people who know themselves well live from the inside-out; they set their own course, rather than having it set for them by outside influences. When we become more self-aware, from a higher perspective, we are able to make choices from a place greater discernment. When we are aligned with the inner truth of our soul and spirit, an energetic flow creates momentum in our lives to assist us in achieving our full potential. When we ‘know thyself’ it is easier to say “yes” to things that truly resonate with our core being, and “no” to the things that don’t.

Come into a Greater Perspective:

We’ve all had those moments where things seemed to effortlessly flow and we easily created joy in our lives. In those moments of peak flow we are connected to a greater sense of perspective and clarity about life. From that greater perspective we are able to access the truth of every life situation and experience a sense of inner peace. This greater perspective will help us to not only make choices from our personal truth, it will also allow us to receive support from the universe and see things that we may had not seen otherwise. Through meditation and the utilization of other energetic tools we can start expanding our perspective and capacity to create more flow in our lives.

From an elevated perspective we can find greater ease in seeing the lessons in life’s experiences. This empowers us to develop greater resilience, adaptability, and balance throughout all of life’s changes. This greater perspective will help us act from our higher mind and shift out of the negative ego. Life can be seen as a training ground, helping us to learn and develop into all that we are capable of being.

bigstock Hawaii travel nature waterfall 208570654Be Open to Possibility:

How well do you grasp life’s deeper mysteries? Being open to the the possibilities and mysteries of life creates space for miracles to unfold. When we approach life with curiosity and openness it automatically transforms fear and limitation. This empowers us in our ability to accelerate our growth and expand into our greater potential. When we choose to approach life with openness and willingness to get out of our comfort zone we are able to experience things we once didn’t know were possible.

Become a Creator of Your Life:

We can either approach life as if everything is happening to us and we’re reacting to it, or we can take an empowering and conscious approach as the creator of our life. We are co-creating life and we have the ability to greatly influence the direction that life takes with our energy, thoughts, words, and actions. When we shift our perspective from feeling disempowered to feeling excited with the potential to be creative we empower ourselves to expand to our ultimate life.

Take Action:

While energy and our internal world is a major component to developing personal empowerment, we in live a world where action is required to express our internal choices and apply our will. When we take action in alignment with our truth, from a greater perspective of ourselves as the creator of our life, we create effects that ripple into our lives and the lives of other.

cca5c5 bd1747887a1c45bea14cf1431030137d mv2Connect with Community of Like Minded Individuals:

When we truly develop a clear sense of knowing ourselves and structure our lives so that our lifestyle is empowering us, it is further supportive to connect with others who have similar values in life. Our power is with and the answers we seek are within. Yet, it is through the reflection of others that we can best come to recognize our own power and answers. We learn more about ourselves by the people we surround ourselves with. And when we want to become our greatest self, we must also be around others who are also striving to achieve their full potential and make a difference in this world. The path of personal empowerment can be lonely unless we are connected to a community that support and encourages us as we go through our life transformations. Personal empowerment also involves inspiring others, being in service to others, and connecting with others who uplift us as well.

Benefits of Initiation:

All of the above steps of empowerment are awakened and enhanced to a much higher degree through true Initiation. Initiation in one of the ancient lineages of power and light is an essential step on the path of personal empowerment. For those of us who are truly ready to take our impact to the next level, achieve our full potential, and be part of the mission of making this world a more peaceful and balanced one, the ancient doors of initiation are now open to us. Through the Empower Thyself Initiation [link] in the lineage of King Salomon we can access tools that empower us on all levels and accelerate our progression, so that we can make greater positive impact in the world.

Each level of initaition opens us up to the ability to flow ten times more energy through our body and soul than we had prior to initiation. We learn tools that help us realize the power within, enhance our intuition, increase energy, and become our higher self. Initiation expands our capacity to flow more energy, create, manifest, and grow through life’s lessons more rapidly and with greater ease. It empowers us to come into greater alignment with inner truth and life purpose. Whether new or advanced on our spiritual path, the mystery school methods meet us where we are at and take us to the next level. Its tools, knowledge, breadth and depth are vast, as it stands upon the strong foundation of an ancient lineage and draws from the work of many spiritual masters and world leaders throughout history.

My Personal Experience of Initiation & its Benefits:

In my own journey, I received so many benefits from the Life Activation that I felt called to take the next step onto the path of Initiation with the Modern Mystery School. To get to that point, I really had to step out of my comfort zone, trust the inner calling, and embrace the possibility of something greater. But this leap of faith was immediately rewarded. As soon as I arrived at the mystery school I had a feeling of “coming home.” It felt as though the people I was connecting with were really there to do the work; they embodied a depth and authenticity that felt nourishing and resonant.

bigstock Work Done Life Balance And Su 233361334In a previous blog I shared my story of how I had a life that looked great on the surface: I was was getting my Ph.D., I had a great relationship, and my health was good, yet I felt an internal conflict, dissatisfaction, and inner-knowing that there was something greater. Even after adding back in all the things I thought would bring me balance (sports, spirituality, more social time), I still felt a gap between where I was and where I knew I could be.

During the first step of initiation through the Empower Thyself program, I found that deeper questions to life’s mysteries were finally being answered, and the gaps were getting filled in. The knowledge and deeper truths revealed in the course, gave me a clarity I had been seeking for years.

Beyond the teachings were the practical tools of empowerment that can be incorporated into daily life for enhanced flow, clarity, and protection. It all empowered me to expand to a greater perspective and to truly transform at a core level. In time I let go of certain previous beliefs that were based on limited programming, I came to fully embrace the more empowering and expansive mystery school teachings. By letting go of the old, it made room for new possibilities and greater perspective.

I tested the Mystery School teachings to guage their merit and be really present to what results they were creating in my life. Anytime I felt any resistance or doubt, I would ask myself “How would I live my life differently if I believed this to be true? And If I kept believing what I previously believed where would I end up?” These questions helped me to challenge my perspective and assumptions about life. In so doing, the shift I experienced allowed me to expand and have exponential growth in all areas of life.

Through my search for the keys to creating internal fulfillment and empowerment the Mystery School’s grounded, practical, and deep teachings have impressed and transformed me the most. By walking the path of initiation, my understanding and the positive impact I’ve been able to make in the world have expanded to such a degree that I can truly and consistently come from a higher level, rather than from personality or ego. And through the Modern Mystery School I have connected with a global community and spiritual family of great people dedicated to creating a world of peace, balance, and prosperity for all.

Invitation to Initiation:

If you want what we want, to create a better world and achieve our true potential, we invite you to step onto the path of Initiation and to discover the deeper truths of yourself, life, and the multi-verse we live in. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and results seen from the Empower Thyself Initiation Click Here.

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