Benefits of the Empower Thyself Initiation

What is the Empower Thyself Initiation?

Empower Thyself Initiation is a transformative two-day workshop led by Dr. Theresa in intimate group settings. This program is designed to initiate participants into a lineage of evolutionary leaders, providing deep insights into life’s mysteries, self-awareness, and personal empowerment. It combines ancient wisdom and practical tools for daily life application, focusing on aligning with one’s life purpose, mastering the self, enhancing mental clarity, and overcoming personal barriers. Participants receive physical initiation into the lineage of King Solomon, which helps in achieving greater self-mastery, abundance, and manifestation, while also gaining a deeper understanding of their mind and energy body.

How can we develop a good flow between our physical and spiritual reality in this fast-paced reality?

So much in our world is speeding up and this may leave us feeling a need to integrate without fully being able to catch up with all the changes.  One main key is to develop a greater sense of self-awareness through a path of progression. 

The Empower Thyself Initiation through the Modern Mystery School is a weekend workshop that transforms our lives beginning from within. It is through our individual mastery that we can show up to create from a place of alignment with our life purpose and higher selves. This helps us develop and apply tools to really set a flow in our lives.

We all know the importance of maintaining this internal alignment and harmony. Yet, sometimes it can feel difficult to maintain this state. With the increasing amount of external stimulus and commitments, knowing how to achieve a greater level of centeredness amidst the busyness of life is key. When we’ve been bombarded by negativity, whether it be from media, other people, or our own thought patterns, it’s important to know how to clear our energy to come to a place of peace. When we know the right tools to become aware of our own energy and how to create energetic awareness it allows us to feel more empowered. It all starts with ‘knowing thyself.’ The Empower Thyself Initiation gives us the tools to achieve these greater levels of centeredness and clarity.

I’ve often heard or had it reflected back to me from people that they feel a greater sense of peace and protection when they are around me. I credit this to the work that I have done to achieve a strong center and balance within. It is through the tools and training I’ve received from the Modern Mystery School path that have helped me build my energy and ability to maintain inner balance. It all started with the Life Activation and then the Empower Thyself Initiation.

Other benefits of the Empower Thyself Initiation include:

Gain Greater Mastery of Our Mind!

Our minds can be used to help us create, but they can also get in the way of our manifestation if we don’t learn to control our thoughts. It is through gaining mastery of our own mind that we begin to master our internal experience, behaviors, ability to shift perception, and all that we create in our lives. By understanding where our thoughts come from and how to guide our mental energy we step into embodying total mastery. It is through awareness and practice that we can create internal progression and greater states of freedom.

Overcome Negative Ego.

bigstock Math Of Fate 299246467 1The ego has often been misunderstood and regarded as something to completely overcome or eliminate.
However, this is a misconception. Through the Empower Thyself Training and Initiation we explore the difference between the negative ego and the positive ego. The positive ego is what helps us have an identity and develop positive attributes. Operating from the negative ego will bring up feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, being unbalanced, limited, and many other patterns that ultimately hinder our progression. When we’re operating from the negative ego we may create scenarios that bring us pain, confusion, or we simply may not be aware of why certain things occur in our lives. By overcoming the negative ego we can experience greater states of self-love, awareness, and connection, which then reflects into every aspect of our lives. By operating from a more positive and centered place of awareness we can ultimately create a life that feels better and more aligned with our ultimate potential. Through the Empower Thyself Initiation we gain insights and effective strategies for how to clear out the negative ego and help us gain greater mastery in our lives.

Come into Greater Purpose.

When on a path of progression we often feel a calling to become more aligned with and actively working towards our greater purpose. A sense of inner alignment, joy, and fulfillment is connected with how we are contributing to the world around us. Through the Empower Thyself Initiation we are able to access a reservoir of energy that has been built up for thousands of years to support us in our life purpose. Once tapped-in to this energy of the mystery school lineage, we experience an amplification of the flow of light in our lives, tenfold. One way this is experienced is that our speed of progression accelerates, and we are able to make faster headway. Often times what stops us from living our life’s greater purpose is not knowing how to find it. After initiation, old doors that are not aligned with our true purpose will close, while new ones open to redirect us back on track. Through coming into alignment with our whole selves we feel more clearly guided to our life’s greatest purpose. The Empower Thyself Initiation is for those who are ready to align with their greater calling.

bigstock Self Overcome Concept As A Wom 282258097 1 1Gain Greater Clarity and Connection.

When we have greater clarity it helps us focus on priorities that are really of value for our highest progression and it gives us a path to focus forward. When we get clear about who we are and the different parts of our psyche we can gain greater mastery of ourselves. This then brings us into much greater clarity of our purpose of why we’re here and what this whole life experience is about. In the Empower Thyself Initiation we clarify so many concepts that there is confusion about in the world today- whether it is coming from religion, new age concepts, lack of proper information, media. It is through creating greater clarity in our minds that we can come into alignment with our ultimate potential.  In the Empower Thyself Initiation we take time to truly understand ourselves, how the soul and mind are operating from a new universal framework that has been tested for thousands of years. We also gain greater clarity on how our energy field works. Through clarity and alignment we access our ability to create in the physical realm and call in greater support from the spiritual realm.

Empowers Us from Within.

The Empower Thyself Initiation is unique in that it truly empowers us from within. It guides us to a new place of trust in our abilities as creators. There are also tools that are handed down to empower individuals on their path of progression and in their daily lives. As soon as we look outside of ourselves and to other resources we lose touch with how much wisdom we can access within. The Empower Thyself Initiation is here to remind you of your power and give you tools to access this power on a regular basis. It is through our individual practice and daily use of the tools for life that are handed down that we strengthen our connection and alignment with our greater selves.

The Path of Initiation within the Modern Mystery School empowers us from within, gives us tools that we can directly apply to life, and trains us to achieve greater self-mastery. Prior to me finding this path, everything that I’d tried plateaued. I would start on a spiritual path and then reach a dead end. It wasn’t until I stepped onto the mystery school path of progression that I found a path that allows for limitless progression. Even 20 years in I am still progressing.

bigstock Yoga as physical and spiritual 187884490 1So many personal growth systems and trainers in the world today focus on primarily one tool or method.

But we are multi-dimensional beings and therefore we need many different tools to truly access and awaken the fullness of our potential. The Mystery School is a path that helps us do that so that we can accelerate our way to achieving our full potential. There is real power in the lineage that begins to support us in our purpose and alignment with our higher selves. We get tapped into an energy that has been built up over a millennia. It works even if we don’t believe it. There is something that really happens within our soul and inner framework due to the power of the lineage.

That is why the initiation and teachings are done in person. The immersive experience directly impacts our lives. Even with all that I have been able to deliver in the ‘Mystery Teachings’ series it is still just concepts and a few tips for application. The true transformation comes from in-person training, activation, and initiation.

If you feel called to learn how to come into greater alignment with your higher self and life purpose, gain greater mastery in your life, or simply understand your connection to all of life, then contact us to inquire about the next upcoming Empower Thyself Initiation.

The next opportunity to receive this training directly with me in Los Angeles is March 14-15, 2020. This is a great time to take this step so that you can really work with these energies throughout the rest of this transformational year. This is also the last time I’ll be able to offer Empower Thyself in LA until October 2020. The only Pre-requisite is to receive the Life Activation from a professionally certified practitioner of the Modern Mystery School, which begins to awaken more of our energy. Click here to read more on the activation and reach out if you’d like to be referred to a certified practitioner.

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