Positive Head Podcast Interview

Are you on a search to discover and awaken your greater gifts, so that you can make an impact in the world and fulfill a meaningful life purpose?

Every individual has unique gifts to share and something new and important to bring to the world. Often times, we undervalue our greatest gifts within and find it challenging to really claim them as our gifts. But the more we seek to know ourselves and our purpose, the more we come to recognize our gifts as such. Once we find and claim our unique piece to contribute to the greater whole, the next step is to live it out as our full-time mission. Fulfilling life purpose involves finding ways to bring our greater potential into the world in such a way that others can benefit from us sharing our gifts.

In a recent interview I did on the Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum we talk about exactly this process of claiming our unique gifts and living our life purpose. In this interview I share about my own discovery process of life purpose, the story of how I found a path of fulfillment and continuous expansion, and how I came to living my dream of helping many individuals around the world do the same. If you’ve read my personal story before you may know about my background in science that lead me to search for greater fulfillment and balance in my life. In this interview I share more about my story and how I came to find my true purpose.

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In this interview, I also reveal the deeper story of the mystery school and how it has been in and out of public awareness throughout the millennia. We are fortunate to live in a time when people can access the Mystery School again. Each level of initiation and activation offered by this ancient lineage, propels growth.

We can certainly progress on our own, but I found that when we self-guide our path, we tend to hit more roadblocks, plateaus, and pitfalls. Whereas when I stepped onto the path of initiation and was guided by this ancient tradition and its teachers, I was able to progress much faster and avoid the pitfalls. I have found time and again, both in my own life and that of others, the mystery school lineage of King Salomon truly holds the keys to a path that catalyzes and propels our progression in a much more direct, balanced, and accelerated way. Plus, in this tradition the teachers are NOT gurus…they are “reminder-ers” and their job is to empower us to reach our full potential and achieve our own mastery. That’s why I have dedicated my life to now helping spread these teachings and tools. I want to see that everyone who truly wants to progress in life, achieve their full potential, and help create a better world, is able to gain the same advantages I did through accessing the mystery school tools.

The ancient mystery school tradition offers a system that helps people avoid the pitfalls and progress faster. There is so much out there today in the personal growth and “new age” movements, and I had explored much of it before finding the mystery school. Some of it was great and definitely helped me, but more often I found the information and teachings were ungrounded, sometimes conflicting or even misleading, and definitely incomplete. This plethora of new age methods can easily lead us into a maze or “fun house” of distorted images. The mystery school path, however, is tried and true and has been paved in a way that leads us directly to our true empowerment. It brings us back to ourself, re-awakens us to the deep wisdom within, so we can trust our inner knowing, harness our gifts, and have the courage to bring these forward into the world.

bigstock 187256029Another part of the story I share on the Positive Head Podcast is about King Salomon. He is the main source we trace the unbroken lineage of the Western Mystery School tradition back to. The tradition is much older than the time of King Salomon, but he served a very important role in shaping it into what it is today. He represented and lived in integrity with with a global mission of bringing wisdom, prosperity, balance and peace to the world and all Earth’s people. He made it his life mission to find the missing keys to helping all people reawaken their full divine potential (what Kabbalists call the “Adam Kadmon” or perfected human). He wanted to find the tools and methods that work for everyone, that are truly universal.

These tools and teachings were then unified and organized into the kabbalistic Tree of Life to create a cohesive, universal, non-dogmatic system of attainment.

As we learn methods to retrain our brains, awaken our senses and intuition, expand our consciousness in a controlled and sustainable way, and harness the innate gifts of our soul, we can gain access to all physical and spiritual dimensions.Through a combination of meditation, ceremony, energy exercises and training in the ancient wisdom teachings we come to open ourselves up more and more as we remove layers of the veils of perception. As the veil thins, we experience greater connection, awareness, transparency, and telepathy.

bigstock mindfulness harmony and spiri 236622442There is a multitude of uniqueness in the world, and for good reason. We are each unique individuals with unique purposes and roles we are here to fulfill. We can each take steps to embody our potential and empower ourselves in our progression. As more and more of us come into greater levels of awareness we will collectively create a shift on the planet.

When you listen to the podcast you will also hear some tools and insights I share for personal transformation and methods of creating personal alchemy. Once we understand where we are in our transformational process, then we can proactively use certain tools to help us progress more smoothly and rapidly.

The final question Brandon asked me was “What is the meaning of life?” Find out my response to this enduring question by checking out the full podcast. I promise, you’ll gain lots of great insights, tools, and information to help you expand to your ultimate life!